Retro Unboxing April 2019 Postbag | Nostalgia Nerd

23 apr 2019
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Time for another exciting unboxing session. The first 2019 unboxing, featuring a huge assortment of both retro and modern goodies. As usual, a huge thank you to everyone who sent things in; it's hugely appreciated. If you'd like to send me something to open in a future video please email
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  • Apologies for my beard rubbing on the microphone folks. And if you didn't notice.... you will now.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • I have no problem with that, I love your video! But what was more of an issue, was that you were in a hurry. SEworldrs buy hundreds of leaf blowers to play with in videos, or other pricy things. Sure you can afford to park your car until the viseo is done, even though the partking cold cost hundreds of pounds/dollars? how to become a Patreon by the way? I am an old Ex. Amiga user

      RisktevenRisktevenÅr sedan
    • Ohhh...YEERRSS!! Mhhmmm...

      ojbeezojbeezÅr sedan
    • Hey Pete UwU Tis me Elli

      ElliElliÅr sedan
    • thanks for letting me in on that secret, cannot unhear

      /dev/null/dev/nullÅr sedan
    • I have read this before watching the video... I KNOW MY ENEMY NOW! :P

      Dystopian OvertureDystopian OvertureÅr sedan
  • hi i would like to know what is the background music that is playing in the video The sega Genesis Street Fighter 2 Which Never Was at the video time 5:11 thank you and have a nice day

    Sean GrochowskiSean GrochowskiÅr sedan
  • I always feel like I’m ‘slightly’ to young for the proper retro stuff (I know most of the things but I don’t remember the things) but the mention of Electronics Boutique gave me a proper retro spine shiver.

    monkeybiscuitsmonkeybiscuitsÅr sedan
  • Let me guess tiz 1am and yer winding up the traffic warden up over the lack of a parking permit....who doesn't?

    Terence EdwardsTerence EdwardsÅr sedan
  • "lots of games, including Lara Croft" *winces*

    Dave BurfordDave BurfordÅr sedan
  • true fans watch in 144p

    rockapartierockapartieÅr sedan
  • Ah the life of a SEworldr, get sent stuff people can only dream of for free.

    AlmightyVegetaAlmightyVegetaÅr sedan
  • First retro gaming zine I came across was actually called RetroGamer back in the mid '90s! It was published by Keith Ainsworth and ran for quite a few years.

    Woz BrownWoz BrownÅr sedan
  • Try play last commercial game for Spectrum from Slovakia: Twilight The Land of Shadows ..

    Peter KPeter KÅr sedan
  • Nice, I've written for Retrogames, I think we've made it up to issue 24. Jason still runs his online Retrogames shop

    tomtom vickytomtom vickyÅr sedan
  • It's the TV Boy II, pay attention, please.

    tomtom vickytomtom vickyÅr sedan
  • Hi there. Sorry if I missed it, but what is the name of instrumental music piece you're using? It's so familiar but I can't place it.

    Sarah MurphySarah MurphyÅr sedan
  • What is the jazzy piano background music on this?

    Neil LoughranNeil LoughranÅr sedan
  • What kind of special asshole send you stuffs and ask you to return it

  • Where is octav1us?

    Tom MichielsTom MichielsÅr sedan
  • I used to buy RetroGames mag from a small ad in Edge. I remember pouring over the games listings for hours. Had some memorable content too, a great Game & Watch a piece I recall.

    Matthew WhiteheadMatthew WhiteheadÅr sedan
  • I'm watching a man opening his mail when I have my own unopened mail about 5 feet away. SEworld has broken me.

    Adam WardAdam WardÅr sedan
  • Bugger me, you don't half get some decent kit!

    JabličkaJabličkaÅr sedan
  • Dumb question, is there really a Saturn to HDMI cable? Because I've seen some sketchy AV-HDMI cables with no converter box.

    Brian O'ConnellBrian O'ConnellÅr sedan
  • I feel like traveling through time while watching this video

    /dev/null/dev/nullÅr sedan
  • That VXision 6 sounds like a Druga1 wet dream

    TerraRoot LandeTerraRoot LandeÅr sedan
  • "It's like the classic 80's walkman headphones but brought up to date for a modern ear-a" :P

    Luciel CampbellLuciel CampbellÅr sedan
  • Fanzines Love them Enjoy.

    Kyrie BatesKyrie BatesÅr sedan
  • Looks like Statto in the background

    Tony HarrisTony HarrisÅr sedan
  • I think youve missed the boat with the Mega SG review its been done to death by every youtuber already

    UK Retro GamerUK Retro GamerÅr sedan
  • Did I glimpse a Hot Seat for the NES as you were leafing through those retro games mags? I literally just watched a video about that thing!

