Gobble or be Gobbled | Nostalgia Nerd

23 okt 2018
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Handheld games came in all shapes and sizes. This particular game goes by many names; Packri Monster, Gobble Man, Ogre Eater, Hungry Monster, Pack Monster. All released by Tandy or Bandai, all the same, and all sporting the beautiful tagline "Gobble or be Gobbled". And THAT folks, is the reason I bought this little VFD handheld game, before LCD games became truly dominant.
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  • Come on Nerd. Softer Japanese consonants. Bahhn-Dye. Bahhhhn-Dye.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • When I grown up can I be cool like you ?

      SkyBlue 1988SkyBlue 19883 månader sedan
    • This is one of my favorite SEworld Intros

      Jason HattJason HattÅr sedan
    • I love VFDs It's a pity they've started to phase them out in AVRs in favour of LCDs. I mean all you need to see is what input you're on and if you want a better display most AVRs today display their menu on your TV screen too.

      David DaivdsonDavid DaivdsonÅr sedan
    • You dirty gobbler😵

      Mr FishfingerMr Fishfinger2 år sedan
    • @dr-nerd She's been too busy gobbling his monster.

      002 år sedan
  • Shakespeare said it best: "To gobble or not to gobble, that is the question"..Very profound of him.

    Christopher BrasherChristopher Brasher2 månader sedan
  • What are you on about mate? It's packri monster!

    Shade PizzaShade PizzaÅr sedan
  • I can't stop thinking of Kirby's Dream Land.

    Mosaic Crystal LargoMosaic Crystal LargoÅr sedan
  • I got the Hungry Monster edition for Christmas 1983. It was one of my favorite things.

    John KellyJohn KellyÅr sedan

    Owen FitzgeraldOwen FitzgeraldÅr sedan
  • The score resetting to zero after 999 brings back memories. It was referred to as `clocking` in my school and good players just said how many times they clocked a game rather than bothering to say the actual score. Also, that lone Duracell is unnerving me for some reason....

    meetoo594meetoo594År sedan
  • Still better than Ataro's "official" Pacman home console games.

    James IsaacJames IsaacÅr sedan
  • Crack man is better. You run around a maze picking up rocks of crack whilst being chased by the ghosts of people you "pulled a 187 on"

    David DaivdsonDavid DaivdsonÅr sedan
  • You could try to clean the joystick contacts and see if it responds better, rubber domes often get dirty and not work very well until cleaned. They also wear out when used a lot so it may not help, but it's worth trying. Washing with soap or dish soap, rinsing and then using alcohol or distilled water to get any remaining residue works best among things I use for carbon pads, but I believe there can be better ways to do this. There are also pad replacement kits that consist of a bag of round carbon pads and a very tiny tube of silicone caulk- you cut off the carbon disc from the old dome trying to leave the rest of it intact and make the place for carbon disc as flat as possible without removing too much, and then you glue the new disc in place taking care not to smear any silicone on the active surface or wipe it off immediately with a q-tip with alcohol to ensure good contact. This however can make the button feel different when pressed as a modified dome has different thickness and flexibility, so some originality is inevitably lost when this is done, but you have a working button again.

    Krzysztof CzarneckiKrzysztof CzarneckiÅr sedan
  • Man, I'd totally forgotten about this thing! A mate had this when I was a kid. I don't mind games where the score clocks over to 000; One of my fondest childhood gaming memories is doing that with the classic Donkey Kong G&W. :)

    buzzclikverifymebuzzclikverifymeÅr sedan
  • Gobble Man Video - seworld.info/will/qpex28fMjZh00HE/video

    Comics, Coins, Stamps, Collectables & GamingComics, Coins, Stamps, Collectables & GamingÅr sedan
  • I once gobbled an ogre and caught a throat infection. True story.

    Kj16VKj16VÅr sedan
  • It may not be impressive now but back in the early 80's that thing would have been considered state of the art handheld electronics. All your friends would have been lined up at your door to get some playing time...no doubt. Love all those classic games, thanks for the video.

