Using Carts on Your PC with PiePacker | Nostalgia Nerd

28 apr 2021
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Piepacker Kickstarter (Until May 21st 2021): Welcome to the world of Piepacker, an online service that allows you play retro games over the internet with friends, and using something called the PieReader, to actually play NES, SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive cartridges on your PC and through the internet. You can even bring your own digital ROMs, if you have them! What a time to be alive.
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  • This is the very definition of an answer to a question that no-one asked.

    Sp1der 1976Sp1der 19763 timmar sedan
  • This is an ad masquerading as something else.

    The Cat ManThe Cat ManDag sedan
  • sorry, parsec and discord does the job, just see you in 2 more years when the services die without any trace and the kickstarter rewards are not even sent to the backers

    BroderBroder3 dagar sedan
    • i really like the idea of using actual carts to play the games on your pc via the cloud and with friends, but expecting from small companies promising cloud services, i really dont trust it after seeing too many services come and die

      BroderBroder3 dagar sedan
  • Perhaps adding "pie" to the name was a poor choice of words. Since all this made me think of was the Raspberry Pi, which is pretty cheap, loaded with RetroPi. Tbh an adaptor that allows you to play real retro games via RetroPi could have been interesting....this just feels a little misleading.

    Hanro50Hanro503 dagar sedan
  • you look so unhappy doing this "sponsored" review

    Mr KenzoMr Kenzo5 dagar sedan
  • Kickstarter + dubious "innovation" + small company on which said "innovation" TOTALLY depends ? Yeah sure. that's a dislike.

    Arc2301Arc23015 dagar sedan
  • The title is awfully misleading. "Using carts on your PC with PiePacker" ...But the cart addon "isn't ready yet". The title should be "Yet another cloud gaming service demo".

    DoktorSleeplessDoktorSleepless5 dagar sedan
  • Seemingly clever... but why..? I presume the plan is to pretend to use a networked cartridge adaptor so the 'developers' can claim they aren't just serving ROMz running on freely available emulators that already have networked multiplay via some kind of probably fleeting cloud service? Will punters fall for it? Will IP holders?

    Charles MouseCharles Mouse7 dagar sedan
  • these people know that emulators exist right?. and I'm the first to say "emulation is not the same" and prefer the real hardware on a crt tv to play older consoles, but if you are going to play killer instinct for snes over the internet, you might as well use an emulator. who is this for?. retro games enthusiast already know emulators exist or have the real hardware. casual audience would default to emulators or online sites "hey, you can play bomberman on this web page! I remember playing it when I was a kid", or re-releases and virtual consoles or whatever. I don't see the point of this.

    PelgerPelger8 dagar sedan
  • They made you sign that contact so you don't call it poo packer.

    turbine graphics 16turbine graphics 168 dagar sedan
  • This looks promising

    Binary FineryBinary Finery9 dagar sedan
    • emulators with online multiplayer already existed in the early 2000s. this thing is pointless.

      PelgerPelger8 dagar sedan
  • No no no, you invite friends and you all play on real Nintendo/Sega/Sony on CRT otherwise you go to Hell. Not even real but streamed from the cloud with compression artifacts and input lag

    e8roote8root9 dagar sedan
  • 7:07 What Game is this?

    Chris JorenbyChris Jorenby9 dagar sedan
  • 6:45 Liked this video because rattie.

    The DeeThe Dee11 dagar sedan
  • Was anybody else caught off guard by the fact he was flexing dollars? 0:24

    Jacob StewartJacob Stewart11 dagar sedan
  • Ha, this is a low.

    Richard MRichard M11 dagar sedan
  • Food for thought, throbbing-cherry!

    Samuel StinsonSamuel Stinson12 dagar sedan
  • Mortal Kombat Online will be nice

    Red ScorpionRed Scorpion12 dagar sedan
    • Thank god fightcade already exists and is free

      Ian CampbellIan Campbell11 dagar sedan
  • The fact it uses cloud service instead of local emulation kills it instantly for me. Who thought needing to be connected to the internet to play a retro game was a good idea.

    FloppyDriveMaestroFloppyDriveMaestro12 dagar sedan
  • Piepacker: We've got Glover, Glover, ehh Glover... Game Grumps: Well, what about Glover? Piepacker: I don't kno...ohhh MY GOD (+12 more copies of Glover)

    ApolloluxApollolux12 dagar sedan
  • So I actually like the idea of the product on offer but what are the odds of it being around several years down the road?

    Ivan SorensenIvan Sorensen13 dagar sedan
  • I hate everything about this product

    AndoAndo13 dagar sedan
  • So glad you put up the "dramatised footage" message, as for a moment there....