    Aitch PeaAitch PeaÅr sedan
  • Those click watch nixies, so nice.. so expensive :/

    martin borrickmartin borrickÅr sedan
  • Love the background music too I imagine Ashens or Paul rose behind on piano

    Johnnyafc _Johnnyafc _År sedan
  • @5:35 - Just what the fuck happened here?

    Wyr3dWyr3dÅr sedan
  • 4:43 - Am I the only one who thought they heard 'Oh yes... I shall play you naked!'.... 8-O I then pressed < to fire the video back 5 seconds to be disappointed that I heard 'Oh yes...I do like it!'

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • ST Generations is a bitch to get running properly, and has a nasty bug on one level that prevents progress. Basically, you either need to use period hardware or beat the shit out of your mouse rapidly clicking it while it loads a level. As for the bug, there is a hole in a wall that needs to be soothed before you can crouch jump through it. And even then it requires you to jump in place for some time to make it eventually let you through. Make sure you kill the enemies in the area before trying it.

    Vie VentarVie VentarÅr sedan
  • Thank you for the answer to the noise! I thought you were being slowly digested by an enormous cat!

    The Jimmini ShowThe Jimmini ShowÅr sedan

    Marcus MMarcus MÅr sedan
  • Can someone name the song that's playing in the background, please?

    ciphercipherÅr sedan
  • Cool! Cant wait to see your demo of the VGA interface for the Speccy. :)

    Stephen ScuttStephen ScuttÅr sedan
  • I can vaguely remember XVision - I had a support issue with a customer who was running it and had problems with the quirky TCP/IP software we'd sold them. Never got to see the software itself, mind!

    Blinking Lights and Smoking CapsBlinking Lights and Smoking CapsÅr sedan
  • WTF Is a "Tangy Tom"?

    Mr. TruthMr. TruthÅr sedan
  • nice video next time pls no music or very low volume

    Reviewed PopcornReviewed PopcornÅr sedan
  • I'm waiting eagerly on my Retro Gaming Cables package for two weeks now and this video is a bit upsetting.

    n000gn000gÅr sedan
  • People just send you stuff for free? Lol wow

    A AvA AvÅr sedan
  • The Star Trek Generations installer gave me a mild chuckle back in the day with the warning for the hard disk requirements for a full install. "Warning: Your Hard Drive Will Be Assimilated".

    Dave BDave BÅr sedan
  • Was the address to send stuff to love videos like this

    gangstersteve DJgangstersteve DJÅr sedan
  • It wouldn't have killed you if you had thanked all these people properly.

    Naked BeekeeperNaked BeekeeperÅr sedan
  • Retrogaming Cables are awesome. I have one for my MegaDrive. Absolutely perfect together with the OSSC.

    Arne SchmitzArne SchmitzÅr sedan
  • not sure if you'd want short wave radio mags, only i have a few, just a shame your far away and i'm in cambridgeshire, oh well off to the chairty shop it goes,

    sirmugmansirmugmanÅr sedan
  • Can't get enough TV Boys.... 1 is too many.

    RighteousBruceRighteousBruceÅr sedan
  • Ebay Link - shop doesn't exist.

    yanik007yanik007År sedan
  • Great video as always. PS plz bring back Byte Size

    Brent de CarteretBrent de CarteretÅr sedan
  • What the fuck are you doing? First GBR Thrifts (LGR Thrifts) now unboxing videos from things sent in, which is fine but with the smooth jazz background music, you're blatantly ripping off LGR here!

    Jay BentonJay BentonÅr sedan

    Ten Minute Tokyo 2Ten Minute Tokyo 2År sedan
  • I have the same Atari Handheld, its really good

    Red Squirrel StudioRed Squirrel StudioÅr sedan
  • my speccy hasn't started working again, despite regular showings of your videos

    some bodysome bodyÅr sedan
  • Ah, the retro headphones that give you cauliflower ear :P

    Wayne HerbyWayne HerbyÅr sedan
  • 3:45

    BoratBoratÅr sedan
  • I loved the Mary Poppins reference! Awesome FTW!

    KryptonianAIKryptonianAIÅr sedan
  • (8:15) _"It sounds like quite a Techmoan thing."_ Flippin 'eck, Peter.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
    • @mills: I know - I watched the video.

      Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
    • Lol he did it years ago

      millsmillsÅr sedan
  • When the going gets rough, He's super tough, With a Hong Kong Fuey chop!

    James PottsJames PottsÅr sedan
  • The penultimate parcel was really a winner.... right!

    James FondrenJames FondrenÅr sedan
  • I kept thinking, "why does it sound like he's got all his pockets full of tic tacs every time he moves?" I love your videos, BTW. They all make me so happy!

