Why Everyone is Angry about PlayStation Classic | Nostalgia Nerd

6 dec 2018
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Well, ok, not EVERYONE is angry, but most are, and I think it's down to the principle of the matter more than anything else. So, Sony have recently launched their Playstation Classic Mini console, and it's not unfair to say that reception has been cold. That's not to say that it's a total pile of crap, and you can have a lot of fun with it. But looking through the firmware source code, it's clear there were games on Sony's agenda, which may have made it into the Classic, but didn't. These hidden Playstation classic games will feature in this video, along with the reasons why I think we can be annoyed with Sony over their latest console (and why we also shouldn't really give a crap).
How to access PS1 Classic Emulator Settings - seworld.info/will/r4bYprrbsGuY1qc/video
If you want to grab one for yourself, be my guest - nnerd.me/1xlacBK
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  • Ya put the PS on the ground in between the TV and yourself. C'mon, man.

    Joshua RichardsJoshua Richards6 dagar sedan
  • Only reason I’d get one of these would be to play MGS1

    Ark NagusameArk Nagusame23 dagar sedan
  • thank god you can hack this thing

    Percy WONGPercy WONG27 dagar sedan
  • They use PsxreARMED? That's slow and not very optimised

    Gaming DragonGaming DragonMånad sedan
  • What I really don’t understand is that you can buy a second hand PSTV for cheaper, hack it, and have a system that’s way more functional than the PS Classic. Sony already had a solution for perfectly emulating psx games so why didn’t they just stick it in a little box that looks like a PS1 and ship that instead of the opensource emu option that we got?

    lb8068lb8068Månad sedan

    Adam SchneiderAdam SchneiderMånad sedan
  • PSC loading menu suck

    Russia BLOLIUMRussia BLOLIUMMånad sedan
  • I think the thumbnail itself is a little misleading.

    KaraokeDuov2KaraokeDuov2Månad sedan
  • "a nice selection of games nothing spectacular" my ass

    Diverse CurseDiverse CurseMånad sedan
  • Thank you for CORRECTLY pronouncing N E S and S N E S

    FOD 87FOD 87Månad sedan
  • Calls out lots of games, but conveniently shows FF7 a thousand times on screen w/o mentioning it.

    NDxTremeProNDxTremeProMånad sedan
  • Meh I just gave away a ps1 a couple years ago... most of the games haven't aged that well really... wouldn't buy one if these... dont even have a ps1 emulator on my PC

    Semi AUStral AntsSemi AUStral AntsMånad sedan
  • I also have one of those yellow coin eating robots, I've had it since I was a kid, great to see another in the wild lol

    Cody CummingsCody CummingsMånad sedan
  • There's no nice way to emulate a 50hz game at 60hz. Game logic in consoles (and sometimes more) was often tied to refresh. Changing the refresh gets you a sped up game, and audio could get choppy. Worst case, the game even crashes. The best way is just to drive the display to 50hz, something that can be done with freesync and modern emulators that implement it.

    MadsterVMadsterVMånad sedan
  • Jump forward a year, and I now have AutoBleem 9 on this and it's just about the best value emulation device you can find for the cost. (I picked mine up new for £30)

    Random StuffRandom StuffMånad sedan
  • Who's loaded the code at the end of this video?

    spr00sem00sespr00sem00seMånad sedan
  • Ah ah ahhhh harder daddy

    MR. GUYMR. GUYMånad sedan
  • No Spyro? No Crash? No Driver? Waste of money!

    KSKSMånad sedan
  • I bought 2 of these when they hit $20 at bestbuy one to play around with the other to keep sealed figured for 20 may as well lol

    GalironRunnerGalironRunnerMånad sedan
  • I run all my emulation off my main gaming pc. Everything from Old arcade games to Wii U and even switch emulation. I added steam shortcuts which directly launch the emulator AND rom. Not only does this make a nice, pretty library in both standard view and big picture, but I can also launch these games via steam link on my tv, phone, etc. It'd be cool to own the original hardware, don't get me wrong, but this isn't the original hardware. It's a glorified raspberry pi in a fancy case. There is little difference, software wise, between what my games look like and what they look like on the playstation Mini. Plus, it is missing games. I personally prefer my solution to emulation over buying a mini console. Short of buying the consoles themselves, running emulation the way I have provides the best experience.

