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21 nov 2018
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The Domesday Project (spelt Doomsday Project by some) was a collaboration between the BBC, Acorn Computers, Philips and Logica to create a digital and updated version of the 1086 Domesday book. This digital version would use the latest in cutting edge interactive video and be held on the latest LaserDisc technology. Aided by schools across the country, in a huge national collaboration project, this would be an enormous project spanning 2 years and collecting a huge range of data from the UK. Alongside this data were photos, stories and even the ability to walk around several UK towns. Just like Google Earth or Streetview in the 1980s. You can actually experience real 1980s street footage, which you control. If you want a window into the 80s, then this is the multimedia machine to use. All this is the exciting 80s I remember. Packed with emerging technology and exciting projects, and its one reason I love it.
Thank you, as always, to the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge for allowing me to film and use their glorious machinery.
Domesday Resources;
BBC Reloaded National Archives: webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/search/result/?q=domesday&site=bbc.co.uk
Domesday Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Domesday_Project
Martin Porter: tartarus.org/martin/
Domesday Information: www.atsf.co.uk/dottext/domesday.html
Domesday86 Project: www.domesday86.com/
Acorn User Magazines: 8bs.com/aumags.htm
CAMiLEON Archive: web.archive.org/web/20050204223552/www.si.umich.edu:80/CAMILEON/domesday/domesday.html
Centre for Computing History Resource: www.computinghistory.org.uk/domesday
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Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
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Blue Snowball Microphone
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  • I should point out to our U.S/foreign viewers that, whenever you see an intelligent-looking man who is partially balding, has thick-rimmed glasses and wears an ill-fitting during Nostalgia Nerd's videos, they were about 20 years old.

    Henry Jones Jr.Henry Jones Jr.5 dagar sedan
  • Wow that video from 1085 is really clear considering it's 1000+ years old...what it's actually only 35 years old?

    diecast jamdiecast jam12 dagar sedan
  • Is it on archive.org?

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  • I remember this in school and it was amazing! Certainly more fun than everyone typing 10 go to 20 20 bum

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  • Very well written mate!

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  • I remember this project so well. I was the perfect age: 12/13 in 1984 and it was really exciting - all over the TV. The only problem was, my school didn't have the equipment when the project began and by the time we did get it, the project had long since moved on. We certainly never got the expensive, space age kit you needed to run it in '86. To give you some idea of how tight money was for schools back then, my form room was a portacabin that leaked in the rain - and I went to one of the best schools in the county! We did get hold of some pretty cool computer kit a few years after that (an Archimedes in '88, for instance), but by that time, The Domesday Project had been pretty much forgotten, which is a great pity because it was so far ahead of its time. Watching this excellent video all these years later, I'm just astounded by it.

    ludocratludocrat2 månader sedan
  • I'm amazed of these old CDs. No matter they do on websites, it's not the same virtual experience. I had Louvre CD back in 1996, and it was amazing to walk the museum.

    jbinary82jbinary822 månader sedan
  • I was always a bit baffled about how its pronounced DOOMsday Project but written as Domesday Project. I lived in the UK in the 80's as a kid and remember it well. Quite awesome to finally see the results of it..

    Captain BloodCaptain Blood2 månader sedan
  • I had some kinds of discs like this but it was more a world encyclopedia

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  • Give me the "grimness of 80s Britain" over the 2020s.

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  • Comically large CD-Rom

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  • As a GIS professional this is the most impressive nostalgic tech yet. British Gov didn't realize how much this was truly worth to businesses. (gazillions) About a solid Decade ahead of its time.

    Matt KellyMatt Kelly3 månader sedan
  • Wait a minute, I didn't know laser disc was analog? How is that possible? I thought it was the first true digital format for the home consumer.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • I have a VP415 Player and a set of community discs in my loft. I rescued them from being dumped from a company I worked for around 20 years ago.

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  • Haha you chose my home city to zoom into. Looking down on St Giles street to the far left 😉🤣

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  • I wish I could remember more about the Mac-controlled laserdisc thing we did in science class in 1994ish in the US! I think it was a space exploration thing?

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  • They should release it (port it to) on steam as a game.

    The Editor AMVsThe Editor AMVs5 månader sedan
    • Its a shame. from what I understand the BBC would have to get permission from every child visible or contributed to the disk for permission for its release, makes me wonder have google earth/maps do so.

      Daniel GreenDaniel Green5 månader sedan
  • As part of a coding project while I was in high school, we were tasked with developing the websites for the elementary schools in the district. There was a competition, and the winning design would be made into a template and deployed across the district. The design that was selected included an interactive map of the schools and immediate neighborhood, similar to what we see in the Doomsday Project. However, the Columbine high school shooting happened that year and it was decided that the maps and images could be used for planning an attack, so we ended up removing the functionality and it really bummed out the kids that had helped us. Things change, I guess.

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User6 månader sedan
  • Is this uploaded online?

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  • Classic Blade Runner style zoom and enhance grid lol

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  • That monitor looks so much similar to the one that came with my brothers Commodore 128 back in the day

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  • Omg... I Knew I didn't dream this and that I did see Google earth at school and that it was called domesday!

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  • I thought it was Gibbs Port but I might have had too much...

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  • Walking around a 1980's welsh town? Let's be real here, Who would want that! Exactly!

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  • It’s a shame they haven’t rereleased this but in a more modern format like a DVD/Blu-ray etc.

