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21 sep 2018
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Tanglewood is a new game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, available on cartridge format. Coffee Crisis is also a recent game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, available on cart. The two games are actually available on PC, via. Steam, for those who wish to play on a more contemporary platform. In this video, I look at both these games, and explore the experience of playing new games on retro systems. Where do these games fit? Do they spark that same nostalgic feel, that playing games we're familiar with might do? Therefore consider this a Tanglewood review & a Coffee Crisis review, with additional questions, musing & nostalgic feeling.
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  • Red/Orange. Tomato/Tomatoe

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • 10 new programs for Sega:

      DnWnDnWn3 månader sedan
    • Saved a comment

      Y2K SaviorY2K SaviorÅr sedan
    • 🍊

      William TatlockWilliam TatlockÅr sedan
    • oh okay, I paused and scrolled down to make sure I didn't have to adjust my monitor. no need to be a hex code detective

      SamSamÅr sedan
    • Looks Red-Orange to me, but I could go either way.

      ValjeanValjean2 år sedan
  • I'm making a new 32x game based on the Sonic Crackers Engine (the engine that Chaotix was built on).

    SuperNovaSuperNova5 månader sedan
  • Crazy that you know about Coffee Crisis. I go to the Black Forge all the time and remember when this came out.

    Zakk ZieglerZakk Ziegler5 månader sedan
  • Tanglewood is brilliant, but Coffee Crisis really sucks. It looks good graphically, but horrible control and sound effects (or lack thereof) makes it a lame experience and falls way short.

    Rich WalterRich Walter5 månader sedan
  • Is that a MJR cameo?

    Steve AdamsSteve Adams9 månader sedan
  • Xeno Crisis just got released :)

    Luiz MarcosLuiz Marcos9 månader sedan
  • there's one called FX unit Yuki they put it out for PC engine/ZX/ TurboGrafx 16, Dreamcast and Megadrive/Genesis, sadly missed the pre-order

    emptyspotlight (official account)emptyspotlight (official account)10 månader sedan
  • I have no nostalgia for retro games, but I collect them and the consoles because I find them better than modern games. But new games on old systems is interesting, I'll have to try some.

    RAP64RAP6410 månader sedan
  • Red Dwarfs Lister in the background. Nice to see you have great taste in TV shows as well as consoles and games!

    SkemeKOSSkemeKOSÅr sedan
  • 1:17 Magic.

    Gen WolfGen WolfÅr sedan
  • to me, these games fit into "refinement"... or technically should be in that category. they people making these games should know the limits of the system and try to take advantage of every resource for the most impressive presentation. of course the "simple" game is still welcome, basic mechanics, but really fun. personally i'm still waiting for a 32x CD set of games, like RPGs with awesome soundtracks, impressive length of gameplay and some fun visuals.

    Belita WilliamBelita WilliamÅr sedan
  • Can't wait for xenocrisis, I'm sad we never got paprium...or Alien Soldier 2 lol

    Retro SoulRetro SoulÅr sedan
  • Nice thanks for sharing brother.. :) ;) SEGA!!!

    89MATTEL.89MATTEL.År sedan
  • Coffee crisis looks unplayable on the mega drive

    James NeaveJames NeaveÅr sedan
  • 2:24 - well, we know now that one of the systems will be utter crap.

    The LavianThe LavianÅr sedan
  • 240p is being mishandled as 480i, (actually I guess it’s 288p and 576i for Brits like me and you) and it’s reducing your picture quality considerably while also causing combing artefacts. Please fix that.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube ChannelÅr sedan
  • Tanglewood seems like an interesting game but it doesn't stand out from other games from the era graphics wise but the music is horrible doesn't make use of the YM 2612 but Crisis looks and sounds much better than Tanglewood.