    Chris NizerChris NizerÅr sedan
  • Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt!!! seworld.info/will/onnJr5nQgKxozHE/video

    Mario583Mario583År sedan
  • I wonder if anyone is making things like this now. would love to see modern games made with these type of screens and chips.

    onedeadsaintonedeadsaint2 år sedan
  • in 1978 and '79, I made good (for the time) money installing switches on my friend's portable football games so they could silence them during High School class.

    Anton NymAnton Nym2 år sedan
  • Noticed the phrase "Fun-Filled Musical Sounds" on the box. Was it written by a posh lady from the 1930's?

    MrWulfwoodMrWulfwood2 år sedan
  • I had one of those! Loved it.

    Gortoth666Gortoth6662 år sedan
  • How long do batteries last in this thing?

    Alexander VynogradovAlexander Vynogradov2 år sedan
  • Who the hell EVER pushed the joystick in one direction and then let go? That's on you, old man...not the game. Packri Monster is going right and you want him to go left? HOLD the damn joystick to the left.

    GoodRiddanceGooglePlusGoodRiddanceGooglePlus2 år sedan
  • Still pisses me off that all these exist, and yet the fucking idiot courts sided with Atari over KC Munchkin. Mainly because my copy of KC Munchkin was faulty and I couldn't get a replacement because of it.

    GoodRiddanceGooglePlusGoodRiddanceGooglePlus2 år sedan
  • The styling of Packri Monster to catch the eye as PACkri MANster is gold. As knockoffs go, that's now way ahead on my leader board, knocking Chintendo Vii into respectable second place after a solid run in front.

    97channel97channel2 år sedan
  • Absolutely Love this game !!!!

    Mike CrampMike Cramp2 år sedan
  • "Gobble or be Gobbled" sounds like a gay bj porno!

    chrisbomber101chrisbomber1012 år sedan
  • I got the Hungry Monster for Christmas in 198-whatever. I absolutely loved this game! The joystick was very responsive, yours probably needs cleaned. Also, once you eat the ogre, wait until it comes back out of the pen, before you eat another power pell... Food. The ogres have a pattern they follow that's easy to learn.

    John KellyJohn Kelly2 år sedan
  • Actually had this. And yes the controls were naff then too. Those sounds take me back though

    Steve OSteve O2 år sedan
  • I have this one.

    CrimefighterCrimefighter2 år sedan
  • Also comes under the name Not Pac-Man.

    Logan JorgensenLogan Jorgensen2 år sedan
  • At least with this game it's never ogre

    T-9000T-90002 år sedan
  • This should be a tag-line for the local gay club.

    ツツツツ2 år sedan
  • I own this one! randomly found it one day for pennies. it was quite intriguing lol XD

    Fayez FawziFayez Fawzi2 år sedan
  • 200k BRO Awsome job mate.

    trisha tatetrisha tate2 år sedan
    • Close....

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • Bogey Eater doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

    DigitalAuraDigitalAura2 år sedan
  • Phrasing.

    Øy WolsØy Wols2 år sedan
  • Have you tried cleaning the joystick and the pads. If that dosen''t work try removing the pads and putting on conductive pen on each of the small pads it should be responsive again.

    BootlegScarce :0BootlegScarce :02 år sedan
  • I love this thing and want to live with it.

    Bungalow FeuhlerBungalow Feuhler2 år sedan
  • Packri Monster was available in the UK too, I had one as a kid.

    Ric BrookRic Brook2 år sedan
  • I had a great shooter called Firefox with this type of display. I loved it as my folks couldn't afford a computer until a few years later I got my Amiga 500, Batman the movie pack!

    Dan AllnattDan Allnatt2 år sedan
  • I think you're supposed to grip that joystick with 2 fingers (or finger and thumb) instead of trying to push it around with one finger like it's a dpad.

    Megan LeetMegan Leet2 år sedan
  • Sounds like deodorant.

    n0cktern0ckter2 år sedan
  • "In this world, it's gobble or be gobbled." "It's really not."

