Galaga Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet | Nostalgia Nerd

10 aug 2019
28 139 visningar

If you'd like to grab one of these machines, here's my affiliate link to order: - A new mini arcade machine arrives. Yes, another 1/4 scale arcade machine has arrived from Numskull designs. This time the almighty Galaga get's the treatment. I explore whether this quarter sized critter is any good, or whether you should keep your hard earned bucks for something else. Also, we might as well take a brief look at the history of Galaga, because that's related. Oh, and let's work out how to pronounce Galaga whilst we're here, that's always fun.
Galaga Pronunciation snippet -
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  • Grab a Galaga machine from

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia Nerd10 månader sedan
    • They re-listed it again!

      Mario dykstraMario dykstra4 månader sedan
    • Well done mate! Looks like they've de-listed the game cos you keep pronouncing it wrong. lolololol

      Corky McButterpantsCorky McButterpants8 månader sedan
  • Why couldn’t you always pronounce it GAL-aga like I do, but you frequently mispronounced it Ga-LOG-ga like my neighbour next door?

    Mario dykstraMario dykstra2 månader sedan
  • I really like these, but there's no chance of me getting one when the Arcade 1UP cabinets exist for double the price and are 20 times the size.

    RAP64RAP648 månader sedan
  • those are really cool, but not worth what is being charged to get them. ill wait until theyre a bit older and pick some of them up when theyre less than half the price they are now...

    millermonsterairmillermonsterair8 månader sedan
  • numbskull isn't plural

    paulanderson79paulanderson799 månader sedan
  • Well done, good review.

    Kenny NunezKenny Nunez9 månader sedan
  • I wish they’d make 3/4 scale I know it’d probably cost like 1000 bucks but as long as they made it real coin op with op free play it would worth it

    Mike FawcMike Fawc9 månader sedan
  • The correct pronounciation is with the emphasis on the first A. “gAlaga”

    DavidDavid9 månader sedan
  • Thanks for a fun entertaining review! I realize you're correctly pronouncing the name but I've been pronouncing it in the more common naming convention since it was new in the arcade so I will most likely stick to that inaccurate Annunciation. 😉 I didn't read every single comment but I was wondering can you set the dip switches to fastfire?

    Darth TreksterDarth Trekster9 månader sedan
  • Needs cig burns on the control panel. Lol

    C64remixerC64remixer10 månader sedan
  • any gaplus fans?

    Taska NawaTaska Nawa10 månader sedan
  • Nice review i just picked this up and i will probably get pacman and the rest. I was wondering about the options menu in Galaga i was pressing both buttons as you mention while powering on the unit but nothing happens, not sure what the exact sequence is.

    Dennis SerlisDennis Serlis10 månader sedan
  • I can’t listen to this pronunciation any longer

    Nunyo BidnessNunyo Bidness11 månader sedan
  • But, the coin slots don't light up and the screen has a blue haze all over - how sad considering they got the other stuff down.

    Kayden JarreKayden Jarre11 månader sedan
  • Lazy pice of s&*- you call you cat just like i call mine ha ha

    Andrzej GogołekAndrzej Gogołek11 månader sedan
  • Alf Stewart: "Flamin' Gala Ga"

    segagagagagagagasegagagagagagagaÅr sedan
  • Awesome mini-cade! I can only hope somebody gives Asteroids or Asteroids Deluxe this sort of treatment, those would have to be my all-time favorites of the classic video coin-ops.

    Shipwright1918Shipwright1918År sedan
  • No fast shoot hack.. it crashes on level 256 and the no fire cheat works.

    DirtyBob6969DirtyBob6969År sedan
  • I will be honest. Most of the time I played Galaga, it was on the GBA....

    njnjnjnjÅr sedan
  • I have always wanted the Galaga, Ms. Packman. Sit down bar duo box. with controls on both sides. and screen switches for each player. without the cigarette burns on the top of course.

  • I always pronounced it ga-lah-ga in my youth as well, but I since learnt Japanese and they write it as ガャラガ (pronounced: gya-ra-ga) which is very close to ga-la-ga rather than ga-lah-ga. Since it's the Japanese who invented it, I call it ga-la-ga now.

    mic3limic3liÅr sedan
  • Cool review. I'm in the pre-order for all the machines AND got a note saying I'll be getting Galaga next week.

