Mystery Shop Window PC Explored | Nostalgia Nerd

16 apr 2020
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GET NORDLOCKER FREE: Enter coupon code nostalgianerd and get 32% discount with 1 year premium plan.... So, remember that PC I bought from a stationery shop about a year ago. Just sitting in the shop window, like a brand new PC. The only difference being, the hardware was from 1994. Well, it's time to crack open that PC and find what's lurking inside.
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  • Several of my friends had these. I stuck with my home built AMD 386DX40. They could not figure out how it ran just as fast as their Dells. Actually ran it until I built a new Cyrix 200 machine which was another winner IMO.

    squib 31squib 3117 dagar sedan
  • 1:50 Who's Adele Keyboard?

    Bla FaselBla Fasel17 dagar sedan
  • My father owned a 486DX2-66. I loved that machine. It replaces our 386SX-16. Massive step up.

    Troy MitchellTroy Mitchell22 dagar sedan
  • I love your enthusiasm for vintage computers, and I enjoy watching the reminders about how bad they really were. I don't miss them at all.

    Joe GardinaJoe Gardina24 dagar sedan
  • 80 quid? You got fleeced!

    KubeSquaredKubeSquared25 dagar sedan
  • I like how the retro tech SEworldrs name their PCs. So now Nostalgia Nerd now has the Stationary Shop PC, whilst LGR has his Woodgrain PC, and Michael MJD has his 5-dollar PC.

    elucidateelucidate25 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for taking time to have actual captions for the Deaf. That PC takes me back.

    Jim WillisJim Willis29 dagar sedan
  • BERT!!!!

    Cally EmbyCally EmbyMånad sedan
  • Watching this, I feel like I'm in a 1970s airport lounge sipping babycham.

    Rob ScovellRob ScovellMånad sedan
  • Kind of interesting how it went from "DUDE! You're getting a DELL!" to, "'re getting a DELL...?" Edit: Also, out of pure curiosity, why is it that Brits say numbers like they do? I'd say 1280x1024 as, "twelve eighty by ten twenty-four", but it's strange to hear it said as, "one two eighty by one zero twenty-four". Even, "one thousand, two-hundred and eighty by one thousand and twenty-four" sounds a bit more reasonable.

    ChozoSR388ChozoSR388Månad sedan
  • Fuck. Why do videos with ads have ad videos on them? Ads on ads on ads. Get another source of income, dick.

    Spike KastlemanSpike KastlemanMånad sedan
  • Wow this computer is so much like the computer that got me into learning and using computers.

    Jacob PersicoJacob PersicoMånad sedan
  • The first computer that really got me into learning computers ran Windows 3.11 My mom baught it in the 90s.

    Jacob PersicoJacob PersicoMånad sedan
  • 6:41 Oh that brings back memories. I remember that earear sound and the boot up display saying it's accessing high memory.

    Jacob PersicoJacob PersicoMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry vintage porn?

    Vincent HernandezVincent HernandezMånad sedan
  • very cool. I remember it took a a lot to pull me away from my DOS prompt. I hated the idea of a OS other than DOS. I remember installing windows 95 using 35 floppies and after all that I uninstalled straight away for my cherished DOS prompt. But, eventually I gave way and dual or even triple boot my machine to include 95, DOS 6.22 and IBM OS2 yah those were the days.

    mcorrademcorrade2 månader sedan
  • Eventually creating texured backgrounds in paint... Ah yes. That alone.

    Cyn HicksCyn Hicks2 månader sedan
  • is it still open???

    MarioRavioliMarioRavioli2 månader sedan
  • Yeah man 01:47

  • Jill, what do you think of the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre ?

    Salty NutsSalty Nuts2 månader sedan
  • 5:16 "Made in Ireland". Well then, that's something you don't see these days, anywhere in Europe or the US.

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • Wait, you call them "fingerscrews" instead of "thumbscrews" over there? Utter chaos.

    ra kerra ker2 månader sedan
  • My home city. Love your content dude.

