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11 jun 2018
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The 80s. What a time to be alive. A time filled with neon aesthetic, big hair, loud cars and 80s racing games. Well, it seems a resurgence of those times has come about lately, both in recreating the racing game styles of the time, and the exaggerated glowing look, that we all know and love. Having stumbled across 7 modern racers which seem to be pulled directly from the 80s, I decided to play and review each one for your approval.
Games included, and their purchase links;
Horizon Chase Turbo: www.g2a.com/r/horizonchase
Slipstream: www.g2a.com/r/sstream
Super Night Riders: store.steampowered.com/app/444000/Super_Night_Riders
Outdrive: www.g2a.com/r/outdrve
Neon Drive: www.g2a.com/r/neondrive
Razortron 2000: www.g2a.com/r/razortron
My 1980's Dashboard: store.steampowered.com/app/786630/MY_1980s_DASHBOARD
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  • is Road redemption good? Seems like a spiritual successor to Road Rash.

    feral kittenferal kitten2 månader sedan
  • That RazorTron2000 game looks and feels like a mashup between Road Fighter and Tron (RoadFighter, NES Konami, 1985) seworld.info/will/f3rb0c-5jaGKsIk/video

    Miguel RodriguesMiguel Rodrigues7 månader sedan
  • I know it’s not on Steam, but there was also 80’s Overdrive on the 3DS eshop, and it’s actually pretty rad!

    UltraslainmonkeyUltraslainmonkey8 månader sedan
  • 80s aesthetic FPS ?

    girlsdrinkfeckgirlsdrinkfeckÅr sedan
  • If you waited a bit longer, you could've also covered Drift Stage, which came out on PC a few months ago. Also, Outdrive is a blatant rip-off of Power Drive 2000, but with an annoying gimmick. Speaking of which, I haven't heard anything about Power Drive 2000 in ages! I hope it's not abandoned or anything. I would really lift my spirits if I heard an update from those guys soon!

    Cyberbrickmaster1986Cyberbrickmaster1986År sedan
  • This video does not work in vp9 video,it just displays a still image.

    Jukka PiispanenJukka Piispanen2 år sedan
  • Horizon chase looks great, but I don’t like the graphics. It goes for that extremely ugly minimalistic fashion that everyone seems to love, but I hate. If it had those beautiful 90’s graphics like Slipstream, I’d buy it right now.

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel2 år sedan
  • Holy crap Slipstream’s graphics look beautiful! Shut up and take my money!

    Just Another Youtube ChannelJust Another Youtube Channel2 år sedan
  • Out Drive's story sounds a bit like the movie Crank.

    grimTales1grimTales12 år sedan
  • Neon Drive is a trippy experience on OLED TV.

    MadFinnTechMadFinnTech2 år sedan
  • I played a demo of Drift Stage ages ago and I gotta say it was awesome. Wish it could have made it into the video

    Shane BrouwerShane Brouwer2 år sedan
  • Horizon Chasers was actually largely inspired on the Top Gear game series, which was a big success in Brazil

    Danilo NunesDanilo Nunes2 år sedan
  • seworld.info/will/l3G8r6uvfGtjtpM/video Horizon Chase :)

    GRAstroskopia. PlGRAstroskopia. Pl2 år sedan
  • You should check out '80s Overdrive. It's like an Outrun RPG with a synthwave aesthetic. afik It's on 3DS only.

    DD2 år sedan
  • Every single one made "Passing Breeze" from OutRun play in my head.

    Alan RizkallahAlan Rizkallah2 år sedan
  • Cool. Would be nice to see some new games using 240p on a CRT TV. New games made for that format, in ideal circumstances. They'd be fun to program, play, and spectate.

    kevinfishburnekevinfishburne2 år sedan
  • Lancia epsilon isn't a classic car, it's a rebadged Chrysler hatchback... And lotus turbo challenge was 90s my friend not 80s

    AIO inc.AIO inc.2 år sedan
    • AIO inc. P E D A N T I C

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • Horizon Chase is a lot like Top Gear on the SNES!

    Welfz Twingo FursWelfz Twingo Furs2 år sedan
  • Thanks for the video, picked up three of the games afterward and I am having a lot of fun with them. Slipstream, Outdrive and My 80's Dashboard.

    Dave PDave P2 år sedan
  • Your eBay link is not working buddy.

    Vic GreenVic Green2 år sedan
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    Merlin KleinMerlin Klein2 år sedan
  • Horizon Chase is so good even on mobile! The music is fantastic, written by the same guy that did the music for Top Gear on the SNES.

    WolfbayneWolfbayne2 år sedan
  • Wow! Horizon Chase Turbo on the PS4 just lost me the last 2hrs! Amazingly forgiving at first, but fiendishly addictive!

