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24 aug 2020
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Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... You may have heard of Backmasking, or Backwards Masking. This is where messages are hidden within songs (usually on vinyl), which when reversed, will reveal themselves. Well, could the same occur for computer code? Computer games? Let's try loading some code backwards and see if anything reveals itself. Then maybe, try some more realistic ways of finding some hidden computer code, in a fashion similar to backmasking.
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  • I find this stuff fascinating; Chris Sievey was actually working on a Spectrum release for his next single, Red Indian, which never saw light of day. This was an upgraded version of the Camouflage experience, where you could actually experiment with the "light show" yourself. Check out this video where he's interviewed by Tony Fletcher about it:

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    • @Bmx540 Bike ride Keep talking like that and you will !!!!!

      Richard AndersonRichard AndersonMånad sedan
    • @YOBA MUST DIE! What the fuck are you on ????? And don't say nothing,that's bullshit !!!!!!!!!

      Richard AndersonRichard AndersonMånad sedan
    • Imagine people hearing that recorded message informing people theres more on the disk/cassette. But you don't have that computer... Oh the curiosity...

      Arnan de GansArnan de GansMånad sedan
    • Heeloo

      DaveTheBabyDaveTheBabyMånad sedan
    • I want to go to hell

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  • Unfortunately the message hidden on the red screen where some unknown program code was included was partially obscured by those popup things that are on what I believe is referred to as the 'end slate' section of the video. I really wish people would take care not to have their end slate obscure some message.

    DarkVoidIIIDarkVoidIII4 dagar sedan
  • Oh wow! That's a polish Unitra Turntable!

    Jake WerecatJake Werecat6 dagar sedan
  • But ... it's morning

    Astro's Electronics LabAstro's Electronics Lab8 dagar sedan
  • This is why we didn't trust music records

    Miroslav Daniel RoshalMiroslav Daniel Roshal11 dagar sedan
  • CD XA really made this stuff far less impressive and much easier to do, but in the late 90s/early 2000s there were quite a lot of those that included all kinds of stuff, though all the ones I've come across only had videos, biographies, photos, lyrics, and stuff like that. There probably were some with games as well, but none that I've seen.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent12 dagar sedan
  • Nodnol? That's in Bulgaria isn't it?

    MusicFanatical1MusicFanatical113 dagar sedan
  • Not a computer program, but something some artists did on vinyl was to put a pair of parallel grooves on one side of the record. Monty Python did this and didn't tell anyone, just to mess with listeners. Their joke being that you'd listen to Side 2, enjoy it, and at some point listen to it later and perhaps end up listening to a completely different version of Side 2 and be like, "Huh? That's not what I was listening to before!" Obviously this gag could only work on a record and not a cassette or CD. Rush did this with a promo 7" single titled "Rush 'N' Roulette," where you drop the needle and randomly get one of several tracks. Bands also liked to put stuff in the run-out groove of the record so that if you didn't have an auto-return feature on the arm, the needle would stay in the groove as it went in a loop over and over until you manually stopped it.

    MadTheDJMadTheDJ15 dagar sedan
  • Weird Al from "I Remember Larry": "Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands." There was also a message in Nature Trail To Hell but I was too lazy to reverse it and have since lost the album. :(

    SutorippuDotComSutorippuDotCom16 dagar sedan
    • @MadTheDJ The mystery has been solved.

      SutorippuDotComSutorippuDotCom15 dagar sedan
    • The "Nature Trail To Hell" message says "Satan eats Cheez Whiz."

      MadTheDJMadTheDJ15 dagar sedan
  • holyshit. never considered the idea ur speaking about. mazing

    sef zxmsef zxm18 dagar sedan
  • its a pity that 'camouflage' record software wasnt for the spectrum instead of the zx81 as the spectrum loading system is far less picky than a zx81 !

    andygozzo72andygozzo7218 dagar sedan
  • SSTV: OK.

    6DAMMK96DAMMK920 dagar sedan
  • I'll put a link in the description below. _Description_ *NONE*

    David C.David C.20 dagar sedan
  • yeah, definiely not gonna download the audio at the end of this video, reverse it , and try it in an an emulator...

    igor giuseppeigor giuseppe20 dagar sedan
  • 194th dislike

    I'm sucotikI'm sucotik20 dagar sedan
  • Oral quest.... Hmmmm I think I've rented that video in the past. I bet they did have fun making it

    Dr. Mike WoodDr. Mike Wood20 dagar sedan
  • Mate the Stranglers is a fantastic album, game not needed to chart!

    David RobertsonDavid Robertson21 dag sedan
  • OMGooooooood Nostalgia !!!!!!!!

