Mystery Amiga Console | Nostalgia Nerd

23 jun 2019
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Join myself and Octav1us on a retro road trip, as we go and retrieve a mysteriously labelled "Amiga Console", from the middle of the United Kingdom, after winning an online auction. We have no idea what this so called "console" is, or what accessories it is supplied with. This is our quest, it is also our punishment. We also find a few unique goodies on the way, including some information about a game called, Black Dawn 7.
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  • 11:48 so did you ever come back to this???

    Astro ToadAstro Toad14 dagar sedan
  • looks like she stopped at Goodwill to dress.

    Zero The HeroZero The Hero23 dagar sedan
  • “A-Train” is what you run on a drunk girl

    Daniel DoranDaniel DoranMånad sedan
  • Why did they call it a console? Do they call them consoles in the UK? His P45? What the Hell is a P45? Is that like a W2 form?

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
    • @gwishart Thanks man.

      Sinn0100Sinn01002 månader sedan
    • P45 is the tax form you get when you're sacked from a job.

      gwishartgwishart2 månader sedan
  • Nice shot of octavious at the auction house lol.

    Barry BarcrestBarry Barcrest4 månader sedan
  • For what you paid, this was a fantastic deal...I am so jealous. The CD ROM, it looks like he cut vents into the case or made the vents larger.

    Magnus InventumMagnus Inventum5 månader sedan
  • I like the mother broad. 😁😁😁

    Naveen PedditiNaveen Pedditi5 månader sedan
  • She is so incredibly hot... not easy to pay attention to the compy fun with such hotness around.

    Tra-Vis KaiserTra-Vis Kaiser5 månader sedan
    • Look at those sweater cows!

      El-ahrairahEl-ahrairah2 månader sedan
  • Only Amiiiiiiigaaaaaaa!

    Benutzer DefiniertBenutzer Definiert6 månader sedan
  • 1200 for a hundred pounds "A pretty good score".... understatement of the year there.

    Conrad VogelConrad Vogel7 månader sedan
    • Yep, even stock A1200s go for a few times that on the internet, not to mention this one has a 68030 (how I dreamed of buying such a thing in the 1990s), a CD drive and LOADS of great software. And Rise of the Robots, unfortunately :). It's good for the buyer when the seller doesn't have much understanding of the market value of what they are selling, which probably also explains the description of it as a console, despite it having a keyboard! I mean no offence to the auctioneer regarding the value, it's understandable that they would underestimate its worth to enthusiasts, what with it clearly being an archaic machine, but calling it a console is amusing (keyboard!) and ironic given that the fairly common misconception that the Amiga was ONLY good for games was often lamented by Amiga owners, magazines and of course Commodore.

      Dan YoutubeDan Youtube4 månader sedan
  • I want an A1200.

    Grumpy ModelerGrumpy Modeler7 månader sedan
  • You're both so adorable I just wanna give u hugs

    Lilly like da flowerLilly like da flower7 månader sedan
  • 6:53 I'll take a Fred FIsh catalogue over ST Double Dragon any day, tbh. Actually, I remember the first Black Dawn from the PD section of Amiga magazines of the time. Looked really cool.

    TheTurnipKingTheTurnipKing7 månader sedan
  • ❤❤❤

    RetroPassionUKRetroPassionUK8 månader sedan
  • That warehouse is where taste goes to die.. I can see a load of old bags in their element sifting through all that worthless old tat..

    MrClassiccarenthusiaMrClassiccarenthusia8 månader sedan
  • Wrote a Fish Disk over an Atari game?! I’m in. Green desktops can sod off.

    Ed TruckellEd Truckell9 månader sedan
  • Is the PD software some that 'special public domain' software most amiga owners had so much of. ;)

    Polyester LynxPolyester Lynx9 månader sedan
  • Dope Amiga bundle, NN.

    Polyester LynxPolyester Lynx9 månader sedan
  • HA HA, "I'm going to take it apart and take a proper look" - He says, waving a fork around......???

    WalkWonderfulWalkWonderful9 månader sedan
  • that lady in the car is dressed up more like a stripper...