    Gig Tee VeeGig Tee Vee2 år sedan
  • Andors has promised there will be a local multiplayer mode in Slipstream. He's been pretty good about updating the game, so I tend to believe him :)

    Christopher GibbsChristopher Gibbs2 år sedan
  • Including g2a links in your videos is a great way to get me to stop watching. Unsubscribed.

    electron105electron1052 år sedan
  • Got anymore retro British computer shows? I grew up with American television but I love that British stuff gibs more!

    Cody EvansCody Evans2 år sedan
  • Oh yeah! I played Horizon Chase on mobile and really wished to play on PC, then they announced the Steam version. So happy to see that is really worth playing.

    Lord AlfajorLord Alfajor2 år sedan
  • What about hyperdrive massacre?

    CrAzYgIrLCrAzYgIrL2 år sedan
  • Try neon drive. You drive to the beat of the music. It's difficulty reminds me of 90s/80s games which makes it fun to reply until you finally win it. It's Aesthetic as Fuck. it's on PC, PS4 and andriod that I know of BTW.

    Emily HEmily H2 år sedan
  • final freeway amd final freeway 2 from oykgames.com are some of my fav outrun like games i enjoyed on my android phones for a while.

    acem77acem772 år sedan
  • TBH, none of those games seemed any better than anything that's already out there. Most are just 80's Outrun clones, the bike one looked less interesting than the original Motoracer from '97 (which had many interesting modes such as track reverse and mini-Moto bikes) and the last one, though with nice graphics, didn't seem much improvement on Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast...

    Wisty BoyWisty Boy2 år sedan
  • I can always appreciate games that include my real life car, a 1993 Nissan 300ZX

    Meek PupMeek Pup2 år sedan
  • @4:57, I wonder if they play songs from "Gunship"? seworld.info/will/q5G2v7ucmoljlac/video

    Rob SpiessRob Spiess2 år sedan
  • Also, to criticize Nostalgia Nerd again, "per se" does not mean "actually". "Per se" means "in itself". I'm getting a little tired of hearing popular SEworldrs say "per se" when they do not know what it means. You put a lot of effort into making videos, so why not put a little effort into learning correct language?

    Adam SeleneAdam Selene2 år sedan
  • When they say '80s style game', they basically mean make it look like Miami Vice.

    Matthew HauxwellMatthew Hauxwell2 år sedan
  • ewww g2a

    Gae ShowsGae Shows2 år sedan
  • There's one for the 3DS called 80's Overdrive. Its a wonderful brightly colored racer that just screams well......80's.

    KOSMOS1701AKOSMOS1701A2 år sedan
  • 6:35 Akin to Full Throttle?

    Ben TurnerBen Turner2 år sedan
  • One of the attributes of 1980s racing games that distinguished them from many (although not all) other genres was the fact that many racing games then had multiplayer in some form (be it splitscreen or rs232 link etc). However, I would politely request that you all ignore my comment and instead give a disproportionate amount of thumbs-up to some inane comment based on the commenter's channel popularity, rather than the comment's merit. Ummkay?

    ObsoletePowerCorruptsObsoletePowerCorrupts2 år sedan
  • damn, as a retro gamer some of these games look really good. I really love the bright neon colours and prefer it over the washed out/oversaturated look of many of the newer style games that came out in the last couple years.

    700gsteak700gsteak2 år sedan
  • The music is phenomenal in Horizon Chase

    MrGruppsMrGrupps2 år sedan
  • Very cool concept for an episode. It's a shame that Slipstream has some control issues. At first for me that looked like the one to get.

    Gameplay and TalkGameplay and Talk2 år sedan
  • The history behind OutDrive seems so damned ludicrous, but with some perspective, and although I can't remember that well those times when I was such a young kid, I guess that was happening in the original time period, too. If programmers could not come about a technically original game concept, they could always rely on extravagant plots and some light graphic frills to go with them.

    BilisNegraBilisNegra2 år sedan
  • A nice 1980s aesthetic racer for me on the phone is _Music Racer_ all it needs is a level based on the video for _Twist_ by Goldfrapp. And Slipstream looks exactly like Out Run, it actually does look as if it was made with Cannonball using custom assets instead of the Out Run ROM. Would have been nice to have seen a game reminiscent of Atari's _RoadBlasters_ perhaps Atari should get on that instead of trying to flog their -Box- VCS.

    GeoNeilUKGeoNeilUK2 år sedan
  • Just wish that Drift Stage would release on Steam already...