    EmilyPhil GoodsonEmilyPhil Goodson2 månader sedan
  • What a waste of 80 pounds

    Simon FranceSimon France2 månader sedan
  • Back in 1998-2000 I worked for a local (to Norwich) company called matrix group ltd, who specialised in buying company computers in bulk, wiping them and setting them up for home users, the boss of the company was also the sales man and 90% of what he would say was that every computer would do “word processing” because back then that’s really all they were good for. We literally sold hundreds of these set ups and I would not be surprised if we sold this one, we had a ware house stacked with those keyboards and monitors and the 32x cd rom drive is definitely the same style of cheap off brand model we use to fit. Pushing the need for a cd rom drive was an easy way to make some extra money on every computer sold. Almost all the computers we sold at that time had windows 3.1 unless you wanted to pay extra. Basically we would install 3.1 without a licence but you’d have to pay for a win95 licence. We would also fit a 56k modem if you wanted (it was a bitch on these machines) likely because of the dodgy software distribution the company never branded or marked their computers in any way and normally we used sprays and scrapers to remove any evidence of the previous corporate owner. If you wanted something new and better then you have better like Cyrix processors the company is long since dead, it was based on Belmore road in Thorpe and I think it was Anglia Internet that appeared just round the corner from someone’s garage and grew and eventually took its place. These videos help me reminisce about the crap I used to have to nail together back then.

    PuntoHowtoPuntoHowto2 månader sedan
  • Sings "How much is that PC in the window?"

    Woof GbrukWoof Gbruk2 månader sedan
  • This doesn't surprise me at all, many electronics shops are behind the times and selling decades old hardware for today's prices. One of our local shops in town was trying to sell one of those knock-off NES Classics that had something like 5000 games on it for $200 and they sell the long since defunct PS/2 mouse/keyboard adapters for a whopping $15. I don't mean the PS/2 to USB either, I mean the old serial port adapters. BUT. I can't beat the price on their used DVD's and bluerays :D

    cujoedamancujoedaman3 månader sedan
  • If Techmoan was into old desktop computers, he would have simply replaced the belts in that cd drive.

    StryfordStryford3 månader sedan
  • Hotdog stand looks surprisingly tame in the video :-D In my memory the yellow is much more saturated and annoying. My favourite colour scheme at that time was Neon though, perfected with a homebrew background image designed in Paint - a black background with multi-coloured random airbrush strokes all over! I wonder if I still have one of the PCs running that design! My secondary school had the brilliant idea of buying 21 used IBM PS/Value Point 486 DX/2 66 machines in late 1997 or early 1998 as they were phased out by a bank. The school then proceeded to upgrade them with dirt-cheap sound cards no one ever managed to get as much as a simple beep out of, 32x CD-ROM drives and Windows 95B. Pretty much all of them had 8 MB RAM and 250 MB WD hard drives, which were close to full with Win 95 and Office 97. Putting one computer without much software and no printer into each classroom quickly proved useless and after less than two years, all but two of them were broken, downright vandalised. Cables were cut using Swiss army knives and the most common issue was people going into DOS mode and entering the only command everyone seemed to know: "FORMAT C:". Since we were left to play with these machines pretty much unsupervised I rather quickly did two things: downgrade the bloody thing to DOS 5 and Windows 3.1 (including a whole bunch of software, e.g. a pirated copy of Word 2.1 and various abandonware games) and sourcing a free Citizen dot matrix printer. Especially after some people discovered that QBasic would let you play Snakes (remember, these were the days of Nokia 3310 phones in the hands of all middle-class teenagers!) the computer was considered highly valuable :-) The lock on that Dell reminds me of one more upgrade I performed ^^ As I said, almost all of those IBMs had one single 8 MB SIMM. Except for one, which had two of them installed. While it still worked, it was one of those machines that were never used so I figured no one would actually notice if half the 16 MB were gone. One day I snuck into that classroom and quietly removed one of the SIMMs, transferring it to our own computer. In early 2000 the school moved buildings and took away all those classroom PCs to furnish one of the new PC labs. Around a year later funds became available for new PCs for that lab and we got one of the old ones back because I was on good terms with the IT admin. Again, only 8 MB and loaded with Win 95. This one got upgraded with two more 8 MB SIMMs that were thrown away left and right at that time, DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11 and Word 6.0. I even managed to find a graphics driver for the onboard video that let us use a 17" CRT at 1024x768 16-bit colour! The 9-pin Citizen printer got upgraded to an Epson LQ-100 24-pin that had a proper sheet feeder and produced quite reasonable output for a dot matrix printer. The setup stayed like that until I finished school in 2003. At that point the admin told me I could have the whole setup or it'd be thrown away. Of course I took it!

