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19 apr 2019
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Come thrift with me, for a new season of thrifting, or bargain hunting/charity shopping as we call it in the UK (we still don't really have a single word for it, so it's only a matter of time until we ALL call it thrifting). It's the start of car boot season and so what better way to spend the weekend than getting up at 7am to trudge around damp fields in the cold, searching frantically for retro items. In more exciting news, I find a stationery shop whose owner seems to think that it's still 1994, by selling a 486 PC like it's brand new technology. Now you don't see that everyday.
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Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens
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Blue Snowball Microphone
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  • Been curious to see that stationary shop since you tweeted that video of it a while back. A time warp indeed. And that intro, ha! On point.

    LGRLGRÅr sedan
    • it's like a damn dc crossover event in here!

      StudioUACStudioUAC9 månader sedan
    • They did steal it from LGR, but that's okay.. everyone should do thrifting.. glad they gave props to LGR though!

      DragomDragomÅr sedan
    • heeeeeeey clint! big fan!

      BlueSpartan 076BlueSpartan 076År sedan
    • He kinda looks like you bro.

      NPC #34254334 Response:NPC #34254334 Response:År sedan
    • you where too lazy to sign your name on nostigia nerd flopy. a bit of lazy and a bit of energy just mite byte. for real i shoulda bought one of them lgr 5 quater to put in my comadaor 128 i dont have ne more.

      Grant MackinnonGrant MackinnonÅr sedan
  • just in time for the lockdown to kill boots :(

    Carl RoeheadCarl RoeheadDag sedan
  • Man.... that Dell is sweet.

    Bolling HoltBolling Holt2 månader sedan
  • I am in love with this channel. It's so comforting.

    DaphneDaphne3 månader sedan
  • and that came from Stuart ashen the man who has an umpteen amount of game controllers and joysticks!

    tino van der zwan phono cave!tino van der zwan phono cave!3 månader sedan
  • The Nvidia Riva TNT2 was the first dedicated GPU I had in my very own computer. Before that I was rocking my parent's old Packard Bell with build in ATI Rage graphics.

    Daniel StewartDaniel Stewart3 månader sedan
  • "Car booting". I'm canadian and I find british terms instantly hilarious. Australian as well. I always love these videos.

    Robbie BurnsRobbie Burns3 månader sedan
  • I used to work at Tandy in the early 90s. Those Nikko RC cars had the highest returns rate of anything in the shop. Horrible pieces of ill-constructed rubbish!

    VisionismVisionism4 månader sedan
  • Anyone else see that DPD van at the first sale? Do drivers get their vans for the weekend or do I have to worry even more about them now?

    Stephen James HooperStephen James Hooper4 månader sedan
  • Great vid as usual my man!

    WillCWillC5 månader sedan
  • Could have done without the ashens intro

    Dean RockDean Rock6 månader sedan
  • Monthy Python vibes in the beginning :D

    Uriel UntevarinUriel Untevarin7 månader sedan
  • Pretty neat to see Ashens name-drop LGR. Also, "Escape from Colditz Castle?" Is that like some board game version of the original Wolfenstein?

    Jess RaganJess Ragan8 månader sedan
  • Cool you mentioned LGR 👍

    egapekimegapekim8 månader sedan
  • I had that Niko screwdriver car!!! I remember the rubber tracks always came off of the wheels!

    Adam SmithAdam Smith11 månader sedan
  • Peter, with you until you said 'artwork on blank tape boxes' ;)

    Irene smithIrene smithÅr sedan
  • had to laugh at the pricing for that computer like we still use shillings but sort of fits with the display

    cucumbercucumberÅr sedan
  • 2:10 Booot Market = Flea Market = Swap Meet

    DaybotDaybotÅr sedan
  • You should have gotten that broly game

    jordan secristjordan secristÅr sedan
  • I've been looking for a damn Moka Pot at every store in town today with no luck. Then I watch this video and see you just casually stroll past one on a table at 2:03. Man that just hurts.

