VTech Laptops: Better than you Think | Nostalgia Nerd

28 jun 2020
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Go to www.brilliant.org/NostalgiaNerd/ to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. VTech Computers have always utterly fascinated me. Ever since they started appearing in Argos Catalogues, I was like... What is that? What do they do? Are they real computers?... Well, I plan on answering all of those questions here, as I explore an array of VTech machines, from the PreComputer 1000, to the dizzy heights of the VTech Endeavour, and the disappointing lows of the VTech Vapor (clearly the 80s were better).
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  • Watching this made me miss my own vTech...mine's a model that came out much much later than the Endeavour, but not as current as the 2007 model. It's a model that has a green detachable display that looks like a cat's face. That thing was last seen in 2009 as I'm selling that thing in a garage sale. Sad to see it go because I wish I could whip out that thing once in a while and have some nostalgia fun with it.

    Subway GarageSubway GarageDag sedan
  • 13:35 I think I've seen this one. Once you advance through a few levels, the map disappears.

    WadelDeeWadelDeeDag sedan
  • I had a Vtech laptop as a kid and it was fucking awesome. Brain busting puzzles, educational quizzes, extremely fun games. Really wish I could get ahold of one of those things again. It was great. Even the sound effects and little tunes they had were amazing.

    Dakota JonesDakota Jones2 dagar sedan
  • Why they have such small screens lmao

    ZipperlleZipperlle3 dagar sedan
  • Did they have a deal with betteries manufacturers? Because an actual scientific calculator used a single little battery for years. HOW that extremely basic thing could use that much of it?

    jojolafrite90jojolafrite904 dagar sedan
  • Ah yeah, I remember these things from when I was a child. They were in toys catalogues.

    jojolafrite90jojolafrite904 dagar sedan
  • I found a Vtech PreComputer 2000 just today!

    May KannoMay Kanno5 dagar sedan
  • These things can be so insitant and demanding my kids had a buzz lightyear one and he pesters you till you pick a bloody game to play

    djcactusdjcactus7 dagar sedan
  • When I was young, I would come accross a VTech "Laptop" and at first glance I would be so excited thinking it was an actual laptop, Then I would open it and all my excitement would quickly turn to disappointment. These things were a bloody disappointing tease back then for a kid interested in actual fully featured ibm compatible laptops.

    Scientiae MagicaeScientiae Magicae14 dagar sedan
  • am i seeing the thumbnail right

    eren ozeren oz17 dagar sedan
  • I remember having one of those Vtec cameras growing up Good times

    YurikoYuriko17 dagar sedan
  • Had one of these as a kid. Learned to code BASIC on it.

    Army of NinjasArmy of Ninjas18 dagar sedan
  • i have a vtech laptop lol

    Aidan VelasquezAidan Velasquez20 dagar sedan
  • The VTech Precomputer Notebook. I used to have one of those. I think Whiz Kid was the North American branding for it. It just sounds right in my mind. Then again, the human mind is fallible.

    Doc. Tear PopperDoc. Tear Popper21 dag sedan
  • I had one of these, though mine was a VTech Genius Multi Mini.

    Jam SparingJam Sparing22 dagar sedan
  • My youngest two LOVED their V-Tech "computers", even after we bought them actual desktops and laptops as they got older.... They were totally hooked on these things for some reason.

    looneyburgmusiclooneyburgmusic23 dagar sedan
  • I didn't even know about these as a kid... but probably couldn't afford it anyway. My first computer was given to me free by one of our neighbours, it was a 486 machine with floppy drive only, but at least it was a proper computer. However it wasn't very impressive in 2004... I'm a bit sad I couldn't keep it when I've got a better one, would be fun to fool around with it again.

    MetalTrabantMetalTrabant26 dagar sedan
  • The only thing these were good for was taking them apart to see how they work.

    Sean BlakeSean Blake26 dagar sedan
  • Wonder what the smallest dot-matrix grid is that you can run a relatively playable version of doom in. 🤔

    wardrichwardrich28 dagar sedan
  • Precomputer ThinkBook Thinkbook Lenovo: y u steal

    DaveTheBabyDaveTheBaby28 dagar sedan
  • 00's (naughtys) \/ OO \|\ /\

    DaveTheBabyDaveTheBaby28 dagar sedan
  • I watched the whole video hoping to see a doom hack🤦‍♂️

    Robert BocchinoRobert BocchinoMånad sedan
  • The Precomputer 1000 contained a typing course that had one of the most awesome typing lessons ever, featuring a hilarious complaint letter, complete with threatening language. If all typing lessons were created with this same dark, warped sense of humor, typing class would have been a lot more fun, but probably would have also been declared a bad influence on the minds of children.

    app103app103Månad sedan
  • Someone listen to the Fila Brazilla track "Firelanes" and tell me if that's a Vtech they're sampling in there?

