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29 jan 2020
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Get an Audible free trial; click www.audible.com/nostalgianerd or text "nostalgianerd" to 500 500.... Back in 1994, Intel launched a programme called The Journey Inside: The Computer, for schools in the USA and Canada. Today, I'm exploring one of those kits from 1998, including Teacher's Guide, Video Tapes and the incredible Chip Kit, containing all kinds of exciting gubbins.
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Intel still host this programme on their website: www.intel.co.uk/content/www/uk/en/education/k12/the-journey-inside.html
Further information: www.chipsetc.com/intel-journey-inside-educational-chip-kits.html
2nd Edition Chip Kit: www.cpu-world.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25208
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  • Video notes; Although ENIAC is mentioned as the 'first general purpose computer' in this video. It's debatable somewhat. For example, the Colossus came a couple of years earlier (although wasn't declassified until recently), and although it doesn't have the same programming flexibility, it could be argued to hold the title. If you want to know what the video presenters have been up to since; Rebecca White - www.imdb.com/name/nm3301133/ Annette Chavez - www.imdb.com/name/nm0154533/ Brahman Turner - www.imdb.com/name/nm2133186/ If you're interested in seeing the entire video content; I'll be uploading the captured VHS content to archive.org for preservation, and potentially to my extra channel, once I've tidied them up. Check back here for updated links.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd8 månader sedan
    • I wish I had a voice as captivating as yours. Thank you for your hard work, and light humor. Good Day!

      12dollarsand78cents12dollarsand78cents7 månader sedan
    • @eMpTy Same

      SaxidroSaxidro8 månader sedan
    • @Jake Knerr Maybe if those historians came from the US

      LarixusSnydesLarixusSnydes8 månader sedan
    • Still waiting for that archive.org link

      eMpTyeMpTy8 månader sedan
    • @SID The Enigma was less complicated than a mechanical calculator. It was an elaborate transposition cypher. The average subscriber dialled phone switch is way more complicated (the Japanese Purple cyphers were built on a modified phone switch - and complicated by the Japanese writing systems.) The Lorenz cyphers were the real start of modern cryptography since they had 12 rotors compared to Enigma's three and Triton's four. Colossus was built to crack Lorenz not Enigma.

      Allan GibsonAllan Gibson8 månader sedan
  • And they fell. Horray for AMD. Now we need AMD to do the same in this generation. :)

    jim cervantesjim cervantes2 dagar sedan
  • Incel Inside

    Inu YashaInu YashaMånad sedan
  • 4:53 Original soundtrack by the great Anthony Phillips! He was the original guitarist and songwriter for prog rock group Genesis. The song you hear at 4:53 is "Force Majeure" which can be found on the Finger Painting LP; A collection of his stock music works mostly from the 80s.

    UnlinkYTKBSasmrUnlinkYTKBSasmrMånad sedan
  • 2:02 « plat de résistance », not « pièce de résstance » 😎 Great video anyways, as always =)

    Friday CaliforniaaFriday CaliforniaaMånad sedan
  • Great bundle! I regret that we doesn't have it in polish schools in '90s. Getting knowledge wasn't easy in era without internet...

    FlopsPLFlopsPLMånad sedan
  • 1:32 wtf is that guy in the bottom left lol

    Aleks LAleks LMånad sedan
  • Threw away all the crap. Kept the mmx silicon and the demo chip

    Jay BrooksJay BrooksMånad sedan
  • Had one

    Jay BrooksJay BrooksMånad sedan
  • intel still shows the videos on there site www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/education/k12/the-journey-inside/explore-the-curriculum.html

    Bradley SmithBradley SmithMånad sedan
  • Still amazed by how these battery haven't leaked after sitting for like 20 years

    JMadden 64JMadden 642 månader sedan
  • That wafer is sick. I’d frame that shit

    Robert KennedyRobert Kennedy2 månader sedan
  • I am 14 and I legit saw the pamphlet for the second kit in the "computer room" at school.

    corona virus123corona virus1232 månader sedan
  • Wtf?? 9v into 1.8volt led

    Norbert DánerNorbert Dáner2 månader sedan
  • We had this at my high school, I remember I must have watched those videos a dozen times in my two-year computer tech course 🤣 The wafer was really cool though, I remember marveling at it for hours.

