How the Internet Crossed the Sea | Nostalgia Nerd

13 apr 2019
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Isn't it strange how millions of people on one side of the Atlantic, can instantaneously communicate with people on the other side, all at once, and with hardly any delay. Well, it's not only strange, it's incredible. To understand how data travels under vast oceans from one place to another, we actually have to start in the mid 1800s. This is the time when the first undersea cables were laid, and astonishingly, when the first communication took place from Europe to America. Since those first undersea telegraph cables, we've moved onto undersea telephone cables and more recently, onto fibre optic cables capable of carrying our beloved internet vast distances.
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  • A correction: At 1:30(ish) - I mean 1837 rather than 1937. A further correction: At 0:28 - Faraday invented the first electric motor, not battery. Faraday built on Alessandro Volta's work after creating the Voltaic pile. ANOTHER correction: At 13:00 This should be 100 for 2,000 miles. Although closer to 200 were needed for the longer distances these cables were span across. This is my fault for trying to error check at 3am with no coffee. Apologies, and I hope it doesn't infringe on your viewing pleasure too much.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • @MrCuddlyable3 *laughs in non steam turbine electricity*

      I SELL SALTI SELL SALT2 månader sedan
    • @I SELL SALT The panel at 1:28 seems to be identifying the steam train film as made by Edison Biograph company that was active 1895 to 1916, so the year 1985 looks wrong. Thanks for pointing that out. Today most electric power is provided by steam turbines.

      MrCuddlyable3MrCuddlyable32 månader sedan
    • @MrCuddlyable3 he says age of steam and the panel says 1987, whats not funny about it, its contradicting and thus funny, or ya can imagine how insane would 1987 technology be if powered by steam, which is also funny 1987+steam is just funny to me, k?

      I SELL SALTI SELL SALT2 månader sedan
    • @I SELL SALT What is funny? The age of steam is mentioned at 1:28.

      MrCuddlyable3MrCuddlyable32 månader sedan
    • @MrCuddlyable3 well it says 1987 when steam age is mentioned, i find that funny

      I SELL SALTI SELL SALT2 månader sedan
  • So did they ever pick up all the old cables? Because that's a ton (well, several hundreds tons really) of precious metal to leave rotting in the ocean....

    SteelRodentSteelRodent8 timmar sedan
  • the sound at the start of the video sounded like the "take off" sound from the NES Top Gun game. Nostalgia Nerd, am I crazy?

    Michael VoigtMichael Voigt7 dagar sedan
  • *internet goes out* "damn sharks"

    VyladenceVyladence8 dagar sedan
  • 3:05 What's an "Astrom-in-er"?

    Jacob DrummondJacob Drummond15 dagar sedan
  • Makes me wonder why fiberoptic audio isnt being redone but I guess if copper isn't broke dont fix it

    Michael McdowellMichael Mcdowell23 dagar sedan
  • This was one of the best videos I have ever watched on SEworld 👋

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  • Fun Fact: You are using the internet to read this comment, and possibly watch this video. (if you did not download it of course, but that still uses the internet)

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  • What an outstanding Video!

    Marc TißlerMarc TißlerMånad sedan
  • Elon is again looking at the satellites as future of internet...hmm

    YuuYuuYuuYuu2 månader sedan
  • 18:42 wow TVO (tv ontario) I grew up watching TVO in the 90s, shout out YTV and Teletoon as well 🇨🇦😎

    Pat MiskiewiczPat Miskiewicz2 månader sedan
  • America isn't a country 😒

    Mike CoxlongMike Coxlong2 månader sedan
  • I've often wondered this

    Bryan DBryan D2 månader sedan
  • Another great video mate 👍🏻 I became super-interested in fibre-optics after reading about it in the Guinness Book of Knowledge when I was younger and because my brother had a MiniDisc Walkman that come with a bundled fibre-optic cable (TOSLINK).

