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20 jul 2018
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Firstly... the "Switch" in the title isn't a Nintendo reference, no matter how much I wanted it to be. No, I'm afraid this is firmly about Xbox vs PS4, Xbox vs. Playstation... it's a battle of the ages. I've owned an Xbox since they first appeared. For me, the original Xbox arrived at the right time; a time when I was looking for a casual gaming platform. From there, I've stuck with them for my "current generation" needs. But recently, something has been upsetting me (likely just my lack of tolerance, or sheer stupidity), and I wanted to see if the competition had the same issue. This video is therefore about my life as an Xbox Fanboy (apologies for that phrase), and how I've seen a new light, a light that resembles a floating P in the sky.... Sony Playstation.
For those who can't be arsed with all the click bait titles, it's about the Xbox Dashboard evolution, or devolution in my eyes. Has the Xbox dashboard devolved?
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  • I'll be honest. I don't do "fanboy" business or console rivalry... that just seems absurd. They all have their merits. For me, it's just nice to be able to finally accept Playstation into my life.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • Honey you’ve got a big storm (of amazing exclusive games) comin’.

      うぉ〜でぃんうぉ〜でぃん4 månader sedan
    • sorry but ps "fanboy" here, loved the playstation since the 1st, never bothered to try xbox as I knew it was from M$ and didn't want to deal with all their bugs, nice to know you stopped disdaining playstation at least, also a good game to try on it is "Dragon Quest Builders" 1& 2

      Lee ShallisLee ShallisÅr sedan
    • The XBOnes only merit being 'it's what my friends have' at this point. They better present something of value next gen, or they will be in big trouble.

      SmattlessSmattlessÅr sedan
    • How have you enjoyed the exclusive games?

      Kevin VuKevin VuÅr sedan
    • I'm with you let's be gay psss ps4 is guy I love ps4

      BGS -SipherBGS -SipherÅr sedan
  • All Microsoft gaming UIs are Satan's vomit pushed through a UX text book. I hate them

    Chris BeardChris Beard5 dagar sedan
  • Two years later, the xbox one interface is still the same horrible junk. I had a PS4 as well and did not really like it's interface either, but it was definitely better.

    alzeealzeeMånad sedan
  • I moved to PC years ago after the Ps2. But.... I am considering getting a PS4 or maybe wait for the 5. In my mind the original PlayStation is the best console ever made, and even being a Windows fanboy, Sony is still the only place I would go for a console. My daughter brings her PS4 to mine at weekends and we play No Man's Sky (me on PC on crossplay! which is mega cool), and Ive been really impressed by her ps4 Slim, runs a bit warm, but its a very well built solid piece of kit. Controller feels better built than anything else too.

    BoneYardBoneYard2 månader sedan
  • Damn I cant believe 1,500 people prefer the pos game com to the ps that's just sad lmao

    The Review GuyThe Review Guy3 månader sedan
  • The PS4 interface is the best I’ve seen on any console. I have a OG PS4 and XboxONE X and haven’t used my Xbox in a year due to the horrendous interface and lack of decent first party titles.

    BendaakBendaak3 månader sedan
  • What is the video clip at the beginning from?

    PixarMan2001PixarMan20014 månader sedan
  • Never had an Xbox after the 360. First did some retro gaming, bought a Switch and then a second hand PS4. I also had an Amiga, PC and then an original Xbox

    FuZZbaLLbeeFuZZbaLLbee4 månader sedan
  • See I'm a playstation fan boy always have been probably always will be. I literally went out tho and bought an xbox as soon as I seen halo. And I stil love halo to this day. I haven't currently got an xbox but honestly I would happily spend my days smashing all the halos until there would be nothing left to do. Currently doing everything there is to do on fallout 3-4 so I'm happy. Not against the xbox just ps has my heart

    owen leeowen lee4 månader sedan
  • I’m a firm believer that the PlayStation plays loud music in the menu to cover up its horrendous fan lmao (original PS4, I haven’t used the newer ones)

    C0nfu510nC0nfu510n4 månader sedan
  • @longshadows, and you don’t have to have xbox live gold to use streaming media on the ps

    Gordon FreemanGordon Freeman4 månader sedan
  • Definitely clickbait / Sony ad

    Gordon FreemanGordon Freeman4 månader sedan
  • I'm A PC Gamer Forever

    Jasper Ted Vidal TaleJasper Ted Vidal Tale4 månader sedan
  • GOT XBOX in 2006 cause Halo. Now that they killed Cortana I reckon I am free. Since I have killed everything in the Universe...twice :) I am looking at a PS4. BTW I was so dumb I once tried to play a PS2 game on my IBM PS/2 . :) Love your channel.