    NotABot55NotABot552 år sedan
  • No I did NOT know about the guy who hacked his Tomey to play Outrun. That's AWESOME! I wish there was a licenced version of Outrun on Mobile. I can't believe there isn't yet. I'd assume it's due to Ferrari licence costs. Even Outrun Coast2Coast was awesome.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMA2 år sedan
    • You can get Cannonball for Android, though it doesn't really count as licensed, it's more an open source redoing, which includes the Out Run MAME ROM. It's not available from the Play Store, so you'd have to sideload the APK from here. octo-dev.co.uk/projects/octo/outrun/

      GeoNeilUKGeoNeilUK2 år sedan
  • I remember having the Digital Derby in the 80's, but couldn't remember what it was called. Though not quite 80's recently I was replaying some Top Gear and Top Gear 2 on my SNES Classic and I was thinking about a what if there was an updated version and Horizon Chase Turbo looks to be that.

    Stinger2578Stinger25782 år sedan
  • I think my favorite oldschool racer from the 80s is really old. Anyone else ever play Enduro on the old Atari 2600?

    Ray CeeyaRay Ceeya2 år sedan
  • Gives me Stunts meets outrun!!!

    Michelle LMichelle L2 år sedan
  • Hey nerd! Did you know that horizon chase is brazillian game that makes tribute to a super nintendo classic (top gear)

    Yan's VideosYan's Videos2 år sedan
    • Yan's Videos Indeed

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd2 år sedan
  • Weirdly, Horizon Chase puts me most in mind of the (unexpectedly tight and enjoyable) Rally racing game that was part of the old 4-in-1 cart for the Game Gear. Which is no bad thing.

    mspenricemspenrice2 år sedan
  • I think Razortron 2000 is probably more based off Microsoft's super-minimalist DONKEY.BAS demonstration program for early versions of GWBASIC and QBASIC, with only slight upgrades, given the initial CGA colours, two lane road, and only one other car on screen at once...

    mspenricemspenrice2 år sedan
  • 2:24 screams Sega's Monago GP, the predecessor to the rather more famous Super Monaco GP and Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2, and a game old enough that it has actual mechanical components.

    TheTurnipKingTheTurnipKing2 år sedan
  • I really love the Arcade Super-Scaler-like visuals. Something about making a massive amount of high-res 2D scaled textures that try and simulate 3D just feels so right. Slipstream is the one to go with.

    Oi Me Speccy!Oi Me Speccy!2 år sedan
  • Hey, what's the music playing, right after your intro ?

    MonsieurC64MonsieurC642 år sedan
  • You should do a series of 80s aesthetic games reviews, pretty informative and useful as entertaining

    Leonardo AntonioLeonardo Antonio2 år sedan
  • Have you ever heard of Oh Deer? It's a Humble-exclusive game in beta, and it's like a late-80s arcade racer but you run over deer. It does more with 80s-style super-scaler effects than any of these, and it looks accurately low-res.

    Jeffrey GrayJeffrey Gray2 år sedan
  • Have you tried Ocean Drive Challenge on X-Box 360 indie games? Its an actual 'super-scaler' outrun throwback with a slightly insane, even more pointless, story mode being told in speech bubbles. It is a little bit awesome.

    Hybrid ViggaHybrid Vigga2 år sedan
  • haha much as I love ypsilons - its pretty insulting to use that name for an integrale :p

    Ray TraceRay Trace2 år sedan
  • This started in autoplay while I was on another screen, and I thought you'd noticed a surge in 80's style RACISTS for a minute there fella :-) I thought you were getting nostalgic for bad shit for a minute there instead of old computer games, possibly would have unsubscribed if that was the case.

    Hybrid ViggaHybrid Vigga2 år sedan
  • The Soundtrack to Horizon Chase Turbo was composed by Barry Leitch, who also created the Lotus Turbo Challenge Soundtrack, it is an incredible art of work and matches the game perfectly

    khorgorkhorgor2 år sedan
  • Horizon Chase is a great Brazilian game and Barry Leitch, the same who composed Top Gear and Lotus series music games made to this one too.

    DMNSonicDMNSonic2 år sedan
  • You should check out Drift Stage. Certainly superior to all those games

    Noche de JuegosNoche de Juegos2 år sedan
  • Would add 80s overdrive to this, but seems to be 3DS exclusive

    Mars ElleMars Elle2 år sedan
  • I still think Distance would have made the cut here.

    B HB H2 år sedan
  • Oh, maaaaan..... Those electro-mechanical racing games of the 80s. I forgot about those - and I *LOVED* them as a kid. Dammit, now I'm going to be trolling eBay for a cheap one...

    Anonymous FreakAnonymous Freak2 år sedan
  • I love NEON DRIVE

  • I know it's only on the Nintendo 2DS/3DS but 80's Overdrive is a damn good one in this category.

