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25 jun 2018
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I went and got my hands on the Flashback Switch Collector's edition. I paid £34.99 for it. I hoped and indeed, expected it to be good. But as we all know with collector's editions, expectations are rarely met. But still, it's Flashback on Nintendo Switch. It's the 25th anniversary collector's edition and I'm going to play it like it's 1993. Join me for the Flashback Game of 2018.
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  • I never played the original, so somethings everyone seems to be ok with (even enjoy them) are completely shocking to me. Especially, the controls. They are broken. I would have really appreciated if they would have taken the time to fix those garbage controls. They are untolerable. I bought the game in a sale and I think I paid like 50 or 60 cents, but I completely regret my purchase.

    VagrancyVagrancyMånad sedan
  • So hate this game 99 cents on eshop was tempted but not gonna buy again.

    FNL 4EVAFNL 4EVAMånad sedan
  • This comparison is incomplete because there's a ps4 version and is the best version people.

    HipHopEmperorSaluteHipHopEmperorSalute4 månader sedan
  • This guy sounds like ASHENS.... is it Ashens???

    ТоскаТоска5 månader sedan
  • That fall at 8:48 is hilarious! Must have been so annoying on the original 😂

    Alistair Page-McGillAlistair Page-McGill5 månader sedan
  • I had this on the Sega Genesis, and loved it.

    Eddie KalistaEddie Kalista5 månader sedan
  • Я что блять единственный русский кто сука купил эта на свой любимый свитч??? Сука почему я так одинок...

    Витичка БамбонаторВитичка Бамбонатор5 månader sedan
  • I'm here because it's one dollar right now.

    GreeneyeGreeneye6 månader sedan
  • Pretty terrible collector's edition, also no art inside the tin case, the regular box looks better imo.

    Ruben MVRuben MV6 månader sedan
  • I loved this game when I was in high school. I bought it on Nintendo's eShop for $5.00. So far it's been a great trip down memory lane.

    Robert Hisle's ChannelRobert Hisle's Channel7 månader sedan
    • It's 99 cents now

      linksavethedaylinksavetheday6 månader sedan
  • Played it on Atari Jaguar.

    Tobey StarburstTobey Starburst8 månader sedan
  • I played it on amiga and cant remember getting past the death tower game. Hitting space to draw your gun whilst trying to juggle moves on a 1 button joystick was a pain though. I've got it for the snes here but never tried it.

    Dave StarDave Star9 månader sedan
  • Ugh... Majorly disappointed by the fact it didn't have the snes soundtrack which in my opinion is alot better!

    Colin ColemanColin Coleman11 månader sedan
  • Rushed you say? After seeing the missing letter in the word "climb" in the top right corner of the control manual i would have to agree.

    Jono MurphyJono Murphy11 månader sedan
  • Had this on Mac, never knew it was on SNES and MD/Genesis.

    vivisectvivivisectviÅr sedan
    • It was actually developed for the Genesis/Mega Drive, but because of a bunch of delays it ended up coming out on computers first. They marketed it as a "CD game in a cartridge"

      SonofSethoitaeSonofSethoitae3 månader sedan
  • The comic and the whole Galaxis Bureau of Investigation stuff should be stricken from the canon. Paul Cuisset quotes Conrad was inspired by Marty McFly? This collectors edition while nice in concept was not greatly executed. The game is now for sale on Android for a fraction of this price as well.

    Rob FosterRob FosterÅr sedan
  • ANYONE ELSE DO LIKE I DID & SELL YOUR SWITCH AFTER JUST 1 WEEK & BUY A MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER TABLET FOR PORTABLE GAMING INSTEAD?? Lol. Seriously, especially for the price, the Switch is GARBAGE! I bought mine about 8 months after its Australian release & there were probably less than 10 games total for it! That combined with what this video shows that you CANT EVEN USE IT IN PUBLIC like it was specifically Marketed & Made for & the fact it ran sooo damn hot! I bought a Microsoft Surface 2 Pro 8gb which plays ANY game & is 1,000x better!