    TurtleSauceGamingTurtleSauceGamingMånad sedan
  • PlayStation controller without analog stick is just an snes controller

    Felix .WFelix .WMånad sedan
  • i traded my broken wii (bad choice) for a ps 1 with 2 original controllers and a football controller. the controller ports were broken but it was just something disconected inside it. i had 1 game but it was a bad one. i destroyed my ps1 and one of the controllers (f*ucking stoopid choice) and put it in the bin but the guy still has my wii

    JBL bass guyJBL bass guyMånad sedan
  • I was betrayed by Sony when I learned I'd have to repurchase all of my PS 1/2/3 games if I wanted to play them on the PS4. . . Went straight to Xbox and haven't looked back.

    Kelly ChristusKelly ChristusMånad sedan
  • Why do they have to emulate it, don't they have the original software/firmware for it?

    vanzyl 0x45vanzyl 0x45Månad sedan
  • The subs for ALL of your videos are just, a different thing from what you originally said. Like, who wrote them, and why don't that guy just sticks with what was on the video?

    Nguyên Minh HồNguyên Minh Hồ2 månader sedan
  • picked one up for 25€ - new, sealed, with warranty from a store. Well the warranty lasted an hour...

    Martin SonnleitnerMartin Sonnleitner2 månader sedan
  • I never got one and om happy i didnt.

    The Danish Furry GamerThe Danish Furry Gamer2 månader sedan
  • The fact that PS1 classic can play Half Life 1. but the port is for PC. It runs smoothly

    ThinkGamerThinkGamer2 månader sedan
  • Playstation without Gran Turismo? Hard pass.

    Eric BoskenEric Bosken2 månader sedan
  • 1:43 Then move the sofa closer. Honestly, I don't know people can play on a TV that far away lol

    Randomly EntertainingRandomly Entertaining2 månader sedan
  • Most NEED to play PSX/PS1 Games aka games I would immediately sit down to play (add any missing): Intelligent Qube Einhander (still my favorite of the genre ever) Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (probably my most played ps1 game) Crash Bandicoot (whichever) Silent Hill Mega Man Legend 1/2 Mega Man X4/5/6 Less immediate but wanted none the less: Resident Evil 2 Twisted Metal 2 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater The top list is what I would consider CLASSICS: games that I could recommend to someone who hasn't played them and they would STILL enjoy them, even with the dated graphics. The bottom list has aged considerably.

    John GeeJohn Gee2 månader sedan
  • For less money, you can buy a PSP and it can play PS1 games greatly. With an obvious bonus of being able to play PSP games region free. Sony had an emulator built in to the PSP and its bizarre why they didn't use that instead of this open source one they used.

    Nihlus8Nihlus82 månader sedan
  • Justin get a real one. This is trash.

    Ramon OliveiraRamon Oliveira2 månader sedan
  • Never owned a PlayStation. Was N64 in my home. It's crazy how much better the Nintendo looked compared to the PlayStation back then 😮 like.....The Nintendo was way ahead despite using cartridges

    Joshua SonJoshua Son2 månader sedan
  • wow i cant wait until a mini xbox comes out

    the red panda OSthe red panda OS2 månader sedan
  • Hack dat crappy console into being sumthin gud #4daPpl b cool if day hacked em all n returned em, MoMA said leave it betr den I fount it

    James AseltineJames Aseltine2 månader sedan
  • Sony rode on Nintendo's coattails from the start and everyone knows it. The original PlayStation couldn't draw straight lines and the remake is just as crappy.

