IBM NetVista X40; Iconic Computer | Nostalgia Nerd

26 mar 2020
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The first 500 who click the link will get 2 free months of Premium Skillshare to explore your creativity; The IBM NetVista X40 is a truly icon PC from the year 2000. It not only looks amazing, but it heralded in a new era of IBM streamlining, where home PC marketing was brought inline with business PC marketing. The NetVista line was the result, and those who watched TV in the early 00's will likely remember seeing adoring backgrounds of shows at the time. It's so iconic, that 20 years later, HBO's watchmen decided to use it as part of canon. Watch this video for the backstory and a look around this curious, but iconic machine.
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  • I hope you're all keeping well. Stay safe.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd7 månader sedan
    • Im keeping safe this video is really good kinda want a net vista now lol

      epy leaverepy leaver7 månader sedan
    • @temvrx. Dude too far.

      sirkasticsirkastic7 månader sedan
    • @sirkastic YOU TOO!!!!!

      temvrx.temvrx.7 månader sedan
    • @temvrx. Stay safe!

      sirkasticsirkastic7 månader sedan
    • @sirkastic no that's enough bitch

      temvrx.temvrx.7 månader sedan
  • I'll never understand the "10-15fps back then was fine" argument. People hated it then, I hated it then and wouldn't never play a game that ran like that, hell even on consoles I had. I mean if you can handle it more power to you, but I always played older games at whatever resolution that'd give me higher than 60fps, especially on CRTs that had a 75-85hz or higher mode (even at a lower res lol) bcuz it was smooth. Doom, Quake and Build games kept me going in the 2000s even on PC just as some examples because they ran well on many machines. Idk, now I am def spoiled a little being used to 100+hz but I think it also comes from hating how terrible many games I would have liked to play ran either on the family computer/relatives PC or the early 3D consoles. Never finished Perfect Dark for that reason lol.

    ManjushriManjushri26 minuter sedan
  • My dad got me one of these from his work, I played WoW on it. It wasn't a good experience, but it worked.

    Scotty AwesomesauceScotty Awesomesauce13 dagar sedan
  • i really want an x41 model, i like all in one pc's and quirky ones like these.. they're great this netvista, the design.. i love the amazing compact office suitable design and that lcd.. must be why it cost so much in its day

    long catlong cat23 dagar sedan
  • 15 frames per second was not acceptable even back then.

    Beige DevilBeige Devil25 dagar sedan
  • duuude, that 3dmark 2001 benchmark!

    ktxedktxedMånad sedan
  • Back then we didn't need yoga, watching and listening to a disk defrag did the job! 😁

    Frank WolthuisFrank WolthuisMånad sedan
  • At 2am at my work viewing this video and that computer making noises it's like a horror movie and I'm alone

    Heriberto GomezHeriberto GomezMånad sedan
  • netvista as a name prevented me from even considering such a machine for home use, since i was so fed up with the netvista thin clients in office already. (my frustration arose probably more from local corporate policies and application deployment. but i can imagine that a few top executives liked the idea to have a pc at home with the same branding as the $$$ system they they made the corporate contracts for, but never used it themselves)

    rarbi.artrarbi.artMånad sedan
  • The Watchmen series looks like anti-white leftist commie propaganda. Won’t be watching.

    Daniel DoranDaniel DoranMånad sedan
  • Id love a sliding door aptiva case for a computer build. Sexy as hell to this day

    Adam RustlyAdam Rustly2 månader sedan
  • Just curious why you thought nearly 20 seconds of footage of you pulling off a sticker was worthy of being included in this video..

    NarcissistNarcissist2 månader sedan
  • Just to drive home how space age this would have looked to an office user in 2001 that year I started a job in a bank and the PC I was given to work on was a beige dell optiplex gs with a Pentium 133 and a 14 inch CRT monitor. It was 'only' 5 years old but the difference between 1996 and 2001 in PC design, specs and aesthetics was incredible. We were still using CRT monitors in my office until 2007 when they finally realised we needed 2 screens for the new workflow software and the desks were not big enough for 2 19 inch CRTs to fit on them.