    Scott J. ParisiScott J. ParisiÅr sedan
  • One thing you probably won't hear from her in bed "It's damn cute! Look at that tiny thing!" at 6:33 xD xD

    Bill ABill AÅr sedan
  • Have you seen the much cheaper and basically pocket sized world's smallest arcade machines I have all of them I love them!

    DrewDrewÅr sedan
  • I always pronounce it GAL-aga.

    Mario dykstraMario dykstraÅr sedan
  • $129.99 pounds ($160 USD)? Yes, please! Galaga. Still the greatest video game of all-time. It’s sad that I never noticed the Y-Wing and X-Wing influence.

    JohnJohnÅr sedan
  • You Bas***d! You're costing me money! SEworld recommended the video, I watched the video, now I NEED to have one.... not only that, but I also want some of the others ,and would absolutely be interested in some 90s arcade games too.... but Galaga is a must have for me... it'll go on the shelf beside my NeoGeo Mini and others. I'm glad this one has a battery built in. Thanks for the review. The fact you mention Micro Switched controls, and the aforementioned battery is all I need to hear.... it's pre-order time! (The mini Fruit Machine is a great idea too, I'd buy one... or two...)

    vindictorvindictorÅr sedan
  • I want a quarter scale Tapper, or even Root Beer Tapper. Also, a quarter scale Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road would be sick! Next, I'm thinking light gun games, hahaha

    SykosymatiKSykosymatiKÅr sedan
  • Galaga laga laga shouting mega mega white thing mega mega white thing. I'll get my coat..

    NathRetro1NathRetro1År sedan
  • Good to see a reasonably authentic ROM being used.

    The LavianThe LavianÅr sedan
  • Glad that the giant panther didn't attack dave.

    ö. . ,ö. . ,År sedan
  • thank uu

    Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?År sedan
  • we wooo warrr

    Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?År sedan
  • Your "confirmation" about the pronunciation makes no sense... putting the emphasis on the "lah" for "Galaga" is the exact opposite of how your pronounce "Galaxian". You don't say "Guh-LAH-xian" (Guloxian), you say "Gah-lax-ian" (Galaxian). Therefore, "Galaga" is pronounced "Gah-luh-ga"

    momentarydogmamomentarydogmaÅr sedan
  • It would be great if you could load any MAME game into one. It would be worth buying one well put together quarter scale cabinet to house countless games. Otherwise a bit pricey...

    kailomonkeykailomonkeyÅr sedan
  • Why didn't they make a special version with the coin. Also they should make collectable dolls of 80'd kids to stand playing the game.

    kailomonkeykailomonkeyÅr sedan
  • When they do an OutRun one I'd have to part with some money. Although I'm not sure how playable it would be with a tiny wheel and paddles.

    kailomonkeykailomonkeyÅr sedan
  • Galaxian, Galaga, Gaplus, and Gatsbee would make the complete set.

    Retro GuyRetro GuyÅr sedan
  • I would LOVE to see a "GAP-LUS" quarter scale made. I LOVED Gaplus, even scored over 500,000 on a real machine.......

    Wil HollowayWil HollowayÅr sedan
  • Not to be rude, but I found pronouncing Galaga as "guh-LAH-guh" instead of "GAH-luh-guh" weird and uncomfortable. BTW, it would've been a hot take if Numskull priced them at around $80-90 and sell them at the most common retail stores (Wal-Mart, for example).

    The MAUZThe MAUZÅr sedan
  • Love this game! should definitely be considered a classic up there with Pacman, Asteroids etc etc

    Sloofman PlaysSloofman PlaysÅr sedan
  • What's the music you use for this video?

    Chris JorenbyChris JorenbyÅr sedan
  • As mentioned in I do not like scaled down versions of video game consoles or arcade games. In this case get a scaled down Galaga cab with a 5" LCD you otherwise find in smartphones. Inside a modern PCB with a modern ARM Cortex or similar CPU microprocessor running the MAME or some other arcade game emulation - and ONE single game. When Nostalgia Nerd played on it it looked painful with the tiny knobs and buttons. For me it's just something to put on a shelf and look at. Although Dave might like it he'll lose interest as soon as Cindy comes along to play with something else. But those who really want a Galaga cab, get one. LGR had an episode recently he showed off his 1980 Missile Command cab. Sure you might pay an arm and a leg IF you even find a Galaga cab. For everybody else who just wants to play Galaga and other classics, head over to to get an emulator and find pages like to grab some game roms. Playing on a PC or Mac with an ordinary keyboard or joystick shall deliver a closer arcade experience than the tiny controls on the mini cab. Peter: Don't get me wrong. Awesome episode as always. But I just cannot see why mini cabs and consoles are such a hype today - well over a decade already. Looking forward for more Dave and Cindy tales too. :-)

    Eighties SeekerEighties SeekerÅr sedan
  • galaga is the soundtrack of my early childhood.

