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14 sep 2018
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Tape Drives, Cassette Decks, Tape Decks, Datasettes... they go by many different names, but for many of us, they were the gateways to 8 bit adventures of past. Being from the UK, I spent many an hour waiting for games to load via. tape on my ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. So, when news of fangled digital tape decks caught my ears, my attention was given. Based on Arduinos and known as Tapuino, Arduitape, TZXduino, Casduino, Sio2SD and all manner of other names, I've grabbed a couple in cases I liked the look of to demonstrate for you, right here, right now.
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Sio2SD (Atari 8 bits) -
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uCassette (Tim Harris) -
DC2N -
Arduiotape blog & details -
Peter Edwards (Tapuino) -
Charcole C64 Tape -
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  • As to why the Spectrum still got an occasional loading error, I'm not entirely sure. The hardware can be quite fickle, especially given the age of the machine. I suspect it's just down to the signal strength from the Tzxduino. Same as with a standard tape deck.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
    • r tape loading error of doom

      honestguy77 !honestguy77 !2 månader sedan
    • @Martin Howser Well the Z80 has its R register and there are NMIs so those could add a touch of entropy (-:

      Andrew DunbarAndrew Dunbar4 månader sedan
    • Probably subtle timing hiccups. It'll have a program on it that converts the bytes of a cassette image file into an audio waveform. If it does it in pieces and there's a delay between two pieces that could result in an error. Also if the little processor has to service a slow interrupt. Some tape image file formats are not binary formats but just audio files, in which case they may have been poorly recorded or recorded off a bad tape or using a bad tape player. But yeah could be other digital or analogue imperfections.

      Andrew DunbarAndrew Dunbar4 månader sedan
    • @The Average Retro Gamers Yes please! Would love to have the same case on the Arduiotape shown in the video. Is it possible??

      Niklas PihlNiklas PihlÅr sedan
    • After experimenting with different tap to wav methods I came down to a conclusion that it is not about signal strength but rather the waveform's shape. Most tap to wav converters use simple square waves which for some unknown reason doesn't always work with the spectrum. However if I convert the square waves to sine then surprisingly everything works perfectly stable even with very low signal strength.

      Péter KovácsPéter KovácsÅr sedan
  • Over the years I’ve occasionally purchased cassette games for the C64 from the UK, with surprisingly good luck. Max Headroom works flawlessly (unless the drive hiccups during loading), as do a number of more obscure titles... I once purchased The Young Ones on cassette for the C64 from England. It arrived in a Commodore box, but an Amstrad tape. Finding an Amstrad in the States is like finding a castle in the States. There ain’t none unless some yank made it happen and it ain’t gonna be cheap.

    Dan RichardsDan Richards23 dagar sedan
  • I had a 128MB serial tape drive, which plugged into the serial port. It was big as a toaster, and the tapes were surprisingly very small. Very reliable and the envy of others, because floppy disks were the only alternative to store files. Re-writable CDs were barely new and cost over 7 dollars each. The CD burners were about 250 dollars.

    Rhomis RhemisRhomis RhemisMånad sedan
  • I have a quick question for you. Is there a way to transfer some cassette programs to floppy disk? If so how can it be done? If you can make an episode about this that would be great. I used to own Atari 130 xe, and had a cassette and disk games. We all know that the tape drives are unreliable when it comes to loading a program. I was left with sad childhood because many of the great games I have owned are in cassette and not on disk drives. Thanks man.

    Mr.Logic23Mr.Logic232 månader sedan
  • Omg I wish you let the Batman screen go all the way to the gameplay. One of my first games as a child! And used to crash more than half the time while loading. Always had to fiddle with the volume and tone knobs on the tape deck until it worked. I can't believe that even with the digital tape loader there were still tape load errors! 😱

    TurricaNTurricaN2 månader sedan
  • I remember my Atari 410 cassette drive here in the States. Gawd they were awful. 29 minutes of screeching, then a pop sound and froze Atari 400 about a quarter of the time loading zaxxon.

    RT ArcandRT Arcand3 månader sedan
  • I live in the States, I had a C64 & my best friend at the time had an Atari 600xl. Both of our first storage devices were tape drives. Mine was the 1530 his was the Atari 1010 Program Recorder. to this day I still use mine & actually prefer cassettes to disk as my opinion is that cassettes are sturdy & stand the test of time WAY better than floppies. I really don't mine the 10 minute load times. LOL.