    YouArentValidYouArentValid2 månader sedan
  • We just were writing stupid stuff, without videos and everything else. Ukraine

    Gameplayer 55055Gameplayer 550552 månader sedan
  • I'm going on a 24 hour bash videos at random and you made it 616 comments. New technology dollop of crap slinging colorful poster

    steadyforgesteadyforge2 månader sedan
  • "No more 'my dog ate it' ". Lol, nope, but now its, "My computer crashed", "It wouldn't send" or "I had no internet"

    TReeseTVTReeseTV2 månader sedan
  • In 10:19 , they even predicted voice control. Now in 2020, it's commonplace (think of smart homes, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa). That was the "mother" of Alexa, back in 1998.

    Mark ArcaMark Arca2 månader sedan
  • They even predicted the smart car. Now in 2020, it is now a reality with 5G technology.

    Mark ArcaMark Arca2 månader sedan
  • They didn't have breadboards back then?

    Gael LafondGael Lafond2 månader sedan
  • 'Intel Outside'

    Nathan A. LeighNathan A. Leigh2 månader sedan
  • I have a kit that has a Pentium Processor with MMX Tech Mech Sample- heard they're worth about $100 so holding on to it! Such a cool piece of history.

    Eric WelpEric Welp2 månader sedan
  • All I ever did in computer class was learn every frickin ms office 2007 program and that was last year.

    Star RaptorStar Raptor2 månader sedan
  • 'Students just love to touch and feel', I never got invited to that sort of party. :(

    Franko WalkerFranko Walker2 månader sedan
  • really want to know if that cpu functions at all. it may have just been to slow to sell or something

    somerandom nameorsomethingsomerandom nameorsomething2 månader sedan
  • i rlly want u to put that chip into a pc lol

    NODA5NODA52 månader sedan
  • The transistor in the instructions is Mosfet (Drain, Gate, Source). The transistor in the kit is bipolar (TIP48). This could cause some problems if you put a powerful 1.5v battery with thick(ish) wires on the transistor. It'll get very hot with the base current reaching several amps. Mosfet transistors have insulated gates. The equivalent pin on a bipolar transistor (Base) isn't insulated but presents a diode with a 0.6v drop.

    Nick HillNick Hill2 månader sedan
  • Future archaeologists will thank you for your work.

    Hyraethian RabbitHyraethian Rabbit3 månader sedan
  • I prefer ElectroBOOM explanations about capacitors.

    Rodrigo Nicolás Endellan CiereszkoRodrigo Nicolás Endellan Ciereszko3 månader sedan
  • watch your tv show all the time awesomse love.? it keep up

    Stephen LordStephen Lord3 månader sedan
  • Thumbs up if you think he should send The Jurney Inside movie over to the Red Letter Media guys for Best of the Worst.

    DisthronDisthron3 månader sedan
  • Tax rebates 101, Donate something you set the value of :D

    DKTAz00DKTAz003 månader sedan
  • Now we use vr which is kinda sad ....... or throw a computer across the room and said I dropped it

    The camodogThe camodog3 månader sedan
  • Good christ. I'm not even a computer person but youtube decided I needed this video. I remember this exact thing and video from school. But considering how old I am and how quick electronics progress, let's just say this was out of date by the time I saw it

    ryan bambrickryan bambrick3 månader sedan
    • Also that binary thing she was playing with, we had about the same thing at the science center here. I wonder if it's the same one

      ryan bambrickryan bambrick3 månader sedan
  • "youre students are going to scream in frustration and try to play computer games, and the odd one will become a multimillionaire software developer, but there wont be any FUN"...

    Muckin 4onMuckin 4on3 månader sedan
  • Oh no its no longer a collectable. HOW COUULLLDDD YOOOUUUU xD

    mikudx manmikudx man3 månader sedan
  • 2:43 what song is playing in the background?

    bazooka Joebazooka Joe3 månader sedan
  • I kinda wanna see if that CPU works or not, I know it probably wont, but still...

