Why is TV Static Monochrome? | Nostalgia Nerd

30 maj 2018
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We've all seen TV snow. Whether because the TV is detuned, or just because we're trying to tune our Mega Drive into a new channel. But why, on a colour TV is this static still presented in a monochrome format? Why aren't these random signals also random colours? Well, let's delve into a byte size episode to find out a bit on how TVs work, and why colour only appears for certain signals.
Inspirational source for video: www.reenigne.org/blog/why-is-tv-static-in-black-and-white/comment-page-1/
There was also a recent Quora post: www.quora.com/Why-is-static-only-black-and-white-instead-of-multicolored-on-a-color-television
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  • Mom: what tv show do you wanna watch *switches to static* (which was the only channel we had) 2007 poor kid me whenever we first moved in: GASPS I LOVE THIS CHANNEL MOM

    Ice BearIce Bear9 dagar sedan
  • It's been a long time since I learned all this at collage. What fun days. We always laughed at NTSC or Never The Same Colour because of the way it encoded colour was inferior to PAL.

    Peter DawesPeter Dawes10 dagar sedan
  • You just answered a question I never asked myself again... nice

    theoneandonlybillytheoneandonlybilly19 dagar sedan
  • 1:06 rip tv

    DaveTheBabyDaveTheBabyMånad sedan
  • SEworld compression was on its last legs, then 2:59 hits and it just gives up completely

    VelleityVelleityMånad sedan
  • So, if we had TV's develop into 3 seperate colour signals, we would have colourful noise???

    p Hsp HsMånad sedan
  • VCR-Dvd

    Tyler Melton H&M Mich Co.Tyler Melton H&M Mich Co.Månad sedan
  • I still have a box 1985 RCA tv And a vice/dvd

    Tyler Melton H&M Mich Co.Tyler Melton H&M Mich Co.Månad sedan
  • God I miss static

    It SelfIt SelfMånad sedan
  • I’m still lost. 😖🥴

    Preston Cheap BT headphones test guyPreston Cheap BT headphones test guyMånad sedan
  • On my TV I want close up to it and it was just a bunch of letter's

    The JK StudiosThe JK Studios2 månader sedan
  • 0:59 DVD screensaver

    ZerrdyZerrdy2 månader sedan
  • God bless heal and save you

    TheBros2theendTheBros2theend2 månader sedan
  • Fun Fact: A few decades ago tv audio at the tv station was sent via phone line from the audio source and then went to the tv station via phone then sent via am/fm signal to you

    Tug And Thug ComputingTug And Thug Computing2 månader sedan
  • i have crt bw portable dk tv 5 inch that has 18 analogue cable channels and i cant get the sound working in all channels how do i fix it

    Russia BLOLIUMRussia BLOLIUM2 månader sedan
  • For those who don't know, the soundtrack is called "Rise of the Velcros". You can listen to it there: seworld.info/will/o4HYxtmmfIN1yIU/video P.S.: I had to record the audio from the video which Nostalgia Nerd made, then, isolate the music to reupload it in bad quality to my YT channel: the Content ID system, showed me the infomation so I could finaly find the soundtrack in the link I gave you.

    Than [Thanasis] ZampThan [Thanasis] Zamp3 månader sedan
  • i just wanted to know why i can hear the sounds of tartarus

    Dank_SoulsDank_Souls3 månader sedan
  • RIP that bitrate when I was watching the video. Even my generation loss videos (which was performed on real hardware) had this much bitrate lost!

    Jenny WakemanJenny Wakeman4 månader sedan
  • *Watches this video* Me: Wut?

    xcab66xcab664 månader sedan
  • That and if tv static was colored, anybody who saw it would go blind

    Merrick MoodyMerrick Moody4 månader sedan
  • snowflake 2020 reply: because it's racist!

    ktxedktxed4 månader sedan
  • My flat screen from 2016 still shows tv static when there's no tv signal

    Kimg KomgKimg Komg4 månader sedan
    • So does mine, except it just mutes the static when the TV signal goes dead. Same thing with my CRT tube TV if the signal's actually dead.

