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28 feb 2021
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Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... Johnny Castaway. ScreenAntics. The Adventures of Johnny Castaway, or simply The Castaway. If you know this supreme screensaver published by Sierra Online in 1992, regardless of how you say it, then you should also know that it was the greatest screensaver ever made. If you don't, then, well, you're wrong (or simply have your own opinion which is completely subjective and therefore absolutely dandy as well).
Apologies for the "burps" of occasional misplaced voice over sound in this video. Videostudio is a piece of sh**, but yet I stick with it, because it's what I'm used to.
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  • Thanks for watching! I enjoyed making this one so much that I'm going to be running some passive streams of Johnny Castaway this week:

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 månader sedan
    • I have NEVER watched anything on Twitch before. Congratulations, you got me to.

      darwiniandudedarwiniandude18 dagar sedan
    • I own Gobliiins, there were 3 or so goblin games, it's pretty fun considering.

      Fun With MineralsFun With Minerals20 dagar sedan
    • Who doesn't like playing board games with Larry from Leisure Suit Larry :D

      The Blazing Wizard PopeThe Blazing Wizard PopeMånad sedan
    • I heard also another glitch rumor where there was two Johnnies appeared at the same time similar to the ghost Johnny rumor. The two Johnnies would activate two different scenes at the same time. The Johnnies may be stuck together or follow one another's actions or duplicate objects or other characters if they activate the same scene.

      Nobody JustmeNobody Justme2 månader sedan
    • Do anyone know any other similar screensaver like Johnny Castaway?

      Nobody JustmeNobody Justme2 månader sedan
  • Gotta love these old screensavers where 90% of the screen is static. Good job saving the screen guys.

    DaesPlaysDaesPlays13 timmar sedan
  • could you make a screen recording of the craters screensaver?

    ChironTheFloofChironTheFloofDag sedan
  • You can get Johnny Castaway to run on modern day systems with a program called 'Wallpaper engine' which you can download on Steam.

    Ian CredibleIan CredibleDag sedan
  • How you're still stuck with early impressions... When the test-run came on screen, I took my hand from the mouse so not to move it and end the screensaver...

    Wolf Michael GerhäusserWolf Michael GerhäusserDag sedan
  • 8:20 does that artwork intentionally have two right feet?

    From the Game ThroneFrom the Game Throne3 dagar sedan
  • They're not pirates, they're Lilliputians. Lilliputian pirates. Ok, that makes them pirates.

    10INTM10INTM3 dagar sedan
  • I knew I recognised that logo. I played the hell out of The Incredible Machine back in the day :)

    MalidictusMalidictus3 dagar sedan
  • Who members useless creations

    Bronyman9000Bronyman90004 dagar sedan
  • My grandpa who worked for Texas Instruments and was always ahead of the tech curve had Johnny as his screen saver when I was a kid. I miss who he was before he went crazy.

    Papa JefePapa Jefe5 dagar sedan
  • 5:40 'Scrantic' sounds like a northern euphemism for hunger. "I'm fair scrantic me, some bovril would be champion!"

    Rob FraserRob Fraser6 dagar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure i had that pack, though johnny castaway was the only thing that really grabbed me out of it.

    YusakuGodYusakuGod8 dagar sedan
  • Incredible Machine was a pretty fun game.

    AncapFTWAncapFTW9 dagar sedan
  • If you haven't already, you should cover the evil genius that is Hewlett Packard's MOPy fish.

    Louw NieuwoudtLouw Nieuwoudt10 dagar sedan
  • My boss had Johnny Castaway and I took a copy of it. I literally just watched it for hours. I loved it.

    Van GarnettVan Garnett11 dagar sedan
  • Johnny is a real person trapped in a screensaver 😱

    Adventures of a GeekAdventures of a Geek11 dagar sedan
  • Another Elite Dangerous soulless update brought me here.

    Matti KakeMatti Kake11 dagar sedan
  • HAH!

    Daniel EhnDaniel Ehn12 dagar sedan
  • How I loved GoblIIIns:) And to this day (for approximately 20 years now) I am using screensaver called "Euphoria". It's just beautiful.

    KishonyPLKishonyPL12 dagar sedan
  • Man I wish they would remake the "Totally Twisted: After Dark" Screensaver set for modern machines!