    Ashley LahmAshley Lahm2 månader sedan
  • Still better than my WiFi

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  • So ur telling me the internet wasn’t made for me to scream at my friends

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  • 0 bytes

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  • Antonio Meucci invented the telephone, not Bell!

    Giulio MinciGiulio Minci2 månader sedan
  • It start pretty wrong..... Battery was made much before him ans we don't Know how has invent it, but thé oldest battery coming from Bagdad...

    8Bit Evolushroom8Bit Evolushroom2 månader sedan
  • 3:06 "astromoner"

    Leonardo CastroLeonardo Castro2 månader sedan
  • We have come from a point where we couldnt even capture video to a point where we send thousands of ultra high resolution video across continents in just 200 years, impressive

    Doctor SosigDoctor Sosig2 månader sedan
  • You have such diverse content and in-depth (excuse the pun) as well. Love it!

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  • when you don't have ftth, and you have to use slow 30 mbps beacuse you live in Poland which is state of mind

    Tomasz CTomasz C2 månader sedan
  • It's pronounced Newfundland. Love this video btw.

    Electric NickElectric Nick2 månader sedan
  • I love how non-Canadians say "Newfoundland." :) In Canada we read it as "NEWfinland."

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  • Paul Baran and Donald Davies conceived packet switching in 1965 at the National Physical Laboratory in the UK. This was the first case of one computer connecting to another and the first files sent between two computers (Everybody always misses this out when talking about the dawn of the internet). So it was already on this side and then the DOD started work on their tech in 1969 for their military.

    Adrian lambertAdrian lambert2 månader sedan
  • I wouldnt be suprised if the cables lead straight into an NSA building for analysis before it made it to your target lol

    Gabe GlynnGabe Glynn2 månader sedan
  • It's strange to think about how long ago telecommunication started, and how much more we do today using essentially the same basic principles. Even stranger is the idea that we started communicating in coded pulses, then switched to using analog voice signals as standard, then switched back to coded pulses. Think about how expensive it was to spend hours sending a telegram, and how it's now so cheap to send a gigabit per second that we use it for telling jokes, showing videos of cats, and a boatload of porn without ever having to think about costs per bit or minute like before.

    Star CrasherStar Crasher3 månader sedan
  • Why the overdramatic and irritating background music? Had to give up watching.

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  • This video has to many mistakes. Please review your data before creating videos on SEworld.

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  • Great video! I kind of question the phrasing during the discussion of modems though... it was said in the video that we initially used modems but eventually developed to directly connecting computers together, which isn’t generally true. For example, if one uses broadband internet from a cable company, one generally uses a cable modem, not just plugging the coaxial cable straight into the computer.

    Yjk7Xv95F9SYYjk7Xv95F9SY3 månader sedan
  • The sheer raw capacity of modern long-haul submarine cables is astounding! Approximately - each cable can carry six fibre pairs, each fibre pair can carry 100 'colours' of light, each 'colour' of light can carry 100Gbps (=100,000,000,000 bps) of data. Could be a total capacity of 60Tbps (=60,000,000,000,000 bps) for a long cable. More for a short one! Often the operator will only light up a few colours and/or fibres to start with, to earn the funds to pay for lighting up the rest when increased demand requires it. It can carry anything that exists in digital format including internet, data, emails, facebook, phone calls, trading, shopping etc. Lots of cables, of various ages and routes, together with the routers that interconnect them, make up most of the 'web' or 'internet'.

    ridefast0ridefast03 månader sedan
  • 3:05 The word is astroNOMer... NOT astroMONer lol

    R RR R3 månader sedan
  • idiots they could have just put internet on a boat and taken it to the other side instead if using a cable under the sea

    Million surprise egg toy videos children USMillion surprise egg toy videos children US3 månader sedan
  • I'm lucky i once worked on a cable ship like that one

    Tonek MechanistTonek Mechanist3 månader sedan
  • *280 mbps!!* nowadays even the average Joe has gigabit connection to his house :p

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  • so my conversation to my mother in America went: "hey mom" mom: "hey son" me: "not much" mom: "ok" Line Service: "that will be $100 thanks" me: "that was a months wage... -.-"

    bruceownsubruceownsu3 månader sedan
  • 1 Gbps total bandwidth across the Atlantic in 1992?? Are you kidding? That's not even super early days, you could get a 486-66/16MB RAM PC that could later run Win 95. You could get a 10 Mbps NIC and dial-up service. The Web had been out for a year. I mean 100 normal consumer network cards could max out the entire transatlantic bandwidth. Wow. Nowadays a single home connection can match that for under $20/month in some countries.

