I got a Fake PS5 for Christmas | Nostalgia Nerd

14 jan 2021
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Head to ​www.squarespace.com/nostalgianerd to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... So, I thought this would make a cheery, easy going video to roll in 2021, but as it turns out, this Fake PS5 had more hidden beneath the skin than I first thought. In fact, was the PS5 actually ripped off from this horror console, rather than the other way around?? Maybe the PlayStation 5 is the REAL fake in this instance.
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  • Happy new year folks. I thought I'd go "FULL SEworld" on this one. Don't worry, normal service will resume next.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd4 månader sedan
    • Yeah, this ain't cool.

      ShinyCookieShinyCookie3 månader sedan
    • Happy New Year to you too!

      yogibear2k2yogibear2k23 månader sedan
    • Happy new year dude. You killed me with the cat turd.

      Mad KarlMad Karl4 månader sedan
    • Why are you putting in political bs in what should be a fun video?

      John DonnellyJohn Donnelly4 månader sedan
    • Thats funny its not a ps5

      CodyG Gaming And TechCodyG Gaming And Tech4 månader sedan
  • Me: Mom, can i have PS5? Mom: No, we have PS5 at home. PS5 at home:

    Bobby BBobby B8 dagar sedan
  • They tried to con 3 year olds, well jokes on them they got an adult.😂

    Michael DunlapMichael Dunlap17 dagar sedan
  • Betcha the Lexibook Wii games were better than a lot of the budget Wii games I bought back in the day

    Brian CherryBrian Cherry26 dagar sedan
  • Sounds alright if it were around $25

    valcarni1valcarni1Månad sedan
  • George Floyd will never get to play this. You know because he died of a fentanyl overdose and whatnot. BLM!

    Jim JonesJim JonesMånad sedan
  • i wonder what format the binary programs are in ???

    SilicaSilicaMånad sedan
  • Call me boring, but when it comes to birds...I much prefer a good-old fashioned blue-footed Boobie to a run-of-the-mill tit (of course, there is definitely something to be said about the "Great Tit" but that's neither here nor there!)...But I digress, Love your videos! Keep up the great work! I gotta admit though, I was seriously expecting a Ashen's cameo...These kinds of consoles are his specialty and it's always good to have an experts thought on the subject!

    James LaformeJames LaformeMånad sedan
  • Ah i recognise your voice! You recently did a video on the CDC crypto card, right??

    cristoff3cristoff3Månad sedan
  • where can I get one ?

    BorisBorisMånad sedan
  • 8K gaming at 15fps 😍!

    ThexWITCHxMasterThexWITCHxMasterMånad sedan
  • nice

    Martin SmithMartin SmithMånad sedan
  • It more like a fake wii because it looks like a wii

    TorresToy FunTorresToy FunMånad sedan
  • I could have told my son when he was 5. 'this is a wii" lol

    KenKen2 månader sedan
  • NN are u trying to bring down sony?

    Ivan LeeIvan Lee2 månader sedan
  • Very helpful arrow in the thumbnail.

    Richard MRichard M2 månader sedan
  • The white privilege / BLM joke was pretty weak.

    DoctorCrankyFlapsDoctorCrankyFlaps2 månader sedan
  • off at 3 mins

    Betty SwollocksBetty Swollocks2 månader sedan
  • You are a braver man than I for putting that chinese-made craptastic CPU on your home network that is probably laden with undocumented instructions and riddled with backdoors. And if you think I'm joking, check out an article from a few years ago of why Facebook started building all their servers in-house.

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • "Presumably if you play as the white character you get an instant advantage." *Pro-tip:* if you enter the Konami code the gender switches to a man and you instantly win the game. #speedrun

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • Absolutely love your content I'm laughing so much right now

    Wild OneWild One2 månader sedan
  • I think its amazing for 35

    Samuel RiederSamuel Rieder2 månader sedan
  • I prefer the XBlocks

    Darth DeciusDarth Decius2 månader sedan
  • thats more of a wii bootleg than a ps5 bootleg tbh

    I cant run A lapI cant run A lap2 månader sedan
  • Why is there so much hate? Does not seem to be mean comments , People get upset over comments turn them off , But when you truly look there very hard to find over the good comments.