    Doktor McNastyDoktor McNastyMånad sedan
  • holy crap! I want start Doom on this! 🙃

    lvl explvl expMånad sedan
  • Why have I never heard of these?! Not that I would have wanted one... (back in '90s I had an Amiga 500), but everybody always mentions Speak&spell - never these!

    Kaj YakuzonikKaj YakuzonikMånad sedan
  • Hahahah i got click baited. I saw doom running on a vtec computer and wanted to know more

    Zach BookerZach BookerMånad sedan
  • I remember having a VTech laptop but it had a lot bigger of a screen than any of the ones in the video so far (about 15 minutes). I had a bit of a Google session and found it. The VTech IT Laptop. It took four C-Cells I think, but I think I stepped on it once and the screen cracked so it's not around anymore.

    Neon GenisisNeon GenisisMånad sedan
  • ZEE

    The New NKVDThe New NKVDMånad sedan
  • I remember playing with Vtech toys as a child. Now I'm playing with a 4 line small business phone system. Made by Vtech.

    Zach RodriguezZach RodriguezMånad sedan
  • I had a v tech landline phone that played a bad midi version of "All the Small Things" by Blink 182, and also "We Will Rock You" by Queen. I also had a Whiz Kid laptop, I think from 1996, that my friend gave me. It had that same female voice lol

    Jake KussmaulJake KussmaulMånad sedan
  • 12:05 basically every hardware piece today

    RandomGuyDoesRandomGuyDoesMånad sedan
  • Remember the time when technical thinks had 2000 in their names and we imagine what year 2000 brings? Now it's 2020, most things won't change (except from being smaller) and we have Corona baby! 👌 ✌✌

    Michael KMichael KMånad sedan
  • Did you just lure me in with a fake thumbnail?

    Daniel BazingaDaniel BazingaMånad sedan
  • I had this video playing in the background and thought saying a stylus "Wangs Up" must be slang i didn't know. But then i rewound and saw what it does...

    Cargo_VroomCargo_VroomMånad sedan
  • We had one without a mouse or coding, but it had a textwriter program and connected to our printer, since we didn't have a real computer, we used that to type our homework, it was a massive upgrade from our typewriter though... This was around 2005, a few years later someone gifted us their old Windows 95/98 Desktop with a massive 32 MB of RAM! Then we got a Windows Vista laptop in 2009 Edit: powerpad plus! perhaps I was too young to know what BASIC was or it wasn't on there in my country?

    matthigastmatthigastMånad sedan
  • VTEC kicked in

    Saab 9-3 AeroSaab 9-3 AeroMånad sedan
  • Lool. We have the powerpad. Basic rules.

    Aldwin FloresAldwin FloresMånad sedan
  • Growing up, we had a VTech Talking Whiz-Kid Power Mouse. Ugly gray *lump* of a thing, with no cartridge slot or built-in programming language of any kind, and a mouse no one ever used anyway since the arrow keys were faster and less error-prone. It didn't have an art program or anything else that would actually *warrant* the use of a mouse either, just simple quizzes and the like, so the 'power mouse' thing was nothing but a sales gimmick. Since that piece of junk came out the SAME YEAR as the PreComputer ThinkBook, now I'm disappointed I didn't grow up with one of those (or a 2000) instead and have something I could actually program on. It wasn't until a few years later, when my family finally got our first real computer (a hand-me-down Windows 3.1 machine my 20-something year old cousin didn't want anymore) and an MS-DOS floppy loaded with QBasic that I finally had my first programming experience, and took to it like a fish to water...

    Nick WNick WMånad sedan
  • Mouse connected to the RJ-45 😵 Who are they? Cisco?

    eng3deng3dMånad sedan
  • He? I swear I saw Doom running on a Vtech computer in the thumbnail. Bummer, would have been awesome though

    Evert van IngenEvert van IngenMånad sedan
  • Precomputer 2000 was my shit. I didn't know how to do all that extra stuff just play the game that came with it but I still enjoyed it very much and remember it fondly

    Dustin CongelloDustin CongelloMånad sedan
  • Well this just reminded me of a red chonky one I had as a kid, I remember how insistent the “select an activity” voice was. I remember mashing buttons and it would sound like, “hello to selectivity”

