Why Does USB Keep Changing? | Nostalgia Nerd

24 maj 2020
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[Head to ​www.squarespace.com/nostalgianerd to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD]... The History of USB; So many USB plugs, so little time. Take USB Mini-B, what happened to that? What happened to USB Mini-A, Why did we move on from USB Micro-B? Why did USB C supersede USB Micro-B? So many USB questions, so little time.
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  • XKCD on standards: xkcd.com/927/

    amigalemmingamigalemming34 minuter sedan
  • The USB forum would better spend its time on standardizing WiFi adaptors, scanners, printers. Currently USB standards on mouse, keyboard, memory devices, MIDI adaptors make live easy. But USB devices with non-standardized device classes are a nightmare.

    amigalemmingamigalemming37 minuter sedan
  • I mean usb has kinda lost the universal part of it... And all the mini off shoots no ideas.. The latest cords are basically a 2 in 1, C and what ever apple has labeled theirs. So that change makes sense. The other probably have to do with IP

    The RedNeckEngineNerdThe RedNeckEngineNerd48 minuter sedan
  • Why did I read it as "why does USB heep changing"

    OopsitsdeletedOopsitsdeletedTimme sedan
  • *introducing micro USB* Flashbacks to that stupid plug not wanting to stay plugged in because of it's bad design and wearing out easy. Thank God USB C fix the issue I'm never going back

    L.R. BushidoL.R. Bushido2 timmar sedan
  • I love how the first letter of Usb means “Universal”. They sure had a sense of humor

    EvatanEvatan5 timmar sedan
  • Where would we be without the USB A to Micro B USB 3.0 Y cable?

    Robert RayRobert Ray5 timmar sedan
  • The USB Probably the worst designed connection ever. Why wasn't it bigger at the top just to make it simple ? I bet I've spent 1 year of my life trying to fit the USB cable in the right way round. The person who designed this should be shot dead and dumped in the sea.

    Dan DruftDan Druft5 timmar sedan
  • Big ports should all be A, all smalls C. Done

    Paulo MartinsPaulo Martins6 timmar sedan
  • To make us have to buy more cables and adapters. Its big business and as usual consumers get screwed.

    R SR S6 timmar sedan
  • I'm so happy we moved away from micro usb

    Andy GarciaAndy Garcia6 timmar sedan
  • The pointless waste of capitalism.

    Douglas PearchDouglas Pearch7 timmar sedan
  • My old phone had micro-USB. It got to the point that the cable only worked in a VERY specific position, so I had to be very careful when plugging it in to charge. Data transfer didn't work at all, and charging was only with 1 specific cable.

    HowlingSnailHowlingSnail9 timmar sedan
  • Tomorrow

    Charlene WoodsCharlene Woods9 timmar sedan
  • usb c was a mistake

    Teppo MultimäkiTeppo Multimäki10 timmar sedan
  • It should be called uusb now ununiversal serial bus its hardly universal any more

    Carl HornCarl Horn10 timmar sedan
  • My mom's ancient phones used to have plugs that were round, cylindrical like a headphone jack. Is there a reason we don't make them like that any more? They're really easy to pug in, don't fall out easily.

    David BrayDavid Bray10 timmar sedan
  • 5:42 That black rectangle-looking phone with 3 buttons on the chin is my first ever phone; a Samsung Galaxy GT-5260 Star II. I once tried throwing it everywhere to break the glass because I found that all of the cool kids in school had a phone with broken glass and it could not comply. Good times, it even had a cool little flap for the Micro-USB charging port that you would find on the Galaxy S5. I miss that phone just as much as I don't miss it

    WaveeWavee10 timmar sedan
  • *change tack

    Mat TurnerMat Turner12 timmar sedan
  • I like the most classic USB and USB C

    KEX CZKEX CZ12 timmar sedan
  • First time I've heard "naw kee ah"

    Josh HaasJosh Haas14 timmar sedan
  • so they can keep charging you for adapters.

    Dustin VanKeurenDustin VanKeuren14 timmar sedan
  • All but universal.

    Captain CookCaptain Cook15 timmar sedan
  • As long as they keep an PS/2 (What happened to DIN?) for my keyboard, I'm fine with it.

    Stephan GoldenbergStephan Goldenberg16 timmar sedan
  • Mirco bad C good

    Matt GibbiaMatt Gibbia17 timmar sedan
  • 2077: USB 6.0 handles 1 milion terabytes per micro second.

    Never SnowsNever Snows19 timmar sedan
  • + respect for pronouncing Nokia properly

    NanjoNanjo19 timmar sedan
  • Fuck micro USB

    Lord Of KeebsLord Of KeebsDag sedan
  • Dank pods?

