Commodore 64 Robot Arm Ruins Everything | Nostalgia Nerd

18 sep 2018
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The SpectraVideo Quickshot SVI-2000 Robot Arm is a treat for the senses. Unfortunately, it's not very good for making tea. Handily then, this video explores the Robot Arm in it's entirety, from using it with a Commodore 64 to plugging a couple of joysticks in and going rogue. It's a 1980s ROBOT ARM. It might be a robot arm fail, but it's still INCREDIBLE. Especially when paired with a Computer, in this case the humble C64. Human orchestration is a little more unsettling.
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  • Too Bad Coleco didn't make a robot arm. You could have done an "ADAM ruins everything" video 😂

    Brandon G.Brandon G.22 dagar sedan
  • Very simpatico 😄 salutations from Hamburg Germany

    Johann BlumeJohann BlumeMånad sedan
  • Oh heck, I bet ROB the robot for NES could've made better tea. Come to think of it, they should've made ROB programmable like this one.

    swampdonkey491swampdonkey491Månad sedan
  • That thing grips with about the efficiency of the Honda Robot. I guess Honda overspent a bit.

    Justin A Clapp - LloydJustin A Clapp - Lloyd2 månader sedan
  • back to the future

    M TechM Tech2 månader sedan
  • I think I saw one of these at the California state fair when I was a kid. I also had my first run-in with a Karen that day. I waited in line for SOOO long to try out the cool robot arm and as soon as I touched the joysticks this woman started screaming at me to give her kid a turn. Decades later and I'm still bitter.

    Adam HixonAdam Hixon2 månader sedan
  • Octy!

    DoctorX17DoctorX174 månader sedan
  • I'd like to see a modded version of this. From the sound of it, it seems to have screw driven actuators. Changing out the screws and housing to accept a different thread count or replacing the motors would be a n interesting way to spend a weekend.

    SandyRiverBlueSandyRiverBlue5 månader sedan
  • No wonder it was disgusting, they were using soya "milk".

    Owen FitzgeraldOwen Fitzgerald5 månader sedan
  • It’s not the robot we need but it’s the robot we deserve.

    The Volume RemoteThe Volume Remote5 månader sedan
  • You should hot rod that thing and solder on some higher output DC motors

    Luke The DrifterLuke The Drifter8 månader sedan
  • OMFG!!! I was a 10 year old when i wired my RadioShack Armatron, to work on my Tandy Coco 2 (first white one), through the RS-232 port.The year was 1985. My X & Y axis could be driven at same time, & you could drive all motors at the same time!! it was awesome, and i even wrote all my own software for it. i had a program i wrote, that would press the tape play on the cassette, which would load it's OWN program!! About 6 months later or so, Man, I shit you not, a magazine called Hot Coco, (my favorite computer bible at the time), wrote an article on how to interface the two devices. i still have the armatron!!! good video!! love it, man. look up that issue of Hot Coco magazine, and it will show you how to interface the PC, and minor changes could have it working with any PC of the era. Hot Coco's version, was eerily similar to my design. Mine was also much smoother, & yours obviously doesn't have any motor braking, or any feedback sensing, which mine did have. You plucked a heart string with this one.........

    FF8 månader sedan
  • Do you have the Usborne book on this sort of thing?

    James O'GradyJames O'Grady10 månader sedan
  • Que buena que está la mina

    Victor GomezVictor Gomez11 månader sedan
  • Always nice to see Octavious smile.

    TheWarmotorTheWarmotor11 månader sedan
  • Tea may be rubbish but her makeup is on point

    ShelbyShelby11 månader sedan
  • Her reactions to the robot arm are the same ones I would have had as a child or now as an adult playing with this. Amazed & all out happiness! 🤖🕹🕹😀 Got to love the toy tech of the 80s.

    MUMS-UniverseMUMS-UniverseÅr sedan
  • The original STEM toy!