    WowplayerMeWowplayerMe3 månader sedan
  • Disk ROMs? Like the ROMs in the C64's 1541?

    Andrew DunbarAndrew Dunbar4 månader sedan
  • I have absolutely no idea why I find this all so fascinating. I was giving a BBC in the early 90s, played with it a little and that's all my experience and I have no interest in retro gaming (not much interest in gaming fullstop) and yet I am getting pure dopamine release watching these videos. It could be that I am nostalgic for times when the USSR was gone (or going), there was no parasitic retired Boomers and no coronavirus or Donald Trump as President of the 'Great Devil'.

    MemoFromEssexMemoFromEssex4 månader sedan
  • The nice thing about this is that it'll help preserve the software longer, since tapes will degrade eventually, and eventually there won't even be new tapes

    DoctorX17DoctorX174 månader sedan
  • Lovely 80's

    Λευτέρης ΘωμαιδηςΛευτέρης Θωμαιδης5 månader sedan
  • I like the 2-handed sword style music you have in the background, the Middle Ages with phonographs...

    Brent FisherBrent Fisher6 månader sedan
  • I'm a bit confused about these devices. I have only seen one that claims to work with other computers. Shouldn't these just play .wav files and be able to be used on any old computer? I'm looking for one I can use on 3 computers. The Mattel Aquarius, TI 99/4a and the Timex Sinclair 1000. Obviously the c64 one is unique but the zx one you showed will hook up to any of the computers. Will it only accept .tap files?

    wayne barrywayne barry6 månader sedan
  • Unexpected Rydeen at 5:05

    s3c0ndsk1ns3c0ndsk1n6 månader sedan
  • I remember when they changed the speed of the spectrum tape loading - I think it was called "Hyper Load", and I knew nothing about it and it just didn't sound like my other tapes, so I got my parents to take me back to the store to get it exchanged. The woman at the store tried it and said it was fine. Then I saw hyper-load on the back of the tape and I felt silly for not knowing! I must have spent hours of my life watching tape spectrum loading screens.......nostalgia a plenty from your channel! Many thanks :-)

    andy parryandy parry8 månader sedan
  • They should make an acoustic coupler with ethernet output.

    tubewatcher77tubewatcher778 månader sedan
  • Have you ever reviewed a Speccy Microdrive? My grandad had one of those and they used to mystify me, stuck as I was with a prole's tapedeck...

    Ben JewittBen Jewitt8 månader sedan
  • 1:30, er, no, no one over here in Germany i knew of relied on tape for loading. We all had disk drives. And SpeedDOS, a modified KERNAL that replaced the ugly hacked together stock loading routines with something far faster.

    Bastet FurryBastet Furry9 månader sedan
  • will the Tapuinos erad thw .cas files for the msx computers ?

    Alaadeen lolAlaadeen lol11 månader sedan
  • All us kids in the US had tape drives early/mid 80s. I had like 100 games between my Tandy CoCo and TI 99/4A

    X of CenterX of CenterÅr sedan
  • Dude I'ma help you out a bit MIC It's pronounced "MIKE" not "MICK"

    EZBMX713EZBMX713År sedan
  • I wonder if i can mod one of these into an old faulty cassette drive.. be interesting to see if this can be done in a faulty amstrad cpc with the little screen in the window of the tape drive and to be able to utilize the buttons on the tape deck too!

    RetrobutionRetrobutionÅr sedan
  • The C64 tape deck converted the signal to digital before sending the data to the C64. The others relied on converting the analog sounds themselves and were therefore much more unreliable and generally shit.

    Karl HamiltonKarl HamiltonÅr sedan
  • A few years too late, but I recently wrote a game for the zx spectrum. A big part of it for me was the loading screen! Waiting for the screen to build line by line, then the colours with the different screeching sound is a massive nostalgia hit for me. Sadly most people will open it from a snap image and never see that bit of it :(

    NellyfishNellyfishÅr sedan
  • Another good thing about tapes: INVADE - A - LOAD _!_

    EdgyNumber1EdgyNumber1År sedan
  • ...please di not speak for europe. only the fish and chips eaters used data tape drives. the real ; ) europeans used floppies

    kabalukabaluÅr sedan
  • forbidfen technologie

    kabalukabaluÅr sedan
  • the lack of motor control realy stop me

    LightblueLightblueÅr sedan
  • I want to play that duckula game. I watched Danger Mouse and Dacula as a kid here in the States but we never had a video game release. Totally jealous

    OUTRAW mfOUTRAW mfÅr sedan
  • Loading error, damn tape drives...