    Benjamin Owuye JagunBenjamin Owuye JagunÅr sedan
  • Does anyone remember a Sega Megadrive gamer reviewer on SEworld, he was a midget who always used the phrase “Wee Willie Winky in tact” he had a nice Megadrive collection. Can’t seem to find him on SEworld, use to watch him years ago. Anyone know his name?

    DaWrestlingKnowledgeDaWrestlingKnowledgeÅr sedan
  • i am going to throw up after watching this video :(

    e8roote8rootÅr sedan
  • Pretty nice. I miss the rental store looking at the boxes ... Nowadays I have to go to Wal-Mart.

    William TatlockWilliam TatlockÅr sedan
  • Seems they like metal jesus alot lol

    Timsalt3100Timsalt3100År sedan
  • Peter, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to Tanglewood. I would've never heard of it if I wouldn't have watched this video. And I'm glad i watched it - as much as I've barely played the game, I love it to bits.

    S15FoxS15FoxÅr sedan
  • I was thinking Tanglewood would be on here, simply because it was advertised in the description.

    Cyberbrickmaster1986Cyberbrickmaster1986År sedan
  • My grandfather had a big chunk of land he sold, it got turned into a very housing-development like subdivision named "Tanglewood".

    jakethreesixtyjakethreesixty2 år sedan

  • @nostalgianerd where do you find these games mate I have tried ebaying etc but can't see them I would love to be able to buy new games for my megadrive. I love new consoles and am blowing away by modern day graphics but the megadrive will always have the most addictive game play

    stephen deasleystephen deasley2 år sedan
    • Also have a question about my ever drive I think u can possibly answer

      stephen deasleystephen deasley2 år sedan

    Jon KnappJon Knapp2 år sedan
  • Wish you had included the Steam links too...

    justin fwibberjustin fwibber2 år sedan
  • God, I hope Paprium actually happens.

    Walter HuntWalter Hunt2 år sedan
  • Hate this title screen font under games' logos :(

    El ThunderEl Thunder2 år sedan
  • I played the Tanglewood demo and absolutely fell in love with that game, i can't wait for that cartridge to be released.

    ThePorkWizardThePorkWizard2 år sedan
  • Nice to see these modern games 👍 but nothing I would buy 😞 how ever with the tech we have these days I’m sure they can’t do a FX chip thing 😂 or a co processor super cart to bring us old school play back into gaming with a 2018 boost 😊

    Rob WebsterRob Webster2 år sedan
  • Too bad no games for Sega Mega 32x. :(

    Salem AzzamSalem Azzam2 år sedan
  • Makes me want to buy the Mega Drive once again 😫😆🕹

    Music Resources, Gaming, Nicole Marie TMusic Resources, Gaming, Nicole Marie T2 år sedan
  • Tanglewood in many ways resembles the 1996 unreleased c64 preview of Fox. On the subject of new games on old hardware, I find it falls into the wonderful oddity category- much like someone recording an album on really old audio formats. No big business being involved adds to that artistic factor, and feels a bit like a small boutique brewery.

    Ken KnightKen Knight2 år sedan
  • *HAVING FUN* 😂😂😂

    SykosymatiKSykosymatiK2 år sedan
  • Uhver van vat it's pritty wull

    Chris RChris R2 år sedan
  • All the nostalgia. All the nerd. All the awesome. Top quality content.

    Asobi techAsobi tech2 år sedan
  • I've been into 8 bit /16bit computing since 1978 but never seen nor even heard of the Sega Mega Drive before.

    yereverluvinuncleberyereverluvinuncleber2 år sedan
  • Thanks for interesting information

    MyPenis1cmMyPenis1cm2 år sedan
  • I see Red Dwarf to the right

    Hunter's MoonHunter's Moon2 år sedan
  • I picked up Coffee Crisis at TooManyGames this year, after having my eyes on it for a few months before that. I love seeing new games on old systems, and kudos to MegaCat in particular for releasing so many of exactly these games! They're awesome people, shout-out to them!