      Jenny WakemanJenny Wakeman4 månader sedan
  • Wait a minute...you can see static on any TV today. I'm a huge gamer and so is my fiancee. We have several high end 4K displays (mostly Samsung) that will show static. We don't have cable and when you switch the TV's menu to cable it shows static for a good few seconds.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • could you please do Test patterns?

    Lloyd DuffLloyd Duff8 månader sedan
  • 2:54 vibe check

    • Emily •• Emily •9 månader sedan
  • haha penis drummer

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  • Tinbbptgialpyasf

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  • If a bouncing sign ever hits the corner, I think it will just bounce off at 45 degrees - i.e. the same trajectory it enter the corner with but in reverse.

    randomguy8196randomguy819610 månader sedan
  • Where's Wally ?.........

    Steve CaffreySteve Caffrey10 månader sedan
  • Colorburst is missing. End of story.

    Pete EddyPete Eddy10 månader sedan
  • Technically the static isn't black and white, it's just white :)

    bleuflamencobleuflamenco11 månader sedan
  • Nice Terminator 2 reference.

    Rena Van DamRena Van Dam11 månader sedan
  • Not only older TVs - even SEworld sometimes spoofs a TV static when there is a network error.

    Vishva KumaraVishva Kumara11 månader sedan
  • and the accompanying SHHHHHHHHH sound that came with this

    G LG L11 månader sedan
  • What’s the music?

    Per BorgmanPer Borgman11 månader sedan
  • Wow that took me way back to my College days when I did the City + Guilds 224 course in Electronics and B/W TV repair.......(1981-83 full time)

    Michael HawthorneMichael Hawthorne11 månader sedan
  • Its been about a quarter century since i was a kid and going from giant wooden floor model tvs and rotary phones to a phone and a comp and a camera that does almost everything in something the size of a popsicle that fits in your pocket is just another reason why i say this world advances too fast without evolving. You got millions of games and systems to play them on modded or not and people think people should to pay to emulate old games when its obvious the greed of dlc and paytowin and passes for servers isnt everyones idea of a fun time. Give me an old floor model tv with snow versus tvs that can be hacked to spy on you lol

    Joe PoelmansJoe Poelmans11 månader sedan
  • my old analog tv got color noise

    jmm1233jmm123311 månader sedan
  • Now what am I gonna watch when I’m Trippin? Freaking technology.

    Johnny FoJohnny Fo11 månader sedan
  • Well, it depends. My old colour TV does show that 'snow' with colour. Colour snow kinda appears overlayed onto regular 'snow' and here's why. This TV was produced as SECAM TV. However years ago I had got a VCR and cable TV broadcast in PAL. I wasn't happy with black and white image so I had installed the PAL decoder into the TV. But in order to make it work in colour with PAL I had to remove the circuit of colour detection. Originally the TV did switch the colour off as long as there was no SECAM subfrequency detected. But in order to show PAL this was to be removed. So the TV is now always in colour mode and can show both SECAM and PAL signals. But if the signal is absent or theoretically black and white, the TV will still show some colour snow on that picture.

    Auberge79Auberge79År sedan
  • I have a brand new hdmi,4K tv,i was watching the film white noise with Micheal Keaton,when it suddenly went to white noise for 5 seconds,no it was not part of the film,ive seen it a few times and i reversed it to watch the clip again it was not there again,can anybody explain this?

    FamilyOfTwoFamilyOfTwoÅr sedan
  • And now I know, and knowing is half the battle. The other half involves caring, and unfortunately I can't say I ever actually cared about TV static. Until now. Yeah I nailed that.

    August WestAugust WestÅr sedan
  • when you say "Well" you sound like Mumbo Jumbo 0:55

    Evelyn KerrEvelyn KerrÅr sedan
  • Coz it aint racist

    Reedman07Reedman07År sedan
  • When I was young, we had a television set that displayed static in red and blue.

    David LandryDavid LandryÅr sedan
  • As a kid I used to think that all that fuzz was flies in the TV

    TTC YeahToastGODTTC YeahToastGODÅr sedan
  • TV static still scares me, so good thing I don't see it

    Luca PeyrefitteLuca PeyrefitteÅr sedan
  • Okay, but why is it black and white, with no shades of grey?