    Hapa Nice DayHapa Nice Day2 månader sedan
  • I only just realised it has revelations persona ah yes the version with black mark before she PSP version existed and the encounter rate was even worse but at least the battle music doesn't give you migraines

    Tanya SellarsTanya Sellars2 månader sedan
  • All this thing really needed is a built in cd drive, and compatibility for the old original stuff, alongside the built in stuff as it is.. and thats about it.. Aaaand the shoddy emulation, thats a good question, even i have a flawlessly working psx emulator on my android phone, and i'm not even Sony for gods sake 😄😄

    ThePeca1988ThePeca19882 månader sedan
  • I modded mine and has a ton of emulators on it.

    G4r2i0fG4r2i0f2 månader sedan
  • In the end it’s all just hard cheap plastic.

    LavalambtronLavalambtron2 månader sedan
  • How can I do that with my pi?

    Luca AyfmlYySIaeJdSRtnNErVdWmLmyclAgxLuca AyfmlYySIaeJdSRtnNErVdWmLmyclAgx2 månader sedan
  • sad truth: the companies we fell in love with years ago probably don't have the same staff they had back then. so, we can now understand that those once untouchable brands can now suck. therefore, we can safely ignore brand names and dig deeper and really take a look at which of today's companies actually care about gamers. most modern versions of these companies are only concerned with their bottom line and that won't change until we stop buying their modern garbage. which companies of today seem to really care about us and are currently making quality products?

    jnk maljnk mal2 månader sedan
    • maybe Analogue a little?

      Anakyn CowperAnakyn CowperMånad sedan
  • Making a PS classic is like making a DiscMan classic. Could you imagine an MP3 player, shaped like a discman with 20 random albums from 1995 on it? Chances are you'd like 1 or 2, maybe even have a fondness for a few more, but mostly you'd have a bunch of music that you have very little interest in. The PS1 had very few "must have games" and a lot of games that would be a personal favorite. It would be hard to find an analog to Mario 64, or Zelda OoT on the PS1.

    17R3W17R3W2 månader sedan
  • I emulate Ps2. Soon we'll have the PlayStation Classic 2... YEAH, NO

    bsiccsbsiccs2 månader sedan
  • Boy, i can't wait for The gba classic coleccion...

    j dnj dn2 månader sedan
  • me who never grew up with a ps1, think the PSXC (PlayStation 1 Classic) is Amazing

    Micah SchwartzMicah Schwartz2 månader sedan
  • "But not like that." Fine...

    Art Of RuinArt Of Ruin2 månader sedan
  • I already started having a strong opinion about Sony the day the shop refused to replace my GranTurismo 4 their in warranty replaced PS2 scratched (known issue, ended up chipping the PS2 never buying a single more game). Sony died to my eye when they had their security leak on the PlayStation Store. Issue that could have been fixed before being exploited. Then really poor customer service, and even poorer marketing. Historically Sony tried to make outstanding / different products that what would exists. Last decade they outsmarts all competition in making shittier products.

    L LL L2 månader sedan
  • frikn bakers

    reaktor55reaktor552 månader sedan
  • Sony cut every corner on this thing, its why i skipped it.

    Nathan HammanNathan Hamman2 månader sedan
  • Is there a way to make this controller compatible with a Nintendo switch. Im sick of the Nintendo switch pro controller messing up my speedruns. And this controller has the best d-pad.

    TexasLou327TexasLou3272 månader sedan
  • is the hardware on this "MINI" , better than running an Emu on a hacked original Nintendo Wii ?

    Shane CorningShane Corning2 månader sedan
  • I dont know why i knew subconsciously that GTA was english,

    JP ToutantJP Toutant2 månader sedan
  • I bought the stupid thing just to use the controllers on my PC. also you can use a standard USB cable, it just a usb controller with a b style plug on the inside. Standard stuff and works out well for a PC.

    Willaim KazerWillaim Kazer2 månader sedan
  • 1:46 smol ps1 is the best thing ive ever saw in my life

    some random guy in the internetsome random guy in the internet2 månader sedan
  • No Crash Bandicoot? That's a travesty.

    ChristopheChristophe2 månader sedan
  • stupid enough to buy this crap, then don't complain !!