    InventorZahranInventorZahranÅr sedan
  • Intro is a bit odd. Maybe take a look ar what for example Boston Dynamics is doing.

    SmattlessSmattlessÅr sedan
  • thank you teacher for healping me complete my univerity

    Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?År sedan
  • thats because we germans are smart heads....

    Crazy Pat 86Crazy Pat 86År sedan
  • Totally an 80's "toy quality" robot arm I would have circled if it were in my Toys R Us christmas catalog. I hurt my mouth smiling at you guys laughing at the tea scene :) Even if the sugar made a mess :)

    volvo09volvo09År sedan
  • Finally a weapon to surpass metal gear.

    Sean MSean MÅr sedan
  • "Instructions in German which are clearly of no help to me." Yeah, you can thank AMERICA for that one, buddy. [chants of "USA! USA!" get louder]

    A. LampmanA. LampmanÅr sedan
  • Nice. I never had one of these in the 80's, but I did have a Radio Shack Armatron which had a slight bit more articulation than this thing.

    Mote of LobrossMote of LobrossÅr sedan
  • That was very fun and cute to watch

    Dino ScheidtDino ScheidtÅr sedan

    RealROGWaffleRealROGWaffleÅr sedan
  • This looks like the fanuc robotic arm. just smaller.

    victor van grim gammingvictor van grim gammingÅr sedan
  • Hate to break it to you but robots have an arm in most everything that's mass produced.

    talkartoonstalkartoonsÅr sedan
  • glad to know these have always been a thing... i got one of these types of things for use with python and a controller a few years ago but that was a build it yourself thing that kept me occupied for a night.

    TiramiQTiramiQÅr sedan
  • I have a proper ABB robotic arm. I use it to test programs before they are used on the assembly line

    Felenov-officialFelenov-officialÅr sedan
  • Heavy udders on that mare eh

    KootKootÅr sedan
  • It's a reverse excavator

    donkey ass reviews and do'sdonkey ass reviews and do'sÅr sedan
  • Is there anyway you can swap the dc motors for stepper motors?

    MagicMarcusOne GamingMagicMarcusOne GamingÅr sedan
  • octav1us - wow, just wow. Lotta talent there.

    Mud SkipperMud SkipperÅr sedan
  • A bit of oil would do wonders

    ghost Unixghost UnixÅr sedan
  • Love how vibrant the yellow was on the arm, and the fonting hadn't worn off either. Great find mate 👍

    javacofejavacofeÅr sedan
  • There is one C64 still used in Poland in ome car repair shop in Gdansk. They use it to weigh drive shafts. (sorry no english translation yet)

    Bartosz JasińskiBartosz JasińskiÅr sedan
  • Horace is going to be jealous at that robot arm.

    OkurkaOkurkaÅr sedan
  • 15:31 is she a fully automated tease mate?

    Tonguç EndemTonguç EndemÅr sedan
  • My god you are adorable : )

    DaarkDaarkÅr sedan
  • I'd call your joke a tea Gag but you seemed to have gagged enouhg

    Drake KennedyDrake KennedyÅr sedan
  • Don't plug it into the Commodore 64! Surely we shall all perish at hand of the Commodore 64's cold and calculating 8-bit intellect if it is given physical form!

    Luke BeauchampLuke BeauchampÅr sedan
  • The new TV series on TruTV

    Tyler FurrisonTyler FurrisonÅr sedan
  • "the 80's robot world is pretty dark and gritty so that will come in handy" i was ROLLING

    Legal Eagle FeathersLegal Eagle FeathersÅr sedan
  • Seems like a waste of money now and was most likely a waste of money then.

    Jeremy KuehnauJeremy KuehnauÅr sedan
  • So nice to see you working with the Kitten again !

    Peter PanterPeter PanterÅr sedan
  • 6:27

    SarnexusSarnexusÅr sedan
  • That's great, never seen this toy before. Do love robot type toys

    Odd PodOdd PodÅr sedan
  • Thanks to Boston Dynamics, robots have gone from Utopian fantasy to apocalyptic near-reality without any nice, useful robot servants in between.