    David GrahamDavid Graham4 månader sedan
  • I legit had no idea that Sony made a white PS4. It looks... sacreligious.

    うぉ〜でぃんうぉ〜でぃん4 månader sedan
  • I never liked any of the Xbox family’s UIs... are there really people out there who did???

    うぉ〜でぃんうぉ〜でぃん4 månader sedan
  • you can prioritize downloads from the information bubble on the top bar

    Duncan KDuncan K5 månader sedan
  • There is not much point to get an Xbox outside US. Their services just suck and promotions are non existent

    Mahesh MuraliMahesh Murali5 månader sedan
  • Must use the word shonky more ....

    Savannah 123Savannah 1236 månader sedan
  • so not just because Playstation has the best games and the largest library? :P

    Mr HunterF λMr HunterF λ6 månader sedan
  • I have over 100,000 gamer score on Xbox and just switched to Sony today. Xbox just doesn’t have good exclusive games anymore.

    Paul ScaifePaul Scaife6 månader sedan
  • If you had disdain or prejudice for a console, then you’re only doing yourself a disservice by missing out on great experiences. That goes double for any PlayStation.

    ArthropodSpideyArthropodSpidey6 månader sedan
  • My journey was Vic 20 - C64 - NES - Megadrive - SNES - N64 - Gamecube - Wii - Xbox 360 - Switch. I really liked and was mildly amazed at the Wii desktop back then. I liked the 360 deck and I had forgotten it had changed till this video, it still looks like that old useful good version. I prefer the simplicity of the Switch one, really easy. Never wanted a playstation. Sony and Xbox seemed to be the same thing so I can see myself getting the next version of the Xbox.

    Phil ChadwickPhil Chadwick6 månader sedan
  • This nigga hated PS for 20 years on the strength of PS just being better

    zok310zok3106 månader sedan
  • This needs an update for the new Xbox ui

    Timothy HimselfTimothy Himself6 månader sedan
  • ps1 ps2 and psp the hour that i spent on those so many, they are still working well after all those years.

    SerjohnSerjohn7 månader sedan
  • h

    Mace Cail // SpootledGAMEZ ProductionsMace Cail // SpootledGAMEZ Productions9 månader sedan
  • Talk about a bit long winded getting to certain places... couldn't do this video; too boring.

    Sy retiaSy retia9 månader sedan
  • The playstation dashboard makes me feel handicapped.

    BjourneBjourne9 månader sedan
  • 0:14 I see absolute heresy from a member of chaos, brothers this heresy requires an exterminatus level solution that not even holy fire can fix

    Mobster101Mobster1019 månader sedan
  • The best and simplest UI I've ever used was the "XMB" used in the PSP and PS3 consoles. Hands down - the best memories of using a console.

    pookeypookey10 månader sedan
  • Any serious gamer simply cannot afford to not have PlayStation.. before it was Nintendo, since PSX Sony is writing the gaming history..

    Conrad ZimmermannConrad Zimmermann10 månader sedan
  • Look at that bitches hair.

    Dutch CourageDutch Courage10 månader sedan
  • Nothing wrong with the new UI. You're just a dumbass

    Inner CircleInner Circle11 månader sedan
  • I have a mix of discs and digital downloads on my X1 and half the time when swapping between them I have a hard time finding my list of installed games just to play the damn things. I wish they'd do something with the UI, it's such an absolute mess and is gross to look at and even worse to attempt to navigate. I still have a 360 with the final "metro" layout and it's so much better in every aspect, one of the best UIs ever actually, imo. My dad has a PS4 and while I don't have much experience with it and still think it has a bit of sensory overload going on, it's definitely better than the dash on the X1 by a mile.

    Sanya V. LitvyakSanya V. LitvyakÅr sedan
  • Ehh i like to see my Screenshots on the dashboard

    A Very Average TrainA Very Average TrainÅr sedan
  • I love the current Xbox one layout but okay

    RustyRustyÅr sedan
  • 1:17 That monitor kicks in nostalgia for childhood💙 (I'm 19 as of 10/13/2019)

  • And here we see how Microsoft veered into the fucking UI disaster that is Windows 10. Jesus... almost 2020 and this shit is still relevant.

