New Patreon Offerings

24 maj 2019
10 917 visningar

I've changed my Patreon page & rewards so you can be more involved. This video explains how, for both new and existing Patrons. Please consider supporting creators you enjoy. If you'd like to support me & get some perks, then you can do so at
What a decent bunch you are. Thank you.
A few of the perks on offer:
-SEworld "Masterclass" - assistance and help, private chat area, & upcoming video series
-Opportunities to be in future videos (example of previous videos with Patreons: &
-Membership Packs
-Associate Producer Credits
-Named at end of videos
-Mystery Nostalgia Boxes
-Twitch VIP
-Monthly "behind the scenes" email
-Updates, polls (decide what videos should be made)
-Exclusive videos
-Early access without ads.
and more.
Don't hate the player. Hate capitalism.