    Juan FonsecaJuan Fonseca10 månader sedan
  • Clean up the beaaaard 😂

    SP SPSP SP10 månader sedan
  • You visited Lincolnshire?? Fucking hell, I'm surprised you're still alive.

    Glitch WalkerGlitch Walker10 månader sedan
  • Love Octav1us

    IamSnorlaxIamSnorlax11 månader sedan
  • My favorite thing is non Americans doing American accents. It makes me unreasonably happy.

    Harper FriesenHarper Friesen11 månader sedan
  • Size of them beauts.

    Nick BarnettNick Barnett11 månader sedan
  • I have a question... You bid on an unknown quantity. It could have been a complete waste of money. You travelled over 100 miles to collect it then had to get it all into your car and then out again without ever knowing if you had bought anything worthwhile. My question is, who the hell is the girl? I mean, WTF, is she your carer? Can't be your girl friend. You are a send confessed nerd. Nerds don't have girlfriends, certainly not the quality of this girl. Did you use hypnosis? What is your secret?

    marcel-nine-one-onemarcel-nine-one-oneÅr sedan
  • You're going to take it apart properly - with a fork?

    rager1969rager1969År sedan
  • lol dont go to usa rocket place and argue with your missus she'll autopilot a rocket to moon with you in it lol

    monkstanding lastmonkstanding lastÅr sedan
    • nasa thats the place lol

      monkstanding lastmonkstanding lastÅr sedan
  • I grew up in the U.S. and have never seen an Amiga before but these British youtubers are so entertaining that I now find it all really interesting. Between nostalgia nerd, octav1us, thgm, guru Larry and Daniel Ibbertson I know way more about British home computers than any 'merican needs to.

    Risky BitnessRisky BitnessÅr sedan
  • look the heaven at 4:16

  • Has a follow up to this been filmed and I just missed it, is it still in the works?

    Mikee VeeMikee VeeÅr sedan
  • the cd drive has had slots put in because they over heat, it rusted due to where it was stored since the paint is missing round the slots

    aly nichollsaly nichollsÅr sedan
  • Clicked for the lady. Not disappointed.

    Christopher HardyChristopher HardyÅr sedan
    • Those udders are fat, not big - there's a difference, and the former is disgusting.

      KootKootÅr sedan
  • Long gone are the days where one could enter a computer shop and ask if the shopkeeper has Skidmarks.

    Chronicles of BapChronicles of BapÅr sedan
  • Hmmm. Looks suspiciously like you've collected the last tech remnants of a dead person. Sold off last assets to an auction house. Sad really.

    H3liosphanH3liosphanÅr sedan
  • Looking forward to see you recapping and testing this amiga out :)

    KrozmarKrozmarÅr sedan
  • so when are we gonna be able to buy an octav1us body pillow

    FlavortownFlavortownÅr sedan
  • "Stop driving on the road... its too bumpy"... riiiight

    Offero 04Offero 04År sedan
  • Did anyone else not notice the self harming marks on that girls arms? I hate that shit and can't deal with it... makes me upset and angry :(

    AuralAttackAuralAttackÅr sedan
    • @gwishart Yeah you only get one life mate so make the most of it, don't sit there wallowing in self pity and crying for help by making pathetic little cuts on your arms.... if you wanted to end it then you'd cut yourself properly...but people like that haven't got the bollocks.... lifes what you make ones gonna coming running to help you every time things don't go your way. these days so many people have some kind of 'mental illness' so they can go crying to the doctor for happy pills or a way to get out of working, 95% of the time it's bullshit

      AuralAttackAuralAttackÅr sedan
    • It makes you upset and angry that people suffer from mental illnesses? You sound like a horrible person.

      gwishartgwishartÅr sedan
  • Who's the broad

    stever macsoucherstever macsoucherÅr sedan
  • Try and get a copy of UNIX System V for AMIGA for that computer as you won't be able to do anything without it.

  • Octav1us is such an amiga babe :O

    WalczykWalczykÅr sedan
  • Lucky man nice amiga lol floppy disk heaven

    Filipe SantosFilipe SantosÅr sedan
  • I rather want to know if Mr Dodge is still out there, driving to the pub and finding ladies, and might end up rolling across this video in a fit of nostalgia, spitting out his tea and dropping his bacon sandwich whilst yelling "DAMMIT, MUM!"