    KingCosworthKingCosworthÅr sedan
  • The only practical use for these devices was for backups. They even marketed them and labeled the products in the US in that manner, calling them cassette backup drives. Trying to use them as an actual media drive was a horrible experience, that took so long and loading failed so often, that everyone I knew who owned one, believed their device was defective or malfunctioning.

    William BrinkleyWilliam BrinkleyÅr sedan
  • Why would you do that when you can rip the audio file l, but not to the cd, put it in a Sega CD and use that to load your games over the headphone jack :)

    Roman BukinsRoman BukinsÅr sedan
  • The entire idea of computer programs on cassette tape is so foreign to me! I love it! Would have been nice when I was a poor ass kid.

    Jonny WattsJonny WattsÅr sedan
  • ....The case of the Missing Pension Fund Manager...?

    Andar BromentAndar BromentÅr sedan
  • i just bought a 128k+2A and got 20 crap games thought i still had my old tapes but i only had 10 games in a old box couldnt find my favs midnight resistance and robocop and target renegade so tried connecting my phone with the tape lead and pc didnt work checked these out on ebay £100 up to £180 or £70 with £20 delivery then found a vid on youtube about car stereo tape adapter which was a tape with a wire you plugged into the headphone jack on a phone pc or any media player that cost £10 from halfords got it the next day and can play any spectrum game i like and im sorry but it looks better than these blocks of cheap plastic the c64 one aint even the right color and as for the loading sound of the speccy i have to agree i actualy like it it takes me back to been a kid pissing my mom off as i had the tv in the sitting room as it was colour and she was waiting for crossroads or corrination street even though i had a 14inch black and white which it looked better on no colour clash shit thing is i bought a scart lead which cancels out all the interference on my crappy 28inch crt but it wont work on my lg 42 and my 65inch samsung has the rgb scart mode but it has a propiatary cable atachment were the only thing i can connect is a gamecube as you cane take the scart connector of and are left with the 3 wires which blows

    xfloss1xfloss1År sedan
  • Will the one that plugs into the MIC and EAR jacks work with other old computers, like a TI-99/4A? There are some games for that which came on tape, and only on tape. Why? Because they weren't written to take advantage of the 32K expansion and if you had the expansion box with a disk drive the game would fail to load. There's a tiny bit less available console RAM with the disk controller installed and these few tape only games needed 100% of the console RAM. So anyone who wanted to play them would have to unplug their entire expansion system, or have a second TI computer console with a cassette player just for those games.

    greggv8greggv8År sedan
  • Is it superior and is a and the other team is inferior

    pesaweet's advturepesaweet's advtureÅr sedan
  • I remember my dad got us a little black box for our Commodore 64 that allowed us to load games from a VHS, i don't remember it having any badges or labels on the box and i think it was just black with two red buttons but i've never seen one show up on any of the retro tech channels i've come across.

    4ftofflame4ftofflameÅr sedan
  • Its worth noting that most ultimate games require you to drop to 48k mode first before loading.

    Ashley CliffordAshley CliffordÅr sedan
  • I think the future of technology should be combining old and new technology!

    TheOverAnalysticJakeTheOverAnalysticJakeÅr sedan
  • A trick most probably dont know.. The original computer decks had fixed speed, but later models of voice recorders came with all the jacks needed for computer plus they had speed control. At least in MSX, at least with the recorder i used, many games allowed up to 160% speed or more and loaded, many others just "crashed" or werent recognized. I still wonder what made some games work at higher speed and others not....But in the time.. it was like discovering the biggest thing ever....

    For SureFor SureÅr sedan
  • I showed a mate of mine my Commodore 64 setup which has one of these things. It looks like a little baby C2N, but performs all the same functions. "and this is how we loaded games back in the 80's, only back then, it was a real cassette tape, not an SD card, and yes its this slow". his response "bet you and your mates had heaps of games, one of you had to have a double tape deck stereo". That was the beauty of tapes, pirating a game was as simple as getting a blank C30 cassette and dubbing it. :) Us commodore users also got a taste of the noise the speccy made, as some of the games like Commando would play the squeaks and farts of the binary data stream while the loading music routine and score were loaded.

    dash8brjdash8brjÅr sedan
  • “Your mate Cuthbert who lives in the nearby Manor House might have a disc drive.” LOL! That’s so accurate as well...