    QuantumBracedQuantumBraced3 månader sedan
  • 15:30 What music is this?

    SperryACHISperryACHI3 månader sedan
  • You should do a video that combines this information with early phreaking and free long distance techniques used by early hackers like captain crunch lol

    SylacsSylacs3 månader sedan
  • it's extraordinarily distressing hearing him pronounce it as "New-Found-Land" instead of "New-fin-land"

    Hannah NiHannah Ni3 månader sedan
  • So if I cut a few of these wires my search history will be safe?

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  • Gimme that 5 terabyte internet. N o w

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  • @ 20:44 in the video. Did any of you think about that part in the movie "JAWS 2" at the end where they killed the shark by making him bite into that undersea cable on the island?

    Applied EngineeringApplied Engineering3 månader sedan
  • What if submarines will hit that.. aw lols..

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  • 5:31 Minecraft players: put a repeater in it

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  • It kills me a little bit every time you mispronounce newfoundland

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  • 5:54 PQRST wave. (Heartbeat)

    Charles CCharles C3 månader sedan
  • title: How the Internet Crossed the Sea Nostalgia Nerd: * starts talking about magnets and generators *

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  • That's a really good video man. Congratulations for the quality of this channel. Really appreciate that.

    Daniel RibeiroDaniel Ribeiro3 månader sedan
  • Nice refresh on this subject. One thing I would like to add - Even if the amplifiers in the fiber cables run on electricity the amplification is purely done with light/laser energy. A laser is fired in to the fiber using doped glass and the signal is magically refreshed. This makes the amplification almost perfect with no added signal delay or distortion. The amplifiers are spaced in such a pattern that at least one can fail of two in sequence before a repair is needed.

    Lars NorlinLars Norlin3 månader sedan
  • If you look at the map of shipping lanes from the 1600-1800s and a map of undersea cables now you can see a huge similarity.

    LornonLornon3 månader sedan
  • 3:03 "astromoner" 🤣 Kind of adorable

    AgeingBoyPsychicAgeingBoyPsychic4 månader sedan
  • Stop saying newFOUNDland like a tool bag.

    K HK H4 månader sedan
  • Whats the song at the end? Great vid btw :)

    willem bresserwillem bresser4 månader sedan
  • What about ARPANET? Norway was connected to SDAC-IMP (Seismic Data Analysis Center, Virginia, USA) by data line in 1973.

    Nils HagnessNils Hagness4 månader sedan
  • by carrier pigeon right?

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  • Rumour has it that you need to use TAT2 if you want to hear all the things she said.

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  • "Here's the craic..." hahaha love it

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  • sea animal: chews on wire everyone: why is the internet down?

    FNaF Foxy Aka Henry MozzertFNaF Foxy Aka Henry Mozzert4 månader sedan
  • So many Ken Burns effects

    MultiRobotnikMultiRobotnik4 månader sedan
  • 999K

    TechKeralaTechKerala4 månader sedan
  • short history of porn

    Ibreak PromoIbreak Promo4 månader sedan
  • “What came out the other end was almost nothing and not noticeable”

    Cine ZoneCine Zone4 månader sedan
  • I just love the transition to the 80s 😂😂😂

    Aditya NamburiAditya Namburi4 månader sedan
  • U may understandably wish to add salt, but history involving national security can lie dormant for some time. A neat footnote IMO, is that the cloud dates back to WW2. Enigma code breakers in the UK needed more computers/"bombes?" than available, but there were plenty in USA. They used to cable the undeciphered text across the Atlantic, for prompt turnaround decoding.

