There's a Thing This Weekend | Nostalgia Nerd

8 aug 2018
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This video serves 2 purposes. 1) To apologise for my lack of content recently. 2) To inform you of my whereabouts this weekend. Just in case you like to know that kind of thing.
This weekend is Play Expo 2018, or Play Expo London, as it's the first time the expo has entered the capital. So if you wish to come, take a look at, where you can also grab some tickets. I hope to see you there!
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  • I promise an avalanche of new (meaning excessively old) and exciting videos in the very near future. Thanks for being here.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • Ahhhhhhh man, I watched this video on the 13th otherwise I would've come along boooooooooooo. Oh well maybe next year

      Matt FrancisMatt Francis2 år sedan
    • Nostalgia Nerd a

      Gae ShowsGae Shows2 år sedan
    • Nostalgia Nerd great stuff, love your content.

      XTronicalXTronical2 år sedan
    • Where is here?

      Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 782 år sedan
    • Cheers Nerd.

      GonzoGonzo2 år sedan
  • I know where you live

    Mr. TrumpMr. Trump2 år sedan
  • Nerd, you say that you have a hard time enjoying mivies and games these days.. its just too much to choose from. Can agree with netflix and i wont say your cup is full and you only have enough of yourself to have a good time with.. yourself. But have you tried wrapping up the difficultysetting on old Doom for example to something like ultra violence. If you havent i can guarantee you that after a while youll be just as in it as when you were younger. you are an adult now, you need a better challange with a few good games.

    Blackmonster Handhelds and consolesBlackmonster Handhelds and consoles2 år sedan
  • I like your 'Computer Programme' videos. I loved that show. I also watched 'Micro Live'. Maybe you can do a Micro Live look back. That would be cool.

    Chris WardChris Ward2 år sedan
  • It needs to be smashed down and replaced with Delta city, haha! Funny comment from nerds comment on computer museum coverage from bad influence.

    Blackmonster Handhelds and consolesBlackmonster Handhelds and consoles2 år sedan
  • When you notice the video too late but then remember you had no way to go to London so soon.

    Hannah WinterHannah Winter2 år sedan
  • Was good to meet you today.

    Bassu MiahBassu Miah2 år sedan
  • I already have my ticket for Sunday.... looks really good fun.... and it’s only 1 stop away for me on the tube.. so that’s worked out really well...

  • Dude I love your olde byte sides. They have entertained me so much

    Peter BPeter B2 år sedan
  • I've been trying to find a schedule for this show on their website, but there doesn't seem to be one! Luckily I have picked the Sunday which has the SEworld and Knightmare panels. Even buying a Knightmare ticket didn't disclose that show's start time, which seems like it would be nice to know...

    Philip CornerPhilip Corner2 år sedan
  • Your reasons - moving, taking a "mental well-being/recharge" break - more than make sense and are understandable. Can't wait to see what you come up with once you fully get back into the swing of things!

    Ronnie BarzelRonnie Barzel2 år sedan
  • Nice - only 10 mins away from my house. That's my weekend sorted.

    MrBertie7MrBertie72 år sedan
  • Need help with wiring in the new office :-) Jokes aside I am glad you are back soon with new content!!

    TekTherapyTekTherapy2 år sedan
  • Is this a one time event or an yearly event or something else?

    ErlendErlend2 år sedan
  • Always good to take a break. Wish I could see Knightmare live ... alas London is too far away

    JikyuuJikyuu2 år sedan
  • I’ll wait for the local one at Blackpool or wherever they decide to hold it up here. Keep up the good work! Have fun at The Printworks

    Acorn ElectronAcorn Electron2 år sedan
  • There have already been some comments with kind words of support and thanks for your work on this channel but I also want to say that I'm really grateful for all of your content. I learned a lot from your videos (also in terms of language). Keep doing your great job.

    The Reverend WormThe Reverend Worm2 år sedan
  • an awkward stair ha ha :)

    I invented GoogleI invented Google2 år sedan
  • Do what u gotta do man.

    RighteousBruceRighteousBruce2 år sedan
  • Don't worry, do what you need to do, sometimes is better to just leave some time of doing videos to in the future make better ones. I really enjoy your videos and I will be here (like most of us) when you decide to come back. Also, the Play Expo OMG, I wish I could go, actually, I'm going a week to London for vacation, but too late for going to the expo (15 of August), maybe you can tell me some places to see vintage/retro stuff? I will miss your videos

  • "Followed by an awkward stare" :D

    IchininIchinin2 år sedan
  • Screwing, with power tools. Nice.

