Before Sonic There was "Spiky Harold" | Nostalgia Nerd

2 aug 2019
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Sonic the Hedgehog may be regarded by most as the first and original Hedgehog platformer, but that's not taking Spiky Harold into consideration. A challenging and original platform game for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Commodore Plus/4 and Amstrad CPC, which may *just may* have given inspiration to Yuji Naka.... possibly.... perhaps.... at a stretch.
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  • Awesome video :) Thank you so much for the shout out! I wish I had managed to get the remake working, the sounds Harold make are something else!

    TamaracadeTamaracadeÅr sedan
    • Scared the absolute crap out of me the first time I died.

      Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
  • 6:03 sonic was easy ?🥴 I must be the only person who finds the original megadrive games to be hard to play 🤦🏾‍♂️ I can barely get pass 3 or 4 levels at the start on the game.

    referral madnessreferral madness22 dagar sedan
  • Where's Haroldchu?

    Nikku4211Nikku4211Månad sedan
  • YA MAN i had this on the electron 299 firebird from the local news agents ,i first had a plus 4 then an electron then a specy 128 then my little sister had a mastersystem,then i bought a dreamcast,then an xbox then a 36o and then an i3 laptop and then the 5thgen i5 i use now me me me me me me me

    Terence EdwardsTerence Edwards2 månader sedan
  • 9:52 its so weird isnt it? pretty sure our consciousness is all connected some how.

    feral kittenferal kitten3 månader sedan
  • 1:51

    Tristan SamuelTristan Samuel3 månader sedan
  • "I must proceed at a heightened pace" - spikey harold

    Alexander BüchlerAlexander Büchler5 månader sedan
  • My Dad, Andrew Rogers, sadly passed away in September 2019. But he did get an opportunity to see the video before he passed and was really pleased. That's amazing! was his response when I sent him the link. He has a full list of credits on moby games. The last finished game he worked on was Project Cars 2 and Spiky Harold was the first game he ever made. He told me that jobs were scarce back then so you had to try to find a way to make money and he saw the potential in the industry. Also, having a fond passion for electronics development, he picked up a book and started learning assembly. And for some reason which no one in the family knew why, he loved hedgehogs. The house was full of hedgehog ornaments. People would continue to buy him all sorts of cuddly, novelty and ornamental hedgehogs. So, this is a really nice homage to him and I once again thank you Nostalgia Nerd.

    mardyartmardyart7 månader sedan
  • 1:53 Looks like Jerma's Giant Rat

    Crispy ToastCrispy Toast8 månader sedan
  • Creepy Castle on Steam looks pretty similar. I see where the inspiration comes from.

    Agustin GoicoecheaAgustin Goicoechea10 månader sedan
  • i loved spikey harold. had it on the cpc.

    ChrisUKOne MediaChrisUKOne Media10 månader sedan
  • All I can say is that this guy is much more likeable! :)

    MDMD10 månader sedan
  • I actually had this game on my Commodore 16 (Yes, sixteen). Was never very good at it though.

    Ian HollisIan Hollis11 månader sedan
  • That' a really difficult game ever! Thanks to Bring us this old Game!

    CleberMagCleberMag11 månader sedan
  • @ 1:55 Me thinks yer eyes have gone green... Should go great with the RatLog... "RatLog, RatLog, What A Treat! A Healthy Chunk of Dirty Rat Meat!"

    Favorite MustardFavorite MustardÅr sedan
  • Oh my god cry moar. Games were supposed to be hard in the 70s and 80s because you might only get one game every six months. Or longer. It's like how books were dense in the Victorian era, where books were very expensive and people bough them based on how much they got out of them. It's not like you kids expect today where you can just pay $1 to finish the game.

    Care BearCare BearÅr sedan
  • There is something so absolutely calming about this game, how lovely lol.