    Blick WinkelBlick Winkel2 år sedan
  • Excellent. You must feature more of these type of things.

    Paul PotterPaul Potter2 år sedan
  • I could gobble this up

    JikyuuJikyuu2 år sedan
  • WOW! that is huge.. Looks pretty cool though.

    Brian's Man CaveBrian's Man Cave2 år sedan
  • Should have been called MAZE MOVER but I think that game should have done in 3D in a first Person Perspective.

  • Didn't Tomy make a mechanical version of this? or am I imaging that :S

    Larry Bundy JrLarry Bundy Jr2 år sedan
  • @2:38 mixing battery brands!? That's living dangerously😎

    Twice The Mega PowerTwice The Mega Power2 år sedan
  • 0:21 thats 1 impressive forehead!

    Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 782 år sedan
  • We had a VFD _PacMan2_ by *Entex.* Still trying to find it somewhere about the house, but the thing took a pair of size C batteries on each end - 4 batteries total, which gave it some heft, and sort of resembled a cocktail table game. It also had controls for two players. (See Handheld Museum for images.)

    Christopher NoelChristopher Noel2 år sedan
  • Huh, still better than the Atari 2600 version though.

    3DMaster3DMaster2 år sedan
  • I loved this game as a kid! I could not remember the name of it... I'm so glad I stumbled on this video!

    80s gamr80s gamr2 år sedan
  • That alluring turquoise glow of the VFD screen draws my attention in

    The Psychedelic LucarioThe Psychedelic Lucario2 år sedan
  • I remember stuff like this fondly. I always loved how bright the display was. About the controls, you should consider giving the pads a light cleaning. It might improve the controls unless it's a flaw in the logic or something.

    Nat GrantNat Grant2 år sedan
  • VFD was such a beautiful display type, infinitely better than the LCD games which followed it, but price and form factor were always going to be its undoing i guess. These things used to be regular car boot fodder in the 90s, if only they were now :( The controls on this thing were probably never great but it does look like a lot of muck has got into this one, a good clean and may reshaping of the pads and you'd have this thing working better in no time at all, if you've got the time i reckon it deserves that bit of TLC, great video

    ReplayRetroReplayRetro2 år sedan
  • This is not bad at all. PSP of its time

    Good Stuff From ChinaGood Stuff From China2 år sedan
  • Much gobble

    Benchy TestsBenchy Tests2 år sedan
  • Ah yes, VFD tech. I had a Scramble, "handheld," game as a kid (looked more like a mini portable arcade cabinet) with VFD, and it was great to play while hiding under the covers when I was supposed to be sleeping, or on car trips. A little repetitive, but pre-Gameboy, it sufficed.

    BuckeyeStormsBuckeyeStorms2 år sedan
  • Looks like kind of a cool game. What year was it manufactured?

    Chris BjörnChris Björn2 år sedan
  • What's that song playing at the 6:26 mark? Also your eBay shop link doesn't work for me, says it doesn't exist.

    Mr Know NothingMr Know Nothing2 år sedan

    The Gaming MusoThe Gaming Muso2 år sedan
  • Is this the New Switch?

    asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwradasdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad2 år sedan
  • The joystick on the one I had as a kid worked well enough, as far as I remember.

    Ed JonesEd Jones2 år sedan
  • I love these random handheld games, VFDs are one of my favorite things

    superlegoboyszsuperlegoboysz2 år sedan
  • Ew.

    Combat King 0Combat King 02 år sedan
  • I don't really remember this one in particular (even if it did come out in the US) the one I had was entex's Super Cobra and that was a pretty good conversion from what I remember... it also used a VFD display so playing at night was no big deal! but a neat look at that handheld.

    DarkTetsuyaDarkTetsuya2 år sedan
  • Ogre Eater... "Don't settle for less... settle for less than less and a little more..." PERFECT! 😄

    puggawompypuggawompy2 år sedan
  • VFDs are actually more like tubes, rather than CRTs, altho the effect of electrons exciting the phosphor is the same. They are essentially a vacuum diode, with the plate painted with phosphor(triode if there is a multiplex grid)

    Mr MürkMr Mürk2 år sedan
  • 4:55 Might be worth opening it and spraying the contacts with contact cleaner...

