Live At Computer Museum

7 jun 2018
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I'm at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge

  • Only know about this place through Tom Scott's The Basics. He's a cool guy, check him out.

    AndromedaAndromeda9 månader sedan
  • I I live in Huntingdon near Cambridge and I was at the computer museum about 3 or 4 weeks ago with with the with the folks and i so enjoyed myself I love looking at the Old computers and that was about it I love playing on the Isle PlayStations and I love to having a go on the Windows 3.11 from 1993 and yeah I love going on the Windows 98 playing cards as well I grew up with the Windows 98 Windows 95 at the school at computers

    The Cassette masterThe Cassette masterÅr sedan
  • I can't believe how far computers have come, my first pc was a 386 - SX25 cpu, then upgraded to a P90 cpu which cost £1100 inc Mobo!!!. I now have a 8700k

    Big AL GuernseyBig AL Guernsey2 år sedan
  • Darn it, I was there one week too early, otherwise I could have met you.

    Windfisch1981Windfisch19812 år sedan
  • Thanks! Wish I could go there but I live in Canada so that would be quite the hop skip jump over the ocean just to see some old computer parts.

    Scared FolksScared Folks2 år sedan
  • She's so much cuter without the silly cat ears..

    jondough76jondough762 år sedan
  • i ain't watching, makes me feel old. seeing a zx81 in a glass case, when i used one myself, back in the day, now i feel like i should be in a museum

    Stephen HarrisStephen Harris2 år sedan
  • Finally found time to watch this, very interesting and mildly entertaining to boot ;)

    Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 782 år sedan
  • Great vid! Would love to go there one day.

    The Retro ShedThe Retro Shed2 år sedan
  • This place looks so cool! I may have to check this place out one day.

    Commander 64Commander 642 år sedan
  • Where I won't be allowed to go, while in Cambridge. 😭

    jenny baileyjenny bailey2 år sedan
  • That monitor for the Domesday Project terminal sure is blatantly a Phillips/Magnavox monitor of the same basic design as a Commodore 1084...

    Vincent BVincent B2 år sedan
  • As a Michigander, I was totally unaware that U of M had a computer museum. But heads up to the Brits, the "ch" in Michigan is pronounced like "sh" instead. Our Detroit residents are particularly territorial, and I don't want anyone put off by an overly enthusiastic correction from one of us over a minor mispronounciation.

    Mike NagyMike Nagy2 år sedan
  • Who was the woman in the end? A streamer?

    tensaibrtensaibr2 år sedan
    • Thanks!

      tensaibrtensaibr2 år sedan

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • They had newer phones than yours in that cabinet!

    NevetsNevets2 år sedan
  • in the U. S. there is the "computer history museum" near the Google campus (Mountain view, CA).

    Juan Carlos Mejia MaciasJuan Carlos Mejia Macias2 år sedan
  • That modem. WARGAMES !

    MsBananasmelMsBananasmel2 år sedan
  • We had RM Nimbus at my senior school and BBC B's. The RM's had some weird version of Windows for Workgroups on them and all we did was draw stuff on paint and send it to each other.

    MsBananasmelMsBananasmel2 år sedan
    • I remember our RM Nimbus computers at my high school, turn off the screen and you could still see Windows - if screensavers ever served a purpose it was in schools but our IT department never used them.

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • What? No Mattel Aquarius? Coleco Adam?! ;) Great video.

    don040870don0408702 år sedan
  • When can see you in Argentina in The informatic museum?

    ezquimalezquimal2 år sedan
  • imagine somebody walking behind seeing lights of the processor flash when he pressed a button at tetris saying it wasn't working.

    WitchWitch2 år sedan
  • The Sony is a machine used in travel agencies around the mid: late 80s, a booking system for holidays & flights, don’t know if it had any other uses..