    SaladEyesDudesSaladEyesDudesDag sedan
  • We should stop at USB-C

    KovimuraKovimuraDag sedan
  • Something to consider re "slave" terminology: www.bu.edu/articles/2020/striking-out-racist-terminology-in-engineering/

    MelissaMelissaDag sedan
    • @sebastien rodin Fun fact: racism was constructed in the 1400s to morally justify enslaving people from Africa. Today, in all nations that have colonized, slavery is closely associated with race. So there's that. If you're as fascinated with this as I am, you can find out more by listening to this (esp 11:00 - 17:41): beta.prx.org/stories/218457.... and going down a factchecking research rabbit-hole from there. Have fun! But also...even if you don't accept the relationship between racism and slavery, it's pretty awful terminology on its own. It'd be just as uncomfortable if "molester/child" or "murderer/victim" were terms.

      MelissaMelissa12 timmar sedan
  • If you wrote the subtitles for this video, *please* make sure the subtitles are saying the exact same thing as what you're saying out loud in the future. I can hear but use subtitles for making it easier to process what people are saying, and the subtitles saying different things makes them worse than useless for my use case.

    Cadence MCadence MDag sedan
  • Mini and micro both wear out and fail to work SO often in my experience. I’m so glad C is being adopted by most companies now

    Ryan SeaveyRyan SeaveyDag sedan
  • So what's an HDMI cable, what does it do and why is it different to USB?

    VorrnVorrnDag sedan
  • Everybody is switching to USBC! Even Apple with their iPads!!! Life will be much easier soon.

    O O FO O FDag sedan
  • Very interesting

    porky11porky11Dag sedan
  • I was expecting more like palpatine’s *DEW IT*

    BenjiX168BenjiX168Dag sedan
  • Me subscribing to you is easier than finding the right orientation of a USB

    Nathanishungry AnimationsNathanishungry AnimationsDag sedan
  • The USB is the Uzi of cables! Uzi = USB Mini Uzi = Mini USB Micro Uzi = Micro USB Yeah?

    Nathanishungry AnimationsNathanishungry AnimationsDag sedan
  • Now I can’t use “USB” as a catch-all term and must be more specific.

    Nathanishungry AnimationsNathanishungry AnimationsDag sedan
  • all you really need is 1 USB C cord and all the USB version converters that you can connect to the ends. just get rid of everything else. ...oh they don't make that yet? rip

    Nerketur KamachiNerketur KamachiDag sedan
  • I've gotten my sister's old iphones through the years, and getting to switch from a bulky, directional connector to a tiny and slim connector that is impossible to plug in the wrong way was a blessing. Although I want apple to switch to USB connectors, I really like the ease of the lightning connector, and don't see why USB still uses plugs that slot around a pin within a slot instead of just using a pin that fits into a slot like the lightning connector. It is seriously annoying to try to charge my headphones while doing something else, having to try one direction, don't get it to fit propperly, try the other direction, still doesn't get the plug in easily, and then have to take my eyes off whatever else I was more focused on, just to see wich way the plug goes.

    Henrik MyrhaugHenrik MyrhaugDag sedan
  • And it will be like that because you know some company's have to use thunderbolt for charging the fucking phone e right apple?! And that's why I will stay wit android because we get the fucking charger with the phone

    Ice_Wolf76Ice_Wolf76Dag sedan
  • The fact that I need two different cables for two different phones implies a chronic failure to address the problem. Sigh!

    Christopher EllisChristopher EllisDag sedan
  • Because money.

    The ScribeThe ScribeDag sedan
  • "Look for the USB logo on the top of the plug." Me: *Looks at my cables* No USB logo on both sides. Me: Well aight then so that was a lie.

    YamigaxYamigaxDag sedan
  • Who else looked at there cable to notice there usb-c doesn't have usb symbol to tell you which way which then to hear it can go either way?

    Tim NichollsTim NichollsDag sedan
  • I suddenly understand the push towards wireless connections being the main way to connect. I still prefer a hardline connection for reliability, but damn, it would be nice not to have to keep buying new cable types and adaptors.

    Deathcomes4uDeathcomes4uDag sedan
  • Its kinda ironic how the main company who pushed to minimize the size of usb to compete with the growing smart phone market ended up being left behind by the same market.

    Shady JiminShady JiminDag sedan
  • Why some USB cables just charge the phone instead of letting me transfer files ?

    FabioGneccoFabioGneccoDag sedan
  • USB is a a piece of shit., till today.

    ivanteo1973ivanteo1973Dag sedan
  • 10:50 they say it will last 10K cycles, meanwhile my PS4 controller eats through a cable a month.. while my PS3 controller and charger(both from the launch year of PS3, AND is more used than the PS4 cables) have never failed.