    Mister The GeoffMister The Geoff2 månader sedan

    Jose VelezJose Velez2 månader sedan
  • I see you've upgraded it with a DVD burner ;)

    mndmnd2 månader sedan
  • Wonder if you inserted a full size PCI graphics card (will need to mod the case ofc), will the bios boot off the external graphics card?

    Eric LaiEric Lai2 månader sedan
  • Me: "The only thing Windows Me did well was the Defrag." "The sound of the Quantum Fireball is exquisite. Here, let me run Defrag for you." My heart. Oh, my nostalgic, single-greatest-feature heart.

    Grioghar Thomas-BaldwinGrioghar Thomas-Baldwin2 månader sedan

    MinerKyle 17MinerKyle 172 månader sedan
  • Saw ME in that sticker and I got flashbacks.

    Cynics TruhseekrCynics Truhseekr3 månader sedan
  • 16:38 General Kenobi!

    James Irwin-McConnellJames Irwin-McConnell3 månader sedan
  • I never liked all in one computers, they look nice and all but that looking comes at a very high cost because they use laptop parts that are way more expensive, some times they use proprietary parts and if they break you can´t buy spares

    Gecko oGecko o3 månader sedan
  • Blue passports indeed 😍 🇬🇧

    s Gs G3 månader sedan
  • Meant to comment this three months ago, but I think you have to be the only SEworldr out there who'd think to benchmark a retro PC with _Prince of Persia 3D_ of all games. Man after my own heart. No, it's not a good game, but I enjoy it dangit! It always seems like it's the relatively bad games that bring out some of the more inspiring settings for me. They shot for the moon, ended up in the stars... as in they careened directly into the Sun and burnt to a crisp, but, well, that _is_ being inside a star, so. Between that, _Tomb Raider 3_ and _Indy and the Infernal Machine_ being in your list of games to try out, I'm sensing a bit of a theme there.

    Shadow HogShadow Hog3 månader sedan
  • I have several of the all in one netvistas. Wonderful machines.

    creidsycreidsy3 månader sedan
  • i just got given one of these for free!

    witty devwitty dev3 månader sedan
  • I like my old PCs to be big, bulky, and beige, and I can't say I love the look of the X40, but there is an odd charm to it looking at it now.

    Robert SealeRobert Seale4 månader sedan
  • I believe IBM still uses this hardware design for there POS PC division. The Point of sale model has the serial port for Thermal printers though instead of USB.

    Jeffrey PiattJeffrey Piatt4 månader sedan
  • Mmh iam now in the mood for a defrag session

    NordlichtNordlicht4 månader sedan
  • Can't beat the sound of old mechanical drives I miss playing up link and hearing my old 80gb drive buzzing away in the background

    acid3129acid31294 månader sedan
  • must admit that machine was pretty cool

    sparcx86 Channelsparcx86 Channel4 månader sedan
  • Hilariously Im watching this on a Lenovo Ideadpad running Linux Mint.

    John BellJohn Bell4 månader sedan
  • Windows ME is the major design flaw.

    John BellJohn Bell4 månader sedan
  • Speaking of desirable computers, have you ever thought about doing a video about companies like Time and Tiny? I remember back in the 90s I was looking for my first PC and being drawn to Time and Tiny. Time even had Leonard Nimoy in an advert!

    MikeMike4 månader sedan
  • You can instal a compact flash card from Sandisk in the ide port. Faster than a hdd.

    RoD FlagRoD Flag4 månader sedan
  • I dumpster dived one of the keyboards for these a few years back and can confirm it is smexy. The curvature on the coloured buttons is a really nice touch.

    Jacqueline AJacqueline A4 månader sedan
  • You sound really tired in this one. Hoping you're doing okay.

    awesomeferretawesomeferret4 månader sedan
  • I think I had the IBM Aptiva 2134 because it didn't have a standard PC tower. it was one of those flattop computers that you put the monitor on top

    Terry LeeTerry Lee5 månader sedan
  • I cant believe these are still in wide use as POS terminals.