    DodderingOldManDodderingOldManÅr sedan
  • I never knew watching somebody making a cup of tea, could be so engaging.

    DvdbytesDvdbytesÅr sedan
  • so funny robot arm

    move skymove skyÅr sedan
  • Needs more Kryton

    PeKツッPeKツッÅr sedan
  • I'm sure Simone Giertz, the Queen Of Shitty Robots, would love this video.

    The DeeThe DeeÅr sedan
  • she seemed very excited to be manipulating that joystick

    AyeJayCeeAyeJayCeeÅr sedan
  • Hmm. I guess I have an idea why the arm was inaccurate. Normal DC motors aren't exactly constant speed, and voltage changes will effect the speed they move at. So as the batteries drain the motors slow down, and if the software just tells the motor to turn for X seconds the motor doesn't spin for same number of revolutions. If only there was a way to modify that thing to use stepper motors, then it would be much better. Of course then you would be better off controlling it via a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

    SoanoS BarcodedSoanoS BarcodedÅr sedan
  • I had one of these back in the 80s. I loved that thing. Also as a bonus It came with two Joysticks that were 100% compatible with the Atari 2600. Edit: Actually mine must have been older than that, because I don't think it had the light.

    Ray CeeyaRay CeeyaÅr sedan
  • Now I don't think you wanted to do that...

    Kie 7077Kie 7077År sedan
  • Pyramid tea bags, bleh, no wonder it's a bad cup of tea, those are the foulest dregs of the tea industry. And soya milk, worse than long life skimmed.

    Kie 7077Kie 7077År sedan
  • That stare at the end, my day is complete!

    JokerwolfJokerwolfÅr sedan
  • Not available today? We've never had more choice: Anyway, today you'd probably program it with arduino or raspi, rather than a C64... So, it may not be as mainstream as it used to be.

    Benjamin VestergaardBenjamin Vestergaard2 år sedan
  • This is so cool gadget even today. And it actually can teach you a thing or two about basics of industrial robot programming.

    Juu TuupiJuu Tuupi2 år sedan
  • Nice rack

    Bland ThomasBland Thomas2 år sedan
  • Over here in States, I had our equivalent, called the "ArmaTron." It was the same but on a wheeled base, with the locomotion and arm controlled by a wired remote. It was sold at the recently bankrupt RadioShack stores, formerly known as Tandy, like the computers they sold.

    Jason JrakeJason Jrake2 år sedan
  • There's an C64 cart adapter on German ebay right now

    tomtom vickytomtom vicky2 år sedan
  • Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants.

    Dissociated Women IncorporatedDissociated Women Incorporated2 år sedan
  • My Dad got the Armatron from Radio Shack, cooler looking and with more points of articulation, still have it in the closet.

    TheEvilpossumTheEvilpossum2 år sedan
  • You need to add a special attachment so you have it give you a stranger... Sorry in advance.

    Twilight SnarkleTwilight Snarkle2 år sedan
  • soy milk rly ?! why?!

    RETRORETRO2 år sedan
  • I wonder if this robot arm could be retrofitted. Switch out those dinky cogs for something a bit more sturdy, replace the motors with something with more oomph, and such.

    XanthinZardaXanthinZarda2 år sedan
  • Pffft - cheating. I used to build my own robot arms in the 80s using Technics but the Technics Control Centre was not good enough, so I used to hook the motors up to the ports on the back of my BBC Micro (incidentally, Lego Mindstorms with the Lejos (Java) API are awesome for building robots these days).

    MrBertie7MrBertie72 år sedan
  • I wonder if you could plug the joystick plugs into another computer?

    eggawebeggaweb2 år sedan
  • Puesta en marcha (from the box package) - that would make a beautiful nick! Maybe even some indie rock band name.

    krzysiu.netkrzysiu.net2 år sedan
  • The BEST use I have seen for this kind of robot arm was definitely at Alternative Party 2009, a pong clone done for MSX:

    Jupp3Jupp32 år sedan
  • Like watching the psychokinetic meal prepared by Legion in Red Dwarf.