    Vinny’s :worldVinny’s :world2 år sedan
  • Awesome sruff there and you know what, i totally agree with you about not to replace your smartphone every year,because theres no reason for that,while extra powerful processor in newer smartphones sounds cool,but you wouldn’t take any much benefit of ir since we most only use it for internet stuff, it’s not that we play 3D games on it and expect more power out of it.

    johneygdjohneygd2 år sedan
  • We've been there yearly since 2016, and we always enjoy ourselves! (Even if it does take an average of about 3.5hrs to drive there... 👍

    James MayersJames Mayers2 år sedan
  • wow a Binatone not seen one for years. First games machine I had then upgraded to ZX81. Long time ago.

    Donald MathesonDonald Matheson2 år sedan
  • lovely museum!

    lordmuaddiblordmuaddib2 år sedan
  • I must go there

    RetroByteRetroByte2 år sedan
  • everything's written in backwards but I can still understand you?

    Resonant consciousnessResonant consciousness2 år sedan
    • Well the image being mirrored won't effect the sound, not unless he was inside a wormhole.

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • Man I hate youtbes subscription algorithm. I'm missing out on my fav vintage computer stuff!

    TikiShootahTikiShootah2 år sedan
  • San Francisco has a big computer museum -- there's also a smaller one in Albququerque. ABQ museum is crazy noisy, though. It's housed in the big downtown science museum.

    BuckBuck2 år sedan
  • Loving this. Must make a visit.

    Bassu MiahBassu Miah2 år sedan
  • I just came across a few very old computers. I have no clue what to do with them. Do you have any advice?

    K CareyK Carey2 år sedan
  • Sounds great

    AFFLiCTED1AFFLiCTED12 år sedan
  • "32 X" - if you're reading this, "Super Nintendo" is not an official name for the console according to Nintendo. "SNES" and "Super NES" (both pronounced with the acronyms' letters spelled out, not as words) are, however, and of course "Super Nintendo Entertainment System".

    RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
  • ! Octavius Kitten

    television and cheesetelevision and cheese2 år sedan
  • Yay. I live near here.

    T-Rexy GaymingT-Rexy Gayming2 år sedan
  • That game on the Archimedes with Professor.and the door Knew I'd played it before but couldn't remember its name until Google helped - Mad Professor Moriarti

    FoxyRhinoFoxyRhino2 år sedan
  • "what machine is this?!" - IT'S A SONY!!!

    RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
  • LD-ROM?!?! wow!!!

    RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
  • Watching this video with my 4 year old, you asked "what's Britain" when using the dooms day machine and she yelled out a horse!!!!! Does this man know nothing :) . Side note I remember using that program when it was in school probably 6-8 years old.

    Jason ThorpeJason Thorpe2 år sedan
    • Jason Thorpe i like living in a horse :-P

      RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
  • The wonders of modern computing. Had to leave the stream @ approximately 13:56 no problem, just jump back on the video @ 13:57 :)

    Kowboy USAKowboy USA2 år sedan

    analogdistortionanalogdistortion2 år sedan
  • I need to get along to this place, it's not like I'm far away so there's not excuse really. Punched tape for a quid sounds like a good deal.

    Matt TesterMatt Tester2 år sedan
  • What a cool place! is it open to the public and whats the gift shop like?

    Paul JenningsPaul Jennings2 år sedan
  • Was their a WANG 2200?

    ObiTrevObiTrev2 år sedan
  • Awesome stuff the phone is pretty cool but you should upgrade it for videos like these for a better picture.These are things out of History that every nostalgia,retro and basic computer nerd fan should know

    RealmasterorderRealmasterorder2 år sedan
    • No external power bricks back in 2012, just the original full-on smartphone battery draining goodness. ;-)

      OuttheredudeOuttheredude2 år sedan
    • Probably wanted to add more nostalgic look and feel

      Michal KundrátMichal Kundrát2 år sedan
  • Great video. And very nice t-shirt. I'm wearing the exact same one 😉👍

    Lee TennantLee Tennant2 år sedan
  • At 16:09 My Dad had that machine in the late 70's early 80's to do the business accounts! We used to play a Star Trek game on it if I remember.