    Doge PacitoDoge Pacito2 dagar sedan
  • I do think its kinda funny how Nokia wanted a smaller port, but the iPhone had the 30-pin connector and had no problems being slim.

    TheArtimus16TheArtimus162 dagar sedan
  • One thing that we can all agree on is that micro usb sucks, usb type c all the way!

    2018 Honda Civic Si2018 Honda Civic Si2 dagar sedan
  • Me at midnight: I should go to bed this guy: why do usbs keep on changing me: I don't need sleep i need answers

    Jagnificent whyJagnificent why2 dagar sedan
  • So of course Micro USB B was introduced because the durability was an issue. Makes sense! Or is that just the modern ones? Most have about five _hundred_ insertion ratings, and I've seen less.

    DragonriderTechnologiesDragonriderTechnologies2 dagar sedan
  • And now it's all redundant, inductive charging with Bluetooth and WiFi data transfer means a phone can be watertight with no holes at all.

    Keith WaterhouseKeith Waterhouse2 dagar sedan
  • It wasn't until 19:39 that I realized the branching usb logo looks like a stick figure standing on one tip-toed foot, trying really hard to lift their other foot which had been cast in concrete. Good luck, little guy.

    Riley IwamotoRiley Iwamoto2 dagar sedan
  • 3:57 is wrong. Maybe it's meant to be standardized like this, but I have found usb plugs that go both ways, where the sign means right side up on some cables and upside down on others. It's frustrating.

    SpipsdewSpipsdew2 dagar sedan
  • To be fair, USB C is finally able to go where we want to go. It replaces the regular and mini and is going to be that way for the next version also, and even better, it replaces more things than ever before. Now even some laptops use it instead of special power plugs. I just wish more people would adapt it instead of waiting years. I cant stand USB 2

    MattH123MattH1232 dagar sedan
  • my brand new ender 3 uses usb 2 cables, my dab pen uses micro usb, and my phone uses USB- C.

    jimster1111jimster11112 dagar sedan
  • Of all the words for client devices why use the word slave? Surely you could have chosen a word without the terrible history.

    Leo SternLeo Stern2 dagar sedan
  • Usb c is awesome

    HalHal2 dagar sedan
  • OwO master please fill me with information! I will be your slave!

    Someone ThatSomeone That2 dagar sedan
  • First of all before any new usb-c revisions come out we need to have a law that states all usb-c cables must have the "Safety" mechanism in order to be sold. And yes im looking at Amazon cables. Most people also don't know that the cheaper you go the more at risk your device is because the charging cable has had the Safety mechanism removed in order to cut cost 🙄

    Visual AudioVisual Audio2 dagar sedan
  • So basically, still many absolutely different connectors, but each with USB in the name. Good!

    Mr. CruelMr. Cruel2 dagar sedan
  • Yet to own or use usb-c heh Im 100% content with my current techonology

    TomaattiKeittoTomaattiKeitto2 dagar sedan
  • The last thing to be fixed is contact problems. I had it with many USB-C devices now. Connections are insanely unstable if you move the object where the cable is plugged in. A good old USB-A connector can be used in almost every scenario without any contact issues.

    MarsCorporationsMarsCorporations2 dagar sedan
  • Usb type c is the best. Change my mind

    Fernando Labbe ZunigaFernando Labbe Zuniga2 dagar sedan
  • What we really need is a connector thar actually survives being used for a while. Sick and tired of cables that break.

    Michael PetterssonMichael Pettersson2 dagar sedan
  • You can complain about all the different USB connecters all you want, but for a moment, please just immagine a world where the USB Standart doesn't exist. The world would be a pain in the arse, trying to find a peripheral that fits your mainboards connectors, or wanting to set up a device and noticing that there is a cable missing and instead of going to a local shop and buying one today, you'd have to order a cable from the OEM from Japan because no other cable would fit. Last one is related to laptop charger cables. Fuck those.

    GermanTopGameTVGermanTopGameTV2 dagar sedan
  • So it all goes back to very bad connector design.

    Bike-Cave-ManBike-Cave-Man2 dagar sedan
  • Still looking forward to the USB type that Robocop uses.

    ProtaeyaProtaeya2 dagar sedan
  • If you are looking for your parallel cable ( I know them as SCSI ) you must be using a dot matrix printer. Nice....Does a great job with emojies right? 🤣 Thanks for the info on my USB nightmare. I also fought the Firewire mess, then Apple pulled the rug out from under me and started the Thunderbolt nightmare.

    macformemacforme2 dagar sedan
  • Micro USB: 10,000 cycles Me: lasted only 3 months.

    Jöhann AlekseiJöhann Aleksei2 dagar sedan
    • @Scooteroy usb-c is honestly the best plug-in I've ever used. I've never had a single issue of one falling out. Wiggly maybe from lint but never fell out

      L.R. BushidoL.R. Bushido2 timmar sedan
    • And even less for USB C?