    Ragnar8504Ragnar85043 månader sedan
  • Stop getting vpns they don't work all they do is change locations not your mac or iP address

    james marshalljames marshall3 månader sedan
  • On older machines, I've found that 16x cd ROMs run best. I've had a few of those 32x cd ROMs that just are utter junk. I think there were a few people fooled by a double the speed CDROM that didn't have the read capability (using software to govern it down to 8x usually worked). I miss my 486dxII. It was a great little chip in its day. I found it much more capable of running games than a P90 I had as a spare pc. Good job you noticed the defective floppy before it wrecked anything else. I had an elonex pc and board with the same type of arrangement as yours. However, when I upgraded the CPU, the voltage settings blew the clock chip for some reason. The circuitry was sensitive in those days with zero engineered forgiveness

    Pen FoldPen Fold3 månader sedan
  • I am restoring a similar machine and want to add an isa sound card. I’m finding it difficult to source a reasonably priced one on eBay. Any suggestions? And what price should I consider reasonable? Doesn’t have to be ‘the best’ just looking to get audio in a few games running. I’m in the uk btw.

    Daniel RoseDaniel Rose3 månader sedan
  • Love the sound of the old keyboard and machine noises takes me back they just so different to today’s machines :)

    LETZ VISITLETZ VISIT3 månader sedan
  • Where is a safe place to download doom for my laptop now !?

    LETZ VISITLETZ VISIT3 månader sedan
    • gog

      Dalle SmalhalsDalle Smalhals2 månader sedan
  • Is Norwich your local area then? Always lobe your look into the past I feel 80s computer nostalgia and into early 90s was the best ever I owned Atari 2600 spectrum rubber keys model and then gameboy NES and so forth such great times As Lao had 486 pc playing lemmings on it with my school friends times as good as they are just ain’t the same keep up good work

    LETZ VISITLETZ VISIT3 månader sedan
  • Man I put 300 of these onto pallets and sent them to auction back when we were doing Y2K compliance work.

    nuanilnuanil3 månader sedan
  • You suck at solitaire dude.

    Johnny PopeJohnny Pope4 månader sedan
  • Does this PC have a sound card in it?

    Lachlant1984Lachlant19844 månader sedan
  • i was wondering what office system the red key markings were used for. doesn't look like Office Power (I had to check with as my memory is failing) Office Power and then TeamWare were ICL's equivalent to Microsoft Office/Exchange today.

    David Paul MorganDavid Paul Morgan4 månader sedan
  • 'Page', surely you mean Sage? Looks like a 'hacked' copy.

    Nigel HallNigel Hall5 månader sedan
  • Alright...I'm at the very beginning and I am not reading the comments section yet. I want to take a crack at this mystery PC. I don't think it's of the 286/386 variant. I'm guessing it's either a 486 or Pentium/Pentium PRO...let's see how I did. Aaaaannnndddd I was right! It's a 486DX2 just like my first PC.

    Sinn0100Sinn01005 månader sedan
  • Could you do an in place upgrade of this to Windows 95?