    Jarrod StemenJarrod StemenÅr sedan
  • 2:08 in the us we call that a flea market

    Tricky nickTricky nickÅr sedan
  • We had that Escape From Colditz Castle game when I was a kid. The name is a lie. Nobody ever escapes. The rules should say "the game ends when at least one player cannot stand it anymore". You spend hours collecting item cards ("map and compasses" is stuck in my mind in this regard) then attempt a breakout and you get caught. Rinse, repeat.

    jaxtrawjaxtrawÅr sedan
  • Ashens! Two great minds meet... Again!

    Phil SharyPhil SharyÅr sedan
  • ah no way, you live in my area by the looks of it

    Marcos ZarzosoMarcos ZarzosoÅr sedan
  • Is this LGR channel...? Ohh sorry, my mistake.

    Ruben RochaRuben RochaÅr sedan
  • Go to USA with LGR to thrifts or LGR goes to UK

    John Daniel EsguerraJohn Daniel EsguerraÅr sedan
  • Is that Clint’s voice in the very beginning?

    Jaggyroad FilmsJaggyroad FilmsÅr sedan
  • Another reason to visit the uk

    Lord ZeroLord ZeroÅr sedan
  • What's that swanky jazz track I hear throughout? IIIII like it!!!

    schizoid26schizoid26År sedan
  • Love the LGR reference!

    AgentOrokoAgentOrokoÅr sedan
  • well i get up at 3am to head to work lol

    Custom ModCustom ModÅr sedan
  • Nice nice! America is so different looking!!!! Loved the Ashens cameo! Also the LGR reference! “Thrifting is totally a south east USA word. We’re from North Carolina like Clint! Been Thrifting forever! This was much much fun! Thanks!

    Oak City GamersOak City GamersÅr sedan
  • car boot = flea market ;D

    Epi CamachoEpi CamachoÅr sedan
  • I remember going into a Cash CONverters in the early 2000s where they were selling 486's for £500. I do hope no one was stupid enough to buy one.

    mcrecordingsmcrecordingsÅr sedan
  • I'm an experienced bootsaler + tried to make some of these kind of videos, unfortunately they were f**king boring. Yours was good, though.

    Frankie ZenFrankie ZenÅr sedan
  • @6:58 damn those Judge Dredd books from the JD Mega collection. Wish I was able to order the set and ship them to the states. Alas.

    Green ManGreen ManÅr sedan
  • Best video for me of 2019 , love the humor in it, and the retro hardware

    TechKnowTechKnowÅr sedan
  • I'm fairly certain my dad and his sister had a toy school as seen in-frame at 8:35 when he was a kid. I can remember playing with it at my Nan and Grampa's house when I was little. It was cool actually. A proper bell and a functioning blackboard. I've only ever been to one boot sale in my life. They hardly ever happen where I live.

    Drawn To Ice HockeyDrawn To Ice HockeyÅr sedan
    • I know it's not quite the same thing, but I really love looking at tech from the turn on the millennium and the years surrounding it. My parents have a few books from that time about what you can do with computers and I find them really interesting and sometimes quite funny to read lol

      Drawn To Ice HockeyDrawn To Ice HockeyÅr sedan
  • The figures you saw were Skylanders...totally different than Amiibos.

    Nathan ForesterNathan ForesterÅr sedan
  • Makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one who finds this stuff cool! Nice work getting the beano for your son.

    Steve UlrichSteve UlrichÅr sedan
  • It costs £150 just to import but only wants £80.. sounds legit.

    BrackynMorBrackynMorÅr sedan
  • Michael Jackson was innocent man, watch this video please seworld.info/will/eZCzy9-Vj56JynE/video

    MTB - GEEMTB - GEEÅr sedan
  • Is that Fax Machine £201?,

    TularisTularisÅr sedan
  • That Mach GoGoGo slot machine... want. Want so bad...

    Maggie McFeeMaggie McFeeÅr sedan
  • Escape from Colditz on the Amiga was one of my favourites, never played the board game however, seems I missed out!

    Secret CoupleSecret CoupleÅr sedan
  • Stole that from LRG 😂

    Secret CoupleSecret CoupleÅr sedan
  • yo i swear thrifting was a regular word, because ur going to a thrift store lol But what word do Brits use then?

    Goreface69Goreface69År sedan
  • A GBR thing.

    Mark HendersonMark HendersonÅr sedan
  • Are you gonna start a Sandwich channel too?

    TwoBlackMarksTwoBlackMarksÅr sedan
  • 2:17 who the hell sells their family's war medals?