    Simon HenrySimon Henry22 dagar sedan
  • You just put a twist in the drive belt to run a turntable backwards.

    brocktechnologybrocktechnology22 dagar sedan
  • Interesting i never considered loading in reversed audio. Technically i think a Amstrad 464 could load in audio data in reverse. Loading in the bits in reverse & either store them backwards in memory or read em normally & them reverse position isnt the issue, but the physical reverse audio/tone would require a fairly technical custom loader. Since the 464 can be re-programmed to read data audio save by other 8bits computers then i see no reason why it couldnt do reverse audio too. Would be a huge technical job of cause.

    CholoCPCCholoCPC22 dagar sedan
  • Honey, Oral Quest is not what it sounds like, promise.

    Jack KrakenJack Kraken22 dagar sedan
  • 11:55 ... ElementById("suck") *lol* I found an Easter egg. What do I win? 😉

    KeyStrokeKeyStroke23 dagar sedan
  • The voice recordings of the artists encouraging people to play the games are all a bit cringe worthy

    Bitter LiquidBitter Liquid23 dagar sedan
  • Well, yvan eht nioj.

    Jeong-hun SinJeong-hun Sin23 dagar sedan
  • I wonder what is the purpose of back masking? If it started way back in World War II, then I had an idea what they were going for.

    Isaac 1990Isaac 199023 dagar sedan
  • Mike Oldfield on his 1994 album, Songs Of Distant Earth had a program (for Mac only) embedded into CD. He also incorporated embedded computer programs in later albums.

    TreadingTheBoardsTreadingTheBoards24 dagar sedan
  • So you can actually get vinyl to play better than CDs. You just have to encode digital audio into them.

    Fede DeviFede Devi24 dagar sedan
  • Please don’t call records “vinyls.” 😣

    H. FisherH. Fisher24 dagar sedan
  • The captions...

    Geg ZakaryanGeg Zakaryan24 dagar sedan
  • You ever see a spectogram? I have a cassette tape full of chill lo fi with a random clip of crazy sound in it. If you plug it into the computer and make a spectogram out of the music, its an MS paint picture of my computer password. If I ever die unexpectedly, somebody's at least going to have a nice set of puzzles to solve.

    High King TrasherHigh King Trasher25 dagar sedan
  • The first track on the Nocturnal Emissions' 'Tissue of Lies' LP (1981) features a Commodore PET program taken from tape. I have no idea what it is, my PET is long gone. Would love to know, if anyone has a PET and a lot of time to waste.

    Danny AyersDanny Ayers25 dagar sedan
  • Oh dear, the religious really are... well I'm not sure what they are but well rounded humans is definitely something they are not.

    Plane Go Br r r r r r r rtPlane Go Br r r r r r r rt26 dagar sedan
  • What a coincidence. Secret Messages has... well, secret messages

    Booker102 Is CoolBooker102 Is Cool26 dagar sedan
  • Is it me or does he sound like thoughty2

    Mad bro showMad bro show27 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of a DVD release of Star Wars III where putting the disc into an xbox allowed you to play a Battlefront II demo. Ahhh, the good old days!

    ElaxterElaxter27 dagar sedan
  • @2:24 🤣

    Peter SwinkelsPeter Swinkels28 dagar sedan
  • would this be the same with cd's when music cds could be loaded on a pc with a cd rom and there would be mini videos and other extra stuff

    Adam ZawadzkiAdam Zawadzki29 dagar sedan
  • 3:05 I was like thats just a copy then lol

    OxygenOxygenMånad sedan
  • Backmasking is most well known in vinyl, but the only time I've heard it for real, was on cassette. Back in the 90s I knew this guy had an old Fisher Price "baby's first cassette player" thing that had a reverse play button. The only tape we could find backmasking on was from the Christian rock band Petra. It was a warbling, high-pitched, male voice, clearly saying "Oh Satan, you are the holiest, we worship you." This wasn't like one of those Beatles records - if you played the tape forward you couldn't tell there was anything going on.

    Fozzy BearFozzy BearMånad sedan
  • "yvan eth nioj"

    thefrecklepunythefrecklepunyMånad sedan
  • You might get better luck with the vinyl if you play it with distilled water on it. It greatly reduces the crackling.

    Victor CortesVictor CortesMånad sedan
  • With a bit of planning, you might actually be able to shove a valid program in reverse at the end of a normal program.

    Jared MaddoxJared MaddoxMånad sedan
  • "Ooooh, I wonder what this tape is for? Sounds like data when I play it! Lets try" *Loads tape in to convert to data* *Runs program* "V HAS COME TO"

    XenonGXenonGMånad sedan
  • The plural of "vinyl" is "vinyl". Recording from records is what you mean. ;-)

    crankjazzcrankjazzMånad sedan
  • The band is named after the 80's anime and manga "Urusei Yatsura" whose author, Rumiko Takahashi, also wrote "Ranma 1/2" and "Inuyasha".

