GeoCities: 20 Years Later | Nostalgia Nerd

30 apr 2020
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[Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD] GeoCities, the hosting service that sparked a wealth of early internet development, creation and creativity. In this episode I'm going to explore this early internet phenomenon. I'm going to look at the history of GeoCities and then delve into the archive of sites which remain available to view and navigate.
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  • tfw no Iranian Libyan Empire

    Siz ZisSiz Zis2 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video, keep em coming!

    David JohnstonDavid Johnston4 dagar sedan
  • 11:30 Are we just gonna ignore that excellent MIDI version of Stairway to Heaven? 🤣

    Manzabhad MannManzabhad Mann4 dagar sedan
  • I had some sites hosted into geocities... around 2005.

    matthew Pasinimatthew Pasini15 dagar sedan
  • 7:34 You can Thank me later

    James ParkerJames Parker15 dagar sedan
  • Annoyingly I can't remember where my site was on Geocities

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting17 dagar sedan
  • has gone.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting17 dagar sedan
  • I just remember using this about 20 years ago and the paths (website URL) they gave you was son long. Usually your site was about 3-4 directories levels deep so sharing it verbally became a chore. Not to mention I believe when I started, you had to use their page builder as it wouldn't let you upload your own HTML files, or if you could, it wouldn't allow anything except the most basic HTML tags such as paragraphs, tables, and some formatting, but wouldn't let you do more advanced scripting. Obviously it evolved over time and probably allowed for these features, but when I used it it was more like a more advanced MySpace page...

    Heelix RanierHeelix Ranier19 dagar sedan
  • This old school special was hand coded by a woman in her 90's (RIP Carol) It's nostalgic and endearing. She really loved her pups.

    FoilCandyFoilCandy19 dagar sedan
  • I started my GeoCities page in 1997 and maintained it until 2006. In the late '90s I used NetZero to connect to the internet and posted to USENET newsgroups. I miss the simplicity of those early days, though I don't miss the slow dial-up speeds.

    BK_gamerBK_gamer21 dag sedan
  • Personalky I prefer the look of 90s websites over modern websites now because nowdays their too minimalistic and I'm not a fan of that

    Jackko 3.0Jackko 3.022 dagar sedan
  • 7:54 Aww shit a Doom and a Mechwarrior page? Jeff is my homie.

    Невада большевикНевада большевик22 dagar sedan
  • 2:25 What's with the semicolons?

    flarn2006flarn200622 dagar sedan
  • The University of *...Minnesota???* NOTHING good ever comes from there!!! .......🤘😏🤘

    Sgt_HoagieSgt_Hoagie22 dagar sedan
  • ooh I remember those "viewer counters" :D good ole days

    Jesper AndersenJesper Andersen22 dagar sedan
  • The free aspect was the main attraction to GeoCities, and for many of us it really was the place to start learning HTML. I originally made my GeoCities site in 1997/8 or there about without having an internet connection - it was all uploaded through a email2ftp service (yes, that was a thing back then) from my work email (in the first place I worked we weren't allowed internet access). And to really underline how ghetto it was: the first pages were made in a mix of MS Publisher and Notepad and looked accordingly, complete with spinning and flashing GIFs. My GeoCities site was part a test bed to learn HTML, part a place to host some files for a project I was working on. After I got my own internet in 1999 the site was updated several times as I experimented with design and scripting, but it was killed in 2002 when I switched to working with PHP and needed a host with a MySQL service. I still have some of the design experiments I made back then - I pretty redid the entire design several times over a few years, without ever doing anything with the actual content. Nowadays I no longer have a website. Realized years ago that I just can't be bothered to update my own site when dealing with other's technical issues.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent22 dagar sedan
  • at 9:15 cant tell if the blurring was intentional or a joke as when the page scrolls everything is shown

    Tayler VestTayler Vest22 dagar sedan
  • I loved this video it really took me back to the 90's and early 00's thanks. I remember geocities sites when I was teen even weird ones like the small 'shrine' pages to anime, game, and characters specifically Final Fantasy shrines and DBZ shrines.

    Justin HalladayJustin Halladay23 dagar sedan
  • My first website was on Geocities. This video makes me want to create a subdomain on my current website to recreate my old Geocities site. Complete with midi files and animated GIFs.

    Bob GuestBob Guest23 dagar sedan
  • I checked geocities ws and a lot of webmasters” emails are broken. It’s hard to become affiliates if the email link is not working in 2020!