    Nigel DraycottNigel Draycott13 dagar sedan
  • this reminds me of i the only one?

    Paul RipperPaul Ripper13 dagar sedan
  • If this would just works offline. At least optionally so that you would not need any internet shenanigans.

    vdgjollyvdgjolly13 dagar sedan
  • I'd definitely be interested in knowing how well this Piepacker/Piereader thing handles things like Sonic 3 & Knuckles - the locked-on cartridge pair, I mean - and carts that use special chips like Star Fox and Yoshi's Island.

    DaWreckaDaWrecka14 dagar sedan
    • @DaWrecka I know, I prefer original hardware, but this thing doesn't even use the cartridges to play, they use a cloud based emulation. the cartridge is like a copyright drm check. the device is pointless.

      PelgerPelger8 dagar sedan
    • @Pelger Oh, I know. I even have S3&K on my PSP phat. And Sonic 3 Complete. But there's still something... gratifying about playing original carts, or on original hardware, or both.

      DaWreckaDaWrecka8 dagar sedan
    • those games have been playable on emulators since the late 90s.

      PelgerPelger8 dagar sedan
    • It just reads the rom header from and streams the game from their servers. You literally aren’t using any of your own hardware other than to verify and have a rom dump streamed to you.

      Ian CampbellIan Campbell11 dagar sedan
  • This comes across as a 12 minute advertisement for a service that is obsolete at launch and does things that free programs already do.

    Gallahad _Gallahad _14 dagar sedan
  • The intro gag was killer

    Douglas MokDouglas Mok15 dagar sedan
  • I was expecting a cartridge reader for emulators like RetroArch, Snes9x, Project64 etc... but the cloud thing seems useless to me as Parsec and Discord exist and this may not in the future.

    B TargB Targ15 dagar sedan
    • Retrode is a cartridge reader for emulators and doesn’t rely on internet or cloud based anything, load your own carts in any emulator as if the cart was a mass storage device on your pc

      Ian CampbellIan Campbell11 dagar sedan
  • i need that hoodie..

    Joe MeehanJoe Meehan15 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I'd never sign up for this.

    Fear Labs AudioFear Labs Audio15 dagar sedan
  • Already been doing this for ages on my channel using Parsec :) even 3 or 4 player Daytona Arcade so this is nothing new I am afraid.

    Retr0RewindRetr0Rewind15 dagar sedan
    • Thanks I forgot about Parsec,Im just wondering can I play Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Online with Parsec

      Red ScorpionRed Scorpion12 dagar sedan
  • >kickstarter >cloud services >chrome only wow this sucks

    CIA PrisonerCIA Prisoner15 dagar sedan
  • Having the cartridge reader is a good way to get around the pieracy (get it?) problem. Although they might still get pinged on the copy protection built into the cartridges. At least here it's perfectly legal to backup a cartridge or a game or movie on DVD or Blu-ray, but it's illegal to circumvent a copy protection system. Doesn't stop people from doing it, but we've also got laws that stop copyright holders from demanding punitive damages from copyright cases, so they can literally only sue for their loss, which would be the price of the game or movie. Anyway, I think they could've come up with a better name though. It's clearly a rip-off of retropie. They named it after the part of retropie that doesn't even refer to the games, it refers to the hardware, and this platform has nothing to do with the raspberry pie. That being said, I can see how this would appeal to people who want to play retro games with their friends over the Internet. You can't do that with a retropie. And the cartridge reader is a clever way of getting around the fact that they'll never get a deal with Sega or Nintendo to run those games on their platform. I just wish I had some games that I could use with the thing!

    UpLateGeekUpLateGeek15 dagar sedan
  • I guess this would be nice for the technological illiterate but I'm pretty sure that most that would even hear about this kickstarter could quite easily wrap their brains around parsec and a few emulators, less you think being able to use one of your old game cartridges on a slave device that isn't even the original system is nostalgic enough to warrant the purchase. Nor can it even operate on its own without a computer making the purchase even more pointless to many. Using an emulator with parsec and a few controller adapters for cheaper is about equally as legitimate as this product yet I bet they don't even allow you to dump ur own roms using that thing.

    DoegizDoegiz15 dagar sedan
  • On a serious note though, does anyone still use Netscape?

    Christian Blaze BlankChristian Blaze Blank15 dagar sedan
  • Why would I pay some joker to play retro games online when there are so many other cheaper ways to do this already?

    leo andersleo anders15 dagar sedan
  • Fun

    Agent OfficeAgent Office15 dagar sedan
  • 1:00 - C'mon... We all know the deal with Mario... He's an Italian, the Moors and so-forth...