    Virus Of CyrusVirus Of CyrusÅr sedan
  • Collector Editions are a rip-off? No shit.

    Pierrick CalvezPierrick CalvezÅr sedan
  • A game developed for Sega Mega Drive, first released on Amiga in 1992, by a French studio gets a 25th Anniversary release in 2018 on Switch based on the Super Nintendo version with the European box art and title but with a North American SNES cartridge. I'll skip this one. Loved Flashback on Amiga and Mega Drive.

    StimorolicationStimorolicationÅr sedan
  • I don't know bout you guys, I played this on an emulator and I realised I need A LOT of patience to play it.

    Bernard YapBernard YapÅr sedan
  • Great review,im considering buying the atari jaguar version for 80 dollars,do you think it worth it at that price,ive always wanted to try it...heard it can be difficult..

    Frankie BasileFrankie BasileÅr sedan
  • This and bodyblows are the only amiga games I ever played at a friend's house. I couldn't get anywhere on this game, never touched it since.

    Christopher StokesChristopher StokesÅr sedan
  • They said that they went for the SNES version when making this port. It's hard to imagine that since they controls are reversed from the SNES version. It really sucks that you can't rebind them the way you want. I asked Microids to do that when it came out, but they haven't done it yet.

    foolio1990foolio1990År sedan
  • Awesome game, great vibe! but so hard! I never could beat it.

    Vincenzo ColonnaVincenzo ColonnaÅr sedan
  • This game is on sale atm on the eshop for £8.99

    Mal AntMal AntÅr sedan
  • Best version is 3do!!!)

    Денис ДавыдовДенис ДавыдовÅr sedan
  • praise the snes mini.

    Gary CooperGary CooperÅr sedan
  • publisher...MICROIDS..........AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the manual looks half asses, you don't say. I have to say that it is really depressing that Delphine Software International never had another hit once this game shipped, they made that living abortion called Shaw Fu and then made some motorcycle racing games until they died off. What a lame way to go out. Paul Cuisset who came up with Flashback then made that awful game called Amy in 2012..these lads are cursed or something.

    tHeWasTeDYouThtHeWasTeDYouThÅr sedan
  • Red t shirt? Nope nope nope!

    Ian MacDonaldIan MacDonaldÅr sedan
  • 4:43 nintendo at his best

    Barbie ChêtifBarbie ChêtifÅr sedan
  • Just landed on my doormat this morning as I was leaving the house. Can't wait to get home and relive some awesome gaming history. And 100% agree this was an Amiga game through and through!

    Si BaroniSi BaroniÅr sedan
  • iv just noticed flashback is missing from my at-games handheld collection, is there a rom for that ?

    Pirate Jack's craft work shopPirate Jack's craft work shopÅr sedan
  • The only reason this game is hard is because its a broken mess. Why is this game so popular with people??? If it wasn't for the art and story this would go down with E.T. on Atari.

    HBSUofficialHBSUofficialÅr sedan
  • Since I never had Flashback or never found a cartridge at a reasonable price I think I am gonna stick with this collector's edition. It might be disappointing for people who already owned the game but I really am interested with this collector's edition.

  • Rewind is for pussies and this guy is part of the reason ALL games these days are shit easy garbage. Dark Souls isn't hard. It should be considered average difficulty, but noooo generations of men raised by single mothers don't like anything to be difficult.

    Unauthorized ExpressionUnauthorized ExpressionÅr sedan
  • lol they already want 80 bucks for this on ebay.. i'll buy it on the eshop currently on sale for 15 or whatever it is.. I only need to play through it once.. I just don't feel this will suddenly ramp up value like retro games do. I mean the switch version won't. What do you think?

    Teddy MTeddy MÅr sedan
  • All helps from modern modes are pathetic.

    Del AlicantoDel AlicantoÅr sedan
  • Anyone else get so frustrated with the controls that they rage quit after 20 minutes?

    Seth JonesSeth JonesÅr sedan
  • I don't like that rewind option but well, I just won't use it.

    RockjesuRockjesuÅr sedan
  • It was great on Atari Jaguar.