    Joel HJoel H5 månader sedan
  • I remember upgrading my PC to a 486 DX2 66 from an SX 33, I played DOOM all night and failed several tests at school the next day, I think I actually fell asleep during one of them. A lot of the time the integrated graphics on those Dells, HPs and Compaqs were actually bloody good or more to the point, bloody good for the previous generation :P I still remember getting my first PCI graphics card, I had never seen DOOM without a huge border run so smooth then bloody Quake came out and I was right back to slide shows :'( The "family PC" could play anything I liked but I had to wait till my very religious family had gone to bed and play without sound, headphones would have meant I wouldn't hear it if anyone woke up and came my way :P

    XaltarXaltar5 månader sedan
  • LOLOLOL... that lock key took me back... I used to hide my buds n cone and lock it.. ahh them times

    Raz KhanRaz Khan5 månader sedan
  • Love this, it's like a proper US style thrift shop, super rare in the UK (I've certainly never seen one!).

    Richard HammerRichard Hammer6 månader sedan
    • Some bigger Oxfams are a bit like that. A lot of second hand shops can't sell electronic things for now because they need to be safety tested, and give a mandatory 1-year warranty, so they just don't bother.

      World Comics ReviewWorld Comics Review3 månader sedan
  • Isn't Stewart Ashen (Ashens) from Norwich too?

    Iain CowellIain Cowell6 månader sedan
  • The place I worked at in the late 90s had a bunch of these. We had them running Win 95 and then later Win 98. Unbelieveably the Service Code on the back (JKP4C) still works on the Dell website. Looks like it has the original hard drive but it would have had a 3Com 3c509 network card installed at the factory.

    snoballsnoball6 månader sedan
  • nice KB, she alone was worth it to buy this machine

    Alt TAlt T6 månader sedan
  • 4:40 1280 by 124... that's an unusual resolution for a screen.

    Vienna BindersVienna Binders6 månader sedan
  • that boot time tho... testing all of that ram and detecting the cd-rom 🤣🤣 the days.....

    Dane HenryDane Henry6 månader sedan
  • I'm watching this on my Optiplex computer at work in 2020. It's crazy to realize how long the Optiplex model has been going!

    samysnessamysnes6 månader sedan
  • Have you got a Tiny PC? They were very unreliable, they stopped working after a year, Tiny even went bust as a result.

    Warren DavisWarren Davis6 månader sedan
  • Is it weird that I really miss doing defrags?

    Nicole WrenNicole Wren6 månader sedan
  • can you make another video about programming a game on commodore 64

    Ruphus BauRuphus Bau6 månader sedan
  • Why do I watch this stuff?? VISA? so sweet

    Gman SupremeGman Supreme6 månader sedan
  • Man, when that floppy drive make the start sound... uhm uhm... 🤗

    Ruben de LeónRuben de León6 månader sedan
  • Doesn't even run Doom. Waste of materials.

    Chester RicoChester Rico6 månader sedan
  • i always configured my dos to have more than 600kb of base memory.

    walliesherewallieshere6 månader sedan
  • I have a PackardBell 486 dx2-66 with a Speed star Pro Vesa local bus card in it, as my nostalga dos box. looks pretty much like this one. I wonder if we can get a SSD for the old 40 pin IDE connector and upgrade the (inevitably going to die) old hard drives in these things.

    Dj McculloughDj Mccullough6 månader sedan
    • Get an IDE to SD controller

      Dalle SmalhalsDalle Smalhals2 månader sedan
  • oh man, all those oldschool wallpapers. nice. talk about bringing back memories.

    Dj McculloughDj Mccullough6 månader sedan
  • More PC vintage goodness. I love this! Great video and thank you for the upload. Correct! You and we can't get enough of this nostalgia.

    Clint ThompsonClint Thompson6 månader sedan
  • Thank you, your video and your voice are a sight for sore eyes. Quarantine days made life harder, i felt the impact too. Really went depressed these 3 or 4 days. Glad to hear your voice again. Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia. Stay Safe Nostalgia Nerd.