    Snarkastic DoucheSnarkastic Douche15 dagar sedan
    • I mean... if it stops working, you can always paint it black I guess.

      Snarkastic DoucheSnarkastic Douche15 dagar sedan
    • Seriously, what kind of "racist" comment could you make about a piece of video game hardware?

      Snarkastic DoucheSnarkastic Douche15 dagar sedan
  • The dislikes and astounding idiocy in the comments is really sad to see, but sadly not surprising at all. Really good video as usual, thanks for the work! Hope the dumb fucks in the comments either learn that they're too dumb for anyone to want to hear their opinions or learn to use basic logic.

    Marcus LindgrenMarcus Lindgren15 dagar sedan
    • What idiocy? We’re absolutely right, you can literally already do everything Piepacker is offering with free software, and if you want to use your actual carts thats possible too with a retrode. This device has zero purpose, anyone who wants to play retro games over netplay already can. This video is basically a commercial for a yet to be fulfilled Kickstarter that has a ton of red flags. Please actually reply back with a point other than just calling us stupid.

      Ian CampbellIan Campbell15 dagar sedan
  • In the opening scene where you're got that money gun, why are you using American money.? Never forget your roots pal...what's wrong with English money? Just a thought.

    Colin Everton ETIDColin Everton ETID15 dagar sedan
  • So instead of transferring a few Mb for the game's ROM and running it locally with zero lag, they transfer Gb of video as a stream and you suffer all the downsides of a cloud gaming service. Sounds dumb!

    LufferovLufferov15 dagar sedan
  • So you dont actually have any of the hardware? How are you giving a review at all? Junk

    hunger993hunger99315 dagar sedan
  • great idea, hope people pick up on it.

    charles moralescharles morales15 dagar sedan
    • horrible idea, it's nothing that couldn't already be done in the early 2000s, best case scenario it's misguided people making a pointless thing, worst case scenario it's a scam.

      PelgerPelger8 dagar sedan
  • It seems odd that it comes with PS1 games pre-installed (Descent II) but you can't play actual PS1 discs with it apparently. What's up with that?

    Dessert MonkeyDessert Monkey15 dagar sedan
  • There would be huge lag controlling the game over the internet

    neophytealphaneophytealpha15 dagar sedan
    • @Red Scorpion The nature of internet, bandwidth, DNS servers, ISPs, and the speed of light

      neophytealphaneophytealpha12 dagar sedan
    • How do you know?

      Red ScorpionRed Scorpion12 dagar sedan
  • Retrode 2 allows you to use your retro game cartridges already. Already has more systems.

    neophytealphaneophytealpha15 dagar sedan
  • I thought it said PiPacker when I clicked

    personwhodumbpersonwhodumb15 dagar sedan

    ObiTrevObiTrev16 dagar sedan
  • 3:09 talking about retro gaming and shows 2 cute gals on discord. False advertising, girls don't play retro .. Or games at all, gamer girls are a myth, like dragons or unicorns.. Or free-to-play games lol

    Mash RienMash Rien16 dagar sedan
  • Nintendo is going to hit them with a C&D before any of those cartridge readers ever get delivered. It sounds about as "legal" as those old Russian MP3 websites that cost pennies each because of "Russian radio laws". No way in hell that Bring Your Own ROM thing sticks around.

    sheik124sheik12416 dagar sedan
  • I'm kind of curious how you know they're not just verifying you own a game and then using a ROM at their end to run the thing, given it kind of looks like you always need to be connected to the cloud service anyway? ROMs are even mentioned later on, anyway.

    FeldherrenFeldherren16 dagar sedan
  • Of _course_ Descent II plays and feels like itself! Because it IS itself; just like everything else plays and feels like whatever version of _itself_ it is.

    Hello Kitty Lover Man!Hello Kitty Lover Man!16 dagar sedan
  • It bums me out this will probably never take off :( well actually no, I see what their trying to do here but does anyone care?

    Michael StevenMichael Steven16 dagar sedan
  • Kickstarter!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Shane EllisShane Ellis16 dagar sedan
  • this sucks bud

    Rachel KnightRachel Knight16 dagar sedan
  • Awww you couldn't be racist? No deal. (/S)

    Dead BaronDead Baron16 dagar sedan
  • What I predict will happen is "bring your own game" will only work with selected games Piepacker negotiate rights to, and not with arbitrary cartridges/ROMs. The copyright holder of the game also has copyright of the video (jointly with the player), it's a derivative work, and anyway the ROM is copied to Piepacker's servers. Even if the law would consider it fair use the company can't afford to defend the lawsuit. And that's one of the better scenarios here.