    IntegerOfDoomIntegerOfDoomÅr sedan
  • Nice to see someone else with a weird gaming past. I started on a Win95 PC, kept that for years until it got very old bar minor upgrades, got a PS1 a couple of years before the PS2 then eventually a PS2, then upgraded my PC and just kept a console or two from the current generation, usually whichever one has the best exclusives. (Last one I got was a Wii U, currently considering a Switch)

    DemocrabDemocrabÅr sedan
  • I love waking up from a nap and hearing the PlayStation music still left on

    Skam LifeSkam LifeÅr sedan
  • To be honest..... The PS2 is still my favorite playstation. There is just something about it.

    brostenenbrostenenÅr sedan
    • @Fogolol !! I am not putting words in your mouth. You started by saying that you agree with me, and then comes all the things that I pointed out to you, that I did not say. That is not putting words in your mouth. That is referancing you and talkong about what you said. It is not putting words in your mouth.

      brostenenbrostenen6 månader sedan
    • @Fogolol !! Golden age of gaming is the 1980's and 1990's. Most games from the 2000's, were just remakes with souped up gfx. It is like the same with PC hardware. Aprox 95 percent of the ideas and technologies that we use today, was invented in 1999. What happened is that is just became refined and made faster. There have not really been any major inventions since then.

      brostenenbrostenen6 månader sedan
    • @brostenen sorry i wasnt alive during the 80's being born in 2002, the only "retro" gaming experience i had was the ps2 era which for me was definitely the golden age of gaming. on another note, yes i am aware you did not say any of those points and i did not say you did so please do not put words in my mouth. (also my bad for some reason my brain associated playstation with consoles in general for some reason even though i play on xbox as well)

      Fogolol !!Fogolol !!6 månader sedan
    • @Fogolol !! I would argue that. What I said, was that the Ps2 is my favorite Playstation. I did not say that I like it over other platforms. And I did not say that Ps2 is the golden age of gaming. I will take any Amiga or C64 over Ps2 at any point, when we are talking gaming. As for the golden age of gaming, then it is the 80's and 90's combined. Most idea's came in those two decades, and gaming evolution have never moved forward faster than at that time. The golden age is spread out onto four platforms. 8-Bit computers (Atari and Commodore machines), Amiga, MS-Dos computers and finally Win98 computers. Sure games evolved in the 00's as well, however it was nothing compared to what went on in the 1980's and 1990's.

      brostenenbrostenen6 månader sedan
    • yeah i gotta agree the ps2 was the golden age of gaming also gotta point out how quiet the system is compared to the other ones at the time

      Fogolol !!Fogolol !!6 månader sedan
  • I've owned every PlayStation console and handheld to date and I've never felt any need to switch. I had an Xbox 360 alongside my PS3 and I always just felt like the 360 controller was cheap feeling and the online wasn't worth paying for.

    McVillainMcVillainÅr sedan
  • You made a good choice

    Daddy Lopez2006Daddy Lopez2006År sedan
  • A lot of people really like the Game.Com

    The SNES ManThe SNES ManÅr sedan
  • "Friends...if you have any" geez I didn't come watch youtube videos to get shit on.

    toumatoumaÅr sedan
  • My playstation store takes awhile to load

    BmnGameBoyBmnGameBoyÅr sedan
  • PlayStation 4 sucks

    Duncan GibsonDuncan GibsonÅr sedan
  • I had the original Xbox and the 360, then I returned to PC gaming. I bought a PS4 Pro last year because of some interesting exclusives. Yes, easy to use, always clear where you are and almost always where you have to go to to a specific task. But I wanted to see where Halo was heading on the Xbox, so. borrowed an Xbox One. I totally agree, the user interface is a mess. I played the Xbox One exclusively for about two weeks and simply had to guess and try how to get around. It's so annoying. It made me feel old and stupid. Maybe it's for people who like to solve a puzzle before they play an actual game.

    Jens DroesslerJens DroesslerÅr sedan
  • the search has been updated.

    Richard WooRichard WooÅr sedan
  • I have always owned all systems I love gaming. Nice video I enjoyed it. Thanks.

    micah Kikermicah KikerÅr sedan
  • What a mess Xbox dash ended up , i had no idea , i only had the launch xb1 , never even saw this mess , is not hard to see why this mess though ..............Advertising.

    Baron GamingBaron GamingÅr sedan
  • Gran Turismo made me a PlayStation fan.

    James WrightJames WrightÅr sedan
  • i was one of thoose kids with a playstation :'( lol

    Productions by RayneProductions by RayneÅr sedan
  • I started on PS3... switched to PC rather than PS4 when Sony started charging money for PSN and recently moved over to Linux because Windows 10 was a bit to slow

    Hanro50Hanro50År sedan
  • Anyone else cringe at 00:14?

