Stranger Things 3 THE GAME Review Switch | Nostalgia Nerd

14 jul 2019
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Stranger Things 3: The Game is here, and so, armed with my Nintendo Switch, and a deep sense of nostalgia towards isometric games, I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's strange because, other than a mobile game in 2017, I can't remember seeing a previous Stranger Things Game. Still, let's delve in.
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  • Thanks for (another) stellar review! I had the pleasure of doing the music and sound for this game and agree it’s more of a 16bit homage rather than 8bit indicative of the time. My sound is definitely very 16bit while my music is all retro synth goodness....which is admittedly a strange sonic combo. Thanks again! By the way, I LOVED your sega master system, mega drive, and VR docs, so well done!

    Rich DouglasRich Douglas3 månader sedan
  • This is free on Epic Store right now.

    mangaasmangaas3 månader sedan
  • funny thing is the Mobile game is a technical prequel to this game (even tho it really has a original story instead recreating season 1 or 2)

    FunkyFunky3 månader sedan
  • You should play LUMO if you haven’t already it’s an awesome isometric platformer

    cafc101cafc10111 månader sedan
  • Explodey things!

    LucasRazorBladeLucasRazorBladeÅr sedan
  • Gross you would rather have it on a tiny shitty screen eh.

    Ransom WareRansom WareÅr sedan
  • Any plans to review 2 Point Hospital when it comes out on the switch?

    Stephen KeelyStephen KeelyÅr sedan
  • more subs then views

    Tom BurkeTom BurkeÅr sedan
  • Someone please explain something to me; They create a game like this and put puzzles in it. Puzzles require you to think. Yet, the designers obviously thought that their audience had IQs in the low single-digits or they wouldn't have labeled absolutely everything in the game that you can smash or interact with, with the (A) symbol. And if players are too mind-numbingly stupid to figure out what to smash on their own, or that the same button talks to every NPC, activates switches, open doors, etc, how can they be expected to solve ANY puzzles?

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrulÅr sedan
  • huh? , you'd like isometric games ...... WHAT , YOU NEVER PLAYED TUBER SIMULATOR PFFFF

    lofilofiÅr sedan
  • Just picked up your book from works bargain at £6 wow lovely book

    Phil AtkinPhil AtkinÅr sedan

    MIN COSMIN COSÅr sedan
  • I wonder how such an obscure developer was able to get the license for making this game, lol.

    jezzermeiijezzermeiiÅr sedan
  • I highly recomend a beard trimmer.

    -0- Getliffe-0- GetliffeÅr sedan
  • I'm telling your wife!

    SisyphusSisyphusÅr sedan
  • Reminds me of the mobile game they had for season 2. I guess its kind of fitting to have a Pixel old school looking game for a tv show based in the 80's.

    Commander 64Commander 64År sedan
  • I love the first game that's on iOS! That was one of the best Zelda-like games I've ever played!

    Marek BartovicMarek BartovicÅr sedan
  • Global warming _is_ just a jive hoax. Plus, now that we've entered a new Maunder Minimum, global warming would no longer be a problem even if it _weren't_ a hoax.

    HiraghmHiraghmÅr sedan
  • Dude, if you enjoyed this game, there was an companion game made for season 2 that was free for Android and iOS, and it is such a little treat. Better yet it is totally free.

    DukeSpook'EmDukeSpook'EmÅr sedan
  • Reminds me of that game 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors'.

    dragoncatsdragoncatsÅr sedan
  • I dont think the Evil Empires flag on the science base is big enough, they got bigger flags at NASA lol Bad Communists Classic cold war polarized yankee perspective, of cause the Russians made the other side look bad too in their media. Cold war propaganda politics are still a Religious affair to some partys :p

    A VikingA VikingÅr sedan
    • @Hiraghm sure as most all things human are not automatically anything definite (except stupidity perhaps :D) Plus vise versa Bad Capitalism isnt all Propaganda either is it? Thing is from great amount of experience we know what we can expect from American perspective, and we know what we can expect from Russian perspective and they are both bias and untrustworthy, from a future perspective these two parties have behaved Shamefully if not Criminally endangering the whole species with participating in stupid Mutually-Assured-Destruction games. IMO one should not patronise either viewpoint, its just generally a bad idea, Nobody really won the Cold war "Sá vægir sem vitið hefur meira" However through Public policy in popculture we keep being pushed a bogus historical interpretation of the Cold war as one more Kindegarden storylines of Good vs Evil, which is quite insulting for persons of Intelligence.

      A VikingA VikingÅr sedan
    • The interesting thing about propaganda is that it can be true; it's not automatically false. "Bad communists" because communists are bad, because communism is bad, because collectivism is bad.