    The Shadowgate KeeperThe Shadowgate KeeperÅr sedan
  • *You:* Sonic the Hedgehog *Me, an intellectual:* _Spiky Harold_

    Noah ForsytheNoah ForsytheÅr sedan
  • Harold x sonic when?

    hardcpyhardcpyÅr sedan
    • Today! Let me whip out my MS paint and Deviant Art

      NemopolymerNemopolymerÅr sedan
  • Spiky > Sonic lol

    Ben DC4LBen DC4LÅr sedan
  • Yeah Fas- NO SLOW

    SkyTech RTSSkyTech RTSÅr sedan
  • Do these old computers even have the internet

    stever macsoucherstever macsoucherÅr sedan
    • Yes, modems were available for the ZX Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad CPC; allowing access to the internet.

      gwishartgwishartÅr sedan
  • I was born in 86 🙂

    Kammy AbhainnKammy AbhainnÅr sedan
  • Every thibg that move kill you. Holli sit, I hate this type of games and Spectrum is full or this. Very frustrating games. I have never pass any phase in many games.

    madjh8madjh8År sedan
  • Was that an Amstrad Mega PC?

    digi owldigi owlÅr sedan
  • Damn never heard of this

    Lorna_RoseFoXLorna_RoseFoXÅr sedan
  • Sega quietly buys rights to Spiky Harold...

    rwdplz1rwdplz1År sedan
  • What's the bgm at 1:28?

    The MockracyThe MockracyÅr sedan
  • “you have to be so precise with your movements, otherwise... you’re dead!” Heh. Thanks. It’s my Favourite Quote. 😇🤘🏻

    Andres BravoAndres BravoÅr sedan
  • lol now i understand where they get the sonic image to the sonic movie 🙄🤣🤣🤣😜

    Manuel LopesManuel LopesÅr sedan
  • SPIKEY HAROLD what about monty mole

    Terence EdwardsTerence EdwardsÅr sedan
  • Great game and awesome video! The intro-music of the C-64 version is great. I still remember. But it was in fact terrible hard to play!!!!

    Chief T BrodyChief T BrodyÅr sedan
  • I have no idea who Simon Jay is. I'm Andy Rogers and I single-handedly created this game in 6 weeks (anims music programming).

    Lazy BonesLazy BonesÅr sedan
  • I'm Jon Rogers, Andrews son. I was 2 when this was released. I too find the game infuriatingly difficult. Never completed it. Apparently there's a hidden room full of apples and another with my name in it. He also did Don't Panic for the ZX too. He's gonna love this, thanks NN!

    mardyartmardyartÅr sedan
    • @mardtary your daddy gave a shout out to his son in his own video game 🥺 that's so sweet & wholesome 🥰

      referral madnessreferral madness22 dagar sedan
  • Spiky Harold was a single screen non scrolling avoid em up slow paced platformer....Sonic is a fast scrolling non lethal collision high speed platformer.....hmmm...bollocks?

    madcommodoremadcommodoreÅr sedan
  • But, Spiny Norman dates back to a BBC television series in 1970.

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • That "Flight of the Bumblebee" music though.....amazing.

    Kurt StedmanKurt StedmanÅr sedan
    • @mardyart 6502 & z80 assembly languages 😋😁😁😁👍🏾

      referral madnessreferral madness22 dagar sedan
    • My dad programmed it all in assembly language

      mardyartmardyart7 månader sedan
  • PAL Sonic is so painfully slow it doesn't even look like the same game

    imagede zachimagede zachÅr sedan
  • Nice rendition of Flight of The BumbleBee. Sounds like the engine noise from Hang on on master system.

    rimmersbryggeririmmersbryggeriÅr sedan
  • I can never understand for the life of me how you Brits preferred these microcomputers over something like the NES and I'm Aussie

    Jamie JosephJamie JosephÅr sedan
    • Because the NES was insanely expensive in the UK; and we were in the middle of a massive recession. A NES cost more than a car, a single game cartridge cost the same as a family's entire food budget for the week.

      gwishartgwishartÅr sedan
  • So I'm not the only one who finds the classics of youth to suddenly be rather tedious while still loving them. As to Spiky. 1. In reality, he would be eating his food right then and there. It's not like they wake up and have a snack and go back to sleep. 2. I played 5 minutes once of Sonic the Hedgehog on a Genesis. I got motion sick, swore off ever touching a Sega again and swore a life long disdain for Sonic before going back to playing Space Invaders on the Atari. Spiky at least looks like actual fun.

    Blue CoyoteBlue CoyoteÅr sedan
    • No, you're not. Whenever I run something from the 8bit days I'm like "how could I have enjoyed this PITA of a slog so much as a kid?". Ah, nostalgia glasses...

      The MockracyThe MockracyÅr sedan
  • Gotta love a bit of Spiky Harold. . .What a game that was. Firebird released some great titles back in the day! Also, as a side note; Sonic wasn't even the first blue, gaming hedgehog. . . Check out the CPC-464 version and you'll see that Harold was a nice shade of cyan!!

