What Happened to MIDI? | Nostalgia Nerd

18 jun 2020
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Go to brilliant.org/NostalgiaNerd/ to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership.... Remember the days when you had to define a separate music card and sound card for DOS games? When your mate's Wavetable Soundblaster AWE32 was the bees knees? When you had a vast collection of .MID files to listen to? Ahhh, the days of MIDI. What happened to those days? Where did FM Synth and Wavetable cards disappear to? Let's delve in.
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    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd4 månader sedan
    • Foebane72 Two different things. MIDI is not a music reproducer as the trackers were. It is after all a control protocol/hardware for handling inputs such as pedals, keyboards etc, and then sending controlling signals to synths and other outputs. The reason it sounded so bad; the MS Software Synth’s representation of a music instrument that was atrociously bad. If you listen to a true MIDI synth it is something completely different.

      Rikard JohnelsRikard Johnels24 dagar sedan
    • I was hoping you would mention Yamaha S-YXG50 or Yamaha S-YXG100plus soft-synth's for Windows. For small Linux ARM based systems, I've often used TiMidity++ which was a worthy soft-synth as well. After retiring my AWE64 Gold and Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro which were attached through MIDI to a Yamaha PSR-730 keyboard, those soft-synth's made sure I could still enjoy MIDI music.

      Steven van PeltSteven van Pelt29 dagar sedan
    • Nothing happened to MIDI musicians still use MIDI but people are working on a replacement to MIDI. As for games, MIDI was just a crutch until videogames could do pre-sampled audio recordings and now that we can MIDI is obsolete for games.

      scot shabalamscot shabalam2 månader sedan
    • @Foebane72 Just shows how much physical age has to do with it. Currently you're both acting childish and I'm 40 - if I'm telling the truth. See how relevant stating ones age is on the internet?

      robsku1robsku12 månader sedan
    • @Foebane72 _"arrogant prick"_ Funny.

      robsku1robsku12 månader sedan
  • I just remembered I've got a bunch of midi files I've only heard in Windows Media Player on an older PC. Just opened some up in FL Studio...it assigns much nicer sounds than before.

    Phil ProffittPhil Proffitt4 timmar sedan
  • The Anime Theme Songs are mostly covered and dumped to midi most times. Just search for it.

    Calvin C. GamingCalvin C. Gaming16 timmar sedan
  • It never went away. Synthesisers, drum machines and samplers use it to communicate with one another and have done flawlessly since 1983. Ps it works better than usb.

    DzodDzod18 timmar sedan
  • Great vid! Little thing: General MIDI, the standardisation of instrument types to midi channels is not the same as MIDI, which is the control system itself.

    Paul LovePaul Love18 timmar sedan
    • Now we have giant hard drives and CPUs that can handle 96kHz 32 bit floating point audio wave files... no need to have a synthesiser inside your beige box 😹

      Paul LovePaul Love18 timmar sedan
    • I had no idea old sound cards were actual synthesisers! No wonder auld fellas used to go on about sound cards all the time

      Paul LovePaul Love18 timmar sedan
  • And no mention to Gravis Ultrasiound ?

    Mati KaevurMati Kaevur19 timmar sedan
  • This made me think of "Your soundcard works perfectly" in Warcraft 2 Thanks for the video

    LaxenLaxenDag sedan
  • Every copy of doom is personalised.

    LimeLime2 dagar sedan
  • 1:16 You mean I'm not the only one who's heard of ROTT? As soon as I saw the remake on Steam I grabbed it. The original is one of the games I always get when I set up DOSBox, along with DOOM, Heretic, Duke3D, Wolf3D, Raptor, Lemmings, and a couple others.

    6jonline6jonline3 dagar sedan
  • Sounds decent... Plays "descent" XD

    Der BardeDer Barde4 dagar sedan
  • digital musicians: wat

    HeroicHeroic4 dagar sedan
  • I liked .mod and .s3m files by musicians from Demo groups such as Skaven and Purple Motion from Future Crew. Skaven aka Peter Habja also later went on to create music for Popcap Games such as the music suites for Bejeweled 2 and onward (the music for Bejeweled 1 was actually "taken" from one of his earlier works from the early 90s).