    Andrew SeveyAndrew SeveyMånad sedan
  • when can we see the desktop varients? id love to see the "unlimited" and the "TV learning computer

    Luke DavisLuke DavisMånad sedan
  • I remember when I was a kid my dad gave to me a VTech Genius XL Silver. It was lots of fun. It had a decent resolution dot-matrix LCD panel and a keyboard that, surprisingly enough, wasn’t all wibbly-wobbly

    Sebas1509Sebas1509Månad sedan
  • Still got a vtech laptop sitting in a drawer somewhere, unfortunately it’s one of the mid-00 era ones, not much interesting.

    tosdudetosdudeMånad sedan
  • Wait! Where's the one that was running DOOM!

    calvinthedestroyercalvinthedestroyerMånad sedan
    • CLICK BAIT CLICK BAIT! hehehe still a good video though

      calvinthedestroyercalvinthedestroyerMånad sedan
  • Shame they never made a TS to compete with the Nintendo DS. That would have been great. I want to find my Vtech machine to see just what I can do. Funny a few months ago I wanted to and then I see this video. The mega duck super computer video of ashens' was what inspired me (though I was searching for mega duck stuff myself which was his I found the ashens videos). "Endeavour" sounds really professional.

    Elliott SavvaElliott SavvaMånad sedan
  • I had basically the same thing as the one at 18 minutes as a kid, it just was a different plastic color and in French since I live in France. Those sounds... Exactly as I remember them.

    Arnold0 - ArnlolArnold0 - ArnlolMånad sedan
  • I need to see someone try to run windows on a modified vtech that can accept usb input and such too, would be epic.

    Ruben ZanzusRuben ZanzusMånad sedan
  • V-Tech kicked in, yo!

    weltvonobenweltvonobenMånad sedan
  • Thanks for the introduction to Cillit Bang commercials, I looked the one up and laughed out loud. It's always interesting to me to check out past tech I wanted, but never got my hands on. Thanks for this walk down the tech toy isles of my childhood.

    Cole KurtenbachCole KurtenbachMånad sedan
    • I swear cillit bang has become some kind of meme without me. I used to recite it as I thought it was funny but apparently it caught on with other people too and they probably understood what I was on about and thought I was referencing a meme.

      Elliott SavvaElliott SavvaMånad sedan
  • 10:13 ah child hood memories

    Awp CanAwp CanMånad sedan
  • Great video. When will you do a video on the I.Q Unlimited

    MaybeMaybeMånad sedan
  • that 1993 model took me back. I think my sister had one

    Blain GBlain GMånad sedan
  • I had the vtech precomputer notebook II and something that always bothered me was the way it pronounced the letter "g"

    adequateautocratadequateautocratMånad sedan
  • I’d pay good money to have a keyboard sound like this! It is genuinely amazing.

    PentiumPentiumMånad sedan
  • I just clicked on it because of the doom screen^^

    Love2FlyLove2FlyMånad sedan
  • Vtec just kicked in yo

    Thomas ToddThomas ToddMånad sedan
  • It's because of videos like this that I want to make any products I might ever make to be extensively future-proofed. For instance, I want to make an e-paper based PDA, but I will also supply expansion ports for RAM, internal storage, and standard USB. So when this thing inevitably becomes outdated, it can still be used as a pocket notepad and digital typewriter since I think the e-paper display will long outlive the system itself in terms of being useful.

    Ronwe TheFallenRonwe TheFallenMånad sedan
  • 2:05 I had one of those, it was sold here in Brazil by Tec Toy under the name "Pense Bem".

    Some OneSome OneMånad sedan
  • i want to play doom in that, like in the thumb

    Christian GuzmánChristian GuzmánMånad sedan
  • Is it my imagination but does all the screens on them seem off center

    the paul stu showthe paul stu showMånad sedan
  • So it doesn't play Doom then?

    thescreamingfishthescreamingfishMånad sedan
  • But can it play DOOM

    cody wiesscody wiessMånad sedan
  • 9:11 Creeper from 1993 xd

    Andrzej JakiśAndrzej JakiśMånad sedan
  • the subtitles occasionally cutting some stuff he said out is making me really uncomfortable, considering someone took the time ti make the subtitles and just like... decided not to put them there? its really weird, not an issue, just extremely odd.

    Nugget_of_lifeNugget_of_lifeMånad sedan
  • I actually had one of these learning laptops as a kid

    MissingNerdMissingNerdMånad sedan
  • Has a few LEDs.. Requires 1.21 Gigawatts of power

    BrackynMorBrackynMorMånad sedan
  • I had a POWER ZONE

    cday131cday131Månad sedan
  • I didn’t know Honda made laptops.