    Noah HughesNoah HughesÅr sedan
    • 6:52 that girl with the "fak u" jumper lmao

      Noah HughesNoah HughesÅr sedan
  • ahh Norwich isnt too far from me :D Well, im In Norfolk / Cambridgeshire border :D

    Random RestorationsRandom RestorationsÅr sedan
  • As ever, it's always lovely to se the fine city on SEworld!!

    Peteman ReviewsPeteman ReviewsÅr sedan
  • My mum and dad met each other while working at ICL in kidsgrove stoke one of my parents could have soldered the PCB in the monitor and keyboard

    acid3129acid3129År sedan
  • 4:39 2 Corgi David Brown 1412 models 1 of them still sporting an unbroken exhaust, damn missed it lol

    Jim McKechnieJim McKechnieÅr sedan
  • hahaha. Great intro. Really well done.

    Dave SheenDave SheenÅr sedan
  • Whats up with the fisheye lens?

    Manuel85Manuel85År sedan
  • 190 people are wrong. Love this stuff! Keep it up

    spelledexactlyspelledexactlyÅr sedan
  • good stuff good stuff, 486dx2 is when amd and intel went on to make different fabrication ?

    Grant MackinnonGrant MackinnonÅr sedan
  • top youtuber . 2 years ago i said the same thing, i think.

    Grant MackinnonGrant MackinnonÅr sedan
    • the 8086 memory bus is why

      Grant MackinnonGrant MackinnonÅr sedan
  • My luck at yardsales and the like is slim to none. I must have been storing luck over the years because i found a G1 Megatron in the Styrofoam tray complete, for 1 American dollar. My holygrail. Sorry i posted this here. I have no friends.

    The Deadpool Who Chuckles.The Deadpool Who Chuckles.År sedan
  • Classic Stuart saying rain it in good advice thf !!! Lol

    Dominic ADominic AÅr sedan
  • The SEworld expanded universe continues to grow. When's the feature film crossover?

    Knuxfan24Knuxfan24År sedan
  • Did you drive to these places in a 1986 Rover 800?

    itsJonnersitsJonnersÅr sedan
  • What does "A quid" equate to in US dollars? I've always wondered ;)

    Complete Technology SolutionsComplete Technology SolutionsÅr sedan
    • It's slang for £1, about $1.30.

      flmoogflmoog2 månader sedan
  • Get yourself a dsi, perfect for speccy emulation! :)

    NellyfishNellyfishÅr sedan
  • theres a shop in Worthing West Sussex, that still thinks its in the 90's and its bloody awesome it has all the old retro pcs, printers and everything else you need I love .

    Nathan diMaggioNathan diMaggioÅr sedan
  • 9:20 Morrowind for xbox original didn't fancy him , hard to come by, a shame not to buy that

    StonedRaiderKushStonedRaiderKushÅr sedan
  • I wish my nation would have shops like those.

    general riotgeneral riotÅr sedan
  • What do you want with all that tat?

    Rob SRob SÅr sedan
  • Man... How I wish we had sales like these where I live. I would love to find a Sony Walkman from the late 80s or 1990s

    Davi DiasDavi DiasÅr sedan
  • I know it's just for the day, but seeing all this stuff get exposed to UV gives me anxiety.

    Robert PriceRobert PriceÅr sedan
  • www.reddit.com/r/itrunsdoom/

    Tom MortleyTom MortleyÅr sedan
  • One mans old Tat is another mans old Tat -great video mate

    Tom BarryTom BarryÅr sedan
  • 4:44 matchbox is worth a fortune especially in the USA

    Grant RennieGrant RennieÅr sedan
  • 4:17 that mecano set is worth about £400/$500

    Grant RennieGrant RennieÅr sedan
  • When Athens called you dickhead 😂😂😂😂 great video! I live in Essex but how do you find out when and where the boot sales are?

    terrys461terrys461År sedan
  • It is just me, or does Ashens manage to look a bit like Simon Pegg, there?