    The Golden BoltThe Golden Bolt2 år sedan
  • If the coffee crisis Starbucks would go out of businesses YAY! NO MORE COFFEE SHOPS also does anyone use a high definition graphics model mega drive

    Max Crusher998Max Crusher9982 år sedan
  • I purchased Coffee Crisis and the game honestly feels fairly mediocre. Characters move way too fast, collision detection is horrible, pacing is bad, it just doesn't feel right. Quite a shame cause it seems like a lot of effort was put into it.

    RetrOriginRetrOrigin2 år sedan
  • Love the Red Dwarf in the background 😂😂

    Richard MewesRichard Mewes2 år sedan
  • Stasis leak?

    dvdmike007dvdmike0072 år sedan
  • I have a very similar lamp

    Mick MickymickMick Mickymick2 år sedan
  • I'd forgotten how much games cost back then. Mind you I don't think I ever paid full whack because the prices fell so quickly. I used to go to the market and pick up relatively new games for anything from £3-10 and if you didn't like them you could sell them on for that. Those were the days.

    highlandshighlands2 år sedan
  • I got Tanglewood on Steam as I wanted the ROM to use on my EverDrive, as my version supports savestates. Also, seriously dude, just mod your Mega Drive for 60Hz, you literally have a crippled system there.

    XaranarXaranar2 år sedan
  • I would like these to have a emulate version but they seem interesting .I may check them out on steam(i have a controller just for this)

    Comrad SaruComrad Saru2 år sedan
  • There are also new games for the Vectrex machines.

    mrnickbig1mrnickbig12 år sedan
  • I admire anyone who takes their retro feel so far as to not mod their system to 60hz.

    Yans ArcadeYans Arcade2 år sedan
  • 3:39 Lister paused in the background 😊

    RBTechRBTech2 år sedan
  • Coffee Crisis is too much like Double Dragon or Street Fighter to be anything different.

    yogibear2k2yogibear2k22 år sedan
  • Does it work on NTSC J mega drives

    michael watsonmichael watson2 år sedan
    • these new releases are all region free, and usually cartridge releases offer the option of a cart with a notch on the side to ensure compatibility with some of the japanese models.

      Det. BullockDet. Bullock2 år sedan
  • I spotted the Metal Jesus reference, but it also looks like it could be Shady Jay from the Game Chasers as one of the main characters. Maybe Violet Berlin with the pink hair too? :P

    Eurovision EruptionEurovision Eruption2 år sedan
  • Coffee Crisis on the Flashback looks kinda like conway's way of life on first glance.

    HoonHoon2 år sedan
  • am i the only one who hopes for a megadrive 'port' of sonic mania.. there are chips that cost 50p that could work as an 'accelerator'. I don't get the appeal of dusting off a megadrive for anything but a game from that era unless there is something special hardware wise going on. Both of these games didn't even bother to improve the music and sound and look like b grade releases from the era... something they could easily do without messing with any actual hardware. I hope the plain old stock carts they blanked for this were shit games atleast.

    Ana SeviAna Sevi2 år sedan
  • It's funny, i just learned about these lol

    Polar702bearPolar702bear2 år sedan
  • I want to pick up Coffee crisis. I keep forgetting about it though 😂.

    Darth BukowskiDarth Bukowski2 år sedan
  • So I guess you're not the brutal death metal kind of guy.

    B1tterAndThenSomeB1tterAndThenSome2 år sedan
  • Alien Storm! I found a Mega drive Sega classics so my two boys could see how daddy used to roll at their age. My youngest is a huge sonic fan rare for a 7 year old now days.

    Red Dog UKRed Dog UK2 år sedan
  • The fact that it was released on Steam, in my mind makes it seem a bit pointless buying it for my Megadrive. I understand they’ll make a lot more money, but it takes away from the excitement

    Captain StonkerCaptain Stonker2 år sedan
    • I sort of agree, particularly as you get the ROM with the digital purchase and can stick it on an everdrive and play it on the Mega Drive anyway. Though, I know some people are sticklers for physical releases and box art and manuals, just having something tangible. This way at least you have a choice, and you’re not forced into either spending a ton of money when you just want to play the game, or feeling short changed because you bought something and have nothing physical to show for it.