    CantabCantab16 dagar sedan
  • I still play my Gameboy games on my 2003 GameCube 😉

    James NewmanJames Newman16 dagar sedan
  • Kickstarter 1 out 10, throbbing cherry 10 out of 10.

    SimonSimon16 dagar sedan
  • Is this an ad or a review video...?

    noornoor16 dagar sedan
  • Awwhh.. Didn't see any R19 springs on that eBay crawl!!

    64restore64restore16 dagar sedan
  • What a load of shite this fudge packer thing is!

    Paulie's ChannelPaulie's Channel16 dagar sedan
  • playing multiplayer by just sharing a link sounds good. usually setting up emulators at each player and then playing using the emulators network play options is quite a hassle. especially when you have less tech savvy friends...

    Crowbar VikingCrowbar Viking16 dagar sedan
    • This! Idea like this are always about the convenience factor. It's such a pain in the arse to set up a multiplayer game when the other person is really not interested in even trying to set it up. With this you can do all the work on your side and just chuck them a link. It sounds great. I dunno how long it will last though.

      PrincescytherPrincescyther11 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if the Pie Reader actually reads and dumps the cartridge you insert, or if it identifies it, and matches it to a ROM already on their servers.

    Michael VaughanMichael Vaughan16 dagar sedan
    • > The PieReader does not allow you to dump and save your game like most cartridge dumpers. It’s a read only process that only works on our platform.

      Florian RabeFlorian Rabe16 dagar sedan
    • Who knows.. I thought the purpose of this video was to explain all this going by the title and thumbnail but nope. Just an advert for a streaming service.

      Duke DudestonDuke Dudeston16 dagar sedan
  • What game is that at the 7:08 mark?!

    Golan KlingerGolan Klinger16 dagar sedan
    • Thanks to the Nostalgia Nerd for letting me know that the name of the game is "Micro Mages"!

      Golan KlingerGolan Klinger9 dagar sedan
  • First time Mr. Nerd got a thumbs down from me 😐

    rockapartierockapartie16 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, I can see a ton of security issues with remote access to your computer through the browser app.

  • What the...? Did you get paid for this commercial?

    YouTube WatcherYouTube Watcher16 dagar sedan
  • Cloud based service that delivers emulated roms of your carts to play with hardware you have to buy??? This is a pretty stupid product, TBH. If you own the carts already, just use emulators to play with your friends. They've supported TCP/IP net play for literal decades.

    chbruleschbrules16 dagar sedan
  • So this is just a giant advert, nice.

    GazOutbreakGazOutbreak16 dagar sedan
  • Life time membership ... until the service gets cancelled due to lack of uptake

    SecretOfMonkeyIslandSecretOfMonkeyIsland16 dagar sedan
  • Dude... I love your channel. I am a big fan. But... this just isn't a good video. I'm sorry. I'll have to leave a dislike on this one. I ain't gonna unsubscribe or anything. It's just, this kickstarter seems pretty shady and I hope you don't end up regretting your decisions. I hope you have a good day.

    MaximusWolfieMaximusWolfie16 dagar sedan
  • One of the key appeals of retro for me is the pre-internet independence of hardware and software from online services. No need to activate anything. What you own, you own outright. This kickstarter is like a gas power car designed to replace the horse, only it requires a horse to drive it, with no place for passengers. Of course, take the sponsorship money, but the product itself is worse than a kickstarter scam. Suspicious that they choose to use an influencer to promote an unfinished product. Browser emulation? That already exists. Many retro archive sites let you run in the browser. Cartridge slot thing can all be fake. Never coming. Just being an extra prop for marketing. Will see if "Slope's Game Room" ends up covering this one later on, because once Nostalgia Nerd has taken the bait, if ends up being a scam, he might get some negative publicity out of it. Approaching an influencer, before there's a finished product - that is a huge red flag.

    enilenisenilenis16 dagar sedan
  • Does not sound legal ?

    Gary HartGary Hart16 dagar sedan
  • Raspberry pi 400 >>> whatever this nonsense is

    William ToppingWilliam Topping16 dagar sedan
  • soon their will be a wow kid for this system.

    Troy StoverTroy Stover16 dagar sedan
  • Cloud Emulation ... for Cartridge games you able to emulate on a RasPi1 ... thanks, but no thanks.

    TheTaletellerTheTaleteller16 dagar sedan
  • No.