  • Unboxing to show a box and not show the content. Worst unboxing ever

    PT WandererPT WandererÅr sedan
  • Wooo!!! Alpha Centauri!!! My fave!!!

    Peter G.Peter G.År sedan
  • Your mannerisms are becoming more and more like Ashens. I swear it must be a Norwich thing

    Joe ContiJoe ContiÅr sedan
  • 7:58 Techmoan 👍

    Grant RennieGrant RennieÅr sedan
  • LOL, you talk like one of those people who does the voice over for adverts or promotional videos... another possible career perhaps :-)

    Russ MichaelsRuss MichaelsÅr sedan
  • Is that cowboy in the back Yuji Naka?

    nmlssnmlssÅr sedan
  • So damn glad 95% of the places where I live in the US don't have any kind of paid parking.

    Commodorefan64Commodorefan64År sedan
    • 95% of all city spaces in much of Europe are paid parking spaces, and the fees aren't cheap either. That's why people would rather walk, ride a bike or use the public transportation system instead of driving a car. When I was to the US I found it quite puzzling how Americans were taking their car to drive just a couple of kilometers in the city, while walking 2 or 3 kilometers seemed like madness to them, unless you were jogging.

      Eli MalinskyEli MalinskyÅr sedan
    • 😥 jealous , everywhere does here better to bus it to work .

      Darran ThomasDarran ThomasÅr sedan
  • I normally get bored with these long unboxing videos but yours never fail to keep me entertained and laughing. Your humor and insight and sheer joy at discovering each item you unbox keeps my excitement level at an all time high! Thank you for your funny, insightful, and entertaining videos and channel. You truly are a joy to watch, keep it up! A true fan of what you do.

    matt myersmatt myersÅr sedan
    • very true!

      matt myersmatt myersÅr sedan
    • He has a great sense of humor and seems genuinely appreciative and excited...unlike another certain 8-bit person on SEworld.

      ct92404ct92404År sedan
  • How come you have to pay for the parking? Is this not your home? Lol

    Tommy Lambert - The Suffolk MadManTommy Lambert - The Suffolk MadManÅr sedan
    • It appears that he has recently acquired office space outside of his home. It's been like this for the last couple videos now and he just said he's going to do a tour now that it's all squared away.

      Alex TirrellAlex TirrellÅr sedan
  • Kirkard and Pickirk at...

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • Nicksy Tubes? The Gangster?

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
    • Nixie tubes

      RWL2012RWL2012År sedan
  • YOU'RE NOSTALGIA NERD?!?! YOU!?! What a world.... is something I've heard British people say... LOL

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • Spain: It's made of meat.

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • Why is this 'Dancing Scientist' goober's advertisement on every. single. youtube. video!?! It's driving me mmaaaaaaaaadddd!

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • @5:20 The Gaming Historian just did a video on the Hot Seat. lol

    HDoseHDoseÅr sedan
    • Ha! I just came here to say this after seeing it flash by in the retro games fanzine.

      gz1976gz1976År sedan
    • So what's next, someone did a Super Nintendo chair, a PlayStation chair...

      adventureoflinkmk2adventureoflinkmk2År sedan
    • Reminds me of the Sega chair.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • A $450 nixie watch I can only dream of and you're like "Oh wow, awesome", then you look at it for 20 seconds and put it aside. Really, I need to start a SEworld channel as well. And yes, I would definitely show my appreciation way more enthousiastic for whatever people send to me free of charge...

    Ni5eiNi5eiÅr sedan
    • No balls you won’t

      bboi elmobboi elmoÅr sedan
    • You are calm....I would have wet myself.

      prismstudios001prismstudios001År sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd Yup, the obvious reply :)

      Ni5eiNi5eiÅr sedan
    • Do it then.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Okay, looks like you stepped over that thin line between a collector and an accumulator.

    ᚛ V ᚜᚛ V ᚜År sedan
    • What Line? Maybe I didn't see it :)

      Retro RetireeRetro RetireeÅr sedan
    • More than 3 of something is a collection......

      prismstudios001prismstudios001År sedan
    • It's actually a pretty thick line, and it's currently stacked up with crap.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Put that atari handheld in the bin. It is really shit

    Mark ConstableMark ConstableÅr sedan
  • The Gaming Historian just released a video on that gaming chair at 5:20. It's called the hot seat. 😂

    Dave WoodwardDave WoodwardÅr sedan
    • was about to say the same thing! :)

      Kevin NunesKevin NunesÅr sedan
    • LOL!!!!

      Kevin NunesKevin NunesÅr sedan
  • Put ur belt on, punk.

    Krzysztof KwietniewskiKrzysztof KwietniewskiÅr sedan
  • I always look forward to videos from British LGR... I mean Nostalgia Nerd. To be fair, you opened yourself up to that joke when you mentioned it in a boot sale video.