      XaranarXaranar2 år sedan
  • What are your thoughts on the upcoming beat em up “Paprium”?

    Captain NCaptain N2 år sedan
  • Got to play an in-dev build of Tanglewood on a proper Mega Drive/Sega CD development system at EGX a couple of years ago. The dev was super proud of having it and was a really nice guy. It's a shame he wasn't getting more attention, probably due to most players (myself included) struggling with the puzzle in the demo build and not being able to make progress. It felt great to play though.

    Jacob ShawJacob Shaw2 år sedan
  • it saddens me that you show the horrible windows 8 start screen when you say "pc". that's an anomaly, that doesn't represent what a normal pc desktop GUI looks like. hahaha. as for the games, it's cool that somebody out there is still making 16 bit cartridge games. I wish big AAA companies still did it, they have the budget to push the systems to the limit, imagine a snes or megadrive game using current chips and storage capacity to push the hardware to the absolute limits!. ps: real megadrive will always be better than clones!

    PelgerPelger2 år sedan
  • i like your vids even before i watch them

    EgyptianDarknessTeamEgyptianDarknessTeam2 år sedan
  • Great Video Nostalgia Nerd! I had no idea people were still making games for the system. The retro homebrew scene everywhere is just huge.These are great times.

    NjenkinNjenkin2 år sedan
  • @1.05 I have that 'Astro Wars' (just at the right of the screen) still in the box.

    Spetsnaz 101Spetsnaz 1012 år sedan
  • Still would like to see a developer spend some time on the instrument tuning and actually push the sound chips to their full potential...

    Sam The Multimedia ManSam The Multimedia Man2 år sedan
    • Tanglewood is one of the very few Mega Drive games to use the envelope generation feature of the YM2612, as well as to put its low-frequency oscillator to good use. Most tracks of this game make very good use of both the YM2612 and the PSG chips.

      Agostinho BaroneAgostinho Barone2 år sedan
  • So they made a game on the Mega Drive, then ported it to PC!? Madness! And then some other guys made a game about coffee on the Mega Drive, and then ported it to the PC and enhanced it!? Even more madness!

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel2 år sedan
  • I recall the first time I saw a Megadrive EA cartridge with the yellow tab on, I was awestruck as the legendary John Madden appeared on my Telly, the 49ers were the team to beat back then and the world made sense, Men were Men, Women were Women(and happy) and England had a soul.

    GonzoGonzo2 år sedan
  • that's a pretty good way of explaining these new games dude

    William HWilliam H2 år sedan
  • Something new for something old. I love it.

    RetroGamerBB2019RetroGamerBB20192 år sedan
  • You like beating to chill music then? Ahem.

    Retro PC ScotlandRetro PC Scotland2 år sedan
  • Between you and LGR, I get my computer geekness while in my nerdery. Makes remember the old days while keeping me from finishing my i9 Sage Titanx setup.

    TheZXKUQYBTheZXKUQYB2 år sedan
    • Duffman I like 8 bit guy it just gets to clean looking after a while, I need a little mess in my life.

      TheZXKUQYBTheZXKUQYB2 år sedan
    • Don't forget The 8 Bit Guy, and for more non computery stuff you've got Techmoan

      duffman18duffman182 år sedan
  • #nice

    BRTD 2005BRTD 20052 år sedan
  • Little Mermaid on NES is great. I hope the Genesis Mermaid is great too.