    Driftliketokyo34 FtwDriftliketokyo34 FtwMånad sedan
  • christ man how much did u spend on old kids toys?

    matt thomasmatt thomasMånad sedan
  • Oh geezee. I had a precomputer 1000 when I was a kid but totally forgot till now. I still dont remember much, I think I got bored pretty quickly otherwise id remember more.

    Tomasu82Tomasu82Månad sedan
  • I had a v-Tech Laptop thing, mouse, qwerty keyboard, dot matrix lcd display. tonnes of software, games. And a mature laptop style look to it. You could even get a printer for it, and! Contrast control for the screen. It was like the Endevor from 98 but, much cleaner, grey blue plastic and a very clean bezel. Twas pretty good!

    BoneYardBoneYardMånad sedan
  • I was really hoping to see some of the Socrates system... :(

    Simon MarchandSimon MarchandMånad sedan
  • 20:34 to skip the sponsor. Thank me later viewers.

    Guilherme Huerta e SilvaGuilherme Huerta e SilvaMånad sedan
  • I had the Pre Computer PowerPad. I didn't realise it had built in basic. That's pretty impressive! I was obviously too much of a dunce to make use of it, though.

    zedeightyzedeighty2 månader sedan
  • you made me buy a VTech LASER 50

    shadow the hedgehogshadow the hedgehog2 månader sedan
  • Nice click bate thumbnail 👌

    Byron BarryByron Barry2 månader sedan
  • Dang...I wanted to see Doom running on one...I was click-baited so hard...

    Tim CastillaTim Castilla2 månader sedan
  • woah, these are insane, i never knew some of these vtech machines had so much capability

    DekalliumDekallium2 månader sedan
  • I love how every single product they made, regardless of the age group it was targeting, would have held up better to the test of time had they just hired a better person to design those fake screen images. I don't even mind the fake screen BS, had they just kept it simple and clean. And the forced perspective change? Wtf? Who's idea was that.

    leoleonardoleoleonardo2 månader sedan
  • I had one of these things growing up I still have the mouse pad

    Dragonborn 0243Dragonborn 02432 månader sedan
  • Vtec bro

  • by the time this machines came out, an used old computer with DOS or an old Apple II would be a better option than this, in terms of educational value

    Alejandro EstayAlejandro Estay2 månader sedan
  • VTech just kicked in yo!

    Ayy LmaoAyy Lmao2 månader sedan
  • Tech was great. The zilog cpu was usable in later devices. I had a precomputer. For the record.. the zx spec was a toy too

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks2 månader sedan
  • I had the power zone 2000, came with the printer too, was a nicer pc endeavors

    StonepotwaffleStonepotwaffle2 månader sedan
  • Omg that brings back memories. I thought I had seen that VTech PC Notebook (that teal one) and when I saw those games it all came back. Good times!

    Tom SchwankeTom Schwanke2 månader sedan
  • The problem is they tried to make these things more than they were, hence the unusably tiny display inside an enormous shell, and lack of typical computer functions of the time, like USB support (even just for text) or any real way to get data on or off the device These things would've been orders of magnitude more useful if they added a floppy drive (Or USB port on the more modern ones)

    MWB GamingMWB Gaming2 månader sedan
  • my brother and sister got one for Christmas but I got action figures. I thought they were to silly.

    RokusayRokusay2 månader sedan
  • I worked with the guy who created vtech and he was the wildest character I ever met. Like a cowboy hacker with a need to make more flexible boards for kids toys.

    Ryan RRyan R2 månader sedan

    EthanEthan2 månader sedan
  • Downvoting because of the click bait image

    Jean-Simon ChénardJean-Simon Chénard2 månader sedan
  • Ah the old days of trying to convince seemingly intelligent adults that these are junk toys for kids only.

    IraQNidIraQNid2 månader sedan
  • 1:01 “The Dick Smith” is who the old King of England visited when he needed a third peg leg.

    willbill808willbill8082 månader sedan
  • I remember owning the powerpad. I learned basic from mine and I always fiddled with the cartridge bay by flipping the flaps that protected it.

    evilbluekoala626evilbluekoala6262 månader sedan

    Lotica McDangleLotica McDangle2 månader sedan
  • How come the subtitles often are very different than what's being said in all these videos? Did they just write them down from the script without watching the videos themselves?

    RyusutaRyusuta2 månader sedan
  • Can you do a video where you debunk or prove the Atari portfolio hacking scene in Terminator 2?

    Robert GrayRobert Gray2 månader sedan