    Leobot ElectronicsLeobot Electronics16 dagar sedan
  • Why must all youtubers sell out i don't care if you take sponsorships just not ones with a crappy kick starter

    johnny lawjohnny law16 dagar sedan
  • This is most likely some quick money grab and then they'll go under. This thing is utterly pointless and not worth the money.

    Ross ScarletRoss Scarlet16 dagar sedan
  • Gaaaaarrrbageee

    Coleção NintendoColeção Nintendo16 dagar sedan
  • I was looking at that very A5000 only yesterday! Did you buy it?

    Andrew LittleboyAndrew Littleboy16 dagar sedan
  • so it's a """cloud based""" libretro-based emulator probably sourcing roms and isos from that has video chat features rolled in. this smells vaguely scammy. while people already mentioned parsec and retroarch, you can do this with almost literally any game/emulator and Steam Remote Play which includes its own voice chat and has all of the 'premium' features of this service without shelling out anything. minimal-to-no setup too, and steam is free. its remote play is also usable on mobile devices. i'm not sure who the target market for this is - especially if you're just mirroring your screen to play in multiplayer, completely removing the potential benefit of a 'third party' server streaming to both of you. that'd be good for people who have bad upload bandwidth, but certainly isn't the case here.

    TrilkinTrilkin16 dagar sedan
    • oh, while i'm at it, fightcade2 exists if you're looking exclusively for a no/low-lag online play solution. there are scripts that will automatically download roms you don't have on demand, and fightcade comes with its own emulators anyway.

      TrilkinTrilkin16 dagar sedan
  • So... like Fightcade...

    Diego CurchoDiego Curcho16 dagar sedan
  • Required access to webcam is an immediate red flag for me. But good to know this exists, maybe another time.

    Templof ZoomTemplof Zoom16 dagar sedan
  • "Depending on Cloud Emulation"... ooooooo PASS

    Ohh WellOhh Well16 dagar sedan
  • Input lag is within.... Tolerances.... Tolerance is subjective criteria....

    RamjetXRamjetX16 dagar sedan
  • I don't mind sponsored content or whole sponsored videos.. but I don't like Kickstarter :/

    AndreaAndrea16 dagar sedan
  • I don’t understand why you’d want to see the faces of people you’re playing against and hear them narrating the action.

    P5ychoFoxP5ychoFox16 dagar sedan
  • retro arch doing a open source version ....D.O.A

    VasiliVasili16 dagar sedan
  • I have to echo a lot of the other comments here tbh. This Kickstarter is red-flag city. An impressive-sounding piece of hardware that doesn't exist yet? A cloud service that could die at any time? ROM-based emulation but no answers to questions about legality if you use anything other than the supplied games? I feel like, even if this all goes well, Nintendo will C&D the fuck out of it the second they get wind. We all know how litigious they are. Then the cloud service goes offline and you are left with nothing. Even the "PiePacker" is suspicious. I would guess it will end up as a rebadged Retrode with controller ports. It's also concerning that they have no plans to sell those outside the kickstarter but also have none available during the kickstarter, even to people they are sponsoring. They don't seem a priority to the project and I wouldn't be surprised if none of them ever see the light of day. You've always been pretty street smart about this kinda BS Peter so I'm surprised you went for this at all, but hey, if something thing that comes from this project is funding for a great SEworldr, it won't be a total loss.

    Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf16 dagar sedan
  • The most surprising thing for me is that Zero Tolerance is in a current video.

    AdmiralJonBAdmiralJonB16 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if there would be a way to integrate the hardware with external emulators.

    jorgelotrjorgelotr16 dagar sedan
    • No def not! > The PieReader does not allow you to dump and save your game like most cartridge dumpers. It’s a read only process that only works on our platform.

      Florian RabeFlorian Rabe16 dagar sedan
  • Throbbing Cherry .... the Nostaliga Nerd Video Nasty with the Simon Bates Warning at the Start

    Johnnyafc _Johnnyafc _16 dagar sedan
  • nice sellout video buddy..... cloud servers lol

    KKNDKKND16 dagar sedan
  • Yeah. It's a no from me.

    Lord Arse!Lord Arse!16 dagar sedan
  • POS emulation instead of FPGA...

    Mario KratafilaMario Kratafila16 dagar sedan
  • Hmmm unsubscribed, best of luck with your advertising show

    Phillip PereiraPhillip Pereira16 dagar sedan
    • same here

      KKNDKKND16 dagar sedan
  • I can’t find any good motive to buy this.

    César SantisCésar Santis16 dagar sedan