    Tobey StarburstTobey StarburstÅr sedan
  • Based on the comments and this video, I can greatly say I can pass on this.

    Alan WalkmanAlan Walkman2 år sedan
  • Best unboxing ever. Shows how half-assed the collector's edition materials are. SMH

    Parker's NBA HistoryParker's NBA History2 år sedan
  • I just bought the version on the Eshop in the states two days ago. (it's cheaper, plus no physical extras or the soundtrack download). As some who grew up with the Amiga version myself, I find this Switch version quite interesting. I haven't had issue with responsiveness when it comes to the controls (however I also don't use the shoulder buttons at all, keeping to the classic face buttons). What I find fascinating is that this version is like a mixing pot of all version of the game (minus MegaCD/Sega CD and PC CD rom versions). Like it has the extended cutscenes from the floppy DOS version (and the changed Conrad sprite with the red shirt), seems to use MIDI standard for music in "8-bit" sound mode, with one song that sounds ripped from the Amiga. The sound effects in 8-bit don't sound like ANY of the classic version's sound effects. The little trigger lights don't make their iconic "be-beep" noise in either setting for instance. It's like they got them from something other than the dos/amiga/snes/genesis versions of the game since they all (SNES aside) pull from the Amiga's version for sound effects. The new sounds for the most part are nice (I like they added sounds to the cutscenes with this option too) but at least one is... questionable. It's most noticeable on Death Tower, when the elevator stops it sounds like glass got shattered, mind you not all the lifts do this, just the one on Titan with the teleporter on it, and the ones in Death Tower (so far). Odd choice. Overall though I'm having fun replaying this classic. I'd say the Switch version (at the cheaper download version price) is worth it if you're a fan of the game, or still have an original copy lying around. Just my thoughts.

    revenilerevenile2 år sedan
  • overrated game in my opinion

    sisi2 år sedan
  • Did this version fixed the bugs, especially the wall-clipping bug ?

    hijong parkhijong park2 år sedan
  • The case is a SNES cart? Sacrilege. Shoulda been a Mega Drive cart.

    Jeremy GregorioJeremy Gregorio2 år sedan
  • Ah memories! Would love Turrican or Shadow of the Beast and Project X, oh and Zool!

    James MorganJames Morgan2 år sedan
  • The Two options should be called "Classic" and "Pussified Millennial" Mode Fucking REWIND? Sorry...your desire for Rewind has made you forfeit your name NOSTALGIA nerd. You are simply a pussy millennial born too early. I bet you never played Soviet Strike or Nuclear Strike. Or if you did, you cried to mommy about the Mountain Mission in Soviet Strike or the DMZ mission in Nuclear Strike. The two BEST missions in those games because when you finally beat it, you felt like you accomplished something.

    GoodRiddanceGooglePlusGoodRiddanceGooglePlus2 år sedan
  • Was the SNES really known? The Sega version was much better. But then again, that was true of virtually every game that was on both platforms

    GoodRiddanceGooglePlusGoodRiddanceGooglePlus2 år sedan
  • Nerd, what did you think to the Another World game on PS4? I got it from the PSN this month and it seems as good to play as the original to me

    David MooreDavid Moore2 år sedan
  • This was painful to watch, Not because of you but because of the thrown together Anniversary packaging. I’ll stick with my old school cart. Thanks for posting this!

    Darth BukowskiDarth Bukowski2 år sedan
  • More recognised than the amiga version!!! Do you have any idea

    LiamH81LiamH812 år sedan
  • Thank you for this comprehensive video. I nearly purchased the collector's edition, but now I'm glad I didn't.