    Peter ConnellPeter Connell4 månader sedan
  • That new electrode was not amplifying anything, it was regulating resistance between anode and cathode and by using this regulation, changes is weak control signal were mirrored to the charge between anode and cathode. Result is amplifier. I hate when YTbers spread scientific nonsense...

    WhiteDragonDancerWhiteDragonDancer4 månader sedan
  • Just love the animated sea at 2:20. I keep coming back just to watch it. My dog loved it too, but he died yesterday, so now it's just me and the goldfish. Oh, and the wife. Forgot about her and the kids.

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  • “New-fun-land”. The “ound” is not pronounced.

    John DoucetteJohn Doucette4 månader sedan
    • Dylan Pentland right!! LOL

      John DoucetteJohn Doucette4 månader sedan
    • It was driving me crazy too

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  • I wish the ocean floor stayed clean without cables. I also see that the true power of this world are theoretical scientists but not the governments. And the main thing - are we become to live happier after those cables installed and those internet came in every house? The answer is NO. They should better investigate the ways to extend human life and make everybody live in peace and wealth.

    DimaspaceDimaspace4 månader sedan
  • To get to the other side

    VisuallyAmazingVisuallyAmazing4 månader sedan
  • In 1992 the entirety of transatlantic bandwidth was 1GBit? That seems really low even for the time. I mean computers were already pretty powerful, the Pentium was a year away, and the Internet was a thing. Both continents had the equivalent of a single home connection today? Pretty crazy.

    QuantumBracedQuantumBraced4 månader sedan
  • These people have some serious conviction. After the first cable snapped I'd have been like "Welp there goes that..."

    Irvine SpiegelIrvine Spiegel4 månader sedan
  • xd. nice source

    JanisJanis4 månader sedan
  • Morris was a thief, he didn't invent Morris Code.

    Commodore SixfourCommodore Sixfour4 månader sedan
  • It's pronounced newf in land not new found land

    David ResonanceDavid Resonance4 månader sedan
  • (12:50) What kind of miles are you referring to here? Land miles or nautical miles? Using kilometers would have avoided this ambiguity.

    LiggliluffLiggliluff4 månader sedan
  • imagine having 20+ ping this comment was made by old undersea cable (16+ hours per word)

    Supreme potatoSupreme potato4 månader sedan
  • The queen was, probably, like: "New phone, who dis?".

    VitaliuzVitaliuz4 månader sedan
    • ​@MrCuddlyable3 Decent bait, but nah. Cut that out. I can delete your comments, you know.

      VitaliuzVitaliuz3 månader sedan
    • @Vitaliuz We are not amused.

      MrCuddlyable3MrCuddlyable33 månader sedan
    • @MrCuddlyable3 I have a strange feeling that it's a perfect opportunity to reply with an "ok, boomer" (it won't even be offensive in this context). Although, sadly, it won't be funny as well, nor add anything valuable to the conversation - so I'll probably just let it slip.

      VitaliuzVitaliuz3 månader sedan
    • Queen Victoria was never "like" as you suggest. Her Majesty may have enquired from whom the telephone call came.

      MrCuddlyable3MrCuddlyable33 månader sedan
  • the internet is from Switzerland not america

    UeUeUdkUeUeUdk4 månader sedan
  • Well done. I knew almost nothing on this subject. 😀

    Kristin FROST LazerbeamsKristin FROST Lazerbeams4 månader sedan
  • When he said battery then explain the electric o was like hey I’ve seen this one but it was just me being a weeb getting flashbacks so I was like oh it’s just de.stone

    Four SnailFour Snail4 månader sedan
  • I hate that when I go a site in a different country the packets are slowed by having to go through customs

    Neil HendersonNeil Henderson4 månader sedan
  • this is best video ive seen on youtube thank you so much i loved the video editing on this one

    king113king1134 månader sedan
  • Has anyone bothered to pull up the old retired cables?

