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21 maj 2019
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The Aura Interactor Cushion. It's here. The future of VR and ALL gaming. Although, really, it's the past of gaming... it's from 24 years ago, and you might not actually agree it IS the future. But I had a blast with this piece of virtual reality enhancing hardware. From the era when there were literally thousands of products designed to "enhance" our gaming experience. As the younger sibling of the Aura Interactor Vest, this is something to behold.
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  • 4:17 To be fair, she might like to get rattled at the back

    Sociable Netw0rkerSociable Netw0rkerMånad sedan
  • When he said atrocious at 3:18 looks it's a 20$switch addon

    findantufindantuMånad sedan
  • I'll go with a Buttkicker (actual product name..)

    IAmGrootIAmGroot2 månader sedan
  • fun fact: the backpack version and the cushion version has its own amp !!!! i mean its identical but the print is individual, on the backpack version is only printer aura interactor and on the cushion Aura interactor cushion !!! makes no sense for production..

    Hans WurstHans Wurst2 månader sedan
  • mmhh i thougt the normal/a/b switch will change bewteen grabbing "stereo" / Mono Left / Mono Right or not ?

    Hans WurstHans Wurst2 månader sedan
  • i got one yesterday NEW (!) old stock, in original plastic wrap and sealed !!!!! i got also the regular backpack one earlier, but i have to say the cushion variant is far far better !

    Hans WurstHans Wurst2 månader sedan
  • Reminds me of my "Buttkicker" I have under my couch. Although the buttkicker costs hundreds of dollars and requires an amp to drive it. If I have my buttkicker set too high it can shake the windows all around the room.

    RyviusRanRyviusRan2 månader sedan
  • Thanks! I just bought the cushion and backpack off ebay super cheap! Also, you sound like Richard Herring lol

    AlejandroSosaAlejandroSosa3 månader sedan
  • I had one of the vests to pair with the SNES. I returned it the next day and bought a gamegear instead because Toys R Us would only give store credit. Two mistakes within a week. I would have been better off with the gameboy. Batteries were too damn expensive back then, so I spent most of the time playing the gamegear with it plugged into an AC outlet. That was my first experience getting to enjoy the streets of rage series though.

    Mike M.Mike M.3 månader sedan
  • A product that, really surprisingly, actually works :) That wiring diagram is epic :) :)

    Christian O. HolzChristian O. Holz3 månader sedan
  • well, I JUST bought one off ebay after seeing this video... I'm $200 AUD lighter in the pockets. :) It was brand new so I feel a bit better ... (shipping was a killer)

    ValentineValentine4 månader sedan
  • The ladies must of went crazy for this

    BadGamesBadGames4 månader sedan
  • some say it works best with p0rnhub 😂🍌💪🕹🕹💥👌😎

  • i got one ive had it since 1999ish and its fkin amazing!! the base..the rumble its something thats no joke! it will beat the corona outta you 😂💪💀👌🕹💥

  • So cool. We all had the components all along, we just need to make truly affordable- a complete VR, all body haptic feedback, limbs and finger tracking.

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus5 månader sedan
  • It's not in the games it's in any audio . When a frequency is played and there is a base note in any any audio track . It bass is played . You can plug it into a dang cell phone and it would work .

  • That's easy even in the 90's . Just have subwoofers in the movies for the sounds and have the bass shakers for the feeling. They used to do that in cars. If you had like subwoofers that were low powered that you could hear and most people wanted that bass shaking and they didn't have enough power in their amplifier or their subs so they made bass shakers so you mix the two and there you go

  • That's stupid all it is bass shakers in the seats . And when the audio track bass like in an audio track it bass that easy . so if there are 30 people you have 30 bass shakers to each chair.

  • Holy shit . They took the bass shaker out of the backpack an shoved it in the pillow

  • Oh god i don't even want to imagine how it'd feel with Resident Evil 2 Remake (or god forbid 3 when it comes out)

    RazorFangs90RazorFangs9010 månader sedan
  • This thing would still work with modern pcs, maybe they should make a new version with blue tooth.

    killerbee256killerbee25610 månader sedan
  • The music at the end reminds me of J-E-N-O-V-A.

    Erdrick The HeroErdrick The Hero11 månader sedan
  • Someone should do a comparison between this and the butt kicker

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name11 månader sedan
  • Imagine if they made a modern version where developers could program directly for it and not have to do anything with their audio it could even have a setting on it that looks for rumble in game so every time your controller vibrates this thing vibrates that would be cool

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name11 månader sedan
  • Everyone's looking at the weird way that he is playing Doom

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name11 månader sedan
  • Never realized the Genesis had a headphone jack!