    SonicAidsSonicAids5 månader sedan
  • The design cues definitely influenced IBM's EPOS terminal line.

    Roberts ShedRoberts Shed5 månader sedan
  • Now that i think about it you don't see many modern computers with the grey bage colour scheme that they used to have in the 80s & 90s

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • 20:20 I've heard prince of Persia 3d is garbage lol. Ubisoft really breathed new life into the series before killing it off after making Assassin's creed.

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • 12:41-12-53 😂😂😂😂 that guy sounds so pissed because he doesn't know wrf he's doing

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • 8:41 i wonder if that carry handle influenced the gamecube design since the CPU was made by IBM🤔

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
  • i was re watching house MD and have just realised they use them (at least in the first season).

    Lawrence TechLawrence Tech5 månader sedan
  • That sliding thing on the Aptiva! I would have opened it and then just left it that way permanently. If something caused it to close again automatically, I would have just removed the panel. I mean could it *possibly* open more slowly? I got annoyed enough waiting for the tray to pop open on some of those old optical drives! :D

    MS ThalamusMS Thalamus5 månader sedan
  • my childhood computer was an Aptiva. lots of memories on that machine.

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯6 månader sedan
  • Haha, that was some solid HD(D) audio porn :D

    OP Plays / WildApple gamingOP Plays / WildApple gaming6 månader sedan
  • Brilliant video. I recently acquired an IBM NetVista M42, which is a Pentium 4 1.8Ghz tower system. I'm in the process of getting it working again but I've had to source a replacement power switch from Barcelona. The joys of retro PC's! As a side note, if you need a new old stock black IBM ball mouse that would suit that perfectly, let me know and I'll send you one!

    stevenvwstevenvw6 månader sedan
  • Its a very nice computer but I hardly feel the specs are particularly good for the year 2000, my 1998 Compaq deskpro (compaq being my favourite, a lovely over engineered brand) has 512mb of ram, a 20gb HDD, 8mb ATI rage 3d graphics and a 500mhz Pentium 3, so it's about equal but a lot cheaper and a fair bit older 🤔

    euan royeuan roy6 månader sedan
    • in 2000 I bought an 866MHz Pentium 3 so I can see a 667MHz one being just fine for an office machine. I can tell you from experience that office grade machines are never cutting edge specs. My current work laptop has a dual core i5 6200U processor which was obsolete and underpowered even when I got the machine a few years back

      Mister The GeoffMister The Geoff2 månader sedan
  • "as smooth as southern gravy" !?!?

    Oliver WilsonOliver Wilson6 månader sedan
  • This looks like the touchscreen pos argos used to have.

    Steph LSteph L6 månader sedan
  • I got to play around with one of those scrollpoint mice... It wasn't awful, but boy it took some getting used to. The weird third button never felt natural, though.

    Hachiro BHachiro B6 månader sedan
  • 15:25 I expect to see grainy pics of UFOs with this music. reminds me of secureteam10.

    Matt ParkerMatt Parker6 månader sedan
  • Huh.. I guess it would match well with my IBM Netfinity 4500R server.

    mrkitemrkite6 månader sedan
  • Hard Drive ASMR

    carrito1981carrito19816 månader sedan
  • It's cool to see these around still. Even in POS. What a cool little machine

    K9[kfg]K9[kfg]6 månader sedan
  • The only think I was thinking seeing this video is I want one and see if I could change it´s guts to have a more modern mother board with a decent CPU that has a built in graphics card 8GB ram and a SSD drive but still use the monitor and disk drive and cd driv and maybe change out the USB 1 sockets for USB 3. Baiscly I would love one just to build it in to a modern Media/internet PC and maybe run dos box games but mostly use it as a media pc. I mean I love the neat design of of it and the small form factor would make it a neat media pc that does not take up much space.

    Zero WalkerZero Walker6 månader sedan
  • i have the maze screensaver on my new laptop and it goes really fast i know why tho! XD

    Drago1995Drago19956 månader sedan
  • 5:10 - cheesy plastic vacuum cleaners. I know their design was something completely new at that time, but it doesn't appeal to me.

