I Got Fit with MS-DOS | Nostalgia Nerd

15 maj 2020
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[The first 1000 people who click this link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium: skl.sh/nostalgianerd3] It's time to get ACTIVE, like an Athlete, with Computer Athlete for IBM PC Compatibles running MS-DOS. Yes. Yes. I've spent far to long sitting in front of my computer recently, so I thought I'd sit in front of my computer a little longer, but this time on an exercise bike! Welcome to the zany world of CSA's Computer Athlete, from 1995.
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  • None of this should be attempted at home.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd5 månader sedan
    • You were playing so nicely and then you found out you could knock competitors over and suddenly you're channeling your inner Octav1us!

      ches74ches744 månader sedan
    • Pompshuffle Yay! You use reddit!

      Ali NarimanAli Nariman4 månader sedan
    • The joyful reaction when you discovered the buttons work for actual steering was so profound. Priceless vid mate!

      Rich gAmARich gAmA5 månader sedan
    • Nostalgia Nerd Well Peloton it ain’t but looks fun

      Cricket EnglandCricket England5 månader sedan
    • @Pompshuffle i tried ebay no joy. i would love one of these.

      caster troycaster troy5 månader sedan
  • Wow, so it's not just a fitness software, but actually also a game, or basically an annoyingly aggressive athlete simulator. I guess it gets people motivated to play it after having installed all those wires up.

    Fauzi RahmanFauzi Rahman15 dagar sedan
  • Enjoyed the Christmas Vacation quote there!

    3rdalbum3rdalbum16 dagar sedan
  • I kinda want to buy this and put it on my projector 🤣

    Joe GilbertJoe Gilbert21 dag sedan
  • As a kid, my parents bought an "Exertainment" bike for my SNES, which was similar to this; it let you convert your SNES into a Peloton-esque game thing, and similarly had a Road-Rash style feature where you could knock people off their bikes. It was pretty fun.

    tomberttombertMånad sedan
  • Cool product. I'm surprised.

    Johnny PopeJohnny PopeMånad sedan
  • Wow, this actually looks like a lot of fun. Did not expect that.

    MS-DOS ManMS-DOS Man2 månader sedan
  • Running in excess of 40mph!!! Good work... hahah, maybe due to the bike, but that is still fast for bike

    Adrian lambertAdrian lambert2 månader sedan
  • Cool!

    d11itad11ita2 månader sedan
  • Oh god, please image your disks on a trusted machine from now on. Upload it to archive.org for other people to use, who have the same issue. (LGR does this, and it's good practice for software this old).

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • Unfortunately, this seems to be made of unobtanium

    Retro Tech Bits ‘N’ PiecesRetro Tech Bits ‘N’ Pieces2 månader sedan
  • Pretty shocking that nobody has made something like this that, say, connects to a phone via bluetooth, or pairs with an oculus quest. All of the downsides mentioned in this video could easily be eliminated today.

    Bill ClintonBill Clinton3 månader sedan
  • You should get a medal for buying two of those, that kind of commitment to making a video about this product should be rewarded. So have you binned the floppy drive that chewed up the disk?

    Stephen KeelyStephen Keely3 månader sedan
  • You know, its funny - before seeing this video I've been watching my mum cycling with Eurosport cycling competitions on the telly and was thinking to myself - what if you hook up a pair of magnets on the bike's pedals for cycle tracking and use that to sync them with, say, Google Street View navigation. That way you could literally travel the world by bike without leaving your home.

    MoonlightEmbraceMoonlightEmbrace4 månader sedan
  • "eat my rubber" and "burning some dust" XD

    Willium_Bob_ColeWillium_Bob_Cole4 månader sedan
  • Reminds me of the DOOMcycle from, like, 2005, where someone wired up his exercise bike with the mouseball sensors so they were touching the axels on the pedals and mapped it to move forward and backwards. o.o

    Benjamin NolanBenjamin Nolan4 månader sedan
  • This was fun! more! Can you play Doom with it?