    Petir GardaPetir Garda6 månader sedan
  • Never thought I would regret throwing away all my old CRT's (I had the same monitor as shown here - still have the system which belongs to it though - same buttons and coloring scheme)

    Marco not on facebookMarco not on facebook6 månader sedan
  • Don't you open that Trap Door!

    RichardRichard6 månader sedan
  • I don’t see the big deal about the monitor, keyboard, and PC being separately branded- you always buy them separately anyway, especially if you build your own system, but even if you buy a prebuilt, it still won’t always come with monitor or keyboard.

    Game Corner PlaythroughsGame Corner Playthroughs6 månader sedan
  • The whole "Windows 3.1 isn't really an operating system" thing is actually a bit of a misconception. Or rather, it highlights how well Microsoft managed at making the transition between DOS and Windows seamless. Windows 3.1 very much IS an operating system, but it's just structured in a way which to the modern eye seems incredibly bizarre. The kernel is actually 32-bit code and does proper multitasking - but the things it multitasks are NOT Windows applications, but rather 16-bit virtual DOS machines, some of which may just run as normal DOS windows, some of which may run device drivers, and one of which is the 16-bit Windows environment. Windows applications within the latter are then cooperatively multitasked (ie not "proper" multitasking) but there's some incredibly clever code that sits in the kernel such that when you press ctrl+alt+delete you can normally get out of a "stuck" Windows application without bringing down the rest of your applications. Why have this bizarre architecture? Simple, because it allowed people without the fancy new 32-bit Enhanced Mode (386) CPUs to run effectively just the Windows bit directly on hardware without the kernel; in that case of course you lose the ability to multitask with DOS applications and you lost the ability to use the fancy new (more importantly, faster) Windows device drivers (though actually 3.1 dropped support for "Real Mode" and required a 286 with "protected mode" which allowed it to provide some very rudimentary features but not full DOS multitasking like on a 386). Windows 95 was the first consumer OS that really works in a familiar way compared to modern Windows, though it still made several compromises either for backwards compatibility or to meet the target system requirements.

    Muzer0Muzer06 månader sedan
  • I got the same one for 50 cent's at Goodwill before the virus days.

    Jason T WynnJason T Wynn6 månader sedan
  • I usually have listening to the sponsorship bits in videos but even I have to admit that was a smooth segway into the sponsor. I've literally dreamed of finding an old and in decent shape computer like this, but most I find it a falling apart Windows XP tower.

    Red KarnsteinRed Karnstein6 månader sedan
  • Please DO NOT GET A DOUBLE SPACE on any IBM-PC CLONE. NO!! NO NO!! . If You Really, REALLY know about old MS-DOS machines never you run Double Space, it's Idiot. Sorry, NO NO NO. Please, please, Stop to Share that ideas.

    Hanagomi kusohanaHanagomi kusohana6 månader sedan
  • Wait, a single SIMM? I didn't know SIMMs worked in odd numbers!

    AntneeAntnee6 månader sedan
  • "A couple of finger screws and a slide". Reminds me of the local municipal playground when I was a kid.

    jaxtrawjaxtraw6 månader sedan
  • Who is the guy peeking at you from behind the desk?

    Trapline JamsTrapline Jams6 månader sedan
  • I remember that stationary shop and was a little sad to see it shut but it really came as no surprise. I never saw a single customer in there and pretty much everything in the window was yellowed as if it had been in stock for years. Like a lot of shops down Magdalen Street and other back roads in Norwich really, almost stuck in a time warp.

    FlyboyFlyboy6 månader sedan
  • It was the dogs nuts!?? _wtf_

    thecount25thecount256 månader sedan
  • 8bitguy cameo at 10:46 ;)

    GermanAnimeFansGermanAnimeFans6 månader sedan
  • Nice machine

    Crusader 2.0 _ LoadingCrusader 2.0 _ Loading6 månader sedan
  • I used to have that Panasonic printer! Think I bought it for my Amiga in the early 90s.

