What Happened to MIDI? | Nostalgia Nerd

18 jun 2020
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Go to brilliant.org/NostalgiaNerd/ to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership.... Remember the days when you had to define a separate music card and sound card for DOS games? When your mate's Wavetable Soundblaster AWE32 was the bees knees? When you had a vast collection of .MID files to listen to? Ahhh, the days of MIDI. What happened to those days? Where did FM Synth and Wavetable cards disappear to? Let's delve in.
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    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd11 månader sedan
    • Foebane72 Two different things. MIDI is not a music reproducer as the trackers were. It is after all a control protocol/hardware for handling inputs such as pedals, keyboards etc, and then sending controlling signals to synths and other outputs. The reason it sounded so bad; the MS Software Synth’s representation of a music instrument that was atrociously bad. If you listen to a true MIDI synth it is something completely different.

      Rikard JohnelsRikard Johnels7 månader sedan
    • I was hoping you would mention Yamaha S-YXG50 or Yamaha S-YXG100plus soft-synth's for Windows. For small Linux ARM based systems, I've often used TiMidity++ which was a worthy soft-synth as well. After retiring my AWE64 Gold and Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro which were attached through MIDI to a Yamaha PSR-730 keyboard, those soft-synth's made sure I could still enjoy MIDI music.

      Steven van PeltSteven van Pelt7 månader sedan
    • Nothing happened to MIDI musicians still use MIDI but people are working on a replacement to MIDI. As for games, MIDI was just a crutch until videogames could do pre-sampled audio recordings and now that we can MIDI is obsolete for games.

      scot shabalamscot shabalam8 månader sedan
    • @Foebane72 Just shows how much physical age has to do with it. Currently you're both acting childish and I'm 40 - if I'm telling the truth. See how relevant stating ones age is on the internet?

      robsku1robsku19 månader sedan
    • @Foebane72 _"arrogant prick"_ Funny.

      robsku1robsku19 månader sedan
  • i still use midi on a daily basis, to send note data to and from my modular synthesis racks

    XaviorZXaviorZDag sedan
  • Lets see if company's try and copyright strike this video for the Midi version of popular songs Lol

    FoxyFoxy3 dagar sedan
  • As a musician this feels like saying "What happened to USB?"

    MelonenstrauchMelonenstrauch4 dagar sedan
  • Last time I saw MIDI in action (apart from old DOS games) was in a bar where it controlled the dancefloor lights (each 'instrument' controlling a set of lights / frequency) 😮

    Roland ten NapelRoland ten Napel5 dagar sedan
  • how do you reinvent the wheel? you can make it more round, ok ............. great!!

    rgerberrgerber7 dagar sedan
  • Ah I loved midi too but could never afford a real good soundcard though.

    KLiNoTweetKLiNoTweet8 dagar sedan
  • Props for featuring the Blake Stone intro music. That takes me waaaay back.

    RaptorShadowRaptorShadow10 dagar sedan
  • I always open the passport.mid on Fl Studio and change the instruments for high quality vst and samples

    Ultrafunk RecordsUltrafunk Records11 dagar sedan
  • U tarded?

    Monkey Robots Inc.Monkey Robots Inc.11 dagar sedan
  • 16:00 What's this pirate band singing? ♪♫ "you wouldn't download a carrrr"? scnr

    J KJ K14 dagar sedan
  • Excellent video!!

    WarrenWarren15 dagar sedan
  • I remember when I was building my first pc... I went to buy myself a sound blaster...but they were out of stock! I managed to convince my mum to buy me an AWE32 (advanced wave effects)...I was so proud! ...and it was backwards compatible...I miss MIDI! 😔

    TiggerTigger17 dagar sedan
  • Midi is still around, it just went to USB input and output rather than those proprietary DIN connectors.

    Michael TurnerMichael Turner18 dagar sedan
  • Nice vid... Now, back to listening to MOD files on my Amiga. ;-)

    desiv 1desiv 120 dagar sedan
  • When I heard Baker Street and Beat It... 😄

    Joni RoxanneJoni Roxanne25 dagar sedan
  • what happened to MIDI? nothing....still in constant use today

    Robert ToddRobert Todd26 dagar sedan
  • The whole begining is sarcasm right?

    Michael WilliamsMichael WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Anyone remember the .MOD format? I loved that!

    BaMoo77BaMoo77Månad sedan
  • You really playing Quake with that framerate?