    NakashiiNakashii2 år sedan
  • Your unabashed love for this thing, faults and all, is adorable and warms my heart

    WheatboiWheatboi2 år sedan
  • "Gobble or be gobbled", the perfect title for some kind of turkey focused pornography. Another great video though 😀

    Zombobo SmithZombobo Smith2 år sedan
  • I'm ashamed to admit that I destroyed a number of VFD games in my quest for knowledge and usable electronic parts back in the 80s. Mostly space invader rip offs.

    Wim WiddershinsWim Widdershins2 år sedan
  • Oh wow, as soon as you turned that thing on, my memories came back! I totally played this as a kid!

    KattywampusKattywampus2 år sedan
  • HD38800-A27 is a PMOS 4-bit microprocessor, A27 referring to the particular masked program in runs

    Michael TurnerMichael Turner2 år sedan
  • That’s something i alway’s found weird & obscure about these ‘’handheld’’ devices, they were huge and chunky ,with lot’s of stuff inside, a huge speaker for only bleep sound, filters on top of the limited lcd/bpf??screen, etc,, all just for this primitive stuff, I can’t believe they required 4 double A battery’s to run all these primitive stuff on it, the oddly optional external power source maybe handy but that defeats the whole purpose of those handheld devices being portible . ( note: some 70’s home game consoles did only run on 6 see battery’s ,again defeating half the purpose to play videogames athome. Oh well , this was early 80’s stuff what could i ever expect for such old technology wich just wasn’t there ,haha.

    johneygdjohneygd2 år sedan
    • theglurgle no indeed it’s not led but it’s a kind sort of leds wich are not programmible, they can only switch on or off at an certain color, yeah i did complain about this stuff but i must admit that it is interesting how really hard they tryed to make a video game handheld with such old technology, wich simply wasn’t there.

      johneygdjohneygd2 år sedan
    • had to start somewhere, Sonny...

      K. HallwalkK. Hallwalk2 år sedan
    • You're nothing but complaints huh? Also it's not and led screen. Pay attention

      theglurgletheglurgle2 år sedan
  • I'm 43, I played this all the time as a boy, it was lots fun. So fuck you. Now hurry back to the Twitch stream you blankly stare at.

    Sam ZurickSam Zurick2 år sedan
  • I wish it were much larger and the walls were a grid of illuminated tubes (that could be turned on and off for variety), but in principle, I really like that VFD display. It's a bit of shame that no one is nobody is likely to come along and make a product like this that's better. I suppose something similar could probably be done with LEDs, but it definitely wouldn't be quite the same.

    Will 93Will 932 år sedan
  • Love the colors in these old handhelds.

    CTBCTB2 år sedan
  • Someone needs to make modern VFD handhelds. A real arcade port of Pac or Ms. Pac would look pretty nice, and a game like Dr. Mario would kill in VFD.

    SmokeMonsterSmokeMonster2 år sedan
    • Some of the earlier new mini-arcades were.

      DragonGrafx-16DragonGrafx-162 år sedan
  • Do the Tandy Wiz Kids play it?

    Greg HoweGreg Howe2 år sedan
  • I thought it said Orb Eater kinda makes sense for a Pacman clone

    MrEdge0087MrEdge00872 år sedan
  • 2:39 Hyundai batteries.

    ScottScott2 år sedan
  • _"Which fill(s) me with an uneasy feeling of pleasure"_ I'll have to remember that one.

    RiC DavidRiC David2 år sedan
  • Score rollovers were pretty common with these old games. You were supposed to keep track of how many times you rolled the counter so you could brag about it later. ;-) Also, go get a pencil eraser and clean the contacts on the joystick. Go now! Shoo! Shoo!

    thewiirocksthewiirocks2 år sedan
  • Makes me miss my Defender VFD handheld. Decent game, mono color VFD that used colored overlays. Speed settings used a dial. Game was featured in the last Avengers movie. Sadly mine got damaged when it got wet.