    Mieszko GulińskiMieszko Guliński6 månader sedan
  • Before buying all Dell hardware, I bought IBM and it was simply because of their engineering. Sure, I could have and often did build PCs for clients, but that hardly left me for time to build my own. I would always buy them slightly used and upgrade them myself. My Aptiva p90 4x3 desktop lasted me 3 years. It orginally had a p90 and 8mb of ram. By the time I sold it I had upgraded it to a p166 with 32mb of ram. I would dual boot OS/2 4.5 and Win nt 4.0 workstation on it and it was extremely fast for what it was. I later upgraded to Intelistation model with a PIII 866. I do have a ThinkCentre z92p in my garage I have acquired over the years. 23 inch beast!

    R.a. WheelerR.a. Wheeler6 månader sedan
  • Oh. THAT Watchmen

    Zack LonbeeZack Lonbee6 månader sedan
  • You should listen to quantum fireball start up sound, Really sounds like a jet engine start whining up, at least on my 2GB quantum fireball. Oh the nostalgia to hear those defrag sound from a real quantum FB hdd.

    Budi SuryadinataBudi Suryadinata6 månader sedan
  • This as such a sexy machine that this nerd really lusted for way back when. can't believe that was twenty years ago already!!!

    Paul LandryPaul Landry6 månader sedan
  • A lot of these were converted into touch screens for retail pos machines.

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks6 månader sedan
  • Leo Leporte is an asshole.

    CooperZ2CooperZ26 månader sedan
  • 9:18 fear the Barbie PC

    Sam SquidsSam Squids6 månader sedan
  • SiS chipset, yuck. Windows ME, yuck. Quantum Fireball YAY!

    Simeon WalkerSimeon Walker6 månader sedan
  • "Imagine owning that computer when we where 12. Better we have it when where 40..."

    EddieEddie6 månader sedan
  • i do love a nostalgic romp down memory lane on your channel. many of these machines and setups, i cut my teeth on in my schooling and early working life. i do miss the sound of multiple machines running on the bench, doing defrags and what not, installing from the dos command line (or dropping out to dos to do something because its just way more efficient than the windows equivalent of the time!), researching and building some nicely optimized setups for clients, then being a tightarse myself and pushing hardware harder than it was ever designed (like a AMD k6/2-450@600 or 733 celeron running at 1.1ghz with cooling to match, along with a TNT2 running at Ultra speeds :o )... its all just too "easy" these days

    Joel MoeJoel Moe6 månader sedan
  • It says "Now the processor is running at 667mhz." Does it have overclocking built into the bios or something? Or is that like the turbo feature on older pcs?

    Odis ClemonsOdis Clemons6 månader sedan
  • The 2005 onwards is the halt of classic and technology. CRTs to LCDs CRTs mostly stop production. People throw CRTs out. CRTs are left to rot on the side of the road. CRTs are smashed for fun. No one buys CRTs... SOMEONE PLEASE MANAFACTURE CRTS AGAIN I AM HAVING A CRISIS RIGHT NOW!

    RAP64RAP646 månader sedan
  • You can tell when a brand or product is overreaching it.

    NewtubeNewtube6 månader sedan
  • To this day, I have never understood how anyone could look at the hideous semi transparent colored plastic turd that is an iMac and thought that looks good, I will buy one...

    ThelemorfThelemorf6 månader sedan
  • Only on Nostalgia Nerd...listen to the sound of this defrag

    Nigel DraycottNigel Draycott6 månader sedan
  • I still have the keyboard for the IBM Aptiva (the sliding door model) crammed away in my closet somewhere. The only thing I managed to salvage from that computer after I moved away to uni.

    Patrik AnderssonPatrik Andersson7 månader sedan
  • I don't know the Barbie pc still looks pretty good.