    Aaron BrailsfordAaron BrailsfordÅr sedan
  • "66 under the hood"

    DriftZ TwoSevenDriftZ TwoSevenÅr sedan
  • That speed racer slot machine would have been really cool to have, and dot matrix computers last friggin forever

    Drink a Beer and Play a GameDrink a Beer and Play a GameÅr sedan
  • Let's get these Beano comics on to a tray *NICE*

    ShelbyShelbyÅr sedan
  • 1:37 Everyone hilariously walking backwards :D

    Clint HobsonClint HobsonÅr sedan
  • The later Xbox 360 fat models don't overheat anymore. So from 2008 or newer you are safe, the date is on the back of the console.

    Tom 2404Tom 2404År sedan
  • 10:20 while Pete's talking about spotting the TNT2 I immediately spotted that G1 Motormaster in front and thought "this is going to be a good shop".

    The Game ShowThe Game ShowÅr sedan
  • The TNT2 M64 is a cheap version pf the TNT2. Nothing you want to spend any money on.

    Tom 2404Tom 2404År sedan
  • Are charity shops what we call thrift shops over here in north america?

    Sammy FoxSammy FoxÅr sedan
  • I would have bought that sony ericsson phone in a heartbeat

    Sammy FoxSammy FoxÅr sedan
  • "Car boot sale" the American term for this exact type of thing is "swap meet"

    TAD2020TAD2020År sedan
  • That trespass hoodie is dead 💀💀

    PHS44PHS44År sedan
  • 8:14 the game of thrones dvd message is feminist opinions in aa nutshell

    Grade A Content-oGrade A Content-oÅr sedan
  • I want to stole all things from you.

    Helping MindHelping MindÅr sedan
  • Aw. Shame that the 486 was just the product of a closing down sale. Was hoping to find a ready source of retro PC gems I could tap into. Maybe somewhere that would sell a 5-volt DX50 or DX2/nn chip for a non ruinous price. But still, goes to show why the DX2/66 was and still is regarded as somewhat of a "turning point" processor for widespread migration to the PC platform from the various different ones a lot of us used before. It's simply perfectly fast enough for almost anything you actually want to do with a computer that doesn't involve heavyweight media processing (e.g. video editing, or playback of any MPEG material beyond a 64kbit MP3). For office work, basic accounts etc it's almost overpowered, and although electronic and laser printed documentation has horned in on the territory somewhat in recent years, it's still pretty common to see dot matrices in use for printing multipart carbon-copy forms (and fax is taking an awful long time to die as well, in the face of email-attached scans etc), so little wonder it was still probably in active service right up until the moment it was put in the window.

    Mark PenriceMark PenriceÅr sedan
  • I remember my first car boot experience in about 1998 - I literally filled my car with late-70s and early-80s retro stuff. These days you barely see anything at all worth buying.

    dunebasher1971dunebasher1971År sedan
  • 4:24 ... is that the car from Stunt Car Racer, lower-right? ... did Scalextric ever go all Hot Wheels and make a stunt track?!

    Mark PenriceMark PenriceÅr sedan

    Mark PenriceMark PenriceÅr sedan
  • Its That Simon Pegg LoL 0:02

    Melhod RipertonMelhod RipertonÅr sedan
  • Pedant alert... jewel cases are the hard plastic ones music CDs come in, not the DVD style cases. Apologies if you knew this already.

    sheep83sheep83År sedan
  • great video

    Johnny jrJohnny jrÅr sedan
  • Back in the 80's when i was a kid my dad used to drag me to car boot sales, antique shops, markets and charity shops on the hunt for treasures he could re-sell, of course it was mostly all a load of old junk, i now have a little chuckle to myself and think all the treasures (well future treasures) were in the local shops and back at home being used as every day normal objects with no thought of the value, the game shops full of boxed mint nintendo games etc, the star wars figures etc all neatly put out on the shelves ready to be sold and much much more!!!

  • Should’ve picked up that Motormaster that was sat in front of the gfx card 👍🏻

    MudSluggerBPMudSluggerBPÅr sedan
  • Omg I used to live on Magdalen rd. Used to be a guy called shakey live on the same road. I asked him once if he got fed up with everyone taking fun of parkinsons disease and calling him shakey. He said not really cuz they call him it cuz he likes shaking Stevens. It was at that point I knew I had to get the hell out of dodge. Norwich is a place a hundred years in the past.

    Mick WakefieldMick WakefieldÅr sedan