    MechaDragonXMechaDragonXMånad sedan
  • Instead of them getting rickrolled, they get stickbugged

    DaveTheBabyDaveTheBabyMånad sedan
  • im amazed radiohead would do that. how relevant could the spectrum be by 97??

    tmatt1996tmatt1996Månad sedan
  • did not mention the Information Society :(

    Álvaro FilhoÁlvaro FilhoMånad sedan
  • I really enjoyed all the hidden messages in the subtitles. Thank you.

    Chris BenardChris BenardMånad sedan
  • Ok, that Shakey guy is not Welsh. I could understand his words.

    Gordon FreemanGordon FreemanMånad sedan
  • OMG!!! Been Rick'rolled

    PurpleBrainPurpleBrainMånad sedan
  • Good day to you too!

    East_Coast_VagrantEast_Coast_VagrantMånad sedan
  • Record it, reverse it and re-record it? Dude if you wanna run a cassette backwards just open it up and flip the spools over so the backside of the magnetic tape is exposed, and close it up. Run side 1 material backwards by playing from the beginning of side 2 and vice versa.

    zmbdogzmbdogMånad sedan
  • Its not possible, all these are bullshit, you are a member of this band e ci stai rompendo le palle con queste cazzate , e basta parlare inglese , io sono ITALIANO e quindi tu impari la mia lingua

    Il Mondo di FaxeIl Mondo di FaxeMånad sedan
  • And so? I spend my time for this shit

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  • You should have played the record wet. It eliminates virtually all crackles and pops.

    Lurking Crass ZeroLurking Crass ZeroMånad sedan
  • Help, Im trapped inside youtube (Video Easter-egg)

    j sketchyhamsterj sketchyhamsterMånad sedan
  • Please stop with the sponsorship in the middle of the fucking video

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  • Did they have the rick roll on there or was it just yout "wits", idk maybe im dumb or something here is fishy

    Jerry CrowJerry CrowMånad sedan
  • "SQUARESPACE a whole swathe of..." subliminal message appears

    The Retro EngineThe Retro EngineMånad sedan
  • 13:52 looks ridiculously similar to Etienne De Cracy's video for "No Brain" - no way that's a coincidence.

    McFinnaPantsMcFinnaPantsMånad sedan
  • In another reality CatGhost videos had 8 minutes of jarring noise at the end of them.

    McFinnaPantsMcFinnaPantsMånad sedan
  • Loading The Game Backwards = ɘƨɿA ɘʜT nI muM ɿuoY ǫniʞɔuᖷ ɘʞi⅃

    Zane RevaiZane RevaiMånad sedan
  • YOU... YOU RICK ROLLED ME? ME!!! It took till 2020? I never really believed all that hype anyway. Stairway to Heaven is a pretty horrible song frontward (to the square mind). Buying her way into heaven? What the f is a make queen? Or May queen? All that Gothic imagery isn't art if the audience needs a handout to follow along. Rock is fun not angry all the time. I've seen and heard the supposed backward messages. It's freaky. Evil is real, but most people don't set out to do harm. It's a party, and the fun attracts the lunatic fringe. (But that's Another quote Ian Gillan.) But when life's little exploitations happen, and there's no one to help clean up the morning after except the burnout sleeping on the couch, all these conspiracy theories get perpetuated. Is what you're talking about like early Easter eggs. Little bits of programming that were almost like b-sides. Left for the real fans to find. And that maze game was not bad. For free. We used to play ASCII text option adventure games. Your only options were y (yes) or n (no). Then it would put up it's move. There was also "Pong". Console for TV. Two bats one ball. One size no change. Sold millions. Next year sold millions more with settings.

    R JonboyR JonboyMånad sedan
  • Awesome vid! I've always been fascinated with easter eggs and backmasking!

    Steve HeimannSteve HeimannMånad sedan
  • Spot on with saying it looks like you're having a migraine. It might be exactly the sort of thing I experience.

    nogosnoqtnogosnoqtMånad sedan
  • You couldn't capture it from the vinyl because of your record player. Use a magnetic cartridge with an eliptical needle (better needles are available. Avoid ceramic and spherical)

    TimothyTimothyMånad sedan
  • 3:16 Fuck You XD

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  • 1:28 woah I see a private shot!

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  • I too love lobsters. I cannot wait for me and the lobsters to become friends.

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  • That hasn’t happened to me In years!

    Oliver FasolaOliver FasolaMånad sedan
  • One of the best uses of backmasking was done by Eminem on Slim Shady. During the refrain, where he goes "My name is", when played backwards, it becomes "it's Eminem".

    LordFvckingHorstLordFvckingHorstMånad sedan
  • This video deserves an instant like simply because of the mention of Urusei Yatsura. One of my favourite bands of the era. Thank you, indeed. 😊 ❤️

    inphantainphantaMånad sedan
  • Heartware is one of the coolest band names ever. And that cover of the electronic etched heart was wicked amazing! Very surprising it is from 1986, it seems so sleek and modern!