    Alastair WardAlastair Ward2 år sedan
  • i dont care that thing is still as cool today as it was then. I say yo should remake the thing with some upgraded tech. Lith ion batteries high torque servs etc lol

    Nova FlareNova Flare2 år sedan
  • Came for the 80's robot arm, stayed for the Octav1us Kitten.

    John DonovanJohn Donovan2 år sedan
  • Dude this video is awesome. Been a subscriber now for quite a while this may be my favorite of your videos. Please make more like this.

    Gazz CavaleraGazz Cavalera2 år sedan
  • Hopefully the pincers can be fixed so you can test them the next time Octav1us is in town!

    Bob and Kim RivardBob and Kim Rivard2 år sedan
  • Are batteries nostalgic? Just hook up a power supply.

    Robert CaliforniaRobert California2 år sedan
  • I've never seen such an aesthetic 80s package ^^

    saidsaid2 år sedan
  • Love to see you guys together! Nice video.

    Fred AlmeidaFred Almeida2 år sedan
  • Fact: that robot arm could crush every bone in your body.

    Ben SBen S2 år sedan
  • No Metal Mickey in the montage? Boo to you Sir, Boo indeed! No atomic thunderbuster for you.

    Matthew HopkinsMatthew Hopkins2 år sedan
  • Are you two dating?

    Jeff BeresfordJeff Beresford2 år sedan
  • We developed this product ( in, I'd say, 1986. A colleague developed the hardware and I wrote the software. The interface had two D connectors which pushed straight onto the base of the arm, where the joysticks would go in. It plugged into the BBC Micro user port. There was a program to let you drive the arm and then play it back. There was also an extension to BBC BASIC so that you could control the arm with your own programs. For example, you could say AXIS 1,BLACK, which would start rotating axis 1 in the direction of the black arrow. I demonstrated it on the SpectraVideo stand at a Personal Computer World show (and saw Alan Sugar walk past).

    netdudeuknetdudeuk2 år sedan
  • Shame no one makes speccy adaptors. That would’ve been the perfect British computer.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel2 år sedan
  • How do you fuck up tea!?

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel2 år sedan
  • Octavius kitten = 👊💦💦💦💦💦

    Duncan SheikDuncan Sheik2 år sedan
  • There's that clip I always remember of a robot trying to put one of those long life milk sachets you get in hotels into a cup of tea, it just ends up going up the wall.

    alip1984alip19842 år sedan
  • Sounds like an electronic coffee grinder, of a Jura for example.

    code beatcode beat2 år sedan
  • That thing is begging for an overhaul, new paint, better motors, new cogs.... let's get someone on this pronoto

    wobedraggledwobedraggled2 år sedan
  • Best tea ever guys XD

    Peter BarnesPeter Barnes2 år sedan
  • you and octav1us should take on LGR and PushingUpRoses in a head to head "plays" episode. Would be great fun.

    Canadian ThomasCanadian Thomas2 år sedan
  • 4:34 Disassemble ? Dead ! No disassemble !

    Ethan CampbellEthan Campbell2 år sedan
  • Brilliant love it.We now know that it takes two retro loving human types and one screechy geared robotic arm to kill a mug of tea. Seem to recall that the BBC did in the archives have a video of an automated robotic contraption making a brew think it was a punch card machine computer controlling it .We only had a black n white tv so yes the footage was in ____ you guessed it good old Black & White

    John EarnshawJohn Earnshaw2 år sedan
  • That robot, I can compete with

    ProCactusProCactus2 år sedan
  • Of course that tea is filthy - it's made with soya milk! ;)

    psammiadpsammiad2 år sedan
  • The best part is that it can be operated by C64, and used the standard 9-pin joysticks.

    BlackEpyonBlackEpyon2 år sedan