    Daniel StinebaughDaniel Stinebaugh12 dagar sedan
  • Damn, the screensaver was more complicated than I have ever thought. And even with a story. Amazing!

    Leinad ReignLeinad Reign12 dagar sedan
  • I loved the screensaver where it had massive stick armies fighting on your desktop. Pretty sure it gave me multiple virus's but it was worth it.

    0Bennyman0Bennyman12 dagar sedan
  • i can imagine, that the branching path, with changes for loops, has a high chance of being very pink-noise, with some segments repeating often by chance.

    ollj ohollj oh13 dagar sedan
  • This screensaver is the scritpt to the next star wars movie

    ollj ohollj oh13 dagar sedan
  • That brings back memories... I do remember having Johnny on our single, shared computer back in the late 1990's.

    Greg WochlikGreg Wochlik13 dagar sedan
  • After Dark (also known as Flying Toasters) was awesome

    Daniel BrookerDaniel Brooker13 dagar sedan
  • Still a better love story than Twilight

    GeraldGerald13 dagar sedan
  • I remember eating dinner as a kid and looking at the johnny castaway screensaver from the dinner table. I would watch it for so long even though I thought the HEE HEE HEE HEE noise was annoying.

    Range RyderRange Ryder13 dagar sedan
    • Numeninumeninuh

      Daniel EhnDaniel Ehn12 dagar sedan
  • I spent a sad amount of time watching this as a kid.

    Chad BremerChad Bremer14 dagar sedan
  • Another thing contributed to the popularity of screen savers, besides the fact that pcs couldn't turn off the monitor when idle: the fact that in those days, people still did alot on paper so they often let their pc go idle when they were still writing or reading something. Then, as most jobs went mostly paperless, or at least required using the computer the whole time, people were never around their computer when it was idle, so might as well just let the monitor power off. Me personally, I have a Screensaver come on after 3 minutes, and then the monitors turn off after 5

    Mr. PungMr. Pung14 dagar sedan
  • those eye popping VGA graphics

    MarkMark15 dagar sedan
  • I loved screensavers so much as a kid, I'd happily sit there and just watch them.....

    UnjustifiedRecsUnjustifiedRecs16 dagar sedan
  • I love that the screen saver is the most demanding program in the box.

    Lucas Lac124Lucas Lac12417 dagar sedan
  • You should add an epilepsy warning to the beginning

    DannyDanny17 dagar sedan
  • To me the pinnacle of screen savers was the one you could interact with sheep in your desktop, dragging them around and dropping them over window headers.

    PixelarterPixelarter17 dagar sedan
  • Wow.. So it turns out I've been mispronouncing Danymix my whole life. I thought it was pronounced like dyna-mix.

    The 8-Bit GuyThe 8-Bit Guy18 dagar sedan
  • This was an awesome screen saver back in the day! I loved just watching it.

    bearxorbearxor18 dagar sedan
  • I begged my mum to buy me this when I saw it in a magazine lol

    OnlyFailsOnlyFails18 dagar sedan
  • Aah, installing new screensavers. In the 90s, they were THE best source for viruses.

    Joakim KanonJoakim Kanon19 dagar sedan
  • *Six* folder lines on the desktop o.o, I just finnished *Fifth* ^.^

    RekeBearRekeBear19 dagar sedan
  • The video starts at @07:45. Welcome.

    Shubham KumarShubham Kumar20 dagar sedan
  • Sierra still owes me a game. I bought a game with a coupon where you would get a game in the mail if you sent them $20. A few months later I got a letter saying that they were not honoring the deal and they KEPT my $20. I was a HUGE Sierra fan and spent years playing games like Incredible machine, DR Brain and at least 20 other titles of theirs. But after they robbed 10 year old me of my allowance I NEVER bought another Sierra game. I would have been mad if they had sent me the 20 back because I wouldn't have bought the game if it wasn't for the deal being advertised on the box, but keeping my money took it over the top.

    excited boxexcited box21 dag sedan
  • this needs a remake with more paths, lore and story.

    Mikko ÖverstiMikko Översti24 dagar sedan
  • I've seen plenty of color CRTs with burned in sections; everything from TVs with channel logos permanently "watermarked", to PC screens that refused to fully let go of the Windows taskbar.

    TiagoTiagoTiagoTiago24 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, haven't thought of this in years! I also had the goldfish pet one.

    Brad MillerBrad Miller25 dagar sedan
  • OMG! I LOVED Johnny Castaway as a kid! I would sit and watch him every chance I got.

    Kristen LongKristen Long25 dagar sedan
  • Was was but a lad when this came out and computer were new and exciting. Me and my younger brother sat entertained for ages while this played out on my dads computer. I think it started my addiction to computers.

    Jason BenciJason Benci26 dagar sedan
  • this guy created the incredible machine??? that was my childhood. probably not the version he created, but still. Fuck man, I feel like most of the people I know needs to write that guy a letter, when we were all in elementary school, it was our go to during computer science class which was actually just 40 minutes of us playing video games mostly just the incredible machine.

    Caeser TulloCaeser Tullo26 dagar sedan
  • My aunt had this screensaver, I would watch it forever!!!

    VinnyVinny26 dagar sedan
  • This is too funny, just last week I went online and googled how to get johnny castaway to work on Win10. Then I spent about an hour just watching Johnny's story. Johnny and the picture viewer are My favorite screensavers. I have Johnny on My Movie computer, and the picture viewer on My gaming computer (in game screenshots of games I took).

    Johnnie WoodardJohnnie Woodard29 dagar sedan
  • Can you put it on a windows 10 computer?

    wally chambewally chambe29 dagar sedan
  • Loved this screensaver! It was a drain on resources, but so was Windows.

    Nem a TolvajkergetőkNem a Tolvajkergetők29 dagar sedan
  • i actually remember this

    Guillermo El NinoGuillermo El Nino29 dagar sedan
  • Is that ... roblox studio?

    Alexander PoveyAlexander PoveyMånad sedan
  • Good God does this bring back great memories. Kids today can never understand how amazing stuff like this was to us in the 90's.

    Marc EspinozaMarc EspinozaMånad sedan
  • This screensaver is like a Sierra point-and-click adventure game without the direct interaction. It is _genius._

    Jo LiJo LiMånad sedan
  • Johnny Castaway creppypastas incoming

    YuYoYuYoMånad sedan
  • i had this on my 386 and 486 back in the day

    Bored AlchemistBored AlchemistMånad sedan
  • Palm tree would fit right into a Sonic game.

    Anime Vs Hip-Hop 🎧Anime Vs Hip-Hop 🎧Månad sedan
  • 8:04 ah yes, this person does not exist.

    Woogoo336Woogoo336Månad sedan
  • Up there with LCP on the C64

    Justin RichardsJustin RichardsMånad sedan
  • I really wondered how you were going to do 26 minutes on a screensaver. Well done! 😎

    SiriusGDSiriusGDMånad sedan
  • I miss old games packaging. They gave you so much.

    Bongo JonesBongo JonesMånad sedan
  • Awesome! That's my game, Johnny's Island at 24:30! I'm a huge Johnny Castaway fan. Just wished you would've presented my game in a more positive light cuz it's not really an "in-app purchase" based kinda game. It really is just an inspired game. Anyway, great video my dude.

    LaFlamme StudiosLaFlamme StudiosMånad sedan
    • Link your game bro

      Chris JensenChris Jensen16 dagar sedan
  • I spent soooooo much time watching my dear friend Johnny Castaway...👀💯✔ The thing I hated the most is when I was sitting there watching him and I accidentally hit the mouse and shut him off...😔

    The WorstThe WorstMånad sedan
  • Electric sheep will always be and still is the best screensaver ever!

    1061shot1061shotMånad sedan
  • Times when screensavers were a thing.

    Kamil S.Kamil S.Månad sedan
  • Seriously, thanks for this video... just a flood of nostalgia. I would absolutely pay for a Windows 10 version... with the old graphic style, just updated for a larger screen... and no store

    Steve HyltonSteve HyltonMånad sedan
  • THE SIERRA NETWORK! MAN, I'd kill to be able to play online with TSN right now.

    MatrxmonkyMatrxmonkyMånad sedan
    • @Mild Misanthrope MAN! Simple, straight-forward game servers without a bunch of b.s., those were the days...