    LodanSDLodanSD4 dagar sedan
  • You meant "general midi" 😳

    AboveEmAllProductionAboveEmAllProduction4 dagar sedan
  • It sucks that I can't hear how the games I played back then sounded. Well I'm sure I could, it's just more effort than it's worth. I remember getting some midi files from an old game a couple years ago and the way my computer played them back was very disappointing :\

    BorednessBoredness5 dagar sedan
  • The real question is: What happened to MOD?

    Cärlos DängerCärlos Dänger5 dagar sedan
  • Man I had several of those sound cards when I was a kid. Including most the sound blasters and the audigy platinum with front bay. My parents must have thrown those away years ago but this gives me new appreciation for what I had in high school and makes me wish I still has some of this old hard ware today. The first computer I designed and built myself had 4 4gb raptor (10k) hdd’s in raid 0

    Andy TAndy T5 dagar sedan
  • HA, 8:00 you are playing Descent

    Peter SkaarupPeter Skaarup5 dagar sedan
  • God I miss my MIDI collection so much.

    ArthfachArthfach6 dagar sedan
    • Aaaaaand downloading MIDI collections. This was a dangerous video!

      ArthfachArthfach6 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else getting blue balls waiting for DM's "World in My Eyes" to start playing while watching this? Also, anyone else under the impression "The Final Countdown" was a MegaMan song from perusing .wav files of midis back in the mid nineties? It was the background music for like.. every MegaMan page.

    DralisethDraliseth9 dagar sedan
  • He is playing Descent. Woah, my favorite game of all times :-)

    Tom BrücknerTom Brückner9 dagar sedan
  • Meh, those new fangled .mid files. I just prefer the old .mod or even better the classic .sid files instead! :P

    Robert PhoenixRobert Phoenix9 dagar sedan
  • now i will go and listen to the dune soundtrack :)

    Wanja SchoneckeWanja Schonecke10 dagar sedan
  • The modern DOOM versions use a similar approach to iMUSE. The earliest version of iMUSE in The Secret of Monkey Island turned instruments on or off depending on the scene.

    Hugh Phoenix-HulmeHugh Phoenix-Hulme11 dagar sedan
  • for a long time the first video of yours making me really nostalgic. even remining me of pci soundblaster card just lying around and waiting to be built back in again.. a really big thank you from germany!

    AnTi BioTeKaAnTi BioTeKa11 dagar sedan
  • what happened to midi? or what happened to midi on PC? because its still very common in music production and still natively supported by apples shit hardware

    i ch bin der Paspelverschlussi ch bin der Paspelverschluss11 dagar sedan
  • Midi? Its still in use!?

    Alex RaymanAlex Rayman11 dagar sedan
  • Oh .. just remind old IBM Aptiva computer at a history, with Delphin sound card - real instruments wave table - violin sound like a Starovarious, because it was a real after thousand "apars" updates on OS/2 Warp operating system with REX and Canadian VREX for full visual add-on. Just drift the point for first entity/object operating system. Still boot sometimes to 1.01 OS/2 version and praise it works on Intel 80286 (bad architecture like Windows 3.x in software side. True, if you compare MSDOS 5 and Windows 3.11 against OS/2 2.01). IBM market it: Better DOS than MSDOS and better compatible graphical subsystem than Microsoft copy. At a time, IBM was right to gain market leader, but they messed with XGA and microChallel architecture to be proprietary with high license fees. Who still have the first public Microsoft DOS 4.01 after IBM deal ended and MS free to sell?

    Pekka YlönenPekka Ylönen11 dagar sedan
  • What happened to it? They let it stagnate for too long, never extending it even as technology improved. Then Microsoft dealt the killing blow with a software sound set that was the same on every system.

    WardenWolfWardenWolf13 dagar sedan
  • My take (before watching the video): what happened to MIDI is that storage space became less of a problem on the one hand, compression got more accessible, and DLS, which was supposed to be replacement for SF2 soundfonts, Dream soundbanks, and dozens of other proprietary formats, as an open standard, was too weakly specified and not implemented thoroughly enough to actually be effective on the other, and didn't even have any high quality tools. One hour of MP3 at high quality is like... 100MB. Watching the video now... a lot of AWE32 and all AWE64 shipped with HORRIBLE JUNK ATROCIOUS OPL3 replacement chips. On the other hand, the OPL3 replacement that ESS developed and that was in many cheap soundcards was actually pretty damn decent! Of course there were less fortunate attempts too... especially the one by Crystal.