    Llama llamaLlama llamaÅr sedan
  • SEworld compression: here, have blur

    James PartingtonJames PartingtonÅr sedan
    • TV static is a total bitrate killer for SEworld, even at 1080p.

      Jenny WakemanJenny Wakeman4 månader sedan
  • I think that NTSC uses YIQ instead of YUV.

    Jay SistarJay SistarÅr sedan
  • FYI, random static is incompressible. You simply can't show it properly on SEworld unless you scale it much smaller, or reduce the framerate. This video had a ton of compression artifacts as a result.

    Taran Van HemertTaran Van HemertÅr sedan
  • What you did get completely wrong is that the colour information is transmitted completely within the line, not outside it, the colorburst doesnt contain any information on the colours used in the line. It is just the reference for hue. Instead what the colorburst signal does is sync an internal oscillator to the phase of the colour subcarrier at the start of each line. The colour is then encoded in the difference between that phase and the phase of the subcarrier at any point in the line. The reason PAL has half the colour resolution to line resolution (NTSC does not) is that Phase Alternating Line colour is used to cancel out changes in the recieved phase - each line's colour is transmitted twice - once with the phase inverted so any phase distortion will cancel out. Some sets do this in electronics with a delay line, some particularly older sets just rely on your eyes to even it out.

    Mijc OsisMijc OsisÅr sedan
  • isn't static coloured? it's got purple and green

    Brad BradsonBrad BradsonÅr sedan
  • You let a Chinese man doo doo in your mouth

    kristyluvsytkristyluvsytÅr sedan
  • Any video which includes footage from Bad Influence during an explanation of TV static is going to get my attention. Subbed.

    Daniel StephensonDaniel StephensonÅr sedan
  • because TECHMOLOGY

    kokkikokkiÅr sedan
  • couldve sworn the snow pattern had little bits of colour in it as well

    Disent DesignDisent DesignÅr sedan

    thatjokerpersonthatjokerpersonÅr sedan
  • People couldn't just pick a signal format. Seriously people got it right with the metric system but decided 50hz was a good idea

    DELTACX10DELTACX10År sedan
  • 0:55 my exact thought here this was literally "hmm i wonder if he made it so it will hit the corner" And sure enough

    Dustin MDustin MÅr sedan
  • the only dead screen my brain is familiar with is blue radiation.

    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄÅr sedan
  • Easy, 0 and 1

    Pedantic Peripatetic PhilosophyPedantic Peripatetic PhilosophyÅr sedan
  • What about the noise? What about the freaking noise?

    louis tournaslouis tournasÅr sedan
  • *racist stereotype* rice attack!!!!

    Fish TacoFish TacoÅr sedan
  • TL;DR: The color burst is not present so there is only a B&W signal. Great video, though. Well worth the view.

    Hans OakHans OakÅr sedan
  • On a colour tube it looks like RGB noise to me rather than B&W. It may look grey on average, or if you're myopic.

    Aadil ShahAadil ShahÅr sedan
  • 2:22 Penis. Why?

    Woah DudeWoah DudeÅr sedan
  • That poor, poor bitrate

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  • Very informative, I didn't know that I wanted to know this.

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  • Nice Atari Jaguar in there...

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  • until i seen the video i never thought about it

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  • We also have a Johnson Prime Minister at the moment. Sorry, a Prime Minister Johnson!

    Glitch WalkerGlitch WalkerÅr sedan
  • "tv snow"? intresting name, we used to call it "ant war"

    EnderCryptEnderCryptÅr sedan
  • And I thought it was because Ghosts aren't in color...

    AntshieldAntshieldÅr sedan
  • To scare you at night :,(.

    The Shadowgate KeeperThe Shadowgate KeeperÅr sedan
  • I've always wondered. Thank you!

    TTLt106TTLt106År sedan
  • The reason why there is no coloured snow is because the set manufacturers implemented circuitry to prevent it. They could have also done the same to prevent monochrome snow if it was as bothersome.