    FirefoxfiftyFirefoxfifty2 år sedan
  • Gimbal

    Bill SchlaflyBill Schlafly2 år sedan
  • Better not be Cambridge analytica

    wayne clarkwayne clark2 år sedan
    • Same city is all, Cambridge is at the heart of Silicon Fen, our equivalent of Silicon Valley, so lots of computery companies.

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • Glad you got to go again. I still remember when I went last year, wish I had more time to spend there. Great video!

    Jon GlanvilleJon Glanville2 år sedan
  • going next Wednesday

    Justin TimeJustin Time2 år sedan
  • Mission Alphatron is a devil to play, Did you see an OLIVETTI M3030.

  • I hope you used the twitter printer in the pdp section. was there in beginning of may and it was a real blast from the past.

    Unbekannt UnknownUnbekannt Unknown2 år sedan
  • Someone is playing Puzzle Bubble

    ᚛ V ᚜᚛ V ᚜2 år sedan
    • ᚛᚛᚛ ᚜᚜᚜ and also Puzzle Bobble :-P

      RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
  • That thing between the megadrive and cd32, was that another 3DO?

    Dbn PoldermansDbn Poldermans2 år sedan
    • It looks like either a 3DO or Panasonic CDI if it wasn't as blurry we would know for sure

      Michael HobgoodMichael Hobgood2 år sedan
  • I wish I didn't sell my commodore 64 it was my best friend when i was 12.

    Matowix UnpluggedMatowix Unplugged2 år sedan
    • Paul Williams :(

      RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
    • RWL2012 I was socially awkward and a loser.

      Matowix UnpluggedMatowix Unplugged2 år sedan
    • Paul Williams better than your people friends then...? :-P

      RWL2012RWL20122 år sedan
  • Cool Museum I'm jealous but hey at least I was able to go to the Bury Arcade Twice!

    The SNES ManThe SNES Man2 år sedan
  • Thanks for this video. Would love to see how much electricity these suckers use up. Lol

    CRAZY6256CRAZY62562 år sedan
  • Light is horrible sound is worse. Jittery picture. Update your fucking phone. Not watchable.

    GreenAppelPieGreenAppelPie2 år sedan
  • Think I recognized a Kaypro in passing...

    Aderack OnlineAderack Online2 år sedan
  • How do they manage to leave these on all day without damaging the screens on the CRTs?

    Future PantsFuture Pants2 år sedan
  • Soooo... *cough* kewl...

    James CameronJames Cameron2 år sedan

    Future PantsFuture Pants2 år sedan
  • Is this porn?

    Electro PotatoElectro Potato2 år sedan
  • Awesome! next vacations...destination: Cambridge :D

    Retromania.ptRetromania.pt2 år sedan
  • Really need one of those gyro camera stabilisers !!!!

    Hanniffy DinnHanniffy Dinn2 år sedan
  • Same place ashens visited?

    scannaunderscore1scannaunderscore12 år sedan
  • OMG that tic-tac-toe from space !

    NeligerNeliger2 år sedan

    Andrew BallardAndrew Ballard2 år sedan
  • From the title I thought you were saying you live in a computer museum.

    Andy WestAndy West2 år sedan
  • Nice to see you in the field. Too bad the camera movement gives me motion sickness. Oh, and your image is mirrored.

    tremoristtremorist2 år sedan
  • An Apple Mac formally owned by Douglas Adams! Most excellent!

    Jon-Paul FilkinsJon-Paul Filkins2 år sedan
  • Seems you stepped into LGR's living room^^

    Peter BrandtPeter Brandt2 år sedan
    • Yes Harry Warburg , like in LargeGameResort

      Peter BrandtPeter Brandt2 år sedan
    • Peter Brandt that's one large living room

      The SNES ManThe SNES Man2 år sedan
  • Never been to Cambridge, but I've also never been to your country sadly. Looks very fun, I'm jealous thank you for sharing Mr Nerd.

    Justin AJustin A2 år sedan
  • wow so that's what you look like lol

    Spooker Red MenaceSpooker Red Menace2 år sedan
  • Oh man you and Octavius were five minutes walk from my house, I would have thought about coming to say hello and then not done it because it would have creeped you out.