    DavidDavid6 månader sedan
  • Q: how forward-compatible is the software from that era? Ignoring virtualisation, what is the newest bare-bones PC hardware that will still run DOS 6.22, Wfw 3.11 and DOS era games? Same question for later versions of Windows?

    RR6 månader sedan
  • lol 16k sectors. That is one mean sized hardrive. 10mb less could allow for 8kb sectors and save about 30mb in space overall. But what a nice find. Very nice computer.

    wishus knightwishus knight6 månader sedan
  • 'Elegant' is only reserved for Sir Clive! not for other people. Super! Best Regards Volker from Vienna

    Volker KingVolker King6 månader sedan
  • 16 megs of ram in a dx2/66? Holy shit! I still had 4 on mine as bought, upgraded to 8. The difference between dos 6.2 to 21 to 22 is very minimal, as long as you don’t want to use doublespace.

    Jasper JanssenJasper Janssen6 månader sedan
  • Wouldn’t you want to use different music so it’s not a TOTAL blatant LGR ripoff?

    The FonzThe Fonz6 månader sedan
  • you ran QBasic but didn’t play Gorillas? for shame!

    MurderMostFowlMurderMostFowl6 månader sedan
  • Cirrus logic high performance??? Blaspheme! ATI Mach 64GT VLB forever! 😉

    MurderMostFowlMurderMostFowl6 månader sedan
  • A ppc would froze if they tried this on their

    Formula1MadxFormula1Madx6 månader sedan

    Hamtaro126Hamtaro1266 månader sedan
  • Wow Magdeaen street, that takes me back, I spent so much money in Greg's records and second hand land. :D

    Mike JohnsonMike Johnson6 månader sedan
  • I really need to find a nice Beige LCD like that benq, I really dont understand the heavy nostalgia for CRT's honestly I didnt even like them as a kid and was always left wondering why they didnt make computer monitors like they did laptop monitors when I first saw color laptops in the mid 90's.

    AllboroLCDAllboroLCD6 månader sedan
  • Brings it all back for me.

    dxutubedxutube6 månader sedan
  • 4:16 I had one of those in my 486

    dxutubedxutube6 månader sedan
  • Pure nostalgia ! Thanks ! (IT Professional 1987-2012) : )

    Peter PiperPeter Piper6 månader sedan
  • Needs a powerleap 5x86 133

    philip diasphilip dias6 månader sedan
  • Where is the porn?

    kaczan3kaczan36 månader sedan
  • It was a nice time when you knew what just about every file on your computer was for, or at least where it came from. Stuff just goes everywhere now, and there's aspects to Windows that we'll never know everything about. I would consume every piece of information I could find about command line options for things like DOS utilities, trying to see if there was some new trick I could take advantage of. It always seemed like there were secrets to discover, so computers were still very magical and exciting to me. Even when you delved into the realm of assembly code, interrupts, and I/O ports, things like Ralf Brown's Interrupt List was this treasure trove of secrets about your hardware, waiting to be tapped into on the lowest levels. Computers just don't offer that kind of fascination anymore, though, I don't believe. There's just so many layers of code to get anywhere near the hardware. Minimal tweaks rarely gain you any noticeable horsepower. Things like Raspberry Pi exist, but even Linux is a mess of abstraction to get through. I guess I miss DOS and all the potential it offered. I just don't miss real mode and segmented memory.

    FyberOpticFyberOptic6 månader sedan
  • 5:08 Whoa I never noticed this! That's an interesting SMD package O__O looks like THT bent out of shape, haha!

    The CheatermanThe Cheaterman6 månader sedan
  • I still regret clearing out all my PC base machines under 1Ghz... I did keep all my old Macs though!

    Fifury161Fifury1616 månader sedan
  • That CD-ROM drive is perched at an odd angle...

    FockinmokybokkaFockinmokybokka6 månader sedan
  • This a GDPR nightmare... :)

    Κωνσταντίνος ΚαρβουνιάρηςΚωνσταντίνος Καρβουνιάρης6 månader sedan