    LennyG2006LennyG20062 år sedan
  • That lovely table screwing footage... my day is complete...

    Value VinylValue Vinyl2 år sedan
  • We will be hanging out at the thing this weekend and looking forward to playing some arcade games as well as recording footage for our Retro Gamer Show series. So who knows we just might see you there. Always love your vids by the way. 👍

    Let's Talk RetroLet's Talk Retro2 år sedan
  • Whatever you do, we are pretty sure you gonna do it with your usual "coolness". Keep on nerdin'. ;)

    Cyril P.Cyril P.2 år sedan
  • Wish I was going 😭

    gavinc74gavinc742 år sedan
  • Thanks m8 have 1 yourself!

    Erlich BachmanErlich Bachman2 år sedan
  • Was I still in London, I would definitely attend Play Expo. Have fun.

    Greg LyrisGreg Lyris2 år sedan
  • I can't go to the expo, so I just say it from here, "Hello there..."

    Alex RamosAlex Ramos2 år sedan
  • I really wanted to go but i'm going to see IRON MAIDEN perform at the O2 and will be coming back home so cant really justify making the same journey the next day! Gutted

    Retro Games Boy 78Retro Games Boy 782 år sedan
  • Looking forward to seeing the new studio and *knightmare live?!* I desperately wanted to be on that show as a kid. Did you watch the recent(ish) episode for SEworld's geek week?

    Commander 64Commander 642 år sedan
  • I know you REALLY wanted to just say, "Here is a video of me screwing.", but thought better of it. :-)

    touring21touring212 år sedan
  • Hmmm short but sweet 😂

    LeeLee2 år sedan
  • Went to Knightmare Live I couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Hope to see you this weekend.

    P FerreiraP Ferreira2 år sedan
    • @Commander 64 It's still fun but the whole thing is handled as a comedy which isn't a bad thing. It's a comedic version of Knightmare. It's huge fun however, very funny as well.

      P FerreiraP Ferreira2 år sedan
    • narw :( thought it might be a bit like that Crystal Maze experience.

      Commander 64Commander 642 år sedan
    • @Commander 64 Nope. It's a stage performance with picked teams. The only video visuals is that they show the lifeforce head. Everything else is done on stage with people dressed up as characters and the corridor of blades.

      P FerreiraP Ferreira2 år sedan
    • P Ferreira I never knew about this live version, what's it like? Do they use green screens and stuff like on the TV show?

      Commander 64Commander 642 år sedan
  • Wish I could attend. Looks like it'll be lots fun. I hope you have a good time, and I look forward to watching your video covering the event. Cheers!

    Analog IDCAnalog IDC2 år sedan
  • Would totally be at "the thing this weekend" if I lived in the UK... SEworldr panel AND Knightmare live? When's the next flight to London?!

    AdventureGameGeekAdventureGameGeek2 år sedan
  • Happy you are taking time off especially for moving office. only thing I will remark is that I notice so many creators I follow are taking time off or just finished taking time off that I see it as a big coincidence taking time off at the same time. everybody deserves time off especially if it helps to respark the passion that you created your channel with in the beginning and helps to make your future videos that much better

    Sarah1390Sarah13902 år sedan
  • 0:26 Those shorts are bomb ass

    Dr MegamanDr Megaman2 år sedan
  • Thing Codename: Nostalgia that's all I need

    Ege Ve Tayfası HDEge Ve Tayfası HD2 år sedan
  • YES!!!! Can't wait.

    Asobi techAsobi tech2 år sedan
  • Haha, it’s been FAR too long brother, even if it was just making a table!

    Kevin ツTMKevin ツTM2 år sedan
    • My drill battery died halfway through.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • I would love to pop along and visit but the job fairy is not so kind atm, have fun :)

    MiggyManMikeMiggyManMike2 år sedan
  • You sound a bit tired in this.

    RetroJackalRetroJackal2 år sedan
    • I'm mostly tired at night. Mostly.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • My life has been pointless without new videos!

    Bob MaganaBob Magana2 år sedan
  • Sounds good mate. Look forward to seeing more stuff and hope you're ok otherwise 👍

    NJL 82NJL 822 år sedan
  • I miss you British dad

    Dark xDark x2 år sedan
  • missed you

    vendettaukiainvendettaukiain2 år sedan