    KZbaa55KZbaa552 år sedan
  • I’m so glad you made a video on this or I would have missed this game

    Chase h.Chase h.2 år sedan
  • Why can't they just release a definitive version of Flashback? The superior music of the Sega CD version, and the video quality of the PC/3DO versions.

    elbryan42elbryan422 år sedan
  • 'Thicker than a blancmange' haha brilliant !! - You should send it all back and state you want this done properly...after all it is a 'Collectors Edition'

    LeeLee2 år sedan
  • I had Flashback on the PC and I never finished it. It's one of those games that I need to play again and beat it. I liked it so much I haven't even cheated and watched a play through to see the ending or anything. Also, I remember getting this game on my brand new PC and wondering why there was no sound (I needed a sound card). Fucking old PC's! And that thing wasn't cheap for the time!

    deus exdeus ex2 år sedan
  • The soundtrack for this is not what I expected. I like the Sega Genesis and Amiga and Sega Cd versions (and one song on the SNES.

    Jordan RhodesJordan Rhodes2 år sedan
  • So... what is the metal card thing *for*? Fuck all?

    Warlock MWarlock M2 år sedan
  • Ok I've never heard someone pronounce this as fis before and I have heard some bad accents learn to say th wtf

    pokegeek69pokegeek692 år sedan
  • This was the 25th Anniversary of the SNES release. The original version came out on Amiga in 1992 which would make the game 26 Years old. The SNES version was released in 1993 and since this is on a Nintendo Console, the celebrated the SNES release with the blue SNES cartridge case

    Damn You're GarbageDamn You're Garbage2 år sedan
  • I had this game on megadrive bk in the day fucking classic fucking classic

    Hollywood P MillzHollywood P Millz2 år sedan
  • 09:45 - 10:25 ""It's all to easy to press one of the buttons that unsheeves your weapon, this then reverses the action"" ""Responsiveness isn't up to the original games standards."" Why re-release a classic game but mess about with the gameplay and controls when there's nothing wrong with the gameplay in the first place? SEGA have been doing this shit to Sonic games for years and look where that got them.

    Mark DaviesMark Davies2 år sedan
  • Well after my Amiga days I found one great thing about picking up a Genesis or Snes...to pick up copies of Amiga games such as this cheap...great game...I used to let the Amiga intro scroll over and over. It was simply, yet so well done... cheers.

    Mr. SEAMr. SEA2 år sedan
  • I'll go digital on this. I didn't want to spend twice as much for the collectors edition in the first place, and if I had I'd be pissed if this is what I got.

    Orbus GOrbus G2 år sedan
  • It’s got an Abe’s odyssey vibe to this game

    Filip laskovskiFilip laskovski2 år sedan
  • One of my favorite Snes games

    Youtube Art ChannelYoutube Art Channel2 år sedan
  • I just have an emulator on my phone

    Franz PattisonFranz Pattison2 år sedan
  • Well I WAS gonna get this.. especially considering my band is covering some of the music right now.. Thanks for saving me the $'s..

    KattywampusKattywampus2 år sedan
  • thicker than a blancmange ❤

    John CoxtolstoyJohn Coxtolstoy2 år sedan
  • Played the game on the PC back in the days. Never finished it. Didn't realize it has such a cult following to warrant a 25th anniversary re-release on Switch.

    Archie ChenArchie Chen2 år sedan
  • Thanks for saving me 30 quid! Might get the standard when it drops in price.

    tezzrexxtezzrexx2 år sedan
  • One - It's good they didn't put out that abysmal remake version. Two - Why is this not on PC/gog?

    Jesus ZamoraJesus Zamora2 år sedan
  • What was wrong with the Ubisoft version? It was a really nice remake, I found it as fun and more playable than the original. Hell you could even play it in the original mode in game(that was about the worse part of the game)

    kiwifroggkiwifrogg2 år sedan
  • I would love to see you do one of these docu style videos on whatever happened to the Atari Lynx (pretty sure game gear played a role). Keep up the great work!

    Jason ReynoldsJason Reynolds2 år sedan
  • Let's be honest it's dam below par

    Raz KhanRaz Khan2 år sedan
  • I have a question, since motherboards need to be flashed with specific bios, how was the first computer made, like how was it programmed if you need a computer to flash the bios.

    Shuncey BalbaShuncey Balba2 år sedan
  • It looks so much better with everything turned off lol

    Chicken BitesChicken Bites2 år sedan
  • Uhm...this collector's edition somewhat remind me of the same thing that happened with Mighty No. 9.