    JDJD4 månader sedan
  • For a moment when I saw the thumbnail I thought you were going to do a MS DOS exercise game on your modded Nintendo Wii. 😂 Now that I know what the videos about it seems like a cool idea ☺️

    Matrix MillenniumMatrix Millennium4 månader sedan
  • Daley Thompson's Supertest eat your heart out!

    yogibear2k2yogibear2k24 månader sedan
  • 12:20 Put a fan there. We're gonna world record this shit.

    King DavidKing David4 månader sedan
  • Why din't you make a copy of the floppy to somthing more modern and relible?

    Deon DenisDeon Denis4 månader sedan
  • The dude was sprinting at 40mph at 9:26, which is pretty mad

    jackawakajackawaka4 månader sedan
  • the ghost from the past

    Khandar WilliamKhandar William5 månader sedan
  • Did anyone notice that on the running or jogging game, that the character is running at 49MPH....LOL, no one can run that fast. 😂 But I want to know what happens if you choose the "Warp Speed" setting?

    Chris LChris L5 månader sedan
  • "Eat my rubber!" You might want to think about rephrasing that.... Lol. And this isn't road rash, so smacking people off the road is not required.

    Chris LChris L5 månader sedan
  • 7:25 Nobody is going to talk about how the city in the background *IS ON FUCKING FIRE?*

    The ReflafitatorThe Reflafitator5 månader sedan
  • I just watch random landscape videos on YTB when I exercise; much less complicated xd. Besides it takes about 5 minutes to startup my old DOS setup with the correct configuration.

    MediolanonMediolanon5 månader sedan
  • zwift 1980

    Lee WattsLee Watts5 månader sedan
  • My brain somehow translates the thumbnails as MiSFit.

    Miroslav ZímaMiroslav Zíma5 månader sedan
  • Haha, bloodlust Nostalgia Nerd is the best thing I've seen all week.

    Connor CoulsonConnor Coulson5 månader sedan
  • Now this in HD with USB connectivity and nicer maps, like biking through London or New York, and it would be a fun game :D

    Acme. Nipp-on-AiRAcme. Nipp-on-AiR5 månader sedan
  • Just goes to show Nintendo aren't as revolutionary as people think, they just executed it better!

    Kevin MannKevin Mann5 månader sedan
  • Man you crack me up!!!! Love it. Never knew this existed. Just awesome it worked as well as it did.

    tuffthegamertuffthegamer5 månader sedan
  • If I had a '90s PC and some money, I would definitely buy this too.

    Gábor BálintGábor Bálint5 månader sedan
  • This looks way more fun than i would have imagined

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • I wonder if any of the hardware could be configured to do something else? If I found this for $5 that would probably be my first question

    Robert SilvaRobert Silva5 månader sedan
  • Now I WANT ONE!

    J WoodyJ Woody5 månader sedan
  • Road Rash before Road Rash was a thing.

    Thomas WithnellThomas Withnell5 månader sedan
  • I thought this is going to be some kind of MS DOS guide x))

    Sl1pp1Sl1pp15 månader sedan
  • You made my day. So funny! Thanks from Germany!

    Jens HartmannJens Hartmann5 månader sedan
  • Eric Min from Zwift - Copyright Infringement. :) Just kidding.

    David J. FerrickDavid J. Ferrick5 månader sedan
  • The bloodlust you demonstrated *constantly* scares the living hell out of me.

    Floss ManFloss Man5 månader sedan
  • love how much fun you were having with this

    mitchEDITSmitchEDITS5 månader sedan
  • \o/

    hurrdurr media inchurrdurr media inc5 månader sedan
  • Actually shit, this peripheral looks bloody good. Bet the average price has soared after this video though.

    Glitch WalkerGlitch Walker5 månader sedan
  • It's funny that this kind of thing is still popular like with that running machine with a built in screen. I'd honestly rather this, I think. Maybe hack together a driver to get it running with the modern Doom or something.