    AeixOAeixOMånad sedan
  • For MIDI to control all aspects of a near endless variety of old-school computer video games, vintage hardware synthesizers, modern software synthesizers, and all of their provocatively musical parameters, as well as control-and be controlled by-an unending array of MIDI controllers, mixers with flying faders, wireless mice & qwerty keyboards, mobile devices and their apps, and the most sophisticated modern DAWs is nothing short of the musical equivalent of getting the flying cars we were promised in the 1950’s.

    Daniel G. Benes Science ShowsDaniel G. Benes Science ShowsMånad sedan
  • MIDI always sounded terrible

    TheWarmotorTheWarmotorMånad sedan
  • It's GENERAL Midi that went away, the kinda midi used for controlling synths still exists, it's just shifted to USB Midi

    The Pity PartyThe Pity PartyMånad sedan
  • The OPL3 version of Doom sounds damn near identical to what it'd sound like played on floppy disc drives

    Lesse FrostLesse FrostMånad sedan
  • Man that Packard Bell brings back so many good memories. I was in the Military from 87-95 and Packard Bell had a deal with AAFES and sold their computers in the PX. All the computer nerds in the barracks had Packard Bells and we would drag our computers down to the day room on the weekends and set up a local area network and play multiplayer doom.

    Theokolese The Shadow Of DeathTheokolese The Shadow Of DeathMånad sedan
  • I remember the AWE 32 had memory slots and you could install ram to load more sound fonts.

    Theokolese The Shadow Of DeathTheokolese The Shadow Of DeathMånad sedan
  • What happened to MIDI? All the equipment ever made for it it is at LGRs house.

    Michael OMichael OMånad sedan
    • LOL SO true

      Theokolese The Shadow Of DeathTheokolese The Shadow Of DeathMånad sedan
  • 12:42 Wtf is a Blake Stone? Asking for a friend

    Thorin Murphy-FahlgrenThorin Murphy-FahlgrenMånad sedan
    • (My friend is underground and might get lobotomized again if they keep asking...)

      Thorin Murphy-FahlgrenThorin Murphy-FahlgrenMånad sedan
  • Midi was fun to play with, but mod tracking was even more fun. Finding and creating your own samples, and then creating music with the samples. A weird cross between midi and mod files were the Ad Lib trackers, where you could edit the FM synth sounds on the sound card and then use those to create music. Mod trackers made the leap to Win32 versions, like Mod Plug Tracker, but Ad Lib trackers were only DOS versions.

    macsnafumacsnafuMånad sedan
  • In general, I think your presentation confuses MIDI the data format with the way it used to be synthesised in hardware. Musicians have never used MP3 to record, they just crunch the final mix down to MP3 for distribution. We also still use MIDI files every day, just to control samples - it's still the same principle, MIDI is an instruction format, like program code for music. It's quite likely that during the last two films and ten TV shows you've watched, you've barely heard a single real instrument performance (and all that sampling is driven by MID files). Btw, FM synthesis (Fourier based) was a big deal and a signature sound of the Yamaha DX series. One of the reasons these synths defined a period in the early '80s was that even the biggest acts only used the stock presets. This was because, while the DXs allowed you to freely programme them, it was so complicated that only about 0.1% of users did it. Oh, and leitmotif is pronounced "light mo teef".

    ImpromptuImpromptuMånad sedan
  • MIDI is very much alive, hasn’t gone anywhere. I use it everyday on every project I do in Logic X...

    Mike VlcekMike VlcekMånad sedan
  • Midi music was ok so I was blown away by mod files when they came out.

    nope nowaynope nowayMånad sedan
  • I am amazed that you skipped the Yamaha XG midi completely. I had a DB50XG (sold it - shoudn't have), still have an SW60XG card, and there are software XG players (YXG50 AND YXG100) to be found on the net. XG, to me, was the most realistic midi by far if programmed using it's full capabilities. Even on non XG midi files it sounds great.

    gkseifertgkseifert2 månader sedan
  • good clip.

    Media PoolMedia Pool2 månader sedan
  • I remember the first time I was able to successfully get my MOTU firewire soundcard working with my Yamaha MOTIF keyboard. I had so much fun downloading MIDI files and playing them back using all sorts of different patches. Mind=Blown.

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • I miss those old school soundcards. Although it wasn't ISA but rather PCI, for my money and sheer compatibility the Aureal Vortex (AU88xx) was probably my favorite from that era.