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube ChannelÅr sedan
    • I have to wonder if this is a direct reference to Dylan Cuthbert, who is the British programmer of Star Fox.

      Nerding with NimaNerding with Nima14 dagar sedan
  • Do the Arduitape still being produced? I tried to follow the link but it seems there was no shop or anything like that.

    Niklas PihlNiklas PihlÅr sedan
  • The track at then end of the video. What is it?

    Rizla Blue SlimRizla Blue SlimÅr sedan
  • Correction Commodore runstop was to load disk with the Epyx Fastloader but for tape it was Shift Runstop

    1980s Fan1980s FanÅr sedan
  • I remember so fondly loading my tapes on my ZX Spectrum clone, the TK90X, and staring at the loading screens in awe, be cause those loading screens were so damn impressive! I think the first loading screen that has caused me that "WOW" factor was Spy Hunter. Its loading screen was so frickin' cool!

    Rodrigo Neves da SilvaRodrigo Neves da SilvaÅr sedan
  • Cant you just use an MP3 player?

    SilicaSilicaÅr sedan
    • @Brent Fisher that makes sense tbh since fax machines where probably designed with shitty quality audio in mind. Since that stuff was going over the phone lines :t

      SilicaSilica6 månader sedan
    • @Silica lame -m m -b 48 -q 0 --resample 44.1 input.wav -o fax.mp3 will pass a 9600 bps Group 3 fax machine signal....I know because I have a program that makes the waveform so you can use a fax machine as a thermal printer, and after it's been on said MP3 file the picture still comes out flawless..

      Brent FisherBrent Fisher6 månader sedan
    • @greggv8 mp3 player with lossless formats

      SilicaSilicaÅr sedan
    • Yes, but too much compression of the files will result in load errors.

      greggv8greggv8År sedan
  • Are there any tzxduino variant that is able to record? There are many ways to load the programs in, but without recording you can't save game data. For example Elite is almost unplayable if you have to start from scratch every time you reset the spectrum. At the moment I use zx interface 1 with vDrive (excellent sd based microdrive replacement) and a rebuilt multiface 128 for recording the whole memory content to sd card if I want to save a game status. This is closer to the original atmosphere than using some divide clone (since you were able to do this to microdrive casettes back at that time), but using the original save to tape method would be the most autentical way.

    Péter KovácsPéter KovácsÅr sedan
  • tape deck scrubs lol

    codemiesterbeatscodemiesterbeatsÅr sedan
  • Have a feeling that I saw an app on Android that just does the same from your phone or tablet. I bet there's a iOS one as well. I could have googled, but I'm lazy.

    Jase WatsonJase WatsonÅr sedan
  • Have still a data tape deck (not the commodore one but a similar one which is compatible) and there were audio interfaces as well for C64 computers to be able to connect a standard audio cassette recorder via a DIN cable. But these digital disk drives for SD reading are actually a nice thing!

    Bernd PBernd PÅr sedan
  • It worth pointing out a phone with an adapter and a app can also achieve this.

    Louis ThorneLouis ThorneÅr sedan
  • 3:35 the placement of the first 2 buttons is infuriating. who the fuck puts arrow buttons facing inwards!? it should be < > not >

    ProxyProxyÅr sedan
  • How much data do these tapes hold?

    TrurlTrurlÅr sedan
  • hello. my casduino was burned when I turned off my toshiba msx. What could be the problem?

    retro aviatorretro aviatorÅr sedan
  • I had a few C64 games that took so long to load that one mentioned that a Moment is equal to two minutes, and another had a loading screen stating "Patience Is A Virtue", and that was from the 1541. I never had a tape drive, let alone saw one Stateside, but I could imagine having a second tape deck for playing music so that when Madonna finishes you know your game is ready.