    Commodorefan64Commodorefan642 år sedan
  • I still play horizon chase on Android, i think its very hard. Always crashing into CPU cars, or if i slowdown i dont finish 1st... Often frustrating, well at least i didnt pay 20$ for it , thats way too much

    eS TeeS Te2 år sedan
  • OutDrive is hot garbage - the only thing going for it is the music and the art style. The game is meant to have controller support, but only half of it is implemented. Shambles of a "game".

    RetroJackalRetroJackal2 år sedan
  • Racing Apex ftw www.luckymountaingames.com/ I guess it's 90's but oooh it looks goood

  • got me remembering Road Blasters...such a great lil' game!

    jdgonzo1982jdgonzo19822 år sedan
  • What you describe is only half of the 80s, the other half was nothing like that in the UK mate. Another catastrophic FAIL from Nostalgia dick

  • Have you seen the CSR2 free game ‘super turbo drift’?

    MexboroughBuildingsMexboroughBuildings2 år sedan
  • I liked the Neon Drive game and it gave me some legit Miami Vice, Street Hawk and KnightRider night scene chills!

    reggiep75reggiep752 år sedan
  • Me and a mate used to love playing Lotus Turbo Challenge 2. Yep it was, 1991 AND 16-bit admittedly, but we loved that game and played it on his Amiga with MegaDrive controllers and when we played some legit close games it was close as hell but one crash and crashing out of 'the zone' was enough to destroy a full game (playing ALL sections) as you lost your temper, even in your late teens, and started swearing at the computer! I do love playing some of these games on my daughters android tablet and tell her stories about days gone by about old games and show her some legit Speccy trash ghetto graphics!

    reggiep75reggiep752 år sedan
  • No Road Redemption love?

    2 Headed Hero2 Headed Hero2 år sedan
  • I’m more of a road rash man than a outrun man! That Tomy racer tho...Kept me entertained for hours in the 90’s...If I couldn’t get on my speccy cause my dad were playing elite or battle of the bulge or summat.

    Poppy DogePoppy Doge2 år sedan
  • Drift Stage should have at least been mentioned, even if it's still in development.

    bummer6bummer62 år sedan
  • *OMG the dashboard thing!* I had completely forgotten the hours and hours I spent on that thing! I had a motorbike one too, and I think I modded one by drawing on a card roll or something.

    Commander 64Commander 642 år sedan
  • mh.. I prefer Gran Turismo 4 on my PS2 over all these.

    bepowerificationbepowerification2 år sedan
  • 😍😍😍

    Leo BogouslavskiLeo Bogouslavski2 år sedan
  • Modern race games in 80’s style. What’s next,a new gta game in 80’s style,would be cool.

    johneygdjohneygd2 år sedan
  • That Outdrive is like a playable VHS poster from the 80's :)

    RelakSRelakS2 år sedan
  • Doesn't have the drift of the previously shown game; 'Very gripping gameplay'. I see what you did there. ;)

    Gary CarterGary Carter2 år sedan
  • Horizon chase is my favorite of these. I just wish it had network multiplayer. Split screen isn't fun when you are all cramped around a small desk and display :)

    FratmFratm2 år sedan
    • Yeah it is! What you do is put the monitor at the end of your bed and play with a lady friend. :D

      CanadaBud23CanadaBud232 år sedan
  • So we're just not going to talk about the Dr Disrespect lookin dude at 7:14 then?

    Joe ContiJoe Conti2 år sedan
  • PowerDrive 2000 seems to be dead sadly, it looked and sounded very promising. Slipstream has an really awful rubberband AI, which spoils all the fun. I'll have to buy outdrive now, because there is obviously a Delorean in the game.

    Crazy_BorgCrazy_Borg2 år sedan
  • 10K RPM. Holy SH-

    SlaxboxSlaxbox2 år sedan
  • Or you could wait for Racing Apex and just get that. Whenever that’ll happen.

    DCVKDCVK2 år sedan
  • Distance on steam is another awesome 80's vaporwave game. store.steampowered.com/app/233610/Distance/

    sargemonkeysargemonkey2 år sedan
  • Oh hell I'm just good with Mario Kart.

    kd1skd1s2 år sedan
    • stay to it it's a cool game, it's maybe the best nintendo game. often copied but never reached.

      Gernot SchraderGernot Schrader2 år sedan
  • I really hope they reboot power drift one day....(and don't mess it up!)

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal2 år sedan
  • Those games all look like total dogshit.

    Stephen SeehornStephen Seehorn2 år sedan
  • Have you seen that "virtua racing" styled one with guns etc?! ~ looked pretty cool

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal2 år sedan
  • Just get an mr2 you nerd lol

    jordan lewisjordan lewis2 år sedan
  • A nice selection ^_^

    JikyuuJikyuu2 år sedan
  • I really enjoyed this roundup.

    TheRealAbeFromanTheRealAbeFroman2 år sedan