    Joshua CatranJoshua Catran3 månader sedan
  • all I wanted is you to measure the voltage on those batteries

    No nahNo nah3 månader sedan
  • Honestly clicked the video because I remember those batteries from when I was a kid. Specifically putting them in my Ninja Turtles pizza disc thrower toy, strange how you remember such odd things so vividly.

    Clay PClay P3 månader sedan
  • Ha! Why buy the kit when you could just buy the chip for only a fraction of the price

    KorradeKorrade3 månader sedan
  • I was born in ‘96, so I was a part of the colored Mac box generation ;/

    Timothy LeitzkeTimothy Leitzke3 månader sedan
  • This video is very Raciest

    not surenot sure3 månader sedan
  • i dont see any BLACK LIVES MATTER being anywhere ? whats up with that MS?

    not surenot sure3 månader sedan
  • I watched this video in high school in 2010. We didn't have the full kit though.

    kyle Boothkyle Booth3 månader sedan
    • I remember that poster too. I didn't know it was related.

      kyle Boothkyle Booth3 månader sedan
  • Wow!Batteries included!

    Tech ObsessedTech Obsessed3 månader sedan
  • The bundle seems to mostly contain of batteries. Couldn't you just buy them in a store in the 80s?

    MilanesiumMilanesium3 månader sedan
  • Overhead transparencies 💓

    Daily DBDaily DB3 månader sedan
  • Toaster is a lot like computer ok buddy

    Bl4azeBl4aze3 månader sedan
  • Jeez kids in American schools didn’t get “computer education” until the late 90s?! Here in Australia, my parents were using computers similar to the Commodore 64 in late primary school (elementary school for Americans) in the mid to late 80s!

    Aidan WilliamsAidan Williams3 månader sedan
    • We had one computer in my elementary school in ~1980. I think it got most of its use after school by me and some friends. We played "Super Star Trek." A few years later, in Jr High, there was one computer, an Apple ][. It was only available to kids in the Honor Society, pretty much none of whom were interested in computers. Meanwhile the weirdos who were couldn't use it. In my 2000-student HS in the mid-1980s there was one computer classroom with terminals that connected to a DEC minicomputer somewhere. It was only used for computer programming classes that were taught at some ungodly early hour (6 or 7am). I tested into the intermediate class but never attended, so I never met any of the handful of other students. There was also one Mac, in the graphics/printing shop. Students mostly used it to play Dark Castle after getting bored/frustrated with MacPaint. I think American schools spent a long time trying to figure out what to do with computers. I think most of the funding that did exist went into using computers as educational media, like an interactive VCR, rather than actually using them to teach programming and computer science, or even "word processing," and spreadsheets. Much of the money spent to use them as educational media was probably wasted. Books were a lot cheaper back then and worked just as well.

      Tech ObsessedTech Obsessed3 månader sedan
  • "In the 90s" Teachers here in germany still used them when I was graduating and are definetly still in use

    Anne-Marie BaarsAnne-Marie Baars3 månader sedan
  • You know, wanting to get into computers and designing things, this might actually help me figure out how information works for when i build circuit boards. i might have to actually spend the money on one of these even if its used.

    3V03V03 månader sedan
  • 3:10 Rest of the world: "Projector sheets is true 90s stuff" German schools: These are adequatly modern technology in 2020 *sighs*....

    EmVi KayEmVi Kay3 månader sedan
    • Wir haben die noch in der Hochschule :D Wobei ich, jetzt mit etwas höherem Alter, sagen muss, sie sind verdammt praktisch. Du kannst einfach was hinmalen in nen graf ohne n tablet zu brauchen.

      Juden ArierJuden Arier2 månader sedan
    • As a german Pupil i can confirm this

      Multi CatMulti Cat3 månader sedan
    • Indonesia school still use that too in 2020, I saw that thing for the first time in 2010.

      UserUser3 månader sedan
  • My school didn't even get IBM compatible PC's until 1995. It was all Acorn Risc based computers prior. They were fantastic things though.