    Siana GearzSiana Gearz13 dagar sedan
  • What can I say. AudigyRX is just a Audigy 4 with pci to pci-e chip on a card. And Audigy 4 is just an bit improved Audigy 2. So it basically 2002 tech still sold today. And since Creative gyus just too lasy to,write a new driver, even a driver itself is just same old Windows XP driver with shiny new control panel. It just sad how much is modern PC sound subsystem is degraded if 2002 tech is still much better than any onboard sound.

    Black FlashBlack Flash14 dagar sedan
  • What about the Yamaha XG (eXtended General midi) it had more instruments more effects and polyphonic notes. Could be played with a yamaha DB50XG card or with yamaha xg player software only. The files were not .midi extension but .xg On other hand, professional composers still use midi with wave banks sampled from real instruments.

    Hicham CHARRATHicham CHARRAT14 dagar sedan
  • PASSPORT.MID! I could recognize that anywhere.

    ITAC85ITAC8514 dagar sedan
  • Hi Everyone, Just to let you (and EVERYONE ELSE) know. I recently uploaded OVER 30,000+ MIDI Files to the CoCo Archive. They cover all styles and types. Everything from Bluegrass to Jazz to Classical and Pop and Gosple. They are absolutely free for anyone to download and play around with. There are both MIDI File (Type 0 and Type 1's) available for your use. Feel free to visit and download to your heart's content. Take care everyone and enjoy... MIDI Forever... Joe...

    Joe SchuttsJoe Schutts15 dagar sedan
  • Might want to try turning down the reverb, might help with the newer stuff?

    Joshua RichardsJoshua Richards15 dagar sedan
  • Love it, but you're losing a lot, even on that old hardware, using those speakers. :`(

    Joshua RichardsJoshua Richards15 dagar sedan
  • I love decent

    Bextel MikeBextel Mike16 dagar sedan
  • Remember .MOD files? From my memory, they were basically a software version of the tables used by the newer wave table synthesis boards. They included custom samples of instruments or voices, which were then modulated similar to .MID files. I always found it interesting how most MIDI software I saw used a sheet music style of editing, whereas MOD software used hex values to adjust pitch, sustain and such along with looping. Something you may find interesting: Nose Farts. There are emulators that play the file type .NSF (Nintendo Sound File [a.k.a.: Nose Fart]). I don't off-hand remember the name of it, but I found a emulator that plays .NSF files and sounds pretty much exactly like a classic NES. Maybe WinAmp... or an extension for it?

    Aaron KuehnerAaron Kuehner16 dagar sedan
  • Thank goodness games like GZDoom and Sonic Robo Blast 2 include an OPL3 emulation option for music to simulate a classic sound feel of the day, making MIDI files sound good again.

    Bluestar TalronBluestar Talron16 dagar sedan
  • MIDI have never been gone .. . MIDI is just the protocol that synths and computers use to communicate and have never been "away" for us musicians . . since it came out in 1983 . . What you may be mean by MIDI is the usage of MIDI-compatible games, or MIDI General Sounds that is used in games via the midi-interface

    fred brennofred brenno16 dagar sedan
  • Anyone who has ever been to a Japanese Karaoke place knows that MIDI is far from dead. :)

    domssondomsson16 dagar sedan
  • Wait... Doom had music? Guess I missed that.

    S FS F17 dagar sedan
  • Need to build a retro machine have an AWE 64 in a drawer, with no home

    robredzrobredz17 dagar sedan
  • Everytime one use an VSTi-instrument in your DAW you still use Midi (unless it's sampled instruments - still you use a MIDI-keyboard to route). This video is a bit misleading

    LKT OriginalsLKT Originals17 dagar sedan
  • better title: "What Happened to General MIDI?"

    RuxtonRuxton17 dagar sedan
  • Aaah...CANYON.MID. It was my 'comparison workhorse', I remember to this day th thrill when I played it after installing a wavetable daughterboard on my FM card - it felt like entering a new dimension :-)

    LoftBitsLoftBits17 dagar sedan
  • I used to save the MIDI cables I acquired. Then I thought, 'What's the use? I've never had a use for them', and sent them all to be recycled. *shrug* But I'm no musician. (Do they use them?)