    Michelle LMichelle L2 månader sedan
  • AMD really outdone themselves with the graphics for these new consoles. Can't wait to get my new Nvidia 6800xt for £20 next week.

    petrolhead1987petrolhead19873 månader sedan
  • wii rip off not a ps5

    シFAITシFAIT3 månader sedan
  • subliminal blm 3:05

    patrick thegreatnesspatrick thegreatness3 månader sedan
  • Lexibook will sue Sony for all they got!!!

    Amiga RetroistAmiga Retroist3 månader sedan
  • Send it to My Mate Vince for repairs. He will modify the kernel and have it load MAME. Imagine this running BASIC as a form of entry level kid edutainment.

    Fada TeFada Te3 månader sedan
  • South Park Creme Freche called.....

    madcommodoremadcommodore3 månader sedan
  • Lol the flash of the terrorist organization blm hahahaha

    Dr. TrichomeDr. Trichome3 månader sedan
  • 0:27 Did a linus right there

    AN _123AN _1233 månader sedan
  • Awesome!

    TheDadTheDad3 månader sedan
  • if you wee on the controller it'll tell you if you're pregnant...

    Sean RSean R3 månader sedan

    Rembram LastNameRembram LastName3 månader sedan

    Rembram LastNameRembram LastName3 månader sedan
  • The 676 dislikes are from people who don't smile in pictures, find belly button lint to be quite intriguing, think that laughing is a waste of time , and that monochrome computer monitors were the pinnacle of graphical display and should still be the standard.

    EDF CentralEDF Central3 månader sedan
  • Ahh 2021, where acknowledging someone’s skin color can be considered risky so you need to sneak that BLM in there. Cringed.

    NickNick3 månader sedan
  • It looks more like a Wii than a PS5.....

    Nicholas ConeNicholas Cone3 månader sedan
  • It's look like a wii too

    Bubble :3Bubble :33 månader sedan
  • This reminds me of those fake nintendo wii’s

    PatPat3 månader sedan
  • 3:04 extremely cringe

    YeetusYeetus3 månader sedan
    • I hope there's an arson simulator on the console just to make up for it.

      jameswalker199jameswalker1992 månader sedan
    • joke.

      SardaxusSardaxus3 månader sedan
  • Realy nice sarcasm

    Salut SalutSalut Salut3 månader sedan
    • @Sardaxus What do you mean asshole ?

      Salut SalutSalut Salut3 månader sedan
    • @Salut Salut Shut.

      SardaxusSardaxus3 månader sedan
    • @Sardaxus What do you mean

      Salut SalutSalut Salut3 månader sedan
    • shut.

      SardaxusSardaxus3 månader sedan
  • 30fps.....

    Zenn22Zenn223 månader sedan
  • I saw this thing in LIDL yesterday and I didn't even clock that it was vaguely styled like a PS5. I was just amazed that they still make new versions of these things.

    Archaon88Archaon883 månader sedan
  • What a piece of 2d graphics crap

    Fabio FantiniFabio Fantini3 månader sedan
  • Looks more like a Wii than a PS5 to me...

    Chicken BitesChicken Bites3 månader sedan
  • 3:04 I'm loving the subliminal messaging 🤣

    paul187paul1873 månader sedan
  • Great episode! I was not expecting that twist!!

    Retrograde SceneRetrograde Scene3 månader sedan
  • Shit political opinions awkwardly shoehorned in have no place in a technology video

    AleczandahAleczandah3 månader sedan
    • jokes.

      SardaxusSardaxus3 månader sedan
  • LOL the cat turd comment 😂😂😂

    StayCoolKetoStayCoolKeto3 månader sedan
  • "Did you just say Tit.....?"