    Mark PenriceMark PenriceÅr sedan
  • Haha, I remember playing that Shuttle game, after finding it lurking on the HDD of a rotten old PS/2 in the Careers Room (!) at school. You can get launched and into orbit just by spamming random keys on the keyboard, but I don't think I got any further than that (eg releasing or recovering a satellite / docking with a space station, successfully re-entering and landing) because that's where it got more complicated. Nice to look at even in 16-colour low rez at least.

    Mark PenriceMark PenriceÅr sedan
  • At all of 1:30 in, I'm going with "a CDTV or CD32 with an add-on floppy drive". They had ports for a regular Amiga external floppy, along with mouse and keyboard, didn't they?

    Mark PenriceMark PenriceÅr sedan
  • Self harming bird hope she’s alright lad

    realbha 1690realbha 1690År sedan
  • £40 fees? That's a con

    PauldjreadmanPauldjreadmanÅr sedan
  • tried to concentrate on content, but she's soooooooo hot

    N EnglishN EnglishÅr sedan
  • Who the woman in the video? We need to see more of her. She nice looking. She looks better with the Amiga 1200 than you do lol.

    Michael MitchellMichael MitchellÅr sedan
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this, please do more videos about this haul

    SimmySimmyÅr sedan
  • I was in The Foresters Arms in Congleton in 1996 and it turns out one of the programmers (they weren't called devs then) of Rise of the Robots was at the bar. I didn't know he was until we'd endured a very long and drunken (and pleasant) afternoon. He was gracious enough to apologise for the game.

    Bongo BagginsBongo BagginsÅr sedan
  • How sweet of Octav1us to spend 9 hours with a homeless primitivist and even provide him with shelter

    Just ViennaJust ViennaÅr sedan
  • There's some nice titles there

    3point13point1År sedan
  • *YOURE A LUCKY MAN NOSTALGIA NERD* _youre a lucky man....._

    Adam BAdam BÅr sedan
  • 4:11 is gold! LMAO

    Steve FreemanSteve FreemanÅr sedan
  • What is better than exploring your new Amiga by yourself? Exploring it with your (girl??)friend

    Veso266Veso266År sedan
  • Anything of Octav1us Kitten is hers, and anything of Nostalgia Nerd... is also Octav1us Kitten's - that's the rule.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Yeah B00BIES in da house

    Fynn GärtnerFynn GärtnerÅr sedan
  • Bouncy tits

    Wing YungWing YungÅr sedan
  • Obnox1ous Kitten

    gnampgnampÅr sedan
  • Octavius next time the Nostalgia Nerd trys to touch your charms ! tell him there not his and it doesn't work that way ;)

    John DoeJohn DoeÅr sedan
  • I'm gonna be honest, I was gonna go to bed, but then I saw Octav1us and had to find out who she was XD

    DoctorX17DoctorX17År sedan
  • Seems like a great fine especially if the 1200 works

    TexasCat99TexasCat99År sedan
  • Oh, thank *GOD* that they had Rise of the Robots in there.

    Jomaster The SecondJomaster The SecondÅr sedan
  • about the black tape - i think the sticker was going off, so he just taped it to it .... but it doesnt explain the line on the back ...

    P_f_MP_f_MÅr sedan
  • Back from the UK 2 days ago. Yes you have bloody bumpy roads over there, what a pity for such a great country.

    ZarchosZarchosÅr sedan
    • It makes things bounce - evidently.

      Cray Ze ApeCray Ze ApeÅr sedan
  • ✔✨✔

    KacperKacperÅr sedan
  • Can't you say TH instead of V

    filevansfilevansÅr sedan
  • Did it come with a power pack?

    Opy KennedyOpy KennedyÅr sedan
  • Aah, you and Octavius make a cute couple. Peter and Sarah sitting in a tree... ;)

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrulÅr sedan
  • What auction website was that?

    Mark GladwellMark GladwellÅr sedan
  • The roads are bouncy. Welcome to Lincolnshire....