      ScooteroyScooteroyDag sedan
  • 11:12 in my experience mini USB has always lasted longer than micro. Thank god type C replaced micro.

    Aramonde HasashiAramonde Hasashi2 dagar sedan
  • $$$$$$

    seahawk100seahawk1003 dagar sedan
  • USB C has been the only good change to the form factor

    J JJ J3 dagar sedan
  • I think there are 3 main but generally separate aspects to the physical connectors going by the naming scheme: speed: 1, 2, or 3, and [whatever type-C uses] is generally referring to the number and quality of the wires used. size: normal, mini, micro. end: type-A (master), type-B (slave), type-AB/type-C (interchangeable) though obviously not all variations were implemented. note 1: Technically all normal connections are backwards compatible as all have wires where previous gens require them (though 3 seems to have 4 at the front, 5 at the back and the case for pins) also conversion plugs can easily be made for all sizes of USB for a given wire count and end. note 2: From what I've seen gen 1 and 2 have 4 pins/wires, gen 3 has 10 wires and gen [whatever type-C uses] has 24 pins. note 3: for the most part the mini and micro parts used have actually just been type-B ends as you usually have had a normal/large connection supplying power, or connecting, to a small device.

    roax206roax2063 dagar sedan
  • Micro USB with those little spring clips is the worst connector ever devised by man.

    Tom WilsonTom Wilson3 dagar sedan
  • I've seen USB plugs with the logo printed and or moulded on the wrong / opposite side. It's enough to send someone to the nut-house.

    KRONOS 1957KRONOS 19573 dagar sedan
  • Wr niw have one connector, but it serves USB 3.0 through 3.2,Thunderbolt and Displayport over USB standards. Even beeing smart Enough to buy USB dock not Thunderbolt dock how surprised I was to find out it needed a Displayport over USB compatible notebook. I tgan had to buy another dock with integrated graphic card. We have one connector but not one standard.

    Karel SchmidtKarel Schmidt3 dagar sedan
  • Ive never seen any of the Mini A’s or Micro A’s before :o

    Noah D.Noah D.3 dagar sedan
  • Gabe: I don't know how to count to "3". So let's never make the "3". USB-IF: I don't know how to count to "4". So let's make "3.1". Oh and don't forget our old friends so let's also make "3.1 Gen1", "3.1 Gen2", "3.2 Gen1", "3.2 Gen2" and "3.2 Gen2x2"... PCI-SIG: ???

    黄俊杰黄俊杰3 dagar sedan
  • Saguaro cactus it’s called. 🌵

    Stephen PowdexterStephen Powdexter3 dagar sedan
  • Good channel as my poor brain is littered with tech info of bygone eras. I wish they would paint plug orientation so you could actually see the subtle USB symbol.

    Stephen PowdexterStephen Powdexter3 dagar sedan
  • It doesn't? Compare USB to cpu sockets, physical audio formats, display adapters, or even the several dozen iterations of the PCI connector, it's either on par, or static by comparison. I think y'all just bitch about it because it's the only one normal people actually interact with on a regular basis.

    Inotamira OraniInotamira Orani3 dagar sedan
  • @13:00: It's "change tack", not "change tact".

    Richard WysongRichard Wysong3 dagar sedan
  • Usb-c introduced in 2014. 2020:... Still not universal

    mj31382mj313823 dagar sedan
  • These motherfuckers just delayed the usb c fornat so they can sell different cables

    Oliveira A.Oliveira A.3 dagar sedan
  • I giggle every time he says Nokia. Does everyone from the UK pronounce it 'nawkia'?

    Chris EllorrisChris Ellorris3 dagar sedan
  • its because of evolution! The USB are adapting to the hotter climate!

    지훈서지훈서4 dagar sedan
  • Most cell phones even today could absolutely have accommodated a mini usb.

    Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith4 dagar sedan
  • if "U" doesn't mean Universal what the pharque does it mean?

    Iron ClayIron Clay4 dagar sedan
  • Nothing new under the Sun and cycle starts again.

    Mestre ShakeMestre Shake4 dagar sedan
  • USB - C is particularly good. Use it! and request on devices

    VJ FRANZ KVJ FRANZ K4 dagar sedan
  • Cause money, the end

    OLomasOOLomasO4 dagar sedan
  • 10 000 cycles, my ass

    FormbiFormbi4 dagar sedan
  • fucking hate micro-b

    Gabriel Urrutia RiverosGabriel Urrutia Riveros4 dagar sedan
  • your opening isn't too bad, but it's alittle hard on the ears

    Preston ElamPreston Elam4 dagar sedan