    Robert CowlingRobert Cowling18 dagar sedan
  • What is the song is on minute 2:37 ?

    pedro david alfieripedro david alfieri18 dagar sedan
  • an interesting tidbit about MIDI is that it’s still in use not just for music, but also as one of the methods of communicating between various devices used in live entertainment, most often when you need to sync up lighting and audio cues.

    Roccondil1Roccondil118 dagar sedan
  • Too many ads 😯

    Mr BobMr Bob19 dagar sedan
  • You can do funny thing with midi and soundfont

    Sonia BlancheSonia Blanche19 dagar sedan
  • MIDI was a great invention, and smaller version of music, so music could be reproduced with high fidelity, we need better administration of it. Also hardware accelerated: 1) buffers, 2) mixing and composition 3) 64-bit audio multichannel, 4) Decode and encode

    saultube44saultube4419 dagar sedan
  • Great vid! I'm curious if there's a way to emulate various midi hardware and/or soundfonts? I have a midi ripped from the original Space Hulk for DOS, but I can't get it to sound like it does in the game. I was wondering if there was a way to emulate the instruments and whatnot used by the game? seworld.info/will/fHmx25rLhGqnnmQ/video

    Adrian NevilleAdrian Neville19 dagar sedan
  • I for once still have an extensive MIDI library.

    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulHappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul19 dagar sedan
  • I'll tell you what happened to my midi : ) I had probably the biggest midi pages online with hundreds of original midis and millions of hits. When MP3s came out with the original artist my channel turned to dust (actually still there ) Redsal's Midis. Nevertheless I am still making music on you tube with over 250 vocals and trumpet solos with original performances.

    redsal09redsal0920 dagar sedan
  • My family had a mac in middle school, but I remember classmates talking about their soundblaster cards - and I was like, why do you need a sound card? The computer just - plays sounds?

    CamdenBlokeCamdenBloke20 dagar sedan
  • it never went away from being used at it was intended though. as a musical instrument digital interface. even new synths to this day interface through midi.

    spiralmomentspiralmoment20 dagar sedan
  • The fact that you can connect any 25 year old computer, without changing software to a 2020 synthesizer, without changing anything in the software, shows that MIDI is as alive as it has always been. OSC may be a threat in future but MIDI doesn’t sleep either

    alecman95alecman9520 dagar sedan
  • Miss my 1990's Turtle Beach card.

    JoeCensoredJoeCensored20 dagar sedan
  • Sound in the 90's was best played through a Pro Audio Spectrum 16. Funny, I also played that game to the prodigy cd.

    Aaron KellyAaron Kelly20 dagar sedan
  • my first music collection was built using a search engine called musicrobot.com I saw from the local paper. it was built purely on midi files. with our 56k modem at home and limited online time since we only had the one phone line, but I could get floppies and could use my high school computer to download files it worked out. i still have all my midis too.

    cc20 dagar sedan
  • >Makes a video about MIDI on PC No mention of Yamaha's XGMIDI daughterboards for SoundBlaster nor its software implementation in a form of SXG50/SXG100 (SXG50 WDM version was even available for free from M$ update site) that used real hybrid wavetable oscillator synthesis with just a shy of 4 MiB sound banks capable of synthesizing almost thousand of different instruments. The one that blew M$ Synth garbage out of water even when playing General MIDI/GigaSampler files and were the de-facto standard among us gamers for MIDI synthesis, which only died out because Yamaha never bothered to create a 64-bit version of it. In fact, you can still find a working XG50 VSTi and use it in conjunction with any VST Host (Reaper or VSTi MIDI driver for Windows even). If you are unfamiliar with XGMIDI and the reasons why it's a really awesome thing, listen to this demo recorded from MU80, a hardware MIDI module sibling to DB50/SXG50: seworld.info/will/oICc38vdqGSRnX0/video

    Meadow StargazerMeadow Stargazer21 dag sedan
  • MIDI is like magic, not everyone likes it but it has some sort of special thing to it. I still love listening to my MIDIs everyday and also play a bit on my Roland VA-7 synth, listening to how Doom MIDIs sound, making my own music, it's just fantastic. Gotta love the 90's and the innovation it brought to us.