    Daniel CassidyDaniel Cassidy2 år sedan
    • I'm glad you didn't, that would have been very creepy and awkward.

      Fred AlmeidaFred Almeida2 år sedan
  • Ashens beat you to it by about a year mate.

    Future PantsFuture Pants2 år sedan
  • I went here a few months ago and I loved it!!!!! My favourite bits were probably the game consoles and the tempest arcade machine.

    Grandpappy 1939Grandpappy 19392 år sedan
  • They had 2*RML 380z machine when I was at school then they got a 480z which was like a massive Atari ST if my member is working.

    Mark DaviesMark Davies2 år sedan
    • "I 'member that!"

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
  • I started using computers on the Commodore PET when I was 11yrs old back in early 1979. It was a blast! Then, the wealthy kids' school I was sneaking into to use the PETs got Apple ][ computers and I was hooked forever!

    Axess2084Axess20842 år sedan
  • your phone is fine. my wife is still using a 2013 Motorola Moto G (custom os)

    Adam ClarkAdam Clark2 år sedan
  • Damn it I missed it

    SubstadootSubstadoot2 år sedan
  • Love that place.

    Asobi techAsobi tech2 år sedan
  • I missed the start of the stream - just now seeing you walked past a Presario 524 (or similar enough) - my first "my own" computer! Won from a competition in the front of the Yellow Pages in 1994/95

    James WilliamsonJames Williamson2 år sedan
  • cool

    LionstarLionstar2 år sedan

    WagooWagoo2 år sedan
  • Yay! I'm there tomorrow night for the retro games night :-)

    lampyman101lampyman1012 år sedan
  • Oh crap! I missed it!

    Summoner ArthurSummoner Arthur2 år sedan
  • Commodore computers?

    le 3le 32 år sedan
    • How can someone not be aware of Commodore? The C64 and the Amiga are legends! In a million years there will still be specimens of Commodore in alien museums where 10 year olds can get their tentacles into Chucky Egg and Zool.

      Rob FraserRob Fraser2 år sedan
    • Yes they weren't just a funk band, they also made computers!

      WagooWagoo2 år sedan
  • Wow... I never had a particularly strong desire to visit Britbongland in the past, but this alone makes it mighty tempting. Classic computer stuff here in 'strayacunt is pretty dry.

    Be N S O NBe N S O N2 år sedan
  • Yay! Octavius Kitten! She's cool! :)

    Jason ButwellJason Butwell2 år sedan
    • :D

      Jason ButwellJason Butwell2 år sedan
  • Wow! Love that place! Went there last year. Amazing! Check out some of those sexy Russian puters! Love your work.

    tehlastninjatehlastninja2 år sedan
  • but can it run Crysis?

    John SmithJohn Smith2 år sedan
    • will it run doom

      cncthangcncthang2 år sedan
    • LGR has an Altair that can run Crisis ;)

      Be N S O NBe N S O N2 år sedan
  • Send Oktavius Kitten a hug

    João MarceloJoão Marcelo2 år sedan
  • where is there silicon graphics computer ?

    Melhod RipertonMelhod Riperton2 år sedan
    • They had a couple of Silicon Graphics Indigos when I was there a couple of months back.

      Asobi techAsobi tech2 år sedan
  • Please upload this to youtube as a full video afterwards! I didn't manage to be early here for the start.

    Jere TulimäkiJere Tulimäki2 år sedan
    • Couldn't rewind it when it was live but now it's here uploaded.

      Jere TulimäkiJere Tulimäki2 år sedan
    • That happens automatically (unless it's over 2 hours then youtube has to dick about for a bit first to get the start).. you can also rewind a livestream when it's.. live.. and then catch up to realtime by setting speed >1

      WagooWagoo2 år sedan
  • Awesome : d

    Melhod RipertonMelhod Riperton2 år sedan
  • Loving this!

    royhadders1royhadders12 år sedan
  • Will it play Crysis?

    Rob FlynnRob Flynn2 år sedan