    ArmyOfAllArmyOfAll3 månader sedan
  • The funny thing is I bet the kids who experienced this kit all grew up to buy AMD Ryzen processors

    NiggaNiggaNiNiggaNiggaNi3 månader sedan
  • My school IT teacher actively chose to ban me from this kind of thing because I was the kind of child that understood how to wire the lightning conductors of the building up to the co-ax Ethernet network, years later I became a UNIX consultant....

    Mowley ChrisMowley Chris3 månader sedan
  • Please, oh! Please, digitise the whole tapes and put them on internet. I couldn't wait for the end of the video to ask, to the risk of making a fool of myself.

    Random Electronics and DisplaysRandom Electronics and Displays3 månader sedan
  • my pc is a taster so they aren't representing it, they are very correct

    Steven ParkSteven Park3 månader sedan
  • I always disliked those fake VHS filters and grains. Ugh.

    Feywer FolevadoFeywer Folevado3 månader sedan
  • She looking hot in that clean suit.

    BRyan SmiteBRyan Smite3 månader sedan
  • 12:25 Were those 9V batteries shipped without caps? Good thing those terminals never came in contact with the metal of the battery above it and catch the whole kit on fire.

    Matthew DatcherMatthew Datcher3 månader sedan
  • HA!. Nice.

    hypercube33hypercube333 månader sedan
  • I wan't the intel Videos Upload on SEworld Please

    Noelito AngelesNoelito Angeles3 månader sedan
  • The sky just makes videos to make videos. They’re not overly developed ideas, even a clever narrative, or intended resolution to any of the videos this guy makes. They’re all just videos so I can make videos on SEworld. Thank God you to ask me to block users.

    In0chiIn0chi3 månader sedan
  • The clip at 9:28 just shot me back to secondary schooI, taking in broken memory sticks when I'd not finished work in time.

    Lorenz StuartLorenz Stuart3 månader sedan
  • We never had anything like this in my school. I built a flashlight in elementary school following the instructions from a book I found and for a few days, I was tech Jesus.

    Johnny BadmenJohnny Badmen3 månader sedan
  • Now I want to watch that movie, must have been a popular classic sci-fi feature film if it was made by intel!

    MastervitroMastervitro3 månader sedan
  • 7:18 john vincent atanasoff would be saddened by this part of the tape

    enthusiasticGeekenthusiasticGeek3 månader sedan
  • Member touching? ..

    run 187run 1873 månader sedan
  • 13:46 I thought youtube had rules about elicit material. That was pure filth ;)

    BakamalianBakamalian3 månader sedan
  • oh 4 layers, simpler times

    Cyrus TakemCyrus Takem3 månader sedan
  • I remember that poster! We had that hanging up in the elementary computer classroom in the late 90's, early 2000's.

    The DiscoThe Disco3 månader sedan
  • The fact you didn't include the jello video from the kit is disappointing.

    TheHalohunter2TheHalohunter23 månader sedan
  • I definitely didn't connect 2 9v batteries together (shorted) and put it in the school drawers while packing this away.... There would be a VERY large bang. Luckily no injuries. Do NOT do this kids its bloody dangerous and I was an idiot not knowing the dangers.

    Lee FallLee Fall3 månader sedan
  • That wafer looks incredible. I'm looking on ebay now!

    David BristollDavid Bristoll3 månader sedan
  • "Blue Screens" and "Toasters"....

    Ut1F70F SinUt1F70F Sin3 månader sedan
  • [90s climax]. Best subtitling ever

    Dave TreadwellDave Treadwell3 månader sedan
  • 9:50 Rgb in the 90s XD

    Rainbow CookieRainbow Cookie3 månader sedan
  • I loved that movie, I completely forgot about it

    William LohanWilliam Lohan3 månader sedan
  • We did this in my elementary school in south Houston in the 90's. it was pretty brief, and I don't remember much of it. Now I'm a sysadmin, developer, and general nerd. Is Intel to blame? :-O

    kallisti05kallisti053 månader sedan
  • Back in my old high school the Art Teachers class doubled as a storage room and one of these boxes just happened to be in there

    RenmaRenma3 månader sedan
  • Try the reject CPU in a motherboard

    Super_SlavSuper_Slav3 månader sedan
  • I saw that student video title sequence and immediately thought I was running dazzle.exe on my old 486/DX40.

    simonlb24simonlb243 månader sedan
  • Reminds me of a class I took junior year in 2007. One of the things we did was basically this, but a step up lol. It was basically just soldering everything to a board in the right order. My project shocked you when you touched it. That was it lol. I still have it actually lol

    kriskikriski3 månader sedan
  • You know the actors are ashamed of being in this by the fact that it's /not/ on their IMDb page

    TrixarianTrixarian3 månader sedan
  • An LED on a 9V battery (without a resistor) and it did not blow ???