    Curtis NewtonCurtis Newton2 månader sedan
  • I’ll just stick to my original PlayStation I bought in 1997, and if that ever burns out, I’ll switch to the new in box PlayStation I bought as a backup. And if that burns out, I’ll just play the games in my PS2. And if that ever burns out, I’ll just revert to using all my Commodore 64 stuff.

    SkyfoxSkyfox2 månader sedan
  • I don't care if you reconciled it immediately the dumbest thing any one has said is that they wish the controllers were the same scale as the console

    imarocklobsterimarocklobster2 månader sedan
  • On the topic of controller sizes, for the Japanese Famicom version, Nintendo scaled down the controllers so they would fit in the little slots on the side of the controller. They're too small for my liking. I wish they had kept them at original size like the others.

    Kenneth JorgensenKenneth Jorgensen2 månader sedan
  • I still don't get why anyone would bother with these little bastardized "classics". Just use the original consoles.

    X GenX Gen2 månader sedan
  • Thirty bucks for a midrange tinkering ARM and a pair of controllers wasn't that bad. the usb controllers feel pretty uncanny, it was made im guessing on sony's flagship assembly line (PS4 and vita parts) and doesn't feel the same oldschool weight, grade or quality. its "Airier" but ultimately feels sturdier in the hands, like a ps4 controller

    MageLoccMageLocc2 månader sedan
  • how can throw Metal Gear Solid down like that buy calling it average if that game is average to you - you must not have enjoyed many games on this system. note: I never owned a PS1- only have done emulation

    dafrandledafrandle2 månader sedan
  • damn you, the feels that hit when you played the PS1 start up sound....

    CYTEEN15CYTEEN152 månader sedan
  • Lol I still have the original Grand theft auto..black disk and it still f works.... after so many years it still works.

    C.j Van GreuningC.j Van Greuning2 månader sedan
  • Idea: take an audweno onu and put retropie on it and BOOM PS CLASSIC

    billy robbilly rob2 månader sedan
  • Hey! Your GD outburst is very offensive to me. Not to mention I was playing this video with my young niece present. There are other words you can use to express your dissatisfaction. Thumbs down. Please be more considerate towards your audience.

    EriknocTDWEriknocTDW2 månader sedan
  • I didn't expect you to be gorgeous

    DarkDark2 månader sedan
  • 5:59 Just wanted to say "thank you" for including the rest of the intro.

    J DJ D2 månader sedan
  • Considering these are all mostly based around Raspberry Pi or similar SBCs, most of which don't have storage aside from an SD card slot, although I would think even if they used as Pi with a modified version of Raspbian designed to run the emulator, there should be room for saving game states.

    Heelix RanierHeelix Ranier2 månader sedan
  • i'm confused why they don't allow access to the playstation store through the ps classic and have an internal ssd in there.... what in the hell were they thinking????

    Jamie SmithJamie Smith2 månader sedan
  • does it have chocobo's fortress?

    nodvicknodvick2 månader sedan
  • yet another retro-remake thing without even component out, what the hell

    milpmilp2 månader sedan
  • Bought it for the design

    Kitkat 240Kitkat 2402 månader sedan
    • Sadly the lase of my original ps one died

      Kitkat 240Kitkat 2402 månader sedan
  • My PS Mini is a glorified paper weight, it all works fine I can't complain, but I bought it at the end when it was dirt cheap and I just bought because I saw an unboxing video and I must say that if they put the same effort in the packaging to the device itself the story would be different.

    Abdel AliAbdel Ali2 månader sedan
  • PS Classic without any Crash game, any Spyro game, any Driver game, seriously..... among all the "less known games", couldn't they have included some neat things like Lucky Luke, Gunfighter, Kula World, Ridge Racers Type 4, Dave Mirra BMX however it's called? And really... Including an open-source emulator? If it's GPL'd, where's the source code? And can some GPL guy (not me) upgrade the firmware with a better version? Isn't this what GPL allows? No software lockdowns? How embarrassing... PCSXR is kinda cool, but this chipset just sucks... I've seen people beef up similar versions of the emulator to the extent that it acts near-100% consistent, but this is...