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal3 månader sedan
  • FCK BLM!

    usr unknownusr unknown3 månader sedan
    • @Sardaxus No, because there are no human races. BLM is a Marxist, political movement.

      usr unknownusr unknown3 månader sedan
    • racist.

      SardaxusSardaxus3 månader sedan
  • Nothing can beat my, 5oulja Boi Console, it came with free VR Electrick Shock and Burning aroma.

    Dajjal DajjalDajjal Dajjal3 månader sedan
  • Corny

    MrBakedDailyMrBakedDaily3 månader sedan
  • Still 100% better than a new XBox 👌🏻😁🍻🇦🇺

    bigstackD CastingbigstackD Casting3 månader sedan
  • Don't think anyone noticed the BLM glitch..... or the clickbait title!

    simon finchsimon finch3 månader sedan
  • I own their 300-games CyberArcade handheld, which is also a Famiclone, likely similar to this one, filled with hacks of official NES games (with the same sound effects heard in this video, repeated over and over from ROM to ROM). It's actually quite good if you want to practice in an NES game without using your PC or the actual console for whatever reason.

    AledownloadAledownload3 månader sedan
  • Bit of a unnecessary blm screen flash in there lol.

    Ed BeasantEd Beasant3 månader sedan
  • Oh boy a BLM reference. And unsubbed.

    SinnothSinnoth3 månader sedan
  • the horse game music tho...

    Szymon KrupaSzymon Krupa3 månader sedan
  • Oh, how Stunning and Brave of you truly...

    Chris BChris B3 månader sedan
  • Typical post-E3 downgrades

    Iceberg GamingIceberg Gaming3 månader sedan
  • So what you're saying is that with the ability to upload roms it's even better than NES mini? Sony really one-upped Nintendo this time!

    Rusty MudbearRusty Mudbear3 månader sedan
  • Oh the puns! 😂

    Johnathan HropicJohnathan Hropic3 månader sedan
  • You sure you didn't get your packages mixed up with Ashen's mail?

    mattatobinmattatobin3 månader sedan
  • I need to get this thing

    Kevin NunesKevin Nunes3 månader sedan

    William HowardWilliam Howard3 månader sedan
  • wow thasa very nice ps5 ya got there!

    TheCurliestSoupTheCurliestSoup3 månader sedan
  • Ah yes. The forbidden Wii.

    Zachary KZachary K3 månader sedan
  • Left after Casual Racism

    Skip DoosenSkip Doosen3 månader sedan
  • Well that's it then, Microsoft is done for.

    In Out DoorIn Out Door3 månader sedan
  • I think this is a Wii bootleg console, not a ps5 bootleg console, also if you don't know about lexibook,lexibook is a company who made game console that have the same quality as atgames console but they also made console themed around other franchise such as Cars and Spiderman but the game inside the console is bland and have nothing to do with the console theme, you have lexibook Spiderman? Well the game inside gas nothing to do with spiderman

    Felix. WFelix. W3 månader sedan
  • lol good one

    TheCreeplerTheCreepler3 månader sedan
  • Too expensive to hack, at least for my taste. Wake me when they are sold for under 30€. :) Tough, by the looks of it you could surely boot Linux and hence port Miyoo ( github.com/TriForceX/MiyooCFW ) to it.

    Bastet FurryBastet Furry3 månader sedan
  • "Lemon" sounds like it came from a Gerät 32620 speech generator that they used in numbers stations. Obviously using the NATO fruit and veg alphabet card ;)

    Jesse HallJesse Hall3 månader sedan
  • Burn Loot Murder

    EmptyChairEmptyChair3 månader sedan
  • unsubbed

    Cjx0rCjx0r3 månader sedan
  • You can buy Raspberry Pi for the same money, and you can use it for different purposes years after.