    Maksim VatroxMaksim Vatrox21 dag sedan
  • I think Descent Anniversary Edition & Descent II had CD audio tracks. However, I preferred the MIDI music, since they seemed more appropriate for the game. If I wanted metal music, I could just put on a cassette or a CD of my own. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the original CD's anymore, but I do have the original installations. I can play them, but if something were to happen to them, I'd need to reacquire media to install them. Somewhere, I have a Descent 3 T-Shirt. I ordered the game direct form Interplay.

    Jeremy GeorgiaJeremy Georgia21 dag sedan
  • Nothing happened to midi

    Nehpets AmeniedNehpets Amenied21 dag sedan
  • i still have that cga program adlib jukebox full of rol files

    Justin MJustin M21 dag sedan
  • What happened to MIDI? what? I use MIDI all the time! How else would I compose electronic music without it? GM died but synths are still a thing

    Cup o' ChinoCup o' Chino21 dag sedan
  • For the most part, I hated midi music on PC 😝 I was dying for PC game music to sound COOL like an NES or Gameboy, not this tinny, flat Casio demo music. Thank god we had an AWE32 which made it a little more bearable. Games with MOD music sounded much better, but MODs were too CPU-intensive to play in the background of high end games. I totally agree that game music has really lost its way. I almost never hear good catchy game music these days. It’s all either atmospheric, or try-hard “I’m trying to be epic” orchestral shit.

    PrizmPrizm21 dag sedan
  • I thought this was going to discuss MIDI as used by musicians, not as a more efficient way of playing music on early 'multimedia' computers. MIDI only stores a description of the notes and sounds to be played, not an actual audio sample of it, which made them much more efficient in the bandwidth and storage constrained 90s.

    John SmithJohn Smith21 dag sedan
  • Showing my age, but back in the day your soundcard also used to have the joystick port (before USB was used more commonly). To this day I am always puzzled as to why soundcards had the joystick ports. And to show my age further, I had a decent Gravis gamepad - miss it!

    Haggard PillockHaggard Pillock21 dag sedan
  • You did it. You finally did it. MJ played and then it actually happened. The nostalgia nerve has been struck.

    thiscannotbeyournamethiscannotbeyourname21 dag sedan
  • I have been around only 30some years and I remember the MIDI format with fondness... some of the first MIDI files I downloaded were of remixed pokemon & zelda themes. This video is Nostalgia incarnate.

    COIN!COIN!21 dag sedan
  • You didn't rickroll us with a nice midi? I'm severely disappointed...

    Rainbow DashRainbow Dash22 dagar sedan
  • Nothing, i still have to explain to people you can't record audio with it

    MongooshMongoosh22 dagar sedan
  • chat.whatsapp.com/IEh2b4nWJuy5XyAdxMBJrm midi lovers wa gc

  • midi stans are so pissed in the comments its hilarious

    Nhilafae NecrovoreNhilafae Necrovore23 dagar sedan
  • Fuck MIDI -- What happened to Amiga .MODs?

    Telengard ForeverTelengard Forever23 dagar sedan
  • I have a long borderline romantic relationship with midi music. Something about that feel is so satisfying especially with some slightly metalish music 🎶

    Dr. Mike WoodDr. Mike Wood23 dagar sedan
  • 10:55 oooh, shiny!

    Andrew SuttonAndrew Sutton23 dagar sedan
    • @SONICBOOM1889 aw:( shucks

      Andrew SuttonAndrew Sutton16 dagar sedan
    • Those are LED Lights

      SONICBOOM1889SONICBOOM188917 dagar sedan
  • I had some fun playing midi's with Timidity in linux with various sound fonts :P

    FlamongOleFlamongOle23 dagar sedan
  • Dumbass

    Steve WhittleSteve Whittle23 dagar sedan
  • 1:30 that's exactly what happened to midi, people shouldn't have different instruments for their soundtracks, just because they have a different sound card. i love dynamic sound tracks, but they should at least sound the same from device to device.

    SimpsonSimpson23 dagar sedan
  • I worked on a pretty cool project with an engineer using midi. We were creating an instrument. I learned a lot about midi. Also I learned a lot about how cool engineers are.

    Rj SimasRj Simas24 dagar sedan
  • I mean, it IS a type of file...

    mercstermercster24 dagar sedan
  • 5:12 shut up, I’m listening the Canyon.mid!