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • I thought this video was weird when I first saw it, and I just watched it again to get my sense of bemusement back. The assertion that "MIDI's back" is absurd. I've been using MIDI since 1982 when it was introduced. It's a protocol used by us musicians to send note and control change data to hardware and computers, and it can also keep things in sync. It's not going away. The MIDI 2.0 specification seems like just another sad attempt to fix something that isn't broken, just as General MIDI attempted to do. Don't fall into the 8-Bit Guy's shoes. He makes plenty of boneheaded comments about things he hasn't researched well enough.

    Ian AtkinIan Atkin2 månader sedan
    • I think he means MIDI and its usage in PC's. Not MIDI in general.

      Theokolese The Shadow Of DeathTheokolese The Shadow Of DeathMånad sedan
  • These days the only way I can enjoy midis on a modern PC is VirtualMidiSynth and various downloaded soundfonts. I like a soundfont called Arachno. I use it when I play games in dosbox. It makes the music sound great IMO.

    Tall OrderTall Order2 månader sedan
  • What Happened to MIDI? It went to Nintendo.

    Zer0kbpsZer0kbps2 månader sedan
  • I love FM, and WaveTable synthesis, they are both cool.

    William OlsenWilliam Olsen2 månader sedan
  • I think this should be labeled what happened to MIDI files in gaming, and MIDI file players. MIDI is alive and well in my life, I used it with all my DAW's, synthesizers etc..

    William OlsenWilliam Olsen2 månader sedan
  • there are midi files in c://windows/media in win10

    Joshua AgaidJoshua Agaid2 månader sedan
  • Go Yamaha MU-50!

    Justin CondelloJustin Condello2 månader sedan
  • If you want to listen to midis, the free and open source game simutrans uses midi files. Unfortunately they're some of the worst God awful songs to have been made.

    SamSam3 månader sedan
  • that external midi device you show... The make-noise "shared system" is perhaps my single greatest desire

    T0X!cΛN†T0X!cΛN†3 månader sedan
  • 16:08 mic change really made me think it was a different person.

    BilgeBilge3 månader sedan
  • 8:45 does its smallest include: "ACK ACK ACK" *Snort* "bugged mechanics dood" "Impahsible dood"

    BilgeBilge3 månader sedan
  • An interesting use of midi in the modern era is the Musician addon in World of Warcraft. It uses a variation on wavetable midi to play custom music in game for you and others around you. Takes a huge chunk of ram because it has literally a bank of .wav files for every note and instrument, and uses the play sound function paired with a hidden chat to allow other people in game to hear the song you're playing. Even allows for live play over a midi keyboard, but struggles with pitch bends. Sounds interesting, super limited system, but pretty cool.

    TheDarkAceTheDarkAce3 månader sedan
  • Man I do love MIDI!! That’s why I do remixes very well.

    Andres BravoAndres Bravo3 månader sedan
  • Check this out - A digital synthesizer that generates audio files from MIDI files: tropicalcoder.com/MIDISynth.htm You can adjust the sound by changing various parameters such as attack, decay, and the harmonic content, set delay, feedback, and mix to give a performance life, as if it were performed in a room, hall, or auditorium. Option is provided to load in an alternative to the default Even Tempered Scale tuning. Three different tunings are provided. Listen to Just Interval tuning or make up your own!

    TropicalCoderTropicalCoder3 månader sedan
  • I first tried LimeWire very late 90's, almost 2K to get movies and music from.

    MirrorclawMirrorclaw3 månader sedan
  • I think I still have a few surviving Napster grabs that weren't lost to the inevitable BSOD from that era. Wonder how many people actually made it out of the piracy era with their collections fully intact?

    UnconsciouzoneUnconsciouzone4 månader sedan
  • i have this audio card but.. still have the GS Synth wavetable from MS nothing changed .. still hear the normal MS midi synth how can i use the audigy synth wave table ? can't get figured out..

    HBKjeffreyHBKjeffrey4 månader sedan
  • Nowhere. You mean General MIDI right?

    Alex MednickAlex Mednick4 månader sedan
  • Does anyone remember the Yamaha Hello Music CBX sound module? I have one new and boxed.

    Jamie WellerJamie Weller4 månader sedan
  • still using midi

    Valley RobotValley Robot4 månader sedan
  • 11:56 I had a Turtle Beach Maui card, which was like a roland knock off. Was pretty great at the time...

    Safe-T-inspectorSafe-T-inspector4 månader sedan
  • 6:00 what a flash-back that music test screen for Descent gave me. It felt so cool and modern...