    Comb FilterComb FilterÅr sedan
  • Tldr: Sprite

    The ChallengerThe ChallengerÅr sedan
  • Ooof! Sure, I know computers just fine... but the how and why of analog broadcast TV is something I’d need a lot more time with

    John SimonJohn SimonÅr sedan
  • Anyone knows the name of the main video's soundtrack?

    Than [Thanasis] ZampThan [Thanasis] ZampÅr sedan
  • cosmic microwave background ftw

    Jason StanleyJason StanleyÅr sedan
  • My Samsung TV shows me this static up. At the same time with the message.

    SumSumÅr sedan
  • Loved the 'Terminator 2' and 'RoboCop' clips.

    Leigh DappaLeigh DappaÅr sedan
  • 2:22 I know what you did there and I expected better from you, good sir

    K 9 PoodleK 9 PoodleÅr sedan
  • what is the background track?

    eth3rl0rdseth3rl0rdsÅr sedan
  • There is a meme where the DVD logo hits the corner.

    AntiHumorAntiHumorÅr sedan
  • You had to reference that nuke video I accidently clicked on one day?

    A Google UserA Google UserÅr sedan
  • The first order in the design brief of NTSC and PAL was to be backward compatible with B&W. The chroma signal carrier frequency was chosen very carefully and it is as you may have seen not a simple 3.5 or 4.4MHz, it is for PAL exactly 4.43361875 MHz, as this allowed the colour sidebands to interleave exactly with those of the luminance signal. Ideally no interference would be visible on a black and white transmission picked up by either a B&W TV or a colour TV. The system was not perfect though and critical viewers could notice some fringing. The video colour amplifiers also when free running in absence of a colour signal tended to make things worse. The colour killer circuit would switch off the colour video amplifiers in absence of a colour burst on the front porch. Without that the snow would always be B&W regardless.

    Martin D AMartin D AÅr sedan
  • I have an old soviet TV, (Юность402В) and it just flashes at 50hz if there's no signal.

    Molnár RobiMolnár RobiÅr sedan
    • But still jot clickbait, and I appriciate that

      Molnár RobiMolnár RobiÅr sedan
  • So if I figured out a way to add a color burst sync signal would the static be in color?

    Naitouingu AshiheiNaitouingu AshiheiÅr sedan
  • Great Channel man really love these informative videos and it's really random information but that's kind of shit I like so thank you again

    White lives Matter mostWhite lives Matter mostÅr sedan
  • In Sweden we called the static (directly translated) "The Ant's War"

    Joni Larsen-HaikarainenJoni Larsen-HaikarainenÅr sedan
  • The Spectrum Scope on my icom 7300 give a different view of the man made and natural static that the TV set shows. Although I'll only be listening to one particular frequency, the scope shows a sizeable chunk of bandwidth and all the signals arriving at the antenna. Funnily enough, the radio makes the same white noise as the TV set does when there is no valid signal (e.g. an operator transmitting that my antenna can recieve). Once I get my lipo battery I'll be able to take this "luggable" around the house and zero in on all the little noise makers and smash them with a hammer, or shield them/ground them. Bet most of them will be lousy wallwarts with no shielding and poor EMI performance.

    dash8brjdash8brjÅr sedan
  • 0:58 when the dvd screensaver touched the corner

    Hanan AljaberHanan AljaberÅr sedan
  • No signal hit corners

    Wel to comeWel to comeÅr sedan
  • god i haven’t seen static on our tv in years, kinda miss it tbh

    heccheccÅr sedan

    BreakfastBoiBreakfastBoiÅr sedan
  • Very awe inspiring to know that the snow seen on my analog TV screen was stuff from the CMB. Crazy. 📺 🌌

    OmegaWolf747OmegaWolf747År sedan
  • When I was a kid we used to call it "black vs white fight" and discuss who was winning, having no idea about the racial double entendre we were making.

    Lea FirebenderLea FirebenderÅr sedan
  • A cool fact, the Amiga could display colour on a pal TV when displaying NTSC. Not sure why nothing else could do that.

    Dragon Slayer OrnsteinDragon Slayer OrnsteinÅr sedan