    Strawberry PrincessStrawberry PrincessÅr sedan
    • HAH! I think Peter would feel proud to be compared to Clint.

      BertyFromDKBertyFromDKÅr sedan
    • @Colin Johnston Actually I just neglected to read the comments and check to see if anyone else had made the joke. Never assume malice when ignorance explains the situation just as well.

      Strawberry PrincessStrawberry PrincessÅr sedan
    • To be fair you just copied that joke from the guy below...

      Colin JohnstonColin JohnstonÅr sedan
  • Would love to learn more about the XVision 6, it's so obscure a web search didn't return anything much about it.

    Kowboy USAKowboy USAÅr sedan
  • Hmm, having looked up the projector I wouldn't expect too much from it. :(

    Richard WilsonRichard WilsonÅr sedan
    • @Nostalgia Nerd If you can't simply expect. Demand!

      Kris AKris AÅr sedan
    • I never expect much from anything. 'tis all good.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • now STEP UP YOUR GAME MAN and push your mind to it ... hehe

    Hfric`s Gaming BacklogHfric`s Gaming BacklogÅr sedan
  • why is there a pic of "nerd cubed" behind him or Dan

  • That nixie watch costs $450 and they just sent you one? Fornicate under command of the king that.

    JopieHaargelJopieHaargelÅr sedan
    • @ct92404 He is pushy like that. I blame his upbringing.

      JopieHaargelJopieHaargelÅr sedan
    • He probably likes to watch.

      ErikSErikSÅr sedan
    • Wait...I thought it was "under consent" of the king. So now the king is *commanding* you to do the freaky thing?

      ct92404ct92404År sedan
    • It's time will come...

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • Unboxing is fine, but if you want a real workout, try unwrestling.

    Baron von QuiplyBaron von QuiplyÅr sedan
  • 15:01. EXACTLY the amount of time it takes me to have a shit. Great toilet viewing.

    What's next?What's next?År sedan
    • @Colin Johnston It's a leisure choice rather than medical issues.

      What's next?What's next?År sedan
    • Wash your damn hands now!!!!!!

      prismstudios001prismstudios001År sedan
    • You need more fiber.

      Colin JohnstonColin JohnstonÅr sedan
    • I tailor made it especially for this.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • I expected ashens to come on and complain ironically about all the stuff.

    Lucy HLucy HÅr sedan
    • He was running late. Popped in afterwards and had a pop.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • if you thought UK Parking Wardens were bad, try out NYC traffic agents!

    Cinema MacabroCinema MacabroÅr sedan
    • @Gerard Kean also agents: is this regular, secret, or 00?

      adventureoflinkmk2adventureoflinkmk2År sedan
    • Agents? Do they wear ray bans and carry a flashy thing that makes you forget where you parked?

      Gerard KeanGerard KeanÅr sedan
    • Right?!

      adventureoflinkmk2adventureoflinkmk2År sedan
    • I'll give it a miss. Wouldn't be very convenient to get to and from the office.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • You sounded a little like Paul bearer from wwe .

    Bucky749Bucky749År sedan
  • Are you standing on a pile of rubber pads?

    TornadoADVTornadoADVÅr sedan
    • That's just my beard rubbing on the microphone.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • haha...which is why I never wanted to professionally DJ.. (i hope some will get the relation to the video..Peter? ;) )

    ukwernaukwernaÅr sedan
  • Glad the games arrived safe and sound, found a few more manuals the other day to go with them so I'll forward on in the post. Nice one and have fun 👍

    James HareJames HareÅr sedan
    • Absolutely. Many thanks for sending them over!

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • The projector... is it the one Mike reviewed - different box, I thought the LEDsource was the same

    Matthew DayMatthew DayÅr sedan
  • teehee

    IkiFooIkiFooÅr sedan
  • Yes I love new episodes of British lgr

    Keep Talking, Nobody ListensKeep Talking, Nobody ListensÅr sedan
    • I noticed the same. Metal Jesus is now drawing inspiration from Doug Demuro too.

      Ryan YoderRyan YoderÅr sedan
  • Already subbed to Octav1us and yourself.

    Hunter's MoonHunter's MoonÅr sedan
  • Your PC shutdown as you were threatening it with Unix software 😄

    geezerdiamondgeezerdiamondÅr sedan
    • That's just windows when the air changes direction.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • 7:01 The real game being played here is "Beat the London traffic wardens". That last few minuets left on my parking meter feeling is like the count down escape on the last stage of resident evil 1.

    M TechM TechÅr sedan
  • Yay! Good to see you got the XVision software I sent you! I'm looking forward to seeing the video you do on that!

    JoshywoofulJoshywoofulÅr sedan
    • Thanks very much for that! Looking forward to getting stuck in!

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan