Does the NES Have a Secret Master System Port? | Nostalgia Nerd

31 jul 2020
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Go to to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. Ahhh, yes, the NES, a think of blocky curiosity. On the bottom of the NES is a rectangular insert, and behind that lies, well, an expansion slot. This video explores the NES expansion slot as well as some of the rumours surrounding it.
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  • Gentle reminder: Japanese pronunciation is not my forte. It's not even my moat.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd3 månader sedan
    • @BrainDecrease Obviously you didn't get it, dumbass. It was a double entandre, you stupid fuck.

      John DoeJohn Doe2 dagar sedan
    • You know "forte" means Strength. You know that, right? It has nothing to with forts, moats, or any kind of structure for that matter. You know what else isn't your forte? Languages in general.

      BrainDecreaseBrainDecrease2 dagar sedan
    • @MobileDev I have blew up a famicom by trying to daisy chain it to my blue ray to play x box games.

      John DoeJohn Doe7 dagar sedan
    • You might use a Nintendo but I actually use the famicom

      MobileDevMobileDev7 dagar sedan
    • You've been pounding your pud with hot sauce again. How many times have we got to tell you not to do that.

      John DoeJohn Doe11 dagar sedan
  • Epic! I wondered about that port ever since about two weeks after I got my NES as a kid! (Yes, I snapped that plastic bit right off and just kinda wondered lol)

    Zeb SwaimZeb Swaim3 timmar sedan
  • Great vid! Love the Neverending Story music.

    Justin KaprJustin Kapr17 timmar sedan
  • At 4.24 now I understand why my cousins NES never broke wen he hit it again and again at failing games...

    Erik BErik BDag sedan
  • Only games I know that pushed the NES limits where "kirby" and "super mario bros 3." Makes you wonder what games they had planned to use that port with

    Matt McMatt Mc2 dagar sedan
  • 7:42 Thank god no one ever tried to sneak gambling mechanics into a video game console ever again...

    GoneFishingAmalgamGoneFishingAmalgam2 dagar sedan
  • I thought for sure that someone had utilized the NES expansion port for a ROM dumper, but most of those were apparently top or front-load passthroughs.

    HaydenXHaydenX2 dagar sedan
  • When you snapped off the plastic I thought ‘oh no! His warranty’. Lol.

    Screaming into the DarknessScreaming into the Darkness3 dagar sedan
  • I remember seeing that on my NES when I was a kid. I got one of the later models, which had that port covered up. I always saw it as something along the same lines as what Sega would eventually do with the Sega CD. There was mention in the Excite Bike manual of future hardware updates to allow saving and loading courses. There was also the Advance Video System, which I imagine Nintendo wasn't 100% ready to ditch. Of course, as you mentioned, the top loader did away with it altogether.

    Loren HelgesonLoren Helgeson3 dagar sedan
  • 8:07 Experience head to head without leaving your house! 2020: May I have that?

    MondayIsMean2MeMondayIsMean2Me3 dagar sedan
  • Why was Minnesota a common test market? I remember seeing many shows as a kid that never continued that aired on the local channel 23 in the Twin Cities; such as Dragonball (from Harmony Gold).

    LodanSDLodanSD3 dagar sedan
  • Always thought it would be pretty cool if someone figured out a way to use that port to allow playing multiplayer games over the internet with someone.

    bitfreakazoidbitfreakazoid4 dagar sedan
  • I just bought an NES the other day and was wondering about this.

    Fool of a TookFool of a Took5 dagar sedan
  • Info is good, video quality is good, but oh my... could barely get through the video due to audio compression that is reminiscent of 96kbps mp3... oO

    Anthony MartinAnthony Martin6 dagar sedan
  • man that's where I used to stash my weed hahaha

    a devil like mea devil like me6 dagar sedan
  • You might use the Nintendo but I actually prefer the famicom

    MobileDevMobileDev7 dagar sedan
  • 0:35 Abadox refrence

    Apsxs09 The best Gachatuber ever???Apsxs09 The best Gachatuber ever???7 dagar sedan
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    Dwyane WashingtonDwyane Washington7 dagar sedan
  • anyone else catch the never ending story synth?

    FarhatFarhat9 dagar sedan
  • what if somebody made an nes disk system that plugged into that slot

    DiyamundDiyamund9 dagar sedan
  • Its MAR-e-o NOT mArE-e-o

    Yo Long Shim D.D.S.Yo Long Shim D.D.S.10 dagar sedan
  • What a weird topic. Excellent video as usual👌

    MaXiMuS PRiMEMaXiMuS PRiME12 dagar sedan
  • Describes a controller as lust-worthy. Ahh, a fellow retrosexual I see.

    Dakota JonesDakota Jones19 dagar sedan
  • They could have invented online gaming with that! Like, play with or againts your friends houses or cities apart.

    DunnickFayuroDunnickFayuro19 dagar sedan
  • Omfg ...get to the fucking point ...

    T BT B19 dagar sedan
  • Then: We have a problem with the idea of gambling on what we see as a children's toy. Now: HEY KIDS BUY LOOT BOXES IN EVERY SINGLE GAME THAT YOU PLAY USING YOUR PARENT'S CREDIT CARD AND GAMBLE FOR ITEMS THAT YOU WILL LITERALLY NEVER GET!!! *crickets* For real though, they need to close every single company that has loot boxes.

    Joe CardinalJoe Cardinal22 dagar sedan
  • Nintendo was trying to have a lottery but cant make a game for adults today.

    mahalokidmahalokid22 dagar sedan
  • When I was a kid, I thought that was where batteries went.

    JDM BEATSJDM BEATS22 dagar sedan
  • Imagine, Nintendo getting into the PC, server end market hardware or software. Would business actually take them seriously than Sony or Microsoft outside of gaming? Lol.

    WhyteLis21WhyteLis2123 dagar sedan
  • Alex kidd in miracle world 2 is that a genuine game never saw it before

    Giles NeesonGiles Neeson24 dagar sedan
  • "Nintendo Entertainment System *NES VERSION* "

    burpburp25 dagar sedan
  • Noooooooo you broke a part of a nes 😡

    Old TvOld Tv25 dagar sedan
  • 4:21 what ur looking for

    Mr.SeagullMr.Seagull26 dagar sedan
  • 9:38 "It's always far better to put it in than keep it out" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    shred1894shred189426 dagar sedan
  • I just clicked on this video to hate your mustache thumbnail - just think about how ridiculous it looks - Def a strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip - anyways i watched the video... SHAVE

    Jessica WinsletJessica Winslet27 dagar sedan

    Paul BergerPaul Berger27 dagar sedan
  • i came here an heard many things of my childhood, including the never ending story midi background music.

    Tim ShawTim Shaw27 dagar sedan
  • Floppy port for backup games , was tiptop too tbh

    Joe KerrJoe Kerr28 dagar sedan
  • pls leave ma weed in the hidden compartment, I will be around shortly to pick it up 🤣

    Robert Prost-LepourasRobert Prost-Lepouras28 dagar sedan
  • Gambling on a device marketed to children....Mattel had no problem with that, as their first pack-in game on the Intellivision was Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack... in which, was my first game I ever owned at age 6 🤣

    Aaron HolsingerAaron Holsinger28 dagar sedan
  • a : i have dashboard at home b : you really put your car dashboard at home? a : *show sega mega drive and its expansions*

    Arachmadi PutraArachmadi Putra28 dagar sedan
  • And 30 years later Nintendo finally loosens up with cross play. Of course had they went on board with cross play (or online play at all) back then, imagine our internet by the minute connection bills. Hahahaha.

    Eric DennisEric DennisMånad sedan
  • That's just the weed stash

    A Part-time AstronautA Part-time AstronautMånad sedan
  • 9:40 "Thats what she said"

    zr riffzr riffMånad sedan
  • I had the SEGA online when it came to Canada (Live in Regina "The Queen City"). I think it was around 35 Cnd a month in the 90s.

    Warm AppleJuiceWarm AppleJuiceMånad sedan
  • Real gamers started on the NES or the VTECH V.Smile

    Fnaffanatic 1987Fnaffanatic 1987Månad sedan
  • Maniac Mansion...

    Peter WysoczanskiPeter WysoczanskiMånad sedan
  • When you see that blinking power light, have no fear, take out that game and give it a good ol blowing inside. And if that doesn't work, well you probably left your nintendo on for to long trying to beat mario without the whistles.

    Mark StewartMark StewartMånad sedan
  • Lol never ending story music for Nintendo 😂

    Aye NiceAye NiceMånad sedan
  • I use to hide my money , Mega Man, Mike Tysons Punch Out, Bubble Bobble and Metal Gear codes in that square unknown

    Aye NiceAye NiceMånad sedan
  • What 80s movie was this song from in this video

    David WestworthDavid WestworthMånad sedan
  • It for hiding condoms from my mom so I could fuck my boyfriend while playing Zelda.

    DevisissyDevisissyMånad sedan
  • That's one of the places where I hid my weed! Same as the port on the back of the fat ps2! Weed!

    Daniel McCordDaniel McCordMånad sedan
  • Cute captions at 1:54 - 2:03 "*click* ... * banging* ... * fumble* ... * snap* ... * doink!* ... * thud* ... * crackle* (and pop, the knock off Rice Crispie characters)" and at 2:06 "[Music plods on like a feverish camel]". There are some errors, though, like at 0:15 "that prevent" should be "that didn't prevent", at 0:23 "seem ore" should be "seem more", there's a missing "reportedly" at 1:30, etc. (The CC text also occasionally diverges from the audio in what appear to be deliberate script rewrites, like at 9:31 -- Voice: "So the art of foresight is useful, but sometimes you just don't need all you put in."/ Text: "Having foresight is incredible. But sometimes, it's just not needed.") Does SEworld allow you to correct CC errors after it's already posted?

    nibblesdotbasnibblesdotbasMånad sedan
  • this title made me think you were saying you could connect the NES to a Sega Master System

    CamCamMånad sedan
  • It's for a keyboard and mouse and printer and other peripherals

    Leo James JennerLeo James JennerMånad sedan
  • God i had that robot and it was so cool at first then it lost coolness.

    Victory SaberVictory SaberMånad sedan
  • I still can't believe when I play my Gameboy how slow pokemon was, uhhh so long to do anything.

    Victory SaberVictory SaberMånad sedan
  • Your accent is ugly and your video is fucken pointless!!! You dont explain what is the ext plug used for you just talk talk talk and not getting to the point

    SamieeSamieeMånad sedan
  • Man, NINTENDO was ahead of their time!!

    Shifty MGShifty MGMånad sedan
  • That's where I used to hide my weed as a kid

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  • 5:10 tumbleweed in the sahara LMAO

    WhiteTylerPerryWhiteTylerPerryMånad sedan
  • I remember as a kid always wondering what the audio and video ports were for. It was the early 90's and none of our two TV's had such a port. It wasn't until I got a Playstation and had to hook that up through the VCR that I realized what a composite port was and then a little while later to learn that it was called the composite port.

    WhiteTylerPerryWhiteTylerPerryMånad sedan
  • That is not what michigan looks like

    AngelaScene18AngelaScene18Månad sedan
  • Lol now lootboxes and pay to win games exist. Poor children

    R4Z0R84R4Z0R84Månad sedan
  • 👍🏿

    kevin baileykevin baileyMånad sedan
  • I’ve always wondered what that was for when I was a kid

    VinyldecalgraffVinyldecalgraffMånad sedan
  • Thank you, Jesus! Ill finally know. I jist have to live until the end of the video.

    Caercutta30Caercutta30Månad sedan
  • How frustrating!! Just grab a Sega Game Gear game and plug it in! It fits perfectly! Careful though, It ruined my system when I powered it on!

    D KLAHRD KLAHRMånad sedan
  • If you did not no this already then your to young to be playing nes games. Everyone i had known knew about this back in the day. But i could see how the false rumers got started. Ps how cool is a floppy disk nintendo game cartridge?

    Phillip BraggPhillip BraggMånad sedan
  • I’m going to call bs here. Not once did he blow in the cartridge or place a small weight on the door. Fake news! 😜

    ryan perryryan perryMånad sedan
  • "Does the NES have a secr...." NO. Close video.

    Anthony QuigleyAnthony QuigleyMånad sedan
  • I seriously always wondered WHAT THIS WAS when I was a kid haha! Thank you for explaining!

    Jack ReichJack ReichMånad sedan
  • Pointing to something circled? CLICK

    Mortal ExoMortal ExoMånad sedan
  • I loved your smooth transition to the sound track of the Never-ending Story. Made my morning.

    Ashley BuchananAshley BuchananMånad sedan
  • reminds me of cutting the plastic tabs out of the edge of the NA SNES system to play my friend's Super Famicom DBZ games.

  • Nobody cares, it's an obsolete piece of shit anyway, but if ya must really know, it's a jtag port numbnutz....

    The Central ScrutinizerThe Central ScrutinizerMånad sedan
  • Have you tried the dr64 to the N64?

    Teus TeusCFTP MatteussonTeus TeusCFTP MatteussonMånad sedan
  • Yeah.. culturally we have a TOTALLY different view as well as preference and desire for these things.

    Nintendo Cartooner 2Nintendo Cartooner 2Månad sedan

    The beleaguered ReviewerThe beleaguered ReviewerMånad sedan
  • Clicked on the thumbnail thinking it was Seth Rogen

    McDungMcDungMånad sedan
  • In Europe we were Sega fans ha ha ha ha especially here in Netherlands we were big fans of Sega

    Leander HermanLeander HermanMånad sedan
  • Master System certainly has its share of classic games, but it kinda amazes me that it was more popular than the NES in EU, considering the NES flat out has more games, and has SO many good-to-great games.

    Retro RevelationsRetro RevelationsMånad sedan
  • I know what it was for : ) That brings back memories!

    Dark MetaDark MetaMånad sedan
  • One of my friends dad was a traveling businessman and often went to Japan. This kid I was SO jealous of, he had Japanese releases of NES/Famicom titles I never seen before. He had this "Game Genie" looking thing that would slide into his NES and would allow the non US versions to be played on his US NES. He then was the FIRST KID to own a NeoGeo that I knew. Envious moments in childhood :D

    DuaneDuaneMånad sedan
  • I actually think that the Nintendo consoles outside of Japan didn't use their expansion ports until the Gamecube's GBA Player adapter. The Famicom DD and N64 DD never released outside of Japan and the Super Famicom/SNES DD never happened because of a deal gone bad.

    Dragon WarriorDragon WarriorMånad sedan
  • I love that the gambling idea was put down because they saw the NES as a kids toy. So dumb, consoles aren't just for kids. But I understand the concern that the kids would have easily access to the gambling system if there were kids in the household but the parent or the owner could've just easily just taken the actual modem away whenever it wasn't in use.

    CrouchinBunnyCrouchinBunnyMånad sedan
  • I was wondering what that thing was the other day. I was touching it and thought it was gonna pop off my NES

    CrouchinBunnyCrouchinBunnyMånad sedan
  • Heh. Heh. Heh. Gambling were big back then.

    Uriel SeptimUriel SeptimMånad sedan
  • Why am i hearing music from the never-ending story?

    Brandon DurhamBrandon DurhamMånad sedan
  • It's funny about old tech folklore, when we were kids in the 80s, stuff got around 'somehow' without the internet. Like everyone knew you could blow on your carts to clean them. It was all about, I heard it from another person thing probably during school, elementary kids would talk about such and such.

    AlmarkAlmarkMånad sedan
  • I'm pretty sure that any undermatured individual would of not known what to do with the lottery modem... That was clearly a case of 'Should of left it alone, asshole'.

    Amy CarterAmy CarterMånad sedan
  • I shuddered more when you said twitter was your favourite media platform than you ripping the plastic tabs off that NES

    HeedArmy83HeedArmy83Månad sedan
  • Forgetting the disk system arn't we?

    Phoenix XPhoenix XMånad sedan
  • The main question is, does it require another game on top of the one your trying to play, in order to play.

    Monkey the RaccoonMonkey the RaccoonMånad sedan
  • soon, the online world will be NES based

    Francisco UrzuaFrancisco UrzuaMånad sedan
  • Attourney general steps in to stop kids devices from having gambling. 20 years later: "Let me introduce you to lootboxes."

    AncapFTWAncapFTWMånad sedan
  • not entirely true at least when it comes to the N64 we know Nintendo built a dev unit that attached to the bottom of the console through the expansion slot

    tGA* MJMtGA* MJMMånad sedan
  • Beverage’s law of headline states - any headline that ends in a question mark, the answer is always no.

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  • I always believed it was a trapdoor to hide my weed^^

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