    Safe-T-inspectorSafe-T-inspector4 månader sedan
  • Wavetable in software? Oh, you mean MOD. (Seriously the first Unreal Tournament's soundtrack was my favorite example of the art form)

    Christopher FowlerChristopher Fowler4 månader sedan
  • My first wavetable card was a Terratec Maestro 32 with a MPU401 and a 4 MB wavetable. These days I use VirtualMidiSynth with about 600 MB of soundfonts loaded at startup. The biggest problems doing something "live" these days (connecting a MIDI keyboard to the PC or playing on the standard PC keyboard) is the lag between pressing a key and the actual production of the sound. Sadly there are quite some layers of drivers in between. VirtualMidiSynth is quite good, but the days of direct hardware access are gone.

    nervmich.netnervmich.net4 månader sedan
  • Yay 2021..

    Derek TweedieDerek Tweedie4 månader sedan
  • passport; 2nd best midi

    leolaus :Dleolaus :D4 månader sedan
  • nice. i was very fuzzy on what happened after we stopped needing to buy audio cards. i think my last was an audigy card and hey... did soundblaster buy audigy? i remember them being competitors. for a brief moment, for gamers, they recommended not using on-board sound because it induced cpu overhead but real fast, we blew past that until audio just became a minor bullet point for the motherboard. how times change.

    jin choungjin choung4 månader sedan
  • 13:27 The *iMuse Engine* soundtrack for 'Tie Fighter' might still be my favorite of all time. It really DID what it was intended to do which was to make the entire experience more IMMERSIVE.

    Black NapalmBlack Napalm4 månader sedan
  • Hi, I had the same yamaha keyboard back 2000.

    Reverse WorldReverse World4 månader sedan
  • Care to share where you got the vga cable for your Atari "ST"?

    Billy BatsonBilly Batson4 månader sedan
  • Ah I see what you did there at about 24:30 "...and it sounds pretty decent" and then, plays "DESCENT" that very odd ball first person shooter where you control some space ship inside labyrinths :-) PS: Oh Boy, it's been a long time since this game came out, if I remember correctly, it was 1995 ! 25 freaking years ago ;-)

    baianoisebaianoise4 månader sedan
  • Back in the day I've used to have exactly those speakers!

    baianoisebaianoise4 månader sedan
  • Anyone else triggered by the fact that video shows canyon.mid playing during the intro but he's actually playing passport.mid. I think he's trolling us a bit :)

    Vlad MihailescuVlad Mihailescu4 månader sedan
  • The AWE32 was the last sound card i bought... after that every pc i bought had onboard sound.... I didn't use small crappy speakers though, i had my 200watt stereo receiver next to the computer :)

    John O'BrienJohn O'Brien4 månader sedan
  • Was watching this, and had to pause @6:55 , because I realized that the Yamaha PSR-330 Keyboard he was using is the exact same model I have on the other side of the room from me right this moment. I have the extra expansion cart in the cart slot there, though.

    RKumonoRKumono5 månader sedan
  • MIDI still exists. M-Audio UNO will give you a usb interface and you can get Synthesia to turn .mid tracks into Guitar Hero for keyboard. Have fun.

    foley2k2foley2k25 månader sedan
  • The main reason personal users don't use MIDI anymore: MP3 Solution: Purge MP3 off of the face of the planet.

    m3 mediam3 media5 månader sedan
  • 8:00 You were playing Decent, weren't you?

    Semaj NiometSemaj Niomet5 månader sedan
  • I have to offer a nod to the original Serious Sam … the use of leitmotifs to change up the music to match what was on screen … It did that with mp3 audio. But that was the exception and kind of still is. In the days of FM, it was just what was done.

    Joseph CarterJoseph Carter5 månader sedan
  • MOD (including its clones like XM, S3M, IT) audio sounded way better in general.

    M SM S5 månader sedan
  • if you have problems identifying MIDI protocols versus soundfonts (SF2) or audio output options, please see: www.midi.org/forum/1627-what-is-the-name-of-the-soundfont-that-comes-with-every-computer ...

    macrogramsmacrograms5 månader sedan
  • FM synthesis is to MIDI what spectrum analysers are to equalizers...makes no sense.

    Nicolas JonassonNicolas Jonasson5 månader sedan
  • what do you mean, what happened to midi its in every synthesiser made now

    Lucas CLucas C5 månader sedan
  • I used to stick to an old PC where it is an ABIT KT133A mainboard, PC133 SDRAM and AMD Athlon XP-M Barton Processor, which many people already running 64bit processors in their desktop. Because I wanted to keep the ISA slot alive for my AWE64 card. PC was disposed of when I move house, sadly. Wasn't sure what was in my mind then.