    RenwoxingRenwoxingMånad sedan
  • I wonder if placing something hidden and not asked within agreed purchase like say frog in a orange juice is legal.

    MikexceptionMikexceptionMånad sedan
  • In the borderline dystopia that is 2020 the now retro rick roll still makes me smile (now it’s no longer way overdone)

    flying photographyflying photographyMånad sedan
  • So you bought an anniversary collectors edition of a radiohead album on 3 LPs and none of the LPs were included in the box?? I hope you filmed the whole unboxing and sent them the video asking for a replacement.

    DaijyobanaiDaijyobanaiMånad sedan
  • 22:40 The A5 one is still open, too. It's a Road King now.

    Elliot BridgewaterElliot BridgewaterMånad sedan
  • *Woooooooewwww, meta dewwwwwww'd!!!* Yeh KNOBHEAD!!!!!

    Sgt_HoagieSgt_HoagieMånad sedan

    Sgt_HoagieSgt_HoagieMånad sedan
  • It's late, I dimmed the display, my X200T doesn't like 720p (or more) and I'm not watching full screen. I thought "The Thompson Twats" was some sort of punk band

    EenDik SchaapEenDik SchaapMånad sedan
  • There were a few software manipulation programs out there back in the day, capable of inserting the header. You will probably find one on that spectrum games CD that you reviewed before (they weren't all entirely legal to use tho, so in the early days you had to be a hacker-geek to know about them. Thankfully later on, these were released as Computer Game Repair software utilities. What Joy!) Oh, and I did listen right to the end of this video to see the result after the code, cos that's the kind of nerd I am. I wonder how many 80s 8-bit computers I will need to test it on until I find which one it's written for?

    Pen FoldPen FoldMånad sedan
  • ahahah at 10:50 watch it from there with auto generated sub titles 🤣 help i’m stuck in you tube . then the next frame is no really !

    jmc0070jmc0070Månad sedan
  • God I bloody love cassettes

    MannyJazzcatsMannyJazzcatsMånad sedan
  • Chris Sievey, a good talent taken too soon.

    Phil SandsPhil SandsMånad sedan
  • If you play Welsh backwards it makes sense.

    Tangent ArcTangent ArcMånad sedan
  • I love lobsters...

    Magic KnightMagic KnightMånad sedan

      LabruskieLabruskieMånad sedan
  • I managed to rip the ZX81 games from Camouflage using my turntable if anyone's interested -

    TheRasteriTheRasteriMånad sedan
  • I really liked this SEworld programme. I’d give it several likes if I could!

    Steve's RoverSteve's RoverMånad sedan
  • program name ?Lobstalgia

    frustrofrustroMånad sedan
  • Damnit, I was going to make some witty comment but now Beelzebub himself has asked me to load that programme at the end...

    jameswalker199jameswalker199Månad sedan
    • On a random note: Lobsters are great.

      jameswalker199jameswalker199Månad sedan
  • One of the first things I did when I got my first PC was to record me saying my name, listening to it backwards and then recording myself saying my name backwards, reverse it and listen to how I would say my name as if I had a stroke.

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk DanceMånad sedan
  • I always found putting another 7 inch single under the flexidisc helped when playing it.

    AStupidTitleAStupidTitleMånad sedan
  • 0:29 It is a stylus!!!!! GGGRRRRRR This is my setup. ;)

    Elite Dangerous ClubElite Dangerous ClubMånad sedan
  • 23:35, could also be the early version ("IDIOTSPROG" seems more like a work title than a release title) and the test-page could easily have been a development tool. EG: "Okay boys, let's see if we still have space for another page" ... and as the page seems to show, they don't.

    SkyCharger001SkyCharger001Månad sedan
  • The whole idea had a resurface in the early 2000 where you would get music videos from bands on the CD. Or internet links and so on.

    scooter meowdacatscooter meowdacatMånad sedan
  • Why on earth did the shaky game require 48k!? 2k would have been sufficient 🤣

    Guy WilkinsonGuy WilkinsonMånad sedan
  • I did some poking around with Python/scipy and could extract Camouflage, FlyingTrain (ZX81/16K) and FlyingTrain(ZX81/1K). Tested using EightyOne V1.18 and seem to work. Files are here:

    Christian FibichChristian FibichMånad sedan
  • Rob Halford talking about it in court is an interesting watch, especially when he's playing a number of records backwards and making random sentences up to prove a point.

    Stu The BrummieStu The BrummieMånad sedan
  • Oh man! Shakin Stevens. He was popular enough down here in Australia that I recognise several of those songs.

    LordJazzlyLordJazzlyMånad sedan