    Glitch WalkerGlitch Walker5 månader sedan
  • I've worked for the Trials game franchise, if you're familiar with it, and few years ago I had this crazy idea to take the traditional exercise controllers a notch forward. So, I built an exercise bicycle controller, which required you to actually lean back and forth on the bicycle to control the rider posture, therefore the center of gravity, in the game respectively, alongside with the intense pedaling you had to do to accelerate the bike (and pedaling backwards to reverse). Unfortunately we had a little bit too much fun with it at the office, and the handlebar broke off from all that leaning.

    mutetusmutetus5 månader sedan
  • I love when you sound crushed that something isn't as rubbish as you were expecting

    ShelbyShelby5 månader sedan
  • I bet someone took their computer and this whole thing to the gym in the 90s.

    DoctorX17DoctorX175 månader sedan
  • A 90s Zwift / Tacx Trainer kind of game, that's cool. I got my bike set up in the shed with a docking for my laptop and an external screen, so the convenient part applies today too.

    Geir Eivind MorkGeir Eivind Mork5 månader sedan
  • 0:42 That picture! Yes, the odd larged drawer bedroom night stand dresser. Everyone has one of those; EXTREME 90s! Also literally the answer is in the timestamp.

    Keith _Keith _5 månader sedan
  • If they combined it with some Carmageddon-like action... that would be sooo fun!

    Heath WellsHeath Wells5 månader sedan
  • Leave it to a nerd to figure out a way to game (cheat) a system. ;-) Nice!

    VW InsanityVW Insanity5 månader sedan
  • That legitimately looks fun

    Lame as heccLame as hecc5 månader sedan
  • Shave the other side of your head bud

    Ben WasilewskiBen Wasilewski5 månader sedan
  • It's zswift before zswift was a thing! zwift.com/uk

    matteusbeusmatteusbeus5 månader sedan
  • Ew second hand expercise bike seat...

    james fitzjohnjames fitzjohn5 månader sedan
  • Oh hey, new Squirrelmonkey video: Peloton in 1992

    Alex KuhnAlex Kuhn5 månader sedan
  • This is how Lance Armstrong juiced up back then

    Comment HighlightedComment Highlighted5 månader sedan
  • Fix a laptop to the bike handle bars!

    11m Operator11m Operator5 månader sedan
  • 11:55 Is there a tea-bagging simulator included?

    Let's Be FrankLet's Be Frank5 månader sedan
  • You must get Octavius to try this.

    Mike JonsMike Jons5 månader sedan
  • I never heard of this...Back in the 80s, this would be cool...I'd give it a go.....essentially a modified Atari 'Pole Position' game. thx for posting, just discovered your channel.

    Dalek 2150Dalek 21505 månader sedan
  • I wonder if some refined version was developed for olympic athletes.

    Juzan DjinnJuzan Djinn5 månader sedan
  • Had I had this, I would have lied about doing outdoors activities! "Guys. I used to stomp over other runners because I was faster. I was so fast I couldn't turn left or right on time and smashed into things but actually never got hurt!"

    Juzan DjinnJuzan Djinn5 månader sedan
  • I'm sure there are ways to control other games with that. Road Rash, Twisted Metal, Dark Souls. Kinda wondering, if a modern-ish wireless system would be any good. Gyro sensor, attach that to your bike, and off you go.

    Jari HeiskaJari Heiska5 månader sedan
  • I had a Tacx Fortius, a more modern version of this with 3D graphics or rolling video. This looks pretty fun actually. Believe me, the Fortius was a lot more faff.

    Grumpy ModelerGrumpy Modeler5 månader sedan
  • totally looks like you should be able to smack people like in road rash

    TheCreeplerTheCreepler5 månader sedan
  • I wonder if this would work with DOSBox on a raspberry pi (with serial to USB adapter)? It’d be much more convenient to have an old TV with a Pi on it, than bugger about with your PC each time.

    geezerdiamondgeezerdiamond5 månader sedan

    Drumslav CzechisenkoDrumslav Czechisenko5 månader sedan
  • I feel a strange need to have this in my life..

    ElectricguyElectricguy5 månader sedan
  • All it needs is whips and chains and it's basically DOS road rash.

    Lovely TobleroneLovely Toblerone5 månader sedan
  • That Nintendo hoodie has no place in this video Mr.

    Lovely TobleroneLovely Toblerone5 månader sedan
  • "setting this up each time you wanted to exercise?!" - OH YES! that's part of the exercise itself to be fit enough, even if the setup does not work after that ;)

    LGB Gábor LénártLGB Gábor Lénárt5 månader sedan
  • I guess it doesn’t save previous stats...