    SyntaxError 999SyntaxError 9992 år sedan
  • Pak Mon...Pac Man’s Jamaican Cousin

    Ryan PeckRyan Peck2 år sedan
    • That would explain the ogres

      T-9000T-90002 år sedan
  • You can fix the directional controls with a common pencil. By marking over the contact points on the rubber with the graphite, you renew the connection that it makes when the directional controls are pressed. Thanks for the great video!

    Tyler IrwinTyler Irwin2 år sedan
  • I see a Nostalgia Nerd video alert....i rejoice and hit like

    Super Amario64Super Amario642 år sedan
    • You really should have watched this one before hitting like. At the end of the vid he calls for the repeal of child labour laws, declares war on the free world, and admits to pissing in swimming pools.

      RiC DavidRiC David2 år sedan
  • I can have it?

    D'oh NutsD'oh Nuts2 år sedan
  • Om nom nom

    Stuff We PlayStuff We Play2 år sedan
  • The description on the NA package is pure engrish gold: •Joy stick-control Monster as he gobbles green food to score points •Monster must avoid being gobbled by Bogey •Bogey turns "Coward" when monster eats red power fruit •Monster gobbles Coward Bogey quickly to score maximum points

    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulHappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul2 år sedan
  • O boy, i immediately wen't looking for my onw machine with's i bod in the day. In The Netherlands, (and probably the rest of Europe) it was called Hungry monster. The joystick was better when it was new, but in a few weeks it was beginning to wear out. Cleaning with WD40 helped a bit, but it never got really good again. I though at one time to add a switch for the sound because it was pretty loud, but i never got to it, but i put some color on the white lines to make the screen a little more colorful. Well, what do you know, still works after years of inactivity. :-)

    Albert VermeuleAlbert Vermeule2 år sedan
  • Come on now Pete, as a Brit you should know its the "Quickshot" Supervision! ;) Also, I love VFD games. Something super awesome about the way those light up colour(ish) screens look.

    Pixels LtdPixels Ltd2 år sedan
  • I remember being 6 or 7 and playing a similar game! I was enthralled with playing a miniature video game!....then again I was 6 or 7. Everything electronic was enthralling!

    Jeenkz KJeenkz K2 år sedan
  • I remember these types of games being played by kids on school buses. This one kid had "Pack Mon"as we called it and always played it. Later on they get replaced by the Coleco mini games but they were way more expensive than the handhelds you get at Radio Shack. Me, I had a G&W Mario Bros. and BurgerTime. Great memories...

    MistaMaddog247MistaMaddog2472 år sedan
  • Had a load of these around 1980-1982. Galaxy Invader 2000, Astro Wars, Grandstand Munchman, and friends had others like Grandstand Firefox, Caveman, Scramble. They were great (if only the batteries would last). However, in 1982, I got hold of my first ZX81, and a copy of Sinclair Programs magazine. Somehow, the idea of playing them seemed much less exciting when compared to the endless possibilities that a typed in 1K ZX81 game held.

    Cronosoft UKCronosoft UK2 år sedan
  • I was kind of expecting this to be one of those units that was powered by a series of lightbulbs on a circuit board much like the Atari. Many arcades of the 1980s, which I'm sure you're very familiar with. Ironically Pac-Man work much better on many arcade than on the original Atari system. But we won't get into that, will we. Still don't understand why Ms. Pac-Man worked just fine. And yet the original didn't. I wonder are you going to review a copy of circle eager next. Cuban market version of Pac-Man. If anybody's wondering.

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker2 år sedan
  • Bogey Eater

    bwilly the kidbwilly the kid2 år sedan
  • The fact that you can't mute it seems like a big design flaw. I would imagine their target demographic would be kids playing it after bedtime. :)

    Steve LovelaceSteve Lovelace2 år sedan
  • I had one of these Back when i was a Child

    VeloneseVelonese2 år sedan