    Peter CariosciaPeter Carioscia4 månader sedan
  • It's absolutely insane to me that I live near the station in the US and have for so long and never even knew

    Metal FaceMetal Face5 månader sedan
  • Had family on a cable boat in the late 80’s through the early 90’s. Spent a lot of time at Williamsburg when they came in. Busch Gardens once or twice a year was great. You would be amazed at some of the stories you hear around a bunch of ranked civilians. ATT pulled the rug out from under those guys. Around 12-15 years in they gave up the contract or sold it. Everyone no longer ATT if they stayed on boat. Most Atlantic stories about Europe and UK. The funny ones were in the Pacific. Asian crew, fished at night. Dried squid during day. A care package of cereal boxes went a long way. Apparently you can splice broken cables. That guy was important and got away with some stuff I’m betting. I remember a family dinner that they were talking about pressure differences at the Aquarium tank we saw. One goes out and comes back with a hard styrofoam shot cup. Shows everyone and tells us all that was a sixteen ounce cup they netted to the ROV. Sent it looking for the cable. That’s the pressure down there. I asked how they found the cable after a storm, got to watch satellites fly overhead, with a guy calling out the patterns. He was the guy who had the knowledge to setup the line of site sat nav they had in the 80’s. They were chatting about the neighbors CB and got into frequency properties at different depths and temps. These guys were amazing. A lot more than just grab that line and follow it to England. Last one, kinda just struck me. They were talking movies and Clooney had done “The Perfect Storm”. As I listened, it became clear they were out there in it. They were getting weather reports from land, only to realize they were being fed back the conditions they had reported earlier. They were advised to turn and head back for shelter, only to have to report back that they were at like 90% max screw rotation, facing into the wind and being blown back to Scotland at a measurable pace. Still remember piecing that all together and asking about it the next time. Whole house got quiet when they confirmed it. No one knew. These are just a small compilation of the stories I’ve heard from them over the years. It took a lot of time to pass before I ever heard any of these. Talking years after the Clooney movie, I was already moved outa state and doing the holiday thing to see that side by then.

    J LondonJ London5 månader sedan
  • Funny that the first attempt at Overclocking went wrong.

    Horst FritzHorst Fritz5 månader sedan
  • 15:25 "but we were wrong" - my internet stops😂😂

    Native Afro-ΕυrasionNative Afro-Ευrasion5 månader sedan
  • So what if an undersea earthquake happens can that potentially mean the internet will no longer work ? Lol

    referral madnessreferral madness5 månader sedan
    • Yes, that is a very real possibility. Undersea cables are often damaged by tectonic activity.

      gwishartgwishart2 månader sedan
  • Thank you 19th century philosophers and engineers for letting me connect with my crush

    Damian9303Damian93035 månader sedan
  • Star Link in Theory could supass Fiber maybe not in capacity but in faster latency, fibre is restricted to about 70-80% speed of light in fibre cables, where satalites can transmit at basically near 100%

    Prich038Prich0385 månader sedan

    Jam’ntJam’nt5 månader sedan
  • Wow! This is informative and enlightening! New sub here

    Julie GJulie G5 månader sedan
  • Alessandro Volta invented the battery and Faraday took Volta ideas and developed them further... He also got a battery from Volta which he studied nd Analysed. He was the one who made this branch of science popular but Volta did all the main research much earlier...

    Ays KuraAys Kura5 månader sedan
  • I don’t think most of this video fits the definition of “internet”, but still very, very interesting

    Th!nk HowTh!nk How5 månader sedan
  • Next step is quantum entangled communication methods, data rates beyond the speed of light...

    Daniel PierceDaniel Pierce5 månader sedan
  • Nostalgia nerd videos. So thing we all know well today to learn its origins we have to go back to the goddamn dawn of time.

    Comrade LeahComrade Leah5 månader sedan
  • This video needs to be used as an educational piece world over!

    Daniel HallDaniel Hall5 månader sedan
  • Now you can message anyone in the world in seconds for free!

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