    Batfan1939Batfan193911 månader sedan
    • It was only on the model 1.

      todesziegetodesziege11 månader sedan
  • I bought one today!

    mockiermockierÅr sedan
  • Cushion with lumbar support and free sonic massages. XD

    SaroDraconSaroDraconÅr sedan
  • You should try this one out with Simhub. It's a piece of software that generates a dedicated audio stream from certain racing-games telemetry. So if you drive over a bump, you will feel it. But you won't feel the music or engine sounds.

    Jan van PeekJan van PeekÅr sedan
  • They should've made it to where they allow you to take the bass out of the speakers and move it to the cusion

    Joseph ArneyJoseph ArneyÅr sedan
  • Aura Interactor VR Cushion brings the music up in our arse!

    Crazy Pat 86Crazy Pat 86År sedan
  • I literallt have this in my closet, my uncle bought for me from a eWaste shop where they rebuild broken tech and resell it. Works really well but sometimes the bass can distort really bad making the overall sound quite choppy if it overpowers the speakers used.

    gameshark528gameshark528År sedan
    • literally* youtube app wouldn't let me edit.

      gameshark528gameshark528År sedan
  • I ripped my interactor apart. Attached the driver to a recliner, put speakers behind the headrest and played Rogue Squadron 64 That was the pinnacle of my gaming experience.

    MaxBrixMaxBrixÅr sedan
  • lol I have been using this for a good 10 years now ...from console and yes even VR with my Vive which I got 3 years back. It is awesome! have also picked up extra units whenever they pop up on sale. Great stuff! The immersion is fantastic and this is in addition to my Dbox motion simulator rig

    petrolheadsgpetrolheadsgÅr sedan
  • Your videos have been getting really, really good over the last few months

    KazKorpKazKorpÅr sedan

    JUPIT3RJUPIT3RÅr sedan
  • Allow me to translate 12:08 for you... Insert tab A into slot B To ensure a proper fit, perform operation under at least 4 feet of water Caution: Do not allow Tab A to dry. Warning: Do not allow Slot B to get wet!

    Dan CooperDan CooperÅr sedan
  • as a deaf person, I fucking want that thing in my childhood! :'( sad my parents think anything video game violence is bad so they certainly wouldn't buy it for me :/

    Benny PikaBenny PikaÅr sedan
  • The technology extended to, for example, the stages, musical concerts, etc. Over the years the use of headphones so that drummers can be heard to reduce the amount of volume, weight of subwoofers, etc. He limited the "sensation" of air blow and serious frequencies that they were sitting in front of the instrument. They missed the result by kicking the bass drum. Then this technology replaced the large subwoofers that were located near the musician (drum fill) and holding him to his chair (throne) feel and complement each time they kick and can then "settle" with listening to the rest in their monitoring headphones.

    Francisco Viper DíazFrancisco Viper DíazÅr sedan
  • It's basically a bass shaker in a pillow ... Aura still makes great bass shakers (tactile transducers), great for movies.

    coolspot18coolspot18År sedan
  • I still have mine and use it to produce electronic music at night without disturbing roommates or neighbors . I know theres the newer SUBPAC as well as a more recent kickstarter unit but this AURA used very strong transducer and IMO is the best even by 90’s technology. I use Bass shakers in my home theatre as well. I swear by these!

    Private JokerPrivate JokerÅr sedan
  • This now seems like the ultimate VR accessory - on the hunt for one!

    HuddisonHuddisonÅr sedan
  • Never went away for me, and hasn't for anyone in the home theatre crowd. Can buy resonators of all kinds from Parts Express. I'm still running a pair of Aura resonators that came with the same amp @4:04, albeit with much better filtering (equalization and crossover) and a lot more power (100w vs 25) Running these resonators on 100wrms each produces some pretty interesting results

    Richard BarrRichard BarrÅr sedan
    • Just to follow up on this with some technical details, the exact filtering I'm using a 12db/octave lowpass at 150hz, a -3dB Q3 parametric at 40hz (to eliminate a very strong resonant frequency), and a -3dB Q0.8 at 150hz to provide a small amount of lift going down to 20hz. 100wrms is well within the resonators mechanical power limits except at very low frequencies, although is certainly above their thermal handling. Listening to music like this works well, but you'd need to mind the temperature of the resonators over long listening periods. I'm running both attached to my "gaming" chair (a simple tall back office chair), attached to the back. With the improved power and filtering, they provide significant effects in the low teens, as in 12hz, something that would be lacking with anything but the most obscene audio setup.

      Richard BarrRichard BarrÅr sedan
  • I mean, it's basically a bassy speaker sewn into a pillow, but dang, does it look nice. Get some duct tape and suddenly VR gets an upgrade.

    watsgoinonhere1watsgoinonhere1År sedan
  • I feel that this would need its own dedicated line in for sound, or maybe it should be connected to usb, so games could truly utilize it fully.

    Tomi MäntyläTomi MäntyläÅr sedan
    • I think it would probably remain too niche for developers to have a reason to utilize such a device, but it has a splitter.