    Jill Marie YoungJill Marie Young23 dagar sedan
  • I remember going to geo cities sites and getting the idea that the URL was supposed to indicate something about the subject or content, but I never navigated by neighbourhood.

    CamdenBlokeCamdenBloke23 dagar sedan
  • If you see this I sent a non-wanker level comment on the video over Facebook messenger regarding some of the content in the video.

    JacobBe5JacobBe523 dagar sedan
  • "HEY, HAVE YOU HEARED ABOUT SQUARESPACE?!" and right after the second Squarespace ad the midroll ad starts.

    Calm OneCalm One23 dagar sedan
  • As someone that worked in web development, seeing that many   triggered an instinctive fight-or-flight response.

    Ben YorkBen York23 dagar sedan
  • These websites sort of reminds me of Imeem, Myspace, Facebook, before there was a all that social networking sharing your websites with others. XD

    WhyteLis21WhyteLis2123 dagar sedan
  • Now, imagine seeing Geocites or similar websites like these for the first time in over a 1000 years from now. It would be like digging back into the digital dinosaur world of the prehistoric time. Lol.

    WhyteLis21WhyteLis2123 dagar sedan
  • I'd forgotten about visitor counters.

    TheJaguar1983TheJaguar198323 dagar sedan
  • I miss the days when most people would routinely call the internet "The Net." It so desperately needs reviving.

    Strange ArmourStrange Armour23 dagar sedan
  • Awesome! I haven't thought about Geocities in a LOOOONG time. Couldn't find mine through any of the archive links, but since I am a digital pack rat I still have the files locally stored. was my first website that, like most, started crude, but eventually grew more refined with my skills. Thanks for the memories!

    Chris BeasleyChris Beasley24 dagar sedan
  • i had a ton of geocities pages back in the day. also, angelfire. good times.

    Leo WatleyLeo Watley24 dagar sedan
  • I miss geocities. I may have to go later and try to see my old site archived..

    AvengerkiAvengerki24 dagar sedan
  • I used to have geocities/collegepark/gym/3374, it was my personal bio and information page about mopeds. It definitely impressed the head IT guy at the manufacturing plant I was working in at the time. I used office 97 to make what was parked there. With animated gifs and mopeds popping wheelies.. I used a 'back in time' site recently to take a look into the past, grab some screen shots and bask in memories. Nothing like seeing yourself many years earlier in a picture probably displaying a moped. Cheers!

    Orlando KaraokeOrlando Karaoke24 dagar sedan
  • Great vi... *You said what about my mom!?!?*

    Rust DavyRust Davy24 dagar sedan
  • GeoCities actually allowed people to "Surf" the Internet back in the day. Now everything is controlled by Google, Yahoo & Facebook. There's not much "Surfing the Web" these days. :-(

    Listersmate2Listersmate224 dagar sedan
  • I actually never knew GeoCities was a directory!

    Occam's RazorOccam's Razor24 dagar sedan
  • Which I could find my old page. That would be a nice trip down memory lane.

    TheTrueKingOfSpaceTheTrueKingOfSpace24 dagar sedan
  • TimesSquare 5702 here. Those were the days. Before click bait. Before fake news. Before the internet went to s4it3.

    Edward ByardEdward Byard24 dagar sedan
  • :)

    Wayko621Wayko62124 dagar sedan
  • I miss the midi playing in the background of a webpage.

    ato zeeato zee24 dagar sedan
  • I have bought Ibanez guitar parts from a dude that still uses a geocities format. Pain in the ass to navigate the website but the parts are perfect and come quickly!

    Joey VanOstrandJoey VanOstrand24 dagar sedan
  • Red room

    ¿Deku.X?¿Deku.X?24 dagar sedan
  • I have a website there, someplace. I don’t remember the name of it. I should try to find it. I created it back in probably 1998

    Brian PuenteBrian Puente25 dagar sedan
  • Geocities .... ate my balls

    Brian PuenteBrian Puente25 dagar sedan
  • "It was beautiful... in its own way" I was on the web in the 90s.... is there another definition of beautiful out there that you mean that translates into something like Tacky?

    Hdofu FoxHdofu Fox25 dagar sedan
  • *Geoshitties* , as they were known back in the day.

    XMattinglyXMattingly25 dagar sedan
  • Trying to compare brexiteers and luddites is like comparing apples and oranges. Sorry dude, failed analogy.

    Nick FomulaNick Fomula25 dagar sedan
  • I once found a geocities site that was a furry micro/macro page but every single link lead to a virus sadly.