    Wii UWii U24 dagar sedan
  • Luckily vgmusicdotcom is still alive

    Iacon DawnshireIacon Dawnshire24 dagar sedan
  • Nothing happened to MIDI, its still used to this day by many 3rd party programs. In fact, its STILL USED in Mabogi.

    deathsiadeathsia24 dagar sedan
  • Man, the latest version of Windows 10 kills my 3rd party midi drivers every time I restart now. No respect for the old-school drivers. I still have all my midi collection from back in the day, give or take a few files I can't find again...

    nobuyukinyuunobuyukinyuu24 dagar sedan
  • Long live midi in all its forms a versions and thank God for midi V.2.x... the best games used midi and wavetable in the golden age of MS-DOS... My creative Rec0n3d based sound card does decent midi.. not as good as the Xfi elite pro.. electrolytic filter caps burst an the acid burnt a hole in the card.. if I can ever find a replacement card for my elite pro the breakout box ....5pin midi din input output and digital split fiberoptic input output is worth it.. I'll be a creative Labs customer for life they tend to set the standards via Sound Blaster line...

    Xeveniah DarkwindXeveniah Darkwind24 dagar sedan
  • FM synth is king for games. This is because the system often uses the synth to create general sound effects. I still remember my disappointment on playing ultima underworld 2 for the first time with my shiny new "Just Got For Christmas" GM card, and the footstep sound was like someone plinking and plonking on a piano!

    Finn NechFinn Nech24 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, iMUSE was absolutely mindblowing. When I first played Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (I consider this to be the best SCRUMM game ever, I'm not really fond of Monkey Island) I think it took me half a game to realize that I was actually drawn into the game by the soundtrack even though I didn't pay conscious attention to it. The way they made the dynamic music work was nothing short of genius and I'd like for games to return to that. Oh, and yes, I listened to the soundtrack using OPL. I think it sounds the best. I also tried SoundBlaster, even had a Yamaha SoftSynth which together with Yamaha hardware cards like SW1000XG I consider to be the pinnacle of computer synthesis. And while in 99% of the cases I prefer the sound of Yamaha Fate of Atlantis always sounded the best with OPL synthesizer.

    mikosoftmikosoft24 dagar sedan
  • I'm surprised that you didn't mention Black MIDI. MIDI is far from dead and it's still the preferred method for exchanging digital sheetmusic as there literally is no other open standard for it. So .mid files are still made and used every single day.

    redtailsredtails25 dagar sedan
  • What happened? people kept using MIDI the same today as 30 years ago... That is what happened with MIDI, still going strong, used more than ever before...

    0ooTheMAXXoo00ooTheMAXXoo025 dagar sedan
  • 1:21 what game is that? it looks like the one I've been trying to remember its name for a long time now. might not be but might be.

    Pagan NovaPagan Nova25 dagar sedan
  • you sound like that guy from Top Gear

    Akane CortichAkane Cortich25 dagar sedan
  • My first computer had 16K ram, and a cassette player 'hard drive'

    Akane CortichAkane Cortich25 dagar sedan
  • Short answer to the title: It still exists, and is still in use by audio, music, & lighting/VJ professionals every day (the MIDI encoding/transport protocol most of all; MIDI ports have been mostly replaced by MIDI-over-USB; and MIDI files while still supported by modern software, tend to not be necessary anymore). After 39 years, MIDI 2 is on the horizon and may eventually catch on, but MIDI is still and over-built standard with more channels and attribute than most people will need and runs in realtime on anything that supports it, so it persists. You can think of MIDI as like the USB mouse/keyboard (HUI) spec- you could buy a brand new modern USB mouse or keyboard today, and it would still likely be USB 1.1 and work with a computer from 1998 because realtime axes and buttons/keys were possible then and we don’t need more now. Except MIDI is older and was further over-built to handle lots of note/control data.

    Cap'n SlippCap'n Slipp25 dagar sedan
  • Just clicked about to watch but MIDI is very alive

    James AndrewsJames Andrews25 dagar sedan
  • You are playing the Descent it was one of my favorite space shooters.

    Panagiotis SPanagiotis S25 dagar sedan
  • MIDI is alive and well in every DAW and every song created with a synthesizer.

    SiViXSiViX25 dagar sedan
  • It still exists, but it isn't necessary to produce game music anymore. Because modern systems have obscene amounts of storage and RAM, so you can just have full music recordings. It's still used in composing music though.

    StormsparkStormspark25 dagar sedan