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George7 månader sedan
  • I look forward to 128 bit computers when your mother will finaly be able to keep a ledger of all her Johns. You little slag,

    sminkycorpsminkycorp7 månader sedan
  • Can you install Windows Vista on NetVista? 🤔

    MrFeelGoodJson24MrFeelGoodJson247 månader sedan
  • Ahh that Quantum Fireball sound.. xD

    Asahi80Asahi807 månader sedan
  • I saw that exact machine on ebay! Wish I’d got now!

    Nigel CooperNigel Cooper7 månader sedan
  • If you could get a olivetti pcs 11 that would make my year of sickness. I owned one back in 94 and was a complete set. Ollivetti Mouse, Keyboard, monitor, tower....) I played many games on it .Yes wolf3d also! I remember doom it just wouldn't run as it should. 1mb for 150us later and Doom worked great. Loved that machine so much.

    Finn BurnerFinn Burner7 månader sedan
  • I always love this PC

    Erick GuzmanErick Guzman7 månader sedan
  • Nice looking IBM Nostalgia... I was wondering if there is an PCI video card upgrade to boost performance? I have one of IBM's Net Vista mini towers. I adore its slanted style and grey ascetic. Stay safe out there!

    Obie327Obie3277 månader sedan
    • 2001 was right in the heyday of AGP graphics cards so finding a graphics card for a PCI slot at all was hard work, let alone a half height one. Search ebay for a Matrox g550. That's what we had to use for a project I was on where we had to upgrade a bunch of outdated machines to support dual monitors back in the mid 2000s

      Mister The GeoffMister The Geoff2 månader sedan
  • I'm just eyeing that Windows ME tag with horror

    Steffen NilsenSteffen Nilsen7 månader sedan
  • For some reason every time he says something along the lines of "this machine has earned a permanent place in my office" it makes me feel warm, knowing that an old, mostly forgotten piece of tech finally found a loving home to stay..

    RogehRogeh7 månader sedan
  • The IBM Aptiva was my first x86 PC, after the Atari ST that we had like 9 years.. 😌

    FhargaZFhargaZ7 månader sedan
  • These are actually normal PCI-slots, only half-height (edit: called "low profile"). And the "modem" in the bottom slot is a regular network card, afaik an intel e100. You can clearly see this because of the 3pin-WOL-connector.

    Dolph HandcremeDolph Handcreme7 månader sedan
  • Hm, my dad actually has one of these! I'll ask if I can borrow it and play around with it some day. Also, WinME was a treat in my opinion. I remember it looking so cool, and the new media player was just so awesome.

    randomstringrandomstring7 månader sedan
  • Maybe we could get all the audio tracks used in this video (and maybe in the future ones)? The music you use on your videos is amazing!

    Paulius AdamonisPaulius Adamonis7 månader sedan
  • Man you really sent me back! Thanks for making this video, I really appreciate it.

    Germaine BreakenridgeGermaine Breakenridge7 månader sedan
  • Ah yes, the music that is a quantum Fireball. really bringing back memories man.

    Germaine BreakenridgeGermaine Breakenridge7 månader sedan
  • constructive criticism which will be interpreted as hate. try enunciating with less vocal volume variation.

    bo jacksonbo jackson7 månader sedan
  • So nice design.

    洪景仁洪景仁7 månader sedan
  • I worked in an ancient Italian kitchen that was using an old NetVista kiosk as a POS until at least 2017! It was honestly very gross and probably in desperate need of a good cleaning.

    TheFallingFlamingoTheFallingFlamingo7 månader sedan
  • Those are simm's not dimm's :p

    Krow StrifeKrow Strife7 månader sedan
  • I forgot how good that benchmarking software used to look like 😁

    Rene DuranonaRene Duranona7 månader sedan
  • I like how you didnt clean off the SIS chip or the motherboard :) Thats otherwise a cool piece of tech, I really like it.

    hypercube33hypercube337 månader sedan
  • I always appreciate the quality of your presentation.

    Ed PuckettEd Puckett7 månader sedan
  • FYI, that's low-profile PCI and not Mini-PCI.

    Tim HeitkampTim Heitkamp7 månader sedan
  • Thief II - The Metal Age just got 20 years old! And still going strong.

    Udo KrawalloUdo Krawallo7 månader sedan