    Heartworn FoxHeartworn Fox25 dagar sedan
  • Any one remember dreamweaver from Adobe?

    Nathan TaylorNathan Taylor25 dagar sedan
  • Geocities was such a great idea. I kind of wish that stuck around

    ReimusKlinsmanReimusKlinsman25 dagar sedan
  • it did shut down dec 2019 in japan.

    Michelle LMichelle L25 dagar sedan
  • I used the internet arrchiver to check out my geocities page. I may download the photos as I don't have them anymore.

    Chris KellingChris Kelling25 dagar sedan
  • And text sentences that literally can break the fourth wall And when you scroll to the left With your mouse. They go on and on and on on and on. It's a paragraph in one sentence form that defy the laws of physics.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion Sche26 dagar sedan
  • Those old web have such garish color combinations.. They can rot out your eyes in a minute. Purple background with green lettering... Aneurysm anyone.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion Sche26 dagar sedan
  • Geocities wow that's a blast from the past... Same thing as angelfire and ask Jeeves... The good old days of computing.. Makes me want to breakout ICQ and go in VP VIRTUAL PLACES chat rooms... And listen to those dial up modem sounds.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion Sche26 dagar sedan
  • My dad built a geocities about my mom's pregnancy and the first year of my life in 99... I wonder if it's still there. Either that or a 90s message board

    Sam GraySam Gray26 dagar sedan
  • Actually GeoCities is pronounced GeoCities. Get it right, mate =p

    Johnny ThousandJohnny Thousand26 dagar sedan
  • 13:56 I want the Lisa Loeb screen saver! Where do I mail my check?

    Michael RinkleMichael Rinkle26 dagar sedan
  • I remember Goecities. I had a site. This was how I learned how to code in HTML

    Just SurfinJust Surfin26 dagar sedan
  • Paris 9386 was my address

    Chris HinceChris Hince26 dagar sedan
  • And think of it: I'm accessing Geocities with my Dreamcast and (wow!) pop a site with a little p0rn, and my grandma watching it........ In 2000... (today? this is "normal"...)

    pegasuskyupegasuskyu26 dagar sedan
  • uhhh at 9:27 your attempt to blur that dudes personal info did not work

    Kevin BissingerKevin Bissinger26 dagar sedan
  • (Surfin Geocities by Vektroid)

    mmonstr makaronnymmonstr makaronny26 dagar sedan
  • So did they get back with the email?

    DanDan26 dagar sedan
  • EU will be dead within 5 years

    Based Chad Barrska A.GBased Chad Barrska A.G27 dagar sedan
  • I can't think of a better video to have a a modern good DIY web design company as the sponsor.

    Michael W. DeanMichael W. Dean27 dagar sedan

    Richard ClarkeRichard Clarke27 dagar sedan
  • I cannot unsee "rèsumè".

    FischOderAalFischOderAal27 dagar sedan
  • I started learning LOGO and Pascal at 9, started GeoCities at 14, at 26 I was working for Novell, at 30 I was working for IBM, at 36 I was working for Amazon... geocities was a good stepping stone. edit: My geocities' site was about "types of farts", with sound of course. Sue me.

    Luis Daniel Mesa VelasquezLuis Daniel Mesa Velasquez27 dagar sedan
  • i remember being about 15 and reading pages upon pages of conspiracy theories about the Philidelphia Experiment on Geocities. Good times.

    John PriceJohn Price27 dagar sedan
  • I was watching this with bated breath, hoping to God my old Geocities site wouldn't be randomly selected.

    Chris WChris W27 dagar sedan
  • Favia's Page of Reverse Engineering was almost always my first stop after attack dialing my ISP finally gave me a connection lol

    Chris AndersenChris Andersen28 dagar sedan
  • Perhaps someone pointed this out already, but look at how geocities under the socializing section had a section for gay right next to romance? Internet culture was comparatively far more progressive back then than it is now. I was using the internet at that time, and there were multiple gay and trans spaces and blogs that managed to get popular without attracting trolls and vicious flamers like any unmoderated space would today.

    CoaxillCoaxill28 dagar sedan
  • Unless I'm mistaken... and I very well could be, that Jeff's Doom an Quake page at 8:17 was mine. Oh... Nope, I'm wrong. Checked the site and the "email me" address. Not mine. But I did do something very similar, and I was very much into Quake and Mechwarrior.