    Евгений УвинЕвгений Увин3 månader sedan
    • Yeah, I had wondered if it contained some off-the-shelf SBC system in it, but I expect even a RaspberryPi would have been too expensive to put in one of these.

      James LaBarreJames LaBarreMånad sedan
  • It's ok to be white

    shlomo shlomowitzshlomo shlomowitz3 månader sedan
  • Sneaky BLM gets a like

    Yomom12388Yomom123883 månader sedan
  • Was not expecting to get my Rerez fix from Nostalgia Nerd, but I'll take it!

    JustinJustin3 månader sedan
  • The wireless 60? Dont show us pictures of that. We'll have flashbacks... And definitely dont tell Rerez

    Di3mondDud3Di3mondDud33 månader sedan
  • Isnt that the same one Peter K looked at? Thought it was made to look like a Wii lol

    ManjushriManjushri3 månader sedan
  • Yup, you went political and now I am leaving. Screw you and I hope your channel loses subscribers. This isn't the first time I saw the cracks of your political views in videos however now its been too much and I am out

    IDK anymoreIDK anymore3 månader sedan
  • also too bad you did not checked if you could replace those roms with something else ...

    Hfric`s Gaming BacklogHfric`s Gaming Backlog3 månader sedan
  • dat NEXT GEN graphics !!!

    Hfric`s Gaming BacklogHfric`s Gaming Backlog3 månader sedan
  • Lexibook fooled my aunt into buying a sort of gameboy knockoff for 40 freedom units even though it was a cheep piece of junk with sounds that could be dubbed over a porno.

    I don’t mind pineapple on pizzaI don’t mind pineapple on pizza3 månader sedan
  • Shut up and take my money, Sony.

    JimmyJimmy3 månader sedan
  • I know someone said it already, if I may have the dishonor of saying, " it combines both gaming and jerking all in one go without the mess of climax. Technology!! ( Echos the Halls)" 😂

    Waiting LearningWaiting Learning3 månader sedan
  • lol you triggered the racists

    samtheking25samtheking253 månader sedan
    • Sorry but I am not racist, I just don't like when a Tech youtuber goes political without understanding US politics at all. BLM is a political group organized by marxists to divide and further bring down whites in America. But I am sure you are far to gone to even understand that.

      IDK anymoreIDK anymore3 månader sedan
  • Don't lump politics into your videos please. The comment and "BLM" flash was tasteless...surely it has cost you some followers. Be smart and stick to retro please, I love this channel.

    CasiusXVIICasiusXVII3 månader sedan
    • Yup unsubbed

      IDK anymoreIDK anymore3 månader sedan
  • Total waste of time video, sort your life out...absolute bell piece !

    Sven MolySven Moly3 månader sedan
    • What was the worst part, the diversity training?

      DoctorCrankyFlapsDoctorCrankyFlaps2 månader sedan
  • you really are a twat. clickbait titles(you know full well its a wii knockoff) shitty vids just made cause u have a sponsor no paid promotion tag total crap. i never write anything like this online but you and your channel piss me off. i cant believe its took this long for me to unsubscribe from your dross.

    darren idesondarren ideson3 månader sedan
  • I'm going to pause the video right now to comment that I bet this thing will be preloaded with ... let me guess ... tons of bootleg NES games and nothing else. Edit: well, I was partially correct.

    CoolDudeClemCoolDudeClem3 månader sedan
  • Didn't know that Lexibook had fake consoles... 🤔

    Ice BearIce Bear3 månader sedan
  • Soo jealous, you actually got a PONY PoS5. Bet you could flip it for a profit 😉

    d lewd lew3 månader sedan
  • Nobody gonna mention the subliminal "BLM" flash? at 3:05?

    The Gamers GuildThe Gamers Guild3 månader sedan
    • Yeah =/

      na01jsnna01jsn3 månader sedan
  • "I BOUGHT 4 REAL PS4 GAMES AT TEN GRAND EACH!!1!" video when?

    RobertPayne556RobertPayne5563 månader sedan