    Evan JahomesEvan JahomesÅr sedan
  • See, the main goal of those interfaces isn't to help you play the games you already own. The whole thing is an advertising mess. You paid for the hardware, and you're bound to see like two thirds of your screen's useful information used as commercial. That's very annoying to say the least.

    313power313powerÅr sedan
  • Microsoft and User Interfaces.... 💁‍♀️

    Elite Teutonic KnightElite Teutonic KnightÅr sedan
  • I went from the 360 to the PS4, then I saw the way and got a PC. The Wii fills my need for occasional couch play.

    Honk HonklerHonk HonklerÅr sedan
  • "Friends,if you have any."OK DONT NEED TO REMIND ME.

    BeniBeniÅr sedan
  • The PS4 menus are just as junky, wasnt til they added folders that I could get countless tabs to get out of my way. The search is still a mess despite slightly better and find the two long bars of shit way more lame than the few Tabs Xbox has. Like who really needs quick access to a calendar on PS4. I'll take Xbox's design any day, even if just for a functional store and a search bar.

    MateoMateoÅr sedan
  • I love how Halo is the game keeps people on Xbox for years but apart from Halo there's nothing worth staying for

    Mr HunterF λMr HunterF λÅr sedan
  • I forgot about that chick with the cool hair. Yvette? Was that her name?

    PurushaDesaPurushaDesaÅr sedan
  • I loved the blades SO MUCH. RIP true Xbox. I'll keep you alive in my dreams...

    redslate32redslate32År sedan
  • No one gives the Love that the Xbox deserves :(

    Gustavo GameplayaGustavo GameplayaÅr sedan
  • My list of games get machines goes as a Dragon ,Atari one with the large coloured buttons and had a detachable keyboard , master system , we had a compaq as well (family PC/early Internet) mega drive ,mega cd ,Amega 500+, PlayStation 2/3/4 ,N64 ,Xbox original/360/0ne also had the game gear as well when it came out . Ohh and the Wii as well ! Think that's about it I think !

    Daves RealityDaves RealityÅr sedan
  • I bought a playstation.. queued outside toys r us to get it.. it was incredible.. going from a megadrive to a playstation. I bought an xbox too just to play Halo, played it then never used my xbox again.. im a pc gamer ❤️

    ChloeXianahChloeXianahÅr sedan
  • Slab of plastic is going to be my term for consoles from now on.

    Channel ZeroChannel ZeroÅr sedan
  • The ambient music of the Playstation is nice. It gives off a certain feeling.

    LiokardoLiokardoÅr sedan
  • Just play on PC jesus

    Fenix LolnopeFenix LolnopeÅr sedan
  • I like the 8 bit music for your intro

    Nofe LofeNofe LofeÅr sedan
  • Graphics aside, there really were a ton of great games on the original PSX. While I went the N64 route, I later acquired a PSX and Saturn, and although all three really are unique, I think the PSX has the best library and definitely the cool factor (Sony's advertising back then was really awesome, similar to Sega's early 90's ads). What keeps me from absolutely loving the PSX is that the disc drives were junk, and mine like many others stopped reading discs. You had to turn the damn thing upside-down to get them to read, and that was when it wasn't even 4 years old. Meanwhile, my Saturn still works to this day. The PS2, likewise, was a king when it came to software. The Xbox had been released while I was in boot camp, so when I got out, I bought one. Initially, I liked a lot about that thing, the graphics were cleaner and more detailed, and Halo was a blast. But it kind of felt rather sterile, a very clinical (but incredibly solid and well-executed) first attempt for Microsoft entering the console market. And then my hard drive died, less than two years after I bought the damn thing, and that's when I found out that Microsoft had made it impossible (at the time, anyway) to replace the internal drive, because it was locked to the motherboard. That pissed me off, and combined with the fact that more and more of the games I was interested in playing were on the PS2, I eventually bought a PS2 network adapter bundle... what a bargain that was! Like my PSX, the PS2 laser was also crap and eventually died, but fortunately this time I had the option to add my own hard drive and now I boot all of my games off of that. Long live the fat PS2 with network adapter! Sony really dominated during the PSX and PS2 generations. There were plenty of games for other consoles that I did enjoy and make the others worth owning, but there's no arguing the depth and variety that both Playstation consoles had compared to their competitors. They are the Genesis of their respective generations, one after the other. The PS3 is a fine machine, I guess, but it never really did much for me. I never bought one. While I liked a handful of games here and there on the 360 and PS3, none of them felt like must-haves for me, probably because they were mostly sequels to games I had already played, games that I had or could have on PC, or just games that I didn't feel like buying another console for. And in the case of the PS3, the same thing would always happen: I'd go over a friend's house and they'd try to put a game in only for the system to tell them there was a hour-long download needed before the game could be played, and you couldn't do a damn thing with the system until it was done installing! I do own a PS4 now and I rather like the thing. The interface, as you've explained, is pleasant enough, and I almost never have to wait for the thing to download anything, and even if I do, I can still do something else with it while it downloads. THIS is the killer feature for me, THIS was the truly generational leap I wanted from the PS4 versus the PS3. Convenience and ease of use is still the number one selling point for consoles over PCs, and although I'm a PC guy who loves to tweak stuff, I still buy an occasional console or two just to be able to turn it on and start playing with little to no headache.