    JRSJRSÅr sedan
  • £130, righto! 😄

    Richard MRichard MÅr sedan
  • The miniaturization looks cute. Something for collectors more so than gamers. Guess I will scale fine for gauze or figure models from bandai. The tiny size controls will lead to fatigue. You have to look over your giant fingers or hands. I guess it's good that did not make a miniaturised tabletop sit down version... Reaching the joystick and buttons would be excruciating painful. The value of this thing... Isn't there. It only plays one game... Kind of like the early seventies game consoles. Come on, these games are about 8 and 16 k each. Their original CPUs were 1-2 MHz. This seems like a worst value than the $30 joystick games that plug to a TV... That also only have one game. Remember about 10 years, peso TV joystick consoles for $25 buy thet included five games. Usually two or three good ones that you really want like Mrs Pac-Man and galaga. There are few companies selling tabletop cabinets with an LCD monitor for a grand give or take. Then you can load up hundreds of ROMs.

    TexasCat99TexasCat99År sedan
  • Pronunciation... Especially if going by Japanese. It will be: GA LA GA. The way everybody has always called it. GALa-GA sounds horrible, in English and Japanese.

    TexasCat99TexasCat99År sedan
  • Numskull Designs may release the Nintendo Super System miniature arcade machine in 2021

    Brandon ReinaBrandon ReinaÅr sedan
  • Cant you simply hold the fire button down to fire? Whats wrong with Tempest?

    DaehawkDaehawkÅr sedan
  • Catweazle look ?

    JohanJohanÅr sedan
  • My best friend is a Galaga freak. I think this is one of those games that if you loved, you really loved. There has to be a certain type of personality that prefers games like this and Asteroids, over the people who prefer games like Ms PacMan, or Donkey Kong. At least those last two offered some level variety. But $150 to make my best friend perhaps the happiest he's been in 30 years, well worth it!

    Patrick RandolphPatrick RandolphÅr sedan
  • Cool item and episode! Good to know such hings are made and are being made. :)

    CJWarlockCJWarlockÅr sedan
  • @10:51, right side of the screen - what's up with the empty Amiga 600 case and the black-colored Commodore 64? :)

    CJWarlockCJWarlockÅr sedan
  • in the age of raspberry pi cabinets with every arcade ever made on one board, these things are kinda pointless.

    Chad The Gig EconomistChad The Gig EconomistÅr sedan
  • I always pronounced it with the emphasis on the "LA", but the "LA" rhymed with "way" for me. guh-LAY-guh.

    Remilia ScarletRemilia ScarletÅr sedan
  • I was just in Arcade Club tonight, glad to see he had tempest in now. so addictive.

    BuzzaB77BuzzaB77År sedan
  • If there's one word you have to get the pronunciation right for, it's pronunciation. See that? Pro-NUN-ciation. Not Pro-NOUN-ciation. If you're going to the get the pronunciation of pronunciation wrong, there's no point in any of it.

    John KnightJohn KnightÅr sedan
    • I thought it’s pronounciation!

      Mario dykstraMario dykstra4 månader sedan
  • I used to be very good at that game. Parents had a bowling lanes and we had a Galaga in there and it was my favorite. Took it to Stage 255 a few times whereupon it went to Stage 0, you could still move and shoot but no more enemies would come. The vending company put a new chip in it that fixed that bug and I went many hours one time before I was tired and gave up the game to someone else. Had extra ships lines up across the bottom. I forget what my score actually was counting the rollovers but somone looked it up and told me I was over the world record as it stood at that time. No way that I could prove it nor really cared too. I just liked playing Galaga. I might actually pick up one of these units when they come out for display just for all the nostalgia it brings back. Thanks for making me aware of its existance.

    zilveronezilveroneÅr sedan
  • Having called it Galaga for the last 38 years I just can't get my crust round the Galarger pronunciation, anyway. Great vid m8. Loads of nostalgia for me, especially the mirrored Space Invaders set up! (be interesting to see how they will pull that off!) I remember as a kid looking forward and down and seeing the screen and was confused as it was was reversed, then realizing it was mirror I'd been looking at all this time.... great times :)

    Lucas RainfordLucas RainfordÅr sedan
  • SEGA are missing a trick here

    BIG DaveBIG DaveÅr sedan
  • Jesus, you're killing me with the incorrect pronunciation.