      HiraghmHiraghmÅr sedan
  • Now I would’ve thought this would’ve been terrible, as licensed games are almost always awful, especially considering the studio, but I do love the way it’s isometric in style, I love that type of games. If I can get it cheap in a sale, I’ll totally buy it.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube ChannelÅr sedan
  • Great video. How about Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters review video on the Sam Coupe? :)

    NellyfishNellyfishÅr sedan
  • Bonusxp did a game based on season 2 on Android and iOS. Totally free, no ads or in app purchases. Was fantastic. Very much felt like a nes game. Tempted to buy this just cause I got so much out of the last game for free and this looks decent, plus couch co-op!

    Robert MacLeanRobert MacLeanÅr sedan
  • Like the closing music - very trippy..

    DJ MechanicomDJ MechanicomÅr sedan
  • "If this was real life, would you just lob a bomb at your mate's head?!" "YES."

    Elliot GreyElliot GreyÅr sedan
    • i read this comment before the scene. watching the scene that is really funny

      Tom BurkeTom BurkeÅr sedan
  • Looks better than I expected

    Orion RodriguezOrion RodriguezÅr sedan
  • Great review, was thinking about getting this on Steam. Cheers Pete!

    CrazyPeteUKCrazyPeteUKÅr sedan
  • Oh yeah, and global warming *IS* a hoax ;)

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • 1st is a phone app for IOS/Android. ST3 is is pretty good, except I'm forced to control the characters with the mouse. Irritating.

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • I don't see how this is relevant to my cause

    dacealksnedacealksneÅr sedan
  • My favorite Iso game ever was D/Generation. You should give it a go if you haven't before.

    Adam BriseboisAdam BriseboisÅr sedan
    • I remember that. I wasn't a huge fan of isometric games, but I did enjoy and complete Heimdall and Heimdall 2 on the Amiga.

      Elliott JumpshoeElliott JumpshoeÅr sedan
  • Same with me, if I get a retro style game I prefer it on Switch in portable mode so the pixels aren't insanely huge, anything else on PC if available. Still the loading times makes me wonder if I should choose PC here. Its a shame we can't have a full 3D Stranger Things game though, that would be insane but I guess the development time makes it impractical - Stranger Things will be old news by the time it finished development. And now you made me want to dig out Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters. If I recall correctly, its one of the few games back then I actually completed.

    Alex AtkinAlex AtkinÅr sedan
  • Eww! Switch sucks! Don't ever support that shit! Gimtendo is cancer! PC and ps4 destroys it!

    Don't Press SubscribeDon't Press SubscribeÅr sedan
  • In between plot points, do these fetch quests while smashing random objects for shineys. I'll pass. That's an effortless cash-in game with no real appeal other than "oh, hey! That's the thing from the show."

    TheDarxide23TheDarxide23År sedan
  • it reminds me of the SNES game Zombies Ate My Neighbors... does Octavius always dress up like Marilyn Monroe when you guys game?

    strangulator42strangulator42År sedan
  • Not only did I get asked what I thought of you today, but I also streamed this game... I wonder if the person I was talking too could predict the future! :O

    Lucan MonksLucan MonksÅr sedan
  • Oh man here we go for more stranger things hype

    Filipe SantosFilipe SantosÅr sedan
    • @Filipe Santos It's only hype before and during launch.

      A Rude GestureA Rude GestureÅr sedan
    • @A Rude Gesture according to you , nothing but believe me theres hype floating round . this video included.

      Filipe SantosFilipe SantosÅr sedan
    • Hype? Most people will presumably have already watched season 3 (I certainly have), so what's there to hype?

      A Rude GestureA Rude GestureÅr sedan
  • Actually they did release a game for the first season on Android and iOS. It was kind of a 16bit take on 8 bit adventure games. Kind of LOZ:LTTPish.

    James WhitedJames WhitedÅr sedan
  • Stranger Things AND Switch?!?!? Hitting all the current SEO terms. NICE.

    Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
    • @Orion Rodriguez Search Engine Optimisation terms.

      Asobi techAsobi techÅr sedan
    • SEO terms?

      Orion RodriguezOrion RodriguezÅr sedan
  • I really liked the third season. Especially the part in episode 4 when Dustin and Mike go into the woods to kill a few guys with a baseball bat and a spray can. Reminds me of my own childhood in rural Germany.

    Ano NymAno NymÅr sedan
  • If you dig isometric games, I have to ask if you've ever had the pleasure of playing Shadowrun on the SNES. That game was killer! 😍

    Scott WozniakScott WozniakÅr sedan
    • The new Shadowrun games on PC are pretty good as well.