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    • Yes, in Middle English.

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  • This is cool as shit I really lust over the keycaps on that vintage board and what the glorious keys must have sounded like to type on.

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  • Looks like a Commodore Monitor with a different brand.

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  • Lol are you shirtless at 10:20 ??

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  • this is simply amazing. England also has the benefit of its geography - doing something like this across America or Russia or china would be nearly impossible. Japan and European nations however definitely. the tech is awesome. and my how your Britain doesn't look anything like it once did. sad.

    deGrelle's GhostdeGrelle's GhostÅr sedan
  • Wrote my first BASIC program on a BBC Acorn in 1985

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  • +1 for Gibb's Sports haha

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  • Bloody Hell, over £5k for something you could do better on the internet for free?!! What a rip off!!!

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  • BBC: Big Bloody Clown (Not bloody as in the red stuff)

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  • I wish there was a way of enjoying this entire thing online. Mainly because if I visited this thing in real life, I’d hog the machine for probably multiple hours to explore everything.

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  • I’d love to see and use this in real life, it’s honestly awesome.

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  • Someone start a new disk, because in 50 years all whites will be enslaved or exterminated under the glorious new Islamic Caliphate of the United Kingdom.

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  • Just a shame that the Doomsday Project data isn't available online

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  • The teachers at my primary school won a BBC game show (Domesday Detectives, possibly?) where the prize was a Domesday Project computer and Laserdiscs. We got to use it quite a bit and I remember that some of the boys made it their mission to find boobs on it. Let's just say that those pre-adolescents were not disappointed! I remember when I was 10 I got to present the computer to the then Education Secretary, Ken Clarke, (who really wasn't interested) and ended in the BBC film library, being used to represent "computers in schools" for about 5 years!

    John RichardsonJohn RichardsonÅr sedan
  • 10:12 i recognise that map,

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  • ye.. back in the day playing dota on that computer.. kinda toxic

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  • And to think only a few decades later you all lost your land and culture due to PC Guilt.

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  • Well done Gibb Sports!

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  • That oreo wrapper made me angry.

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  • The advantage is about not needing an internet connection for that.

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  • I remember asking our school IT guy why the school has BBC micros and Acorn computers. The answer I got was that they cost about 1/3rd of the price of a PC at the time. I still think it was a bit daft to teach my generation (born in early 80s) acorn and BBC when Windows 1.0 was out and every single business on the planet used a PC not a BBC micro ... but I didn't care they were awesome machines but built mainly for education. I was surprised a few years ago to still see they are in use in industrial applications like CNCs.

    80s retro80s retroÅr sedan
  • Outside the museum -> out to the left around the corner -> the right hand side bush next to the Leyland Princess owner by the curator -> behind the empty plastic bag, in the shrubbery -> Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.

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  • That "RGB Colour Monitor" looks suspiciously similar to the Commodore 1081 which was the standard model for the Amiga in Europe and actually made by Philips... it just seems to have fewer knobs on the inside. ;-)

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  • We had this in our school in Australia in 1987. I was one of the few who had access to use it.

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  • I woke up to this playing and this is amazing!! So happy I saw this. Can't help but remember when I was a kid I found a box of those huge disks but I had no idea what they where so I didn't grab them.. :( Stupid me..

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  • wouldn't be the correct way to say it like dome (like in under the dome) ... because i don't think that doom and dome are spelled the same

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  • I don't get it, seems useless and waste of time.

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  • I remember this in school! They showed us in class one day, I had no idea what I was looking at, but it was incredibly impressive at the time to see.

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  • But the name still does not make sense, unless it is a real foreshadowing of our doomsday brought to us by our "great" technology. yay it's creepy to me, but I know it's just a personal perception of the reality.

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  • I used to love playing with this at school... there was a disc issue so when I went to a certain point on a walk it crashed. And I think I probably tried on a regular basis, like it would magicaly change.

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  • 14:50 Why does 9 year old Catherine buy and eat "some rock"?

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    • gwishart Ahh, ok. I have never heard of that before. In the USA, we have rock candy but it’s entirely different. I’m glad Catherine wasn’t buying crack cocaine, or literal rocks.

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    • en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_(confectionery)

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  • this video is racist. it shows that in the 80's most of britain was inhabited by white people. it proves that there is a population replacement project going on and we can't have that.

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  • I really enjoyed this video. Many Thanks for the Upload.

    Thorium Heavy IndustriesThorium Heavy IndustriesÅr sedan
  • Excellent video. Seriously impressive what they achieved at that time.

    dronespacedronespaceÅr sedan
  • Excellent video. Seriously impressive what they achieved at that time.

    dronespacedronespaceÅr sedan
  • The difference between this and the real domesday book is that the real book was readable a millennium later. The equipment to read the modern version is almost extinct less than 30 years later.

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  • If you look closely, you'll see that the nun was actually flipping off. @18:32

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  • A whole 2 gb?! Wow! I've got a portable hard drive with 500gb capacity and it's smaller than the disk. Times have changed a little ;-)

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  • This is a glimpse of Britain the first time I visited it. Only white people. Little different ethnicities. Not a PC comment though.

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  • I remember my Dad telling me about this around 1988. The thing is he worked for the New South Wales Education Dept in Australia. So, they must have bought a copy or been given a copy to assess. I assume the Australian Federal or New South State Gov't might have been considering doing something similar, at the time?

    BaconisafruitBaconisafruitÅr sedan
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