    WizardSoonWizardSoon5 månader sedan
  • You missed out the other casual use... ringtones! Polyphonic ringtones had it's fair run until mp3's ringtones could even be used.

    Marc CarranMarc Carran5 månader sedan
  • I think it is very important that during the entire video there is a irritating sound loop playing literally every second no sound is demonstrated. Heck, image we would just hear the presenter's voice.

    jlinkelsjlinkels5 månader sedan
  • what just 50 voice channels typical intel dino tec.

    Steven ASteven A5 månader sedan
  • 9000fps at all these games (Doom or Quake) e.g. play it on new Xbox series X

    Steven ASteven A5 månader sedan
  • There used to be a yamaha soft synthysizer something like xy250 producing realistic sounds where can i find a modern one

    yarmudyarmud5 månader sedan
  • MIDI isn't gone. It's just changed. Instead of a 5-pin DIN, it's run through USB which is faster. MIDI used to have only 16 channels. With it now being more where it about the device connected to the track, you essentially get 16 channels on each device instead of 16 total. Some even have MIDI groups where there's 16 on A and then B and so on. I'm assuming you know this already, but I like rambling on so I can show off my big brain

    Sam YazaSam Yaza5 månader sedan
  • So you're saying I can tell Dosbox to pretend my midi keyboard is a Roland sound card?

    Adrian MagniAdrian Magni5 månader sedan
  • Ya, midi is still alive and well

    Alexander ArmitageAlexander Armitage5 månader sedan
  • You didn't mention Apple QuickTime on All Macs

    Bo StarBo Star5 månader sedan
  • ...MIDI never went anywhere. It's still being used today.

    pgj1997pgj19975 månader sedan
  • Anyone Atari ST owners that remembers MIDI Maze? We had some fun playing that game, and it might be the first networking game I played. It supported up to 16 players, but if I recall correctly it would lag badly even with just 8 machines connected due to the limitations of the bandwidth of the MIDI-serial interface. We had a rule not to use the in game map, because it someone did, the game would just pause for everyone. BTW, I bought my first ST to use it with Steinberg 24 and MIDI. Later I mostly used it for games and programming. I still have my STE, but haven’t used it for ages.

    HiznogoodHiznogood5 månader sedan
  • Thank - you .

    ronald whiteronald white5 månader sedan
  • I have a sound blaster x, usb audio dac. It is an unbelievable experience and one of my all time favorite purchases.

    EpicSOBEpicSOB5 månader sedan
  • Wow !!! I can’t believe the trouble that all the Microsoft users had to go through... .....And if you wanted to upgrade, you had to take apart your computer and change the card.. I’m so glad that the soundcard was replaced by interfaces..

    jim jimxjim jimx5 månader sedan
  • "What Happened to MIDI?" Er, nothing.

    John MillerJohn Miller5 månader sedan
  • In fact MIDI never dies, it's just evolved and go USB, im still using it on my new hardware computer and synth to communicate with old drum machine, it was never intend to be a gamer assets, but a computer musician friendly interface to produce music, the good thing of this is you can use any kind of Hardware or Software Synth and Sampler, for example my brand new computer, can still send midi data note on my vintage Roland MC 303 Groovebox and also comunicate with a Minimoog or a Nord Lead synth with using software sampler and synth in the same time ^^.

    MeteotranceMeteotrance5 månader sedan
  • No mention of Roland Sound Canvas?!

    Jachin RiversJachin Rivers5 månader sedan
  • This video has just reminded me how dead sound cards are...Remember those? Now your motherboard has a great one built in so you don't even need to think about it. You might not even use it anyways as your USB headset might have it's own built in, I know mine does lol But I remember back in the day how vital they were. Remember they had options like "Concert hall" or "Bathroom" etc.? Those options were totally pointless and sounded absolutely shite, but ALL the cards came with software that had those same options lol I actually kinda miss them. It was another module to customize to make your PC truly your own custom machine.

    R69NiXR69NiX5 månader sedan
  • "Modern" uses for MIDI - Piano Learning Software. Still producing new music via Virtual Studio Instruments with a MIDI Controller Keyboard. Controlling effects and lighting for live bands. MIDI has been with us the whole time. I wonder if the alt.binaries.sounds.midi channel still works.

    John SandlinJohn Sandlin5 månader sedan
  • Trying to upgrade my creative speakers, the PC surround speakers market is dead; soundbars, headphones and so on. Evwn logitech now only has the 906 as a real pc speaker and the z606 look like a Chinese rebranded product from Tv lineup.

    FhargaZFhargaZ5 månader sedan