    TornadoADVTornadoADVÅr sedan
    • but he covers's supposedly correct even though it sounds awful!

      michael wilsonmichael wilsonÅr sedan
  • From 2:11 to 2:18 you can see that horrible input-lag. This is not playable and expensive too. I would say it's crap.

    Opa-OpaOpa-OpaÅr sedan
  • Too small (IMO)

    James LucopJames LucopÅr sedan
  • Honey I shrunk the kids reference.. That doesn't happen often.

    Plane Go Br r r r r r r rtPlane Go Br r r r r r r rtÅr sedan
  • Ga - Lager, time for the pub...

    Gary StevensGary StevensÅr sedan
  • GAH-LAA-GAH! And the other one is Gap-lus as in luster. I've never heard anyone say the two like you have and I played em all first time round in the arcades.

    Sun WukongSun WukongÅr sedan
  • I'm looking forward for ms pacman

    Arcade Freak 2016Arcade Freak 2016År sedan
  • There's no R mate! Why are you saying it like that?

    JohnboydojoJohnboydojoÅr sedan
  • You totally missed a chance to double-up your ship.

    Andrew BarrattAndrew BarrattÅr sedan
    • @Eighties Seeker the challenging stage with double ships is arcade nirvana. marble madness was a game Changer.

      Andrew BarrattAndrew BarrattÅr sedan
    • He also didn't know where to position the ship(s) in the first challenging stage to shoot all 40 of them for a 10,000 point bonus: right in the center. I don't blame him as he was too young or not even born when Galaga came out to have experienced it first hand. I was in my young teens when Galaxian (first game with real colours btw.) came out. And he was right saying something like video game technology evolved so quick in within the two year gap between Galaxians and Galaga. And in my opinion that went until around 1987 where it slowed down. Every new game after Galaxians blew me away. 1980 there was Battle Zone and Defender. Leaping forward to 1984, Marble Madness let everybody's jaw drop.

      Eighties SeekerEighties SeekerÅr sedan
  • Just as long as you keep that seaside town vibe to it's respective time period.

    David AndrewDavid AndrewÅr sedan
  • Ah, the memories of Track % Field. The fun, the blisters on teh sides of the fingers, the sweaty brows, the cramps in the shoulders. It was an awesome game.

    Bryndal DwyreBryndal DwyreÅr sedan
    • @The Lavian I used a clipper lighter or a felt tip pen. I miss those days, using this hack to break the bricks in mortal kombat.

      petrolhead1987petrolhead19879 månader sedan
    • We smokers just dragged the bottom edge of a Bic lighter back and forth across the buttons at high speed.

      The LavianThe LavianÅr sedan
  • The way you say it is how I've always know it called.

    Bryndal DwyreBryndal DwyreÅr sedan
  • No drinks on the machines please Dave 😆 Love Galaga👍🏼 Hopefully one day i will end up with a full size one in my home arcade 🕹

    Dave's Pinball ArcadeDave's Pinball ArcadeÅr sedan
    • Though vaping is allowed, no more burned cabinets. ;D

      Bill ABill AÅr sedan
  • You've packed so much into this without making it overly long! I've got more enjoyment from this than from many a half-hour video, and best part is that it actually felt like half an hour of pure enjoyment! I'd say "keep up the amazing work", but there's no need, I guess, you always deliver.

    BilisNegraBilisNegraÅr sedan
  • If it’s in any way physically possible, any machine attempting to simulate an arcade experience should require payment to play. Only allowing yourself to play it with the coins you’ve got jingling in your pocket keeps you from getting bored with the game. Sure, it’s your machine and you can easily just open it up to get your coins back. But a little self control will turn this machine into a great after-work treat. Dimes would suit it beautifully.

    Bungalow FeuhlerBungalow FeuhlerÅr sedan
  • Cost = £129.99 Number of games = 1 Price per game = £129.99

    SMaj7SMaj7År sedan
  • Galaga and Ms. Pacman use the same cabinet shape.