    MachtynMachtyn29 dagar sedan
  • I still remember my GeoCities address. /broadway/alley/2868 - doesn't look like it got saved

    Need More InputNeed More Input29 dagar sedan
  • we used to make online games in the 90s based on star trek

    Allan AdamsonAllan AdamsonMånad sedan
  • Gallery one. My creations. Thank me later.

    Mark BrownMark BrownMånad sedan
  • Cute! I had some geocities sites and some tripod sites. Tripod is still around and some of my old sites are still there!

    angelstar22angelstar22Månad sedan
  • i used to use netscapes built in page maker

    Boomken76Boomken76Månad sedan
  • the e-mail address still work to this day. 🤣

    Boomken76Boomken76Månad sedan
  • 0:52 "Mike's got a Collection of Animated GIFs that must be experienced!" - The essence of 1990s internet, concisely distilled to perfection

    Winston DeleonWinston DeleonMånad sedan
  • 6:46 nipple on screen

    Society KongSociety KongMånad sedan
  • The page builder was actually great. I miss it. I'm surprised there isn't more modern versions, even Squarespace doesn't have the same level of customisation of element placement, even if it looks more slick.

    Vincent LillisVincent LillisMånad sedan
    • I was a comic-book sprite maker who ripped sonic sprites out of games and made comics from them.

      Vincent LillisVincent LillisMånad sedan
  • I can still remember my geocities web ID. Makes me sad to think they deleted part of internet history we all helped build. Wayback machine has 1 instance of my site, images and gifs gone.... I looked it up. Happy times!

    Syteanrics ScenesSyteanrics ScenesMånad sedan
  • it pains by eyes thinking back to sites on these, all the dancing babies.....

    Jamie McJamie McMånad sedan
  • Sometimes, I play front mission 3 just for the geocities nostalgia...

    retrovideogamejunkieretrovideogamejunkieMånad sedan
  • anyone crazy enough to still have an original sign up email from early Geocities? I have been looking around but only can find yahoo geocities examples

    Michael BuchholzMichael BuchholzMånad sedan
  • 13:03 Oh my goodness, ActiveX! It's been so long, I almost forgot. What a weird little technology that was. 'Now, your web browser can do anything! Literally anything. There is no sandboxing on this feature. Available on websites worldwide! Have fun, everyone.'

    LordJazzlyLordJazzlyMånad sedan
  • yeh yahoo the champion of keeping dead things running

    arPos KraftarPos KraftMånad sedan
  • For the post 2000s kids; basicly wix but then old skool

    arPos KraftarPos KraftMånad sedan
  • They didn't have my site in the geocities gallery -- but they did have my neighbor's site....

    littlewillie65littlewillie652 månader sedan
  • Man, this brings back memories... I joined GeoCities the day that they opened up the Silicon Valley neighborhood. I can't even remember my address anymore though XD

    ShadowDrakkenShadowDrakken2 månader sedan
  • Nice video. Glad to see you bringing that old geocities contest to us. Thanks!

    John TownerJohn Towner2 månader sedan
  • I had at least 3 home pages in Geocites, all in Portuguese, created in 1997 - 98. One about aliens, another about Pearl Jam and the last was about me with miscelaneous content. All of them was created with an editor called HTMLed, but some people would create with Notepad and, later, Microsoft Front Page. As far as I can remember, Geocites would give you 15MB space for free. Not much room for photos or wav audio files. BTW, great video =)

    Gustavo GonçalvesGustavo Gonçalves2 månader sedan
  • Oh, but AngelFire?

    jo hnjo hn2 månader sedan
  • "Let's check out some of these old Geocities pages....." (clicks on Area51) *My man!!!!*

    BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' SeagullBASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull2 månader sedan
  • I miss being able to construct free websites :( And the webrings REALLY game in handy.

    The disco_timelordThe disco_timelord2 månader sedan
  • Hamster dance.

    Joe AlanJoe Alan2 månader sedan
  • I remember the Geocities site I started to make when I was like 12 or 13. It was dedicated to review french fries at local restaurants.Not the rest of the food. Just the fries. :p I had my priorities

    Shannon CrescentShannon Crescent2 månader sedan
  • So true about self expression on the Internet back then. Peoples idea of self expression these days is constantly bitching and moaning about every little thing. Social media is a disease that ruined the Internet and society in general.

    J00N10RJ00N10R2 månader sedan
  • My favourite Masamune Shirow fansite, - doesn't work anymore =(

    KOTYAR0KOTYAR02 månader sedan