    Hairy CornflakeHairy Cornflake2 år sedan
  • meh , if you ask me they should have added in the modern version the Sega CD version, that has CGI and FMV movies ...then this fugly "Super Sai x2" filter... to me its a awful milking of a old IP ... if your wondering how the SEGA CD version looks like seworld.info/will/q23R2cmubGh_14E/video

    Hfric`s Gaming BacklogHfric`s Gaming Backlog2 år sedan
  • For something physical as a value i believe its good they give it on greece for 40 euros,compare it with other games such as the SF 30th anniversary which they have it on switch for 50 rather 40 like ps4 release.Seriously 50 because it is for the switch version some times i wonder for how stupid they think we are! Anyway i liked allot the packaging & all and the metal snes case,too bad that the manual & such doesn't fit.But i was wondering though for which version it was as well.Because friends of mine said that the pc-amiga version was superior from the 16 bit systems & such.As i heard on the video it is the snes version and its pretty stupid that they didn't include also the pc original as well.Since you nintendo dolts actually worked on a anniversary collection you had the luxury i guess to also include all versions! But i guess its easier waiting for those millions from the 40 dollars you collected from all around the globe.

    T@wesomET@wesomE2 år sedan
  • Amiga versions title screen music.... wow

    JayniaKJayniaK2 år sedan
  • Review this. seworld.info/will/Y3m1ttWXZqJ-soU/video

    Lou CooksLou Cooks2 år sedan
  • Good music. Is the remastered soundtrack available separately?

    saldek2saldek22 år sedan
  • the code is perfectly readable before you put your thumb on it... could you edit, or is it on purpose ? Be careful !

    Satan 2kSatan 2k2 år sedan
    • Nostalgia Nerd glad to hear that :-)

      Satan 2kSatan 2k2 år sedan
    • Satan 2k I'd already used it. Ne bother.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • No widescreen support? Wow!!! What a lazy work for 55 £..... . Just rom, running on emulator. Thanks for the video, so i know to avoid it

    ScorpBerserkerScorpBerserker2 år sedan
  • The game is so bad. But back then those graphic were awesome. But it should be place to milion secret castle on how bad the game is.

    TheErnieforssTheErnieforss2 år sedan
  • Oh my, this absolutely blew my mind when I played it on an emulator a while ago, and I CANNOT believe I missed out on it on the SNES. It's INCREDIBLY dark, moody and dense. Rich detail, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those rotoscoping animations. It makes the entire thing come alive, without any weird gimmicks.

    Beard TechBeard Tech2 år sedan
  • Dreamcast version for the win!

    ITCHYisVegetaITCHYisVegeta2 år sedan
  • Having never played it back in the day, I was gonna pick this up. Think I'll give it a miss now or until a standard release can be picked up cheap enough!

    Karl WalshKarl Walsh2 år sedan
  • good idea but poor execution

    William HWilliam H2 år sedan
  • This game changed my life

    Jakob HansenJakob Hansen2 år sedan
  • Cut my teeth on the PC version. Thanks for the review.

    blipsqueakblipsqueak2 år sedan
  • It was also brought to the Dreamcast this year.

    Keyboard GKeyboard G2 år sedan
  • 90s gaming is today's expert mode. Pathetic

    Bob UsualisBob Usualis2 år sedan
  • how the hell did he get the copy,it didn't come out yet..till July 31...cool video,can't wait till this drops

    voice controlvoice control2 år sedan
  • The 2013 game looks great why they didn’t include this as well! Like wonderboy. Love FB but we are in 2018 and I want to see upgraded graphics

    Paul GerhardPaul Gerhard2 år sedan
  • This game is such a classic! Love it

    Michael CardonaMichael Cardona2 år sedan
  • Back then, it had too much lag on the input due to the smooth animation. I never made it to level two 😅

    nougatbitznougatbitz2 år sedan
  • I'll stick the the Sega CD version.

    Oculed1Oculed12 år sedan