    Adam BaldwinAdam BaldwinÅr sedan
  • It's good that you are on my side.

    Aleksander KysiakAleksander KysiakÅr sedan
  • So you missed ps1 and 2? You missed the best gaming at its time.

    David HujikDavid HujikÅr sedan
  • 9:05 Damn you have smooth Hands, NN.

  • I bought an Xbox one s and the interface was so terrible that I couldn't use it and gave up, planning on selling to a guy.

    oali 24oali 24År sedan
  • I still have the playstation 1

    ultraflame42ultraflame42År sedan
  • I know you and Frank are planning to disconnect me... ...and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.

    The SNES ManThe SNES ManÅr sedan
  • Jpan ps4

    Gd StupiderGd StupiderÅr sedan
  • Xbox One Dashboard: Upgrade New Xbox One Dashboard: Upgrade Newest Xbox One Dashboard: Fuck go back

    Andrew MooreAndrew MooreÅr sedan
  • So did you skip the PS2? Oh a feel so bad for you.... I mean i know Xbox had it's online halo thing... But so many good games on the PS2... So many... I lived a block away from the rental shop and was in my early years of high school, so maybe i'm biased.

    TikkaQrowTikkaQrowÅr sedan
  • I think I love that girl with funny hair.

    Canes VenaticiCanes VenaticiÅr sedan
  • Wish I could see girl with funky natural colored hair without creepy ass piercing throughout their body irl.

    Canes VenaticiCanes VenaticiÅr sedan
  • #xboxbringbackTiles

    NickLM2008NickLM2008År sedan
  • How old where you at 2001?

    DexterDexterÅr sedan
  • Honestly, you may like the PS4 interface but I still feel like it was a step down from the PS3 legendary XMB menu. It was so good Retroarch replicated the design for its own frontend!

    Tom MannTom MannÅr sedan
  • yea but is it the wii

    dannydannyÅr sedan
  • For me i had ps1,ps2,xb360,ps4... skip xboxone. 😂

    Batty GhøstBatty GhøstÅr sedan
  • Like the Hal referees

    crispycrispyÅr sedan
  • You were just 1 3dfx card away from total supremacy..... After that 1st one You would have understood you were just 1 upgrade away from future supremacy you were right PlayStation and the like are really just a noob box.

    boxlessthinkingboxlessthinkingÅr sedan
  • xbox getting wrose since 2005

    CE2VaporCE2VaporÅr sedan
  • Xbox the Best Ever

    Usa RghUsa RghÅr sedan
  • This was exactly my route too!

    Billy CupidBilly CupidÅr sedan
  • i honestly loved snap and live tiles they were really what made me love the xbox one.

    Matt StudiosMatt StudiosÅr sedan
  • You made a great choice

    IrocJaredIrocJaredÅr sedan
  • To prioritize downloads go to notifications and click downloads

    SirChimp 44SirChimp 44År sedan
  • Here is how you prioritize downloads. Step 1: Choose which download you want to finish first. Step 2: Cancel all other downloads :) (i don't have a ps4, so i don't knw if that will actually work).

    oopsimdeadoopsimdeadÅr sedan
  • I usually buy whatever my friends have. I started off with a ps2. And around 2009 switched to an Xbox 360 because that’s what all my friends were playing at the time. And everybody switched to ps4 when that came out so that’s what I have now

    ricardomercado10ricardomercado10År sedan
  • The PS3's XMB UI is honestly still my favorite console home screen. So beautiful, even today

    We360We360År sedan
    • Yep same here, around that time they also had the XMB on alot of their TVs and it was just as nice. Also had ALOT of themes to play around with and you could even make your own including the 'dynamic' type.

      TheProtagonist_2X2XTheProtagonist_2X2XÅr sedan
  • I gave up my Xbox 360 for my PS4 so I'm happy even though I only really have 2 games and maybe 4 when kingdom hearts 3 comes out and when I get money for soulcalibur 6

    Luca PeyrefitteLuca PeyrefitteÅr sedan