    HicknopunkHicknopunk2 år sedan
  • "niggle" OMG RACIST NAZI OMG

    PiousMoltarPiousMoltar2 år sedan
  • New games on retro platforms is an interesting phenom, and it's one I kinda like. Yeah, digging out the old systems (or a clone) is a bit of a pain, but at the same time, these are great platforms for indie developers, since they don't need to worry licensing anymore and you have a built-in audience of older gamers who won't shit on a game just because it doesn't have the BEST GRAPHICS EVAR! I expect some interesting things to happen in the future with the N64, and really hope we see a way to run these kinda games on the PS1 and Saturn without mods.

    Jesus ZamoraJesus Zamora2 år sedan
    • @Nakke68 It'll come to people as they age. Happened when we were teens too (remember the bit wars?). Graphics are good at making a first impression, but as gamers grow, they'll become more discerning, just as we did.

      Jesus ZamoraJesus Zamora2 år sedan
    • i feel you.. i dont ever get it why people can play games that are so poor to play but looks amazing.. i play games that is good to play, i dont mind if they are ugly.

      Nakke68Nakke682 år sedan
  • Why is lister ?

    television and cheesetelevision and cheese2 år sedan
  • Do new Sega Genesis games make fart noises like the old Genesis games?

    JohnJohn2 år sedan
    • @psyance_ql From what I've seen, the Amiga (and the ST to a lesser extent) were fucking BEASTS for having been released in '85. It amazes me how the machines had no market here in the States, especially with the Amiga's multitasking ability, which would have really given it an edge over IBM had Commodore known what the fuck it was doing here in the US.

      Jesus ZamoraJesus Zamora2 år sedan
    • @Jesus Zamora The Amiga is a fantastic machine, one of the most impressive systems ever when taking release date into account. It's also one of my favorite systems along with the Saturn, the Playstation and the Mega Drive, as you probably already guessed :) Yeah check out these games and many others. Some multiplats are better on Amiga but most of them are better on Mega Drive. Ideally you have to have both systems :D

      psyance_qlpsyance_ql2 år sedan
    • @psyance_ql I did see that, but as a yank, I'm unfortunately not as familiar with the Amiga as I'd like. I really should check out those games on the platform, see how they compare. Well, I got FS-UAE set up for just that reason.

      Jesus ZamoraJesus Zamora2 år sedan
    • @Jesus Zamora btw Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 have indeed amazing music on Mega Drive but sadly they went lazy on the amount of digit voices :/ MK3/UMK3 fared better in that respect but on the other hand the music wasn't as good.

      psyance_qlpsyance_ql2 år sedan
    • @Jesus Zamora But you're still wrong but full of good will so I like :) But for start, did you fully read my post above? Because I also mentioned ports from the Commodore Amiga ;) Then there aren't much ports from PC Engine or SNES but in most cases the Mega Drive sounds better than the PC Engine (even compared to PC Engine *CD* games, e.g. Hellfire, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Puyo Puyo 1 and 2...) and to me it also usually sounds better than the SNES though here it's much closer. Then there are also ports from NEC PC-8801 or 9801 and again the Mega Drive usually improves the audio as is the case with Ys III, Super Hydlide (originally Hydlide III) or Super Daisenryaku. And even compared to the Neo Geo the Mega Drive holds its own at times as is the case with Fatal Fury 2 whose soundtrack for the most part sounds better on Mega Drive IMO. So here you are, now with enough examples I guess. And again feel free to check out my comparison playlists for many more examples.

      psyance_qlpsyance_ql2 år sedan
  • Love these games, and love your thoughts about the nature of nostalgia. Your channel is one of the best time machines around. But... Double Dragon has way more in common with Streets of Rage than TMNT. If you think it's a simple button masher, or a poke and run shallow puddle, then you don't know how to play it.

    DejaVoodooDollDejaVoodooDoll2 år sedan
  • Nothing can top off official released games from the past ,but i do like those transparrant colored cartrides of it.

    johneygdjohneygd2 år sedan
  • Red Dwarf in the background - one of the earlier series with the sublime Norman Lovett playing Holly. Great video btw, but I'm off to binge watch Red Dwarf now :-)

    Bruce MorganBruce Morgan2 år sedan
  • Coffee Crisis would have fit in perfectly if it was released on the MegaDrive back when it was pumping out unique themed games and would have been one that stood out too as that was when the coffee shop trend really began.

    zenszuluzenszulu2 år sedan
  • Thanks for review!