      MatrxmonkyMatrxmonkyMånad sedan
    • I miss Gamespy and WON.

      Mild MisanthropeMild MisanthropeMånad sedan
  • Dude. Yes 🙌

    Cory CCory CMånad sedan
  • i've never seen this one in the wild. but i remember closer to the late 90s there were small programs that would animate cartoon characters, and cats/dogs on the desktop also under the guise of screen saving, that would also perform a wide range of scripted tasks. unfortunately i don't remember its name, but maybe someone else here will recognize it

    lostblurlostblurMånad sedan
  • The sounds only take me back to my middle school days!

    Cmdr Obbert42Cmdr Obbert42Månad sedan
  • SMH.... Nostalgia Nerd rocking 3 different browsers on his desktop with 2 shortcuts to Microsoft Edge... You know better than this!

    W BrownW BrownMånad sedan
  • Millions saw this, thousands bought it.

    Morgan SMorgan SMånad sedan
  • oh my god, I remember this one now. We used to have it on my dads Windows 95 PC and I had forgotten it existed until now

    YamiVTYamiVTMånad sedan
  • We watched this in the Navy while on deployment. Johnny never had such a sympathetic audience, but he never joined us on Liberty.

    Jay DuggerJay DuggerMånad sedan
  • This would be a fun screen saver for mobile now tbh

    Bern BrownBern BrownMånad sedan
  • It's verging on being a virtual pet.

    Brian ButterfieldBrian ButterfieldMånad sedan
  • Ghost Johnny is just another animation playing as transparent along with current animation.

    Akash YadavAkash YadavMånad sedan
  • Bottle message is better than my hermes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Zetsu YoruZetsu YoruMånad sedan
  • You’re fucking dope nostalgia nerd. Keep up the great work.

    Jesse HildebrandJesse HildebrandMånad sedan
  • Electric! was my favorite

    Daniel DuvalleDaniel DuvalleMånad sedan
  • My grandma used to have this

    Nominal NostalgiaNominal NostalgiaMånad sedan
  • So… when do we get Johnny as a Smash character?

    Mikael BergströmMikael BergströmMånad sedan
  • Look like the origin of Zig and Sharko

    GwarksGwarksMånad sedan
  • how in the hell is that floppy still usable? shouldn't it have failed by now?

    all games deadall games deadMånad sedan
  • If I hear Johnny Castaway say "HMMM" 1 more dam time I swear

    Epic Adrian 3DEpic Adrian 3DMånad sedan
  • A man trapped on his own on a desert island still has a better love life than me

    UpTheAnte1987UpTheAnte1987Månad sedan
    • Go talk to people. The problem will solve its self if you put yourself out there.

      Chad BremerChad Bremer14 dagar sedan
  • Okay, so what language was it written in? Has anyone rev engineered it? Wouldn't it contain tables specifying all its story lines, variations, and probabilities? Is the source code available?

    David SpectorDavid SpectorMånad sedan
  • WARNING: This video is filled with obnoxious commercial advertising! I used to love Johnny Castaway; it contained some surprising adventures that would appear with various probabilities, some very low.

    David SpectorDavid SpectorMånad sedan
  • Does anyone else think Daniel in Texas sounds like Jeremy Clarkson?

    TJ GerrityTJ GerrityMånad sedan
  • i remember having a computer off to the side just running this screensaver at work way back in the day.

    mariohnycmariohnycMånad sedan
  • Ah I remember this Screensaver! Amazing seeing it in action again xD

    KaliethVAKaliethVAMånad sedan
  • I wish there are more screensavers like that now.

    FallenLazySleepFallenLazySleepMånad sedan
  • Amazing how that all fit on one floppy.

    SuperBoobalooSuperBoobalooMånad sedan
  • Looks like an awesome point and click

    Benjamin StrudwickBenjamin StrudwickMånad sedan
  • Daredevil Dan still holds that title, sir.

    john nunyajohn nunyaMånad sedan
  • This screensaver has a better story than Tlou2

    Sulky_Demon4Sulky_Demon4Månad sedan
  • I miss this - never knew it progressed as teh days went by.

    thewhizardthewhizardMånad sedan
  • I’ve never seen this screensaver, it’s really cool. Now I feel I’ve missed the boat.

    ClayZClayZMånad sedan