    Baron von QuiplyBaron von QuiplyÅr sedan
  • The normal tape drive - Wasn't designed for data tapes - Is in analog as a result The Chad digital tape drive - Designed specifically for data - Doesn't have a tone knob - Only need to care about one port instead of two - Allows for more modern interfaces

    KnuxMaster 368KnuxMaster 368År sedan
  • What happened if you didn’t know what a lot of the menu options meant? Like NTSC, did the equipment come with some sort of index on what all the options meant?

    Captcha NeonCaptcha NeonÅr sedan
  • As for that "tape deck" connected to Spectrum - it lacks RECORD button. So no game saves with that device!

    tommik128tommik128År sedan
  • Who's Mick?

    skankingrudeboyskankingrudeboyÅr sedan
  • Press play on tape (As an American I never knew what that error meant)

    John PenguinJohn PenguinÅr sedan
  • FUCK SPECCY. Such an utterly shit machine.

    Mat DeeringMat DeeringÅr sedan
  • I always loved the look of the Spectrum+ and 128. So much more professional than those wobbly rubber keys!

    ctrl-alt-reesctrl-alt-reesÅr sedan
  • You mentioned American’s all using floppy drives with home computers vs Brit’s using compact cassette tape drives. That is only partially true. We (America) did use compact cassettes as storage just like you did but just for shorter period of time. In the U.S. when the first home computers came out in the 70’s, such Apple II, Commodore Pet, and Tandy TRS-80, they all used compact cassette tape drives for storage as 5 1/2 floppy drives (the standard for floppy drives at that time) where still very expensive at that time. It wasn’t until the early 80’s that prices for floppy drives came down enough that most people used a floppy drive with their home computers. As to why the floppy drive was very costly for much longer in the U.K. I see to recall hearing something about was import taxes or some other tax on the drives that was at fault, though after trying to verify this, ’m not so sure anymore if it’s really that simple. I know in the U.S. that the Commodore 1541 5 1/4 floppy drive for the C64 was introduced in ‘82 at a price of $400 which was 2/3 of the price as the C64 itself ($595), meaning a complete C64 w/ floppy drive system would run you a around $1000. Apparently, when the C64 was discontinued in the early 90’s it was not because it was not selling well anymore but rather because the 5 1/4 floppy drive for it was costing Commodore more to produce at that point then the C64 itself. Apparently, in 1986 97% of American Commodore users used a floppy vs some 80% using the Datacasette the U.K. around the same time. I suspect that the reason for this was more U.K. Commodore purchasers where simply more budget conscious, and also saw the tape storage as good enough for home use, rather then a marked difference in price of the floppy drives vs the U.S. Though if anyone knows what the price of C64 itself vs the floppy drive was in the U.K. In the mid 80’s I would like to know.

    Charles BunnellCharles BunnellÅr sedan
  • 02:08 I like that 1541 card reader.

    Baron von QuiplyBaron von QuiplyÅr sedan
  • If only someone had designed and created a unit for the COMMODORE C64 or SINCLAIR Spectrum that would use the DCC tapes which can exploit Byte at a time loading/saving

  • Nostalgia Nerd, never ever stop making your vids. Great work every time. Some other greats such as Dan Wood have slowed down which is a real shame. I know how much time and effort is required to do a simple youtube vid, but yours are always so polished in presentation and background research. Wonderful work.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • That explains why I don't remember tape drives. But my first computer was a 386 so I wouldn't have really encountered them anyway.

    𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠År sedan
  • Few minutes to load ha! Mate I use to load a caset game then taken my bike out for a spin around the block and by the time I was back the game just had loaded lol thanks for the vid.

    Badrul HussainBadrul HussainÅr sedan
  • amazing channel. please check out our channel for lots of lo-fi japanese indies..

    MiharuSanbonGuMiharuSanbonGuÅr sedan
  • Where did you get the case for the TZXDuino ?

    Wayne BookerWayne BookerÅr sedan
  • Is that yellow magic Orchestra playing on that sports game?

    WintermuteWintermuteÅr sedan
  • Aww ... I remember those sounds. I had an AmstradCPC464 in the 90's.

    daryl townsenddaryl townsendÅr sedan
  • I was a C64 user in Germany for some years. I think disc was the dominant format here. Tape was common, but it was seen as a budget/ entry level option, but most systems were upgraded to disc eventually. Users would not give up their tapes after buying a disc drive and tape software was often very cheap, so many systems ended up having both.