    James HiggsJames HiggsÅr sedan
  • Sad ... this is sad !!

    John DoeJohn DoeÅr sedan
  • You're the first SEworldr covering this kind of machines who makes a distinction between quarter size and quarter scale and for that, I'm thankful

    モレナウエルモレナウエルÅr sedan
    • It's funny how scale and size can be so different.

      Bill ABill AÅr sedan
  • LOVE IT, let me know when I can buy it from Amazon Prime.

  • Real arcade emulation, accurate cabinet. Well done.

    ms3banims3baniÅr sedan
  • They need far better screens, I dont remember Galaga having a glowing blue background... ;(

    Nathan BrownNathan BrownÅr sedan
    • @Nathan Brown Back then they used crt screens which overall did look better. Could be a good use is finally found for all those old handheld tv's that were all the rage in the 90s.

      Bryndal DwyreBryndal DwyreÅr sedan
    • @Bryndal Dwyre with a better screen comes better viewing angles. Plus the decades old original didn't suffer from such defects.

      Nathan BrownNathan BrownÅr sedan
    • it's like that cos of the angle that he has to film at. If you look at them normally, you'll find they're black.

      Bryndal DwyreBryndal DwyreÅr sedan
  • Pehaps the'll release a bundle version of all 7 machines. Now only $999 !!!!

    Ni5eiNi5eiÅr sedan
    • What a deal, sign me up! xD

      Bill ABill AÅr sedan
  • Did you manage to unlock any secret cars in Ridge Racer with it?

    Larry Bundy JrLarry Bundy JrÅr sedan
  • Pfffft...130 quid. You gotta be joking... 49.99 is a much fairer price...

    Derek TweedieDerek TweedieÅr sedan
  • 10:36 go home Octav1us, you're... pretty already. Give her a lift home, anybody? :)

    FrankoFrankoÅr sedan
  • The arcade I been working at a gaplus cabinet its original board in a new cab

    arranmc182arranmc182År sedan
  • I love black kitties soo cute!

    BrentBrentÅr sedan
  • That sounds like something to aspire to. Get a couple of mini arcade machine, a mini fruit slot machine and throw in a mini jukebox, complete with mini records (something sorely lacking from all those MP3 mini jukeboxes) (no need to make the mini records playable, just put them there to look like they're playing) and then you can have a mini fish and chip shop experience at home. Seriously, I would do that.

    Channel ZeroChannel ZeroÅr sedan
    • Only lacking a mini air hockey table and terrible carpet.

      David McGillDavid McGillÅr sedan
  • Looks like my cat

    TheButterMan 09TheButterMan 09År sedan
  • 10:59 Sindy in ethylic coma. Videogames get you addicted to alcohol confirmed.

    Galandil VoglerGalandil VoglerÅr sedan
  • Dave must be sacrificed to the great Feline God!

    UberNeumanUberNeumanÅr sedan
    • Kitteh must be served. Dave makes a *great sacrifice*. 😹

      Alex HallAlex HallÅr sedan
  • Rick Moraaaaaaanis

    BoratBoratÅr sedan
  • I'll a pint of g-lager and a packet of crisps please.

    Richard HawleyRichard HawleyÅr sedan
    • Richard Hawley smokes and road beers!

      Jeenkz KJeenkz KÅr sedan
  • Love the fire spam that results in no fire (hate that I understand why this occurs). Good pussy. At least your son asks before-hand, has respect before potential damage :)

    fourdee4dfourdee4dÅr sedan
  • No matter how you say it people are going to bitch about it

    horrorkeshhorrorkeshÅr sedan
  • What are these friend things you speak of

    horrorkeshhorrorkeshÅr sedan
  • Always Galaga was pronounced "Gallagher" as in Noel and Liam!

    Khizar JamilKhizar JamilÅr sedan
    • Are ya mad fer it?

      JohnJohnÅr sedan
    • It is.

      70monkey70monkeyÅr sedan
  • loved that game BITD. That theme song is among the greatest!

    Michael ScrivenMichael ScrivenÅr sedan
  • Gal'aga doesn't make sense to me at all. You say G'alaxy so it should be G'alaga. Gal'axian is stressed on la because a) of Gal'axians e.g. the people of the Galaxy, and b) it has one more syllable so the stress is moved.

    XavierGrXavierGrÅr sedan