      Don CheadleDon CheadleÅr sedan
  • And I suppose when you play with a "modern" computer you plug this in the bass audio channel to be more effective.

    Jordi Coma GarciaJordi Coma GarciaÅr sedan
  • Ok I just rewatched Farscape and when I saw the suggestion for this all I read was "Aurora Chair"... guarantee that would be a memorable experience

    Iain WilsonIain WilsonÅr sedan
  • you should do it in vr ;-)

    Dcnigma-obscure-channelDcnigma-obscure-channelÅr sedan
  • I'm sure the Ebay price will skyrocket for this now.

    Peter James LedwithPeter James LedwithÅr sedan
    • Peter James Ledwith as cheap as $15.99 USD on ebay for the backpack “Interactor” although small and not comfortable for big guys or girls or adults so I use the cushion and is amazing even for its age.

      Private JokerPrivate JokerÅr sedan
  • It's an early buttkicker!

    ECiriachiECiriachiÅr sedan
  • Very interesting!

    terrenceswiffterrenceswiffÅr sedan
  • if you want a modern equivalent, look up buttkickers :)

    Tom VernonTom VernonÅr sedan
  • cool iu have work in 2 hours but i cant stop XD

    Ov3rDoZeDOv3rDoZeDÅr sedan
  • I did not expect this to be good

    onometreonometreÅr sedan
  • It's always nice when one of those gimmick products turns out to actually work.

    stockicidestockicideÅr sedan
  • I bought one of these "new" for 5 GBP and coupled it with an Olympus Eye Trek FMD-200 Head display. it was pretty awesome for watching movies.

    Adam ClarkAdam ClarkÅr sedan
  • Ha. I've got one in the cupboard! I had forgotten all about it. Going to pull it out for the PSVR driving and flying games.

    TheRealJavaheadTheRealJavaheadÅr sedan
  • Clean the coffee (I'll be nice and assume) off those PC cables!

    Geoff BaysingerGeoff BaysingerÅr sedan
  • My dad had one of these. It was pretty neat playing Quake on it.

    sandakurevasandakurevaÅr sedan
  • Fantastic video Peter, was thinking Alien would work well with this and you went one above with the VR hack.

    Stephen KeelyStephen KeelyÅr sedan
  • lol,

    ValentineValentineÅr sedan
  • that Ashens' brown sofa??

    Tom JohnsonTom JohnsonÅr sedan
  • People still use these in flight/racing sims

    MozzieMozzieÅr sedan
  • The go to song to really get the west version of this going was "System F - Out Of The Blue". I guess the cushion has the same driver.

    berlinerberlinerÅr sedan
  • I own the west version of this. It was on sale for under 20 bucks in 2004 or so. It always had a faulty frequency crossover unit so only music mode was usable, but still haven't been strong enough to throw it away. When looking at a CRT-Monitor you could see them shimmer when using some bass songs. It also enabled me to call 60, 75 and 85 hz desktop refresh rates appart. Don't know about the possible health issues of vibrating your spine that hard though.

    berlinerberlinerÅr sedan
  • i will not make any cyber suppository jokes i will not make any cyber suppository jokes i will not make any cyber suppository jokes i will not make any cyber suppository jokes i will not make any cyber suppository jokes i will not make any cyber suppository jokes i will not make any cyber suppository jokes BACK ORIFICE! ,, ok ,i failed

    waptek2waptek2År sedan
  • I had the cushion and even got it from Jaycar (pictured at 4:03) when it was massively marked down. I had lots of fun using it with my N64, but quite liked it for movies too. Even the ambient sound leaking from it, was like a cinema for other people. I got a couple of years of occasional usage before an electrical fault stopped it from working, the cable connected wasn't very well durable.

    B BloomfieldB BloomfieldÅr sedan
    • Try to have it fixed if you haven't tossed it out already.

      LarixusSnydesLarixusSnydesÅr sedan
  • I should point out I didn't even know they've got this point the backpacks from what I understand sold miserably here. I got one at a yard sale in the late 90s sealed in the box for like five dollars used it a couple times but I found it super uncomfortable sitting in the chair were sitting in anything whether back on it so never got into it sold it some years ago or quite a bit more than I paid for it. LOL. Question seems to be a better idea copper wise.

    Peter ParkerPeter ParkerÅr sedan
  • I had one of these. They were best enjoyed laying down on top of them while watching some DVDs at 11pm... hard to adjust the volume though; you want your chest to muffle the speakers just enough that you could barely hear the sound but since you were right on top of it the bass hits would prevent you from accidentally falling asleep during a mediocre storyline ----- and it gave me crazy abs!!!

    DanjimaruDanjimaruÅr sedan
  • It would be good for deaf people?

    psammiadpsammiadÅr sedan
  • 1:15 even Derek Partridge at the bottom picture is happy! i mean somehow it was priced very low if you think about it.