    Debra CohenDebra CohenÅr sedan
  • You were either an Amiga kid, or an Atari ST kid back in my day :)

    D KD KÅr sedan
    • Or a wanna-have-an-A1200 or wanna-have-a-Falcon kid at the end of it. Annoyingly the former being cheaper and better marketed despite being distinctly lower powered meant it got much more sales and it was more accessible to The Kids. (That and the 32bit bus made accelerators much more effective)

      Mark PenriceMark PenriceÅr sedan
  • Do you call her Octavius when you two are knocking boots? Kitten? Or Sarah?

    YesticlesYesticlesÅr sedan
  • "If I poke it, it's mine!!"

    Andrea WoodvineAndrea WoodvineÅr sedan
  • 5:23 - I was a big fan of Skidmarks and me and a mate spent hours on that drifting..... whilst pissed!!

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • What is the worst thing you bought ?

    michail okeefemichail okeefeÅr sedan
  • Octavius is smoking hot - I'm amazed you were able to keep your eyes on the road!

    MagicMartin666MagicMartin666År sedan
  • Jeebus, wtf has happened to your beard? Are you a hipster now?

    pete robinsonpete robinsonÅr sedan
  • Another piece of crap Amiga 1200. No Amiga 2000 or Amiga 500 computers? Also, it appears that the Amiga games are the PAL (50 Hertz) crap, not the better NTSC (60 Hertz) games.

    Hans CampbellHans CampbellÅr sedan
  • OOOHHHH! Look at the big, big titties! Look at those BIG TITTIESSSSS !!!! I am wondering, why does she keep flipping her hair like that. Women usually do that to attract men. Or, she could just have head lice.

    Hans CampbellHans CampbellÅr sedan
  • Nostalgia Nerd needs to upload Transwrite and at least some of the better games to the Internet Archive!!!!!

    Dragutin MaricDragutin MaricÅr sedan
  • "It's bumpy round here!" - Welcome to Lincolnshire, that's basically the whole place XD

    PhilosopherGamingPhilosopherGamingÅr sedan
  • 3:12 "A crappy A500" - HOW DARE YOU!?!

    Foebane72Foebane72År sedan
  • An Amiga 500 is my absolute favourite of all old consoles 😁👍🏻

    bigstackD CastingbigstackD CastingÅr sedan
  • 😆😃I said to you years ago you deserve more subs when you had probably 20k now your over 10x that 👏🏻👏🏻. But like I said before I’m catching you fast so I’ll race ya to 500k matey 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻

    bigstackD CastingbigstackD CastingÅr sedan
  • Don’t like the way you speak to the chick in the video. It’s not funny. Octav1us Kitten I think her name is.

    v1ov1oÅr sedan
  • That jumpcut after 3:55 looks like they just had a big fight and aren't speaking to each other XD

    Clint HobsonClint HobsonÅr sedan
  • nice tits thumbnail. What, doesn't the Amiga provide enough an allure already?

    Mr HeckMr HeckÅr sedan
  • And now I wish I were playing A-Train. Oh well, back to work. I need to do some programming on my Dell console.

    TheSwiftFalconTheSwiftFalconÅr sedan
  • No ears?!? She's human after all!

    Andy LundellAndy LundellÅr sedan
  • Were you driving a Skoda Octav1us?

    Chuck HabeggerChuck HabeggerÅr sedan
    • If only. I recognise that interior though. It's a Suzuki Ignis. A friend of mine has one. I know it quite well after having to do an engine swap.

      unregistredhypercamunregistredhypercamÅr sedan
  • Whilst in Lincolnshire did you visit Mrs Buckley? Every July peas grow there.

    battra92battra92År sedan
  • That CD drive looks like they tried to carve out a vent for some reason, the rust being the result of a haphazard job with no attempt to paint over the exposed metal?

    Jo DeckerJo DeckerÅr sedan
  • What an amazing find, maybe the original owner watches this channel?

    LoundsifyLoundsifyÅr sedan
  • So are you guys like doing it now?

    Lovely TobleroneLovely TobleroneÅr sedan
  • Octav1us

    Jimmy UnderwoodJimmy UnderwoodÅr sedan
  • I was only looking at the items for the whole video.

    mOnur B.mOnur B.År sedan
  • White Death, great War game

    tomtom vickytomtom vickyÅr sedan