    RetroSpexxRetroSpexxÅr sedan
  • 2:33 I spy a rip-off of Star Trek.

    Kenneth RogersKenneth RogersÅr sedan
  • Nice Amstrad Mega PC

    Joseph MillerJoseph MillerÅr sedan
  • I thought the original hedgehog was Ron Jeremy.

    B M LlanetaB M LlanetaÅr sedan

    djsherzdjsherzÅr sedan
  • I think I like Harold better than Sonic. I can remember when Sonic came out and the big battle with Mario that ensued in ad space. Mario always struck me as a guy I'd like to pal around with. Go out, grab a burger with Mario, Luigi, and Toadstool, maybe hit the bowling alley. Sonic, on the other hand, seemed like a punk to me. I always figured if you ran into Mario between his adventures you could strike up a conversation with him and he would be quite cordial. Sonic, if you ran into him, would likely annoy you for his own amusement. In other words, I've wanted to punch Sonic in the face from the very beginning.

    Possum Ridge EntertainmentPossum Ridge EntertainmentÅr sedan
  • 1:54 i lost my shit aaa

    10functioning10functioningÅr sedan
  • I had Spiky Harold for the Speccy. Never came close to completing it. Even years later using an emulator and save states, I somehow missed an item somewhere and couldn't finish the game. Oh, and fun fact: hibernating in the summertime is called aestivating.

    Elliott JumpshoeElliott JumpshoeÅr sedan
  • Spicy Harold got that dummy thicc look going on. Truly timeless.

    McFinnaPantsMcFinnaPantsÅr sedan
  • Thats a mighty fine ZX spectrum setup you got there mate!

    Ryan MalinRyan MalinÅr sedan
  • Synchronicity is real! So was the burst of laughter you induced in me at 10:30 . Thanks for the video and the passion! ☀️

    Joe BetroJoe BetroÅr sedan
  • One thing I didn't get when I watched Tamara's video a while ago is just how really, REALLY good that collision detection is. A couple of times in your video you're able to let things happen to the pixel which isn't exactly common with games back than and I suspect, for someone with skills neither of us have, elevates this game from impossible to a pleasing challenge. Me? I can barely complete Sonic.

    Dudley of YesterzineDudley of YesterzineÅr sedan
  • Great game... ya could do with a shave though...

    UK RPGFanUK RPGFanÅr sedan
  • Your music makes me sleepy. Harold is trying to get to sleep... maybe it's just because it's late while I'm watching this, but it really is making me feel even more tired. XD

    KuraIthysKuraIthysÅr sedan
  • The Atari 800 version was solid as!

    ad5ygr8ad5ygr8År sedan
  • I love the little easter eggs in the subtitles

    CollieCollieÅr sedan
  • "Dinsdale!?"

    LabruskieLabruskieÅr sedan
  • Among his myriad pursuits, it seems as though Sir Clive may have involved himself in a bit of digital plagiarism.

    James FondrenJames FondrenÅr sedan
  • Hibernating is only something you do for the Winter. The equivalent in the Summer would be called aestivating.

    bluerizlagirlbluerizlagirlÅr sedan
  • Did you know that Eggman/Robotnik was one of the original designs for the protagonist of the game that later became Sonic, but he wore pajamas? He was also heavily inspired by Teddy Roosevelt.

    HaydenXHaydenXÅr sedan
  • Don't forget that hedgehogs are far more common in the UK... so there just had to be another hedgehog protagonist!

    Ravy TsoraRavy TsoraÅr sedan
  • 5:58 Green Hill Zone is a lot more like PAL Hill Zone right now.

    MarxMarxÅr sedan
  • Lol on the simular video Peter. I did an Acorn Electron / BBC Micro, programming in Basic video about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I watched your C64 basic video. I think we had similar teachers haha. I'm going to add a link to your video from mine now.

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • no way i was just thinking about this the other day, but i couldnt remember its name lol also another old 8-bit game i cant think of its name, you have to use the subway and go around Westminster to disarm bombs, the explosion was terrible, just lines from center bottom of screen :)

    Marc WeaversMarc WeaversÅr sedan
  • that little white hoggyhedge is adorable

    kojikojiÅr sedan
  • Spent plenty of time in my youth playing the Amstrad version, loading screen and all. Was never able to get very far in it, but I had fun exploring the underground world of the hedgehog.

    megatronacepticonmegatronacepticonÅr sedan
  • Listen to Bogg’s bonkers C64 title music, then reset the machine and play something better. On the other machines, skip the first bit.