    Christian KoehlerChristian KoehlerÅr sedan
  • how did people create this amusing loading screens when tape loaded into C64 or Spectrum?

    Veso266Veso266År sedan
  • You chose to remember tape drives. I chose to forget.

    Stinky WhizzletoothStinky WhizzletoothÅr sedan
  • read error a

    Axl HeisenbergAxl HeisenbergÅr sedan
  • OK, problems: 1. so these aren't digital _tape_ drives, then. But there are drives that actually use tape and are digital. 2. It doesn't make sense to say "converting disk to digital image" or vice versa, because disks _are_ digital. You'd just say "convert to/from image _files._ " 3. Even in Europe, having a disk drive wouldn't have been a disadvantage, because you could have a tape drive _too._

    Hello Kitty Lover Man!Hello Kitty Lover Man!År sedan
  • Y.M.O. - Rydeen @5:07 (an offkey version of it?)

    AvizuraAvizuraÅr sedan
  • Can you also use the Arduiotape as a music player by creating a tap file with music files?

    Connor OudConnor OudÅr sedan
  • I thought this used dcts and I was excited because those can be indexed and ffd to tracks

    FlavortownFlavortownÅr sedan
  • Try copying the audio to a DAT. Digital to digital zhen (almost)

    Alain PfaeffliAlain PfaeffliÅr sedan
  • lol MIC pronounsed as Mik, seems a bit odd having always calling it "mis" As in misrophone.

    3800Tech3800TechÅr sedan
  • I loved Ghost busters and batman , but another world i would watch only for the intro! It was the best

    demofilmpuntnldemofilmpuntnlÅr sedan
  • Using Spectrun version how would you save game position like when playing text adventure games etc ?

    Chris ShawChris ShawÅr sedan
  • My kit built Timex-Sinclair of 1983 was connected to a Craig cassette recorder (very fancy in it's day audiophile tape deck, and because it had a lot of outputs). Didn't bother with disk drives until I got a used 286 computer with a 5.25" drive, around 1992. Skipped 386 completely. Then got my hands on a 486 DX. Ever since been building computers. Sadly, the next computer I build maybe the last because mobile will catch up to PCs in computing and can simply plug it into a monitor -- not only desktop, body appliances. So it's like deja vu all over again.

    Kevyne KicklighterKevyne KicklighterÅr sedan
  • I always loved loading Q-dex off tape. The load screen and the music was something to look forward to.

    dlarge6502dlarge6502År sedan
  • Great video! I live in the US, and most of my games were on disk or cart, but my C-64 collection was hand-me-down and a dozen or so of the games I had were on tape. I remember thinking it was awesome that programs could even be stored on tapes.

    Retro Tech SelectRetro Tech Select2 år sedan
  • Sucking starts at 6:40

    Spörde SpyrdensteinSpörde Spyrdenstein2 år sedan
  • trap dooor 😍😍😍

    John CoxtolstoyJohn Coxtolstoy2 år sedan
  • Nice one man. I have brought my Amiga500 back to life with the Gotek Floppy Emulator. Maybe it's time to get some life back in to my Commodore128 with nostalgia tape emulation :)

    CoolKD2005CoolKD20052 år sedan
  • LTO tapes

    P lgP lg2 år sedan
  • Anybody knows the name of the background music please?

    gctechsgctechs2 år sedan
  • I’ve got a Tapuino branded one for my Plus 4 and C64, works superb and you can also dump tapes to tap format files.! It’s essential if you want to retain the original loading sequences.

    Andrew LittleboyAndrew Littleboy2 år sedan
  • When i was played first version of The Wicher i had same feeling, it load some house at 2-3 minutes and going back to open world took all 5. Glad, that it is fixed now.

    vadim negruvadim negru2 år sedan
  • 1:05 that’s some serious finger athletics.

    Attila TheHUNAttila TheHUN2 år sedan
  • Did anyone else try to load an audio tape thinking it was a game as a nipper? My uncle left a tape labelled strawberry fields around.. i never did get to play it.. Sounds like a good game.

    jamesw242jamesw2422 år sedan
  • I remember a few games for my zx 128k even had loading games, for the games. A mini version of pacman for example, for a game called Street Hassle, I think - where you could swing evil grannies around your head in a dual to the death.

    Phill HollandPhill Holland2 år sedan
  • Anyone know the BGM?

    nimay13nimay132 år sedan