    Gary HartGary Hart3 månader sedan
  • I really wish they continued to make these kits but update it with more modern information.

    Ali107Ali1073 månader sedan
  • My teacher actually put the cpu in a computer and it worked for about 5 minutes before exploding. That was a good day.

    SillyStev0nSillyStev0n3 månader sedan
  • Hey I remember when the only battery I bought was an eveready battery. My grandad has a 9v solid everyeady battery, (aka one with the zinc and copper plates inside a cardboard box as a battery) it’s over 80years old and still holds a charge and can be used to run a voltage tester.

    Builder89123Builder891233 månader sedan
  • At 14:05 it sounds like you stopped an audio tape and flipped it over. Is that intentional or is that what you did?

    Andrew SuttonAndrew Sutton3 månader sedan
  • my youtube crashed then it said buy youtube premium for less crashes and a more stable experience

    Ironic Tik Tok Memes & CringeIronic Tik Tok Memes & Cringe3 månader sedan
  • Lol I thought it would say: Warning - the garage door is obstructed. But no. Just close it no matter what. The can of paint and a hammer are more important than whatever idiot standing underneath the door.

    Bob ZeeBob Zee3 månader sedan
  • "14V LEDs" i dunno about that one :P

    Kyra ZimmerKyra Zimmer4 månader sedan
  • the sillicon waver look so awesome !!

    Christian RheinneckerChristian Rheinnecker4 månader sedan
  • I think I vaguely remember seeing one of those kits. A few chapters of the course were used, to explain the basics of logic, for a Turbo Pascal class. We only got as far as the LED & transistor exercise. Those "Classic" batteries had that design for years, and they weren't even alkaline. They kinda made a resurgence as a cheap alternative, as NiCad rechargeables were starting to gain more popularity & become more affordable.

    Jeremy GeorgiaJeremy Georgia4 månader sedan
  • lol one of the dies look like a graph

    Илья ВитцевИлья Витцев4 månader sedan
  • 9:43 she had the 2020 spirit

    WolfPackYTWolfPackYT4 månader sedan
  • Man I honestly think if we had access to this kit or even just the video in elementary school or Junior High (grade 1-6, &7-9) it might have seriously changed my life. I was born in 1987 and all I remember of the first 6 years of school was a bunch of old apple 2s in a room, and 4 of the newer internet connected macs in the library eventually upgrading to one in each classroom. In junior high we got the multi color I macs in a room off the library. All I remember in all of those years is being taught that computers were basically a big encyclopedia painfully too slow to use, something for using macs version of Microsoft paint, and of course in elementary school...ugly green boxes with Oregons trail (omg! Best school days ever!) And something like space invaders. All we ever covered was your basic electrical....positive negative, ac/DC, electro magnet.... motor, switch... done. No transistor, fets, capacitors, etc. Computers no way. Junior high was just hamsterdance and highschool was looking at pictures of buffy the vampire slayer... until someone stole all the computer mice and literally bankrupted the entire highschool computer budget. Of course I eventually got a computer at home that my dad used for book keeping in junior high with AOL and 56k that was 1kb a second and we learned about Napster etc and mp3s that took 2 days to download and that's all that a computer was to me. By the time I finally met someone who actually had any clue about a computer or got access to dsl was after highschool and too late. Made up for it by wasting a year of my life on the original COD Lol. I was literally one of the top 10 in the world. If only we had twitch or SEworld back then... few years later I learned enough to start an online business, barely.... lost it all to an unscrupulous web host.

    Spenser RogerSpenser Roger4 månader sedan
  • I am surprised those batteries were not leaking already

    AaronShenghaoAaronShenghao4 månader sedan