    FrankoFranko2 år sedan
  • Ritz videos! Yes!

    Paul HoneyPaul Honey2 år sedan
  • But can it run (Coffee) Crysis?

    hblaubhblaub2 år sedan
  • I live in the city where Mega Cat Studios is based (Pittsburgh, USA) so I was really delighted to see they based the level design off of the actual city.

    chevyfan797chevyfan7972 år sedan
  • Idk about the rest of your viewers but I am not super hung up about the "nostalgia" bit of your channel. I just really like your videos in general and I personally don't care if the subject is nostalgic to you or not!

    Angel BunnyAngel Bunny2 år sedan
  • I didn't like the fact that you die with 1 hit in Tanglewood, sorry but games like that can get frustrating.

    Mr.CutsieMr.Cutsie2 år sedan
  • 9:23 Coffee barristers? Didn't know coffee beans needed legal representation...

    PsyklaxPsyklax2 år sedan
    • Ahhhh sheeeeit. I actually meant to change that before uploading. Baaa-reee-staaa

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • Well, that just shows that you don't know what it's like to be a coffee bean then, doesn't it?

      Nat GrantNat Grant2 år sedan
  • Coffee crisis reminds me more of the Battletoads-style brawler.

    DNR TronDNR Tron2 år sedan
  • Personally I love the new Mega Drive releases just because it's interesting to see what people can do with the hardware.

    MetaSiegMetaSieg2 år sedan
    • That great sound of the Mega Drive is just classic, whilst not as good as the Super Nintendo it's still great!

      RAP64RAP6410 månader sedan
    • Also the limitations on the hardware side give the games its characteristic look and feel. Luckily for us, each respective generation of game consoles had way different hardware which contributed to differentiate them from each other (most probably on purpose)

      Laharl KrichevskoyLaharl Krichevskoy2 år sedan
  • trust me guys, megadrive can do a lot better graphics then these

    Southend BuskerSouthend Busker2 år sedan
    • Than* It's THAN! Not fucking THEN!!!!!

      SkemeKOSSkemeKOSÅr sedan
    • I was hoping for that as well. However, after seven years, I'm pretty sure it's never coming out. There's also speculation that they never actually managed to get it running on a Mega Drive, and that's what the delays are about. Pretty sad stuff.

      the Harvard Yardthe Harvard Yard2 år sedan
    • I think Paprium ( will push the boundaries again.

      Grimly GhostGrimly Ghost2 år sedan
    • Just look at the Titan Overdrive demo for an example of that.

      XaranarXaranar2 år sedan
    • Mickey Mania was pretty good graphics.

      LoundsifyLoundsify2 år sedan
  • up there with top tier, physical indie games to me,

    Southend BuskerSouthend Busker2 år sedan
  • It's funny, i never owned a nintendo console as a kid. the first console i ever got was a sega genesis with two games. Sonic and whats probably the hardest game ever made. "chakan the forever man" I grew up with sega in a way. Now many years later i got tired of the constant shovelware and went back to the good old days of sega master system and the sega genesis.

    MarshCreatureMarshCreature2 år sedan
  • Have you heard any on Paprium from Watermelon for the Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive?

    SegaKid VSegaKid V2 år sedan
    • At this point, it's basically all but confirmed to be vaporware. Hate to be pessimistic about it, but it's three sad reality

      the Harvard Yardthe Harvard Yard2 år sedan
  • Mega Drive can, in fact, run Crisis.

    Sako's Tech SpotSako's Tech Spot2 år sedan
    • Tanglewood is actually made by one of the programmers of Crysis. The games should have the names swapped...

      WorstplayerWorstplayer2 år sedan