    Cricket EnglandCricket England5 månader sedan
  • I especially like how nostalgia nerd makes Ath-a-lete a three syllable word :)

    Michael TavaresMichael Tavares5 månader sedan
  • Well Peloton it ain’t but looks fun

    Cricket EnglandCricket England5 månader sedan
  • Well, if those buttons were mounted on 3.5mm jacks and sockets, they would just live there... interesting enough though. :-)

    Chris GrilloChris Grillo5 månader sedan

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMA5 månader sedan
  • Fingers crossed someone remakes this as an Audrino Kit that can be connected to a Raspberry PI that is Super Tux Kart or other racing games on Linux. Even an updated version of this for modern PCs would be nice.

    wbowen05wbowen055 månader sedan
  • I reckon the ambulance driver had just done a terrible fart and the paramedic was desperately trying to waft it out the back

    OneAngryDeaconOneAngryDeacon5 månader sedan
  • ROAD RASH - Bicycle edition :D

    Glenn ChuggGlenn Chugg5 månader sedan
  • please upload the software to archive.org

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname5 månader sedan
  • Why on earth wouldn't you just by a 5.25" floppy drive locally? xD

    Lafayette Ronald HubbardLafayette Ronald Hubbard5 månader sedan
  • 😍

    Alex JaraAlex Jara5 månader sedan
  • This looks fun as hell! That's wonderful!

    reishvedaurreishvedaur5 månader sedan
  • beSPOKE controllers, hahaha (ok, not that funny) :-/

    Mo ZamboniMo Zamboni5 månader sedan
  • I really hope you're not suffering burn out.. I'll be a bit brutally honest, you didn't sound as if this was enjoyable, not just the product but the video in general. Please make sure you take care of yourself, your mental wellbeing is important.

    invghostinvghost5 månader sedan
  • This hardware actually led to an important scientific discovery 25 years ago. The fact that it actually works, and that Super Cycle 2020 isn't coming out anytime soon, proved conclusively, once and for all, that human beings prefer sitting on their butts doing nothing, while playing video games. Who could have guessed that outcome? Apparently, not the company who manufactured this, but at least it made for a very interesting SEworld video, some decades later.

    nunyobizneznunyobiznez5 månader sedan
    • Look up Zwift

      Z ZZ Z5 månader sedan
  • That is impressive that it still works as well as it does all these years later. And we need, nay demand, a second video of this with Octavia trying it.

    chaospoetchaospoet5 månader sedan
  • Surprisingly looks awesome. Nice!

    Ryan McDonaghRyan McDonagh5 månader sedan
  • I see a showdown happening after lockdown

    Rob The SquireRob The Squire5 månader sedan
  • This definitely seems like it could be a fun way to exercise.... IF.... you had the room.

    We Like What We Like NetworkWe Like What We Like Network5 månader sedan
  • #NostalgiaNerd or anyone that knows. I've been looking for a couple days now and I can't find what I'm looking for. What is the chip you solder to a PCB when you make a mega drive repro called?

    Theta 32xTheta 32x5 månader sedan
  • Ya gotta lurv it! The box text contains both bad spelling and incomprehensible descriptions/sales pitch. Oh, and the commentary, too. "As you could of"??? Then there's the reality of what you (might ) have actually bought. It would appear to be decent software! Golly gosh! Anyway, I really enjoyed the video, and I'm so happy to have been too lazy to buy any of this crap! Exercise? Pass me that bottle!

    NdlandingNdlanding5 månader sedan
  • SkillShare !? Really ?!

    Gary HartGary Hart5 månader sedan
  • It looks like Pedal Rash lmfao

    SimmySimmy5 månader sedan
  • I have that same Get Fit, still in the box. I think I used it only once.

    B_BoneB_Bone5 månader sedan
  • Combine something like this with VR and motion controls. Perfection.

    AutomatikAutomatik5 månader sedan
  • Was getting a Chocobo vibe from the music at the start

    Kai PreshawKai Preshaw5 månader sedan