    WegZurHölleWegZurHölleÅr sedan
  • It might work with the Original Microsoft XBOX and the car racing game that comes with it with JSRF on the other side of the disc.

  • I have a feeling this would actually be good for your back.. Oh, and.. Upscaler? It's a 3.5mm to 6.3mm stereo jack converter.

    The Wolf's DenThe Wolf's DenÅr sedan
  • Great video, as I am now excited to buy one of these. Plus now I know from the other end how funny it was when I said "Derby" out loud to an English person. Destruction Darby does have a ring to it though.

    CallOfDrewthulhuCallOfDrewthulhuÅr sedan
  • Why is this good

    SethSethÅr sedan
  • Good, no scanlines. I'm still having nightmares about those atrocities.

    awesomeferretawesomeferretÅr sedan
  • The Use of a standard audio jack is pretty ingenious. You could still plug this into a modern pc, a smartphone, a gameboy or whatever :D

    Sam SeriösSam SeriösÅr sedan
    • not a modern smartphone

      uvuweve osasuvuweve osas2 månader sedan
  • oh man, I had the backpack for my n64. Used to use it as a guitar amp when I realized it was just a woofer. Used the same base unit.

    Televicious GooberTelevicious GooberÅr sedan
  • Oh sh*t the SubPac was probably inspired by this!

    The Ambivalent PS2 BlokeThe Ambivalent PS2 BlokeÅr sedan
  • i have one modern i never plug it just use to enhance my chair with better back support

    tsartomatotsartomatoÅr sedan
  • E3 2019, take note. I want one!!!

    ian sharrockian sharrockÅr sedan
  • I had one of these, picked up cheap somewhere when I was in London.....I actually ripped it apart and played with the driver for home cinema stuff. I later migrated to the Buttkicker, clarke tactile transducer and now a BOSS diy thing. Be careful, it's a gateway drug ;)

    Lee Edward ArmstrongLee Edward ArmstrongÅr sedan
  • I just checked your sub count and you are criminally undersubscribed. Your content is as enjoyable and educational as that of other content creators in the classic electronics spheres. Darn those SEworld Algorithms, your stuff is properly Rad, and more people need to see it.

    Strawberry PrincessStrawberry PrincessÅr sedan
  • looks good

    Tom TurnbullTom TurnbullÅr sedan
  • I read you book it's awesome

  • While watching this video I feel the same disconnect that cooking videos gives me. I want to actually feel that object, just as I want to smell all the Delicious food. SEworld, add a rumble feature for controllers?

    Marc DMarc DÅr sedan
  • Best gift for female gamers

    Gaming DreamerGaming DreamerÅr sedan
  • Ahh I remember buying one of these from Jaycar and using it on my play station around the turn of the century and playing Colony Wars

    Nigel DraycottNigel DraycottÅr sedan
  • So what happens If you use it with dubstep?

    HeikkiHeikkiÅr sedan
  • Best thing i did to my sound system is to install a Thumper in my couch and hook it to the base signal. You can feel the base without the high volume. I made one out of an old 14: speaker.

    Low Flying PotatoLow Flying PotatoÅr sedan
  • What about a brown frequency test ? 🍫

    Robert Schöni VSLRobert Schöni VSLÅr sedan
  • 14:24 - was that the F word? 😂

    Ray StimpsonRay StimpsonÅr sedan
  • Got a couple from jaycar when they were $30 a pop. Was great with Falcon 4.0 back in the 90’s - could really feel the afterburner kick in. Fast forward to now - just got my oculus S and I had to buy one again after long since binning my old ones. Yes, just before seeing this video - freaky!

    LemurKrazyLemurKrazyÅr sedan
  • When are you going to do a video about the ti-99 4A?

    My ChannelMy ChannelÅr sedan
  • Please trim your beard Sir.

    Øyvind AandalenØyvind AandalenÅr sedan
  • Yeah, it does make VR better, which is why there's a modern version:

    Aquilux R.Aquilux R.År sedan
  • I would buy this thing for horror games, I could imagine playing mame games that had heavy bass, really cool video, now you got me hunting for one!

    Cinema MacabroCinema MacabroÅr sedan
  • Makes sense that'd be good. These things were essentially built into arcades all over the place.

    PichuscutePichuscuteÅr sedan
  • Disabled comments on Patroen vid yea 🤣🤣🤣

    SegaSaturnLadSegaSaturnLadÅr sedan
  • get a real fking 8 to 5 Job so you dont have to e-begging us for money... UNSUBBED!

    KKNDKKNDÅr sedan
    • Haha and notice how comments and likes are disabled on that video same as all the e-panhandlers do.

      Tea&CrumpetsTea&CrumpetsÅr sedan