    RetroZvocRetroZvoc2 månader sedan
  • I'm not angry about it.

    RepomeisterRepomeister2 månader sedan
  • well why buy a remade Video game System from 30 years ago? OBVIOUSLY it's going to be different it's 30 years later.....like buy and ORIGINAL system dont a remade and then complain it's not like the original.... I have an original ps. Not messing with this $30 piece of crap. Like hello it's so cheap what the hell were you expecting?

    Stanleoux BesauStanleoux Besau2 månader sedan
  • I clicked thinking that it's about the PS1 and then he got this small thing out of the box and I was like. WAIT wasn't it bigger. Then it struck me.

    Blender DumbassBlender Dumbass2 månader sedan
  • um actually sony made analog psx controllers but only some games were compatible.

    ETITETIT2 månader sedan
  • I feel bad for raspy now... :(

    SnowLily OfficialSnowLily Official3 månader sedan
  • I got one but I waited till it was 1999 so I don't feel bad but I still only played it two o three times!

    Christopher Last NameChristopher Last Name3 månader sedan
  • Meh, not worth the money especially with that tiny selection of games. Better to emulate it, and it's free.

    Hilman SudirmanHilman Sudirman3 månader sedan
  • Box sounds

    pat4matpat4mat3 månader sedan
  • The PS mini is cool if you can pick one up for £35 like I did. You can always pack it with games on a USB.

    Frieslick14Frieslick143 månader sedan
  • this is just stupid and horrible fucking business practices!! people rather using stable yet playable emulator on fucking PC, your own personal computer

    Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPGGunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG3 månader sedan
  • Why did you buy the pegi one but not the esrb one

    Regina De LeonRegina De Leon3 månader sedan
    • It's because he lives in the UK, ESRB and PEGI are the rating systems in different countries

      Thomas farquharThomas farquhar2 månader sedan
  • If they had driver I definitely would get it honestly

    yaohunteryaohunter3 månader sedan
  • Is that a Soul Calibur ad in a Ridge Racer game? Ironic given it ended up a Dreamcast exclusive 😄😄

    Jelly On The PlateJelly On The Plate3 månader sedan
  • I cant believe driver and driver 2 wernt included

    Ansel MeltonAnsel Melton3 månader sedan
  • On the raspberry "I can emulate pretty much everything" quote. True but keep in mind that emulation is far from accurate. About the classic: it was obviously intended as a kid's toy. I don't think they ever intended to sell this to nostalgic older gamers.

    ano nymousano nymous3 månader sedan
  • 6:56 imagine your favourite baker, then one day he buys really cheap dough Me, a whovian: sounds like how the BBC forced Colin *BAKER* to be a doctor who had too big of an ego.

    Memeicus GamingMemeicus Gaming3 månader sedan
  • Use a CRT... Then the games look as great as we remember them. LCD is crap for PS1.

    Morten Bjerremann NielsenMorten Bjerremann Nielsen3 månader sedan
    • The problem is you'll never get it as crisp as the original PS1, because you either have to find the 1 model of CRT with an HDMI port, or have 15 different adapters that degrade the quality

      Thomas farquharThomas farquhar2 månader sedan
  • yo that intro noise hurts. its not the samr without the subtle light “uuuaaaahhhh” at the end

    Ester GrantEster Grant3 månader sedan
  • Coming back to this.....they could've implemented mini DVDs again and that would've been hilarious. And y'know the whole proper region and an actual lineup that people would've had or wanted in the day.....

    kaosinekaosine3 månader sedan
  • even thogh i dindnt grow up on play station that start up sound still is nalsalgic for me

    Cassandra CollinsCassandra Collins3 månader sedan
  • 4:15 no? not even FF7? fuck you man, fuck you

    hang da clownhang da clown3 månader sedan
    • FF7 has always played best on NTSC original hardware.

      McFinnaPantsMcFinnaPants3 månader sedan
  • Too bad Sony killed bleem.

    Ray ARay A3 månader sedan
  • Because they're too dumb to get roms.

    elcidbobelcidbob3 månader sedan