      FinarvasFinarvasÅr sedan
    • @Chad Singer One, I disagree. Two, Shadowrun on the Genesis is a completely different game.

      Scott WozniakScott WozniakÅr sedan
    • Genesis/megadrive version is better

      Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • It looks cool but expensive but will pick it up on sale

    Sean WoolfendenSean WoolfendenÅr sedan
  • Silly question Peter, but why do you need executive producers for a game review video? Surely your just recording footage and doing voice over?

    AlmightyVegetaAlmightyVegetaÅr sedan
    • ephektz Only when you stop being a defensive little bitch, no one asked you anything you just stuck your aggressive big nose in.

      AlmightyVegetaAlmightyVegetaÅr sedan
    • gettystar How about this: You don’t trivialize a time intensive process and then no one will call you out for doing so. *Surely* that shouldn’t be so difficult?

      ephektzephektzÅr sedan
    • ephektz Oh look, a typical SEworld troll. How original .

      AlmightyVegetaAlmightyVegetaÅr sedan
    • gettystar Oof. Someone’s all salty. Maybe call me some more names to make yourself feel better?

      ephektzephektzÅr sedan
    • hingeslevers Thank you for a decent answer, thats all i needed to know. Not some smart arse wanker giving it the big “i am”

      AlmightyVegetaAlmightyVegetaÅr sedan
  • Eliminator gives all characters the ability to do all actions, so when one dies, you're not stuck.

    TurniplordTurniplordÅr sedan
  • There was a game for season 1 on Andrioid/iOS. Not bad, it reminded me of Zelda on NES

    Chris W.Chris W.År sedan
  • Why does the game make you put $$ in the vending machines??? Why can't the characters just bash the damn things open like with the lockers and... burgers?

    rush1errush1erÅr sedan
    • - huh?

      rush1errush1erÅr sedan
    • You can call patrons whatever you want and Peter went with a film-making theme for the tiers.

      --År sedan
  • Aw shucks I don't have Netflix and never seen a single episodes.

    Justin AJustin AÅr sedan
    • See them on showbox for free dude.

      Robert CollinsRobert CollinsÅr sedan
    • There are "other places" to see it as a last resort. 🤷

      --År sedan
  • You mention that there were no games before this. There was a Telltale project in the works. There are a couple leaked screenshots but I think that's about it

    OfficerBananasOfficerBananasÅr sedan
  • No matter how bad the game could be, it it literally impossible for it to be worse than ST season 3.

    Lord ColinLord ColinÅr sedan
    • Hard to disagree with that, sadly. And this is a licensed game, go figure.

      In Endless PainIn Endless PainÅr sedan
    • Season 3 is the best season

      Tim VegaTim VegaÅr sedan
    • Season 2 would disagree.

      The Deadpool Who Chuckles.The Deadpool Who Chuckles.År sedan
  • Nothing like some SJW trash production to wash down the weekends meat.

    KootKootÅr sedan
    • @leeboy2k1 Nice try troll

      SirRetro's Pit of DespairSirRetro's Pit of DespairÅr sedan
    • @SirRetro's Pit of Despair What the hell is a Trump video? you obviously are suffering like many N.P.C's from TDS, I highlighted a factual observation, you got your panty's in a twist, and no..fuck off.

      leeboy2k1leeboy2k1År sedan
    • @leeboy2k1 Get out, this isn't a Trump video

      SirRetro's Pit of DespairSirRetro's Pit of DespairÅr sedan
    • What.

      Trees and StuffTrees and StuffÅr sedan
    • @Michael Mansheim Probably the stupid dig at the current U.S administration through Rose colored spectacles..veiled through a unrelated highlight about when CFC 's were outlawed in the U.S Peter is forgetting? that Corporate lobbies/Complexes get their way whichever admin is in the White house.

      leeboy2k1leeboy2k1År sedan
  • The first season has a game on’s an 8-bit top down as opposed to the iso-16bit of ST3

    Dara MDara MÅr sedan
    • I got El on first one

      the zombified gamerthe zombified gamerÅr sedan
    • This game needs to be on iOS and and android

      Adel AhnafAdel AhnafÅr sedan
    • The first game is far more of a 90's 16 bit style game, not an 80s 8 bit style, but it's really good. Especially if you play it with a controller instead of touch controls. I played it on my TV on my Fire Stick with a bluetooth controller and it felt like a suped up HD quality SNES game. It's like a cross between Zelda and Earthbound with a Stranger Things coat of paint.

      Timmy K.Timmy K.År sedan
    • I have the game on my phone (iOS)

      Neil PrestageNeil PrestageÅr sedan
    • Yeah, if I remember correctly it got quite good reviews.

      Jason EtheridgeJason EtheridgeÅr sedan