    Craig GrannellCraig GrannellÅr sedan
  • is that a mega pc?

    deeiks12deeiks12År sedan
  • The 2:27 cut away gag tottaly breaks the flow of the video.

    Chauncey GardenerChauncey GardenerÅr sedan
  • Spikey Harold & Knuckles

    Twice The Mega PowerTwice The Mega PowerÅr sedan
  • Bloody platformers that required ultra precision movements really boiled my pee.

    reggiep75reggiep75År sedan
  • 3:48 Dude you look more homeless every single time

    sirkasticsirkasticÅr sedan
  • I still own this game on speccy casette tape.

    brainwrongbrainwrongÅr sedan
  • Much to hard for me!!

    Tom TurnbullTom TurnbullÅr sedan
  • I had this game on my Spectrum 48k and tried to play it with a Kempston joystick, I played it a hell of a lot and never got past screen three. Thats just how it was in those days as a child, the end of a game was just an abstract concept.

    The Gaming BoysThe Gaming BoysÅr sedan
  • This looks like a game I could have enjoyed.

    Soterion CoilSoterion CoilÅr sedan
  • Sorry Harrold, my thoughts are with Monty Mole.

    Drew's PageDrew's PageÅr sedan
  • Its so roguelike! See the caves?

    Alfonse DenteAlfonse DenteÅr sedan
  • What's going on with the cartridge at 7:30?

    dsifrienddsifriendÅr sedan
    • That's the correct way to load Mega Drive cartridges into that computer. It's an Amstrad Mega PC; a combined Sega Mega Drive and IBM Compatible PC.

      gwishartgwishartÅr sedan
  • I thought spikey harold was sonic when my dad picked me up a box of zx games. then i played it

    custom togglecustom toggleÅr sedan
  • I had this game on the speccy in the 80s and it's bloody impossible. Nice environments and animation, though.

    Surfing On SquarewavesSurfing On SquarewavesÅr sedan
  • I don't remember this. Horace yes, Harold, no. 😞 I mean, Horace went skiing and allsorts.

    Andrew BarrattAndrew BarrattÅr sedan
  • Ah, Firebird + Silverbird... The saviours of my CPC464 days, lots of great games that cost EXACTLY the amount my parents gave me each week for "pocket money". God bless them, they are a company fondly remembered.

    paul nashpaul nashÅr sedan
  • I wanna be the hedgehog

    FrankTheCatFrankTheCatÅr sedan
  • Must admit i wasnt impressed with Spiky Harold on the Amstrad, but it is one of only a handfull of amstrad games to actually feature music while loading from cassette. Also it nice that they bother redoing the loading screen to a nice 16 colour mode 0 screen with an actually (but crude) hedgehog on it. Sadly the impossible pixelperfect oldstyle hard gameplay ment i played it very little. Still for 1.99 it was quite ok.

    CholoCPCCholoCPCÅr sedan
  • So, not Spiny Norman, then?

    mightyfilmmightyfilmÅr sedan
  • Firebird software should lawsuite sega for ripping their charactor,spiky harold the hedge hog, how could it be otherwise an coincidance that sonic the hedge hog has sooo many conceptual similarity’s with it??? That alex kid was clearly an inspiration from mario is no surprise to me ,but that sonic the hedge hog turns out to be NOT an original idea from sega ,just absolutely blows my mind.

    johneygdjohneygdÅr sedan
  • Sir Clive... Owen? I had no idea he was a computing enthusiast in his youth.

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • The Starlight Zone BGM is by far the best.

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • Spiky vs sonic or a crossover game with both of them! ;)

    T@wesomET@wesomEÅr sedan
  • That Amstrad Harold art is so cute!

    Jane LawsonJane LawsonÅr sedan
  • Haha, I had this game... I also had that Thorn Emi tape player.....

    MooKy MooK MooKingtonMooKy MooK MooKingtonÅr sedan
  • I had this game as a wee nipper, problem was I found the game way to hard, but it was done very well for a budget title. **EDIT** Tell you what though mate, you're not doing yourself any favors playing the game on a joystick, a crappy old one at that!!

    MK-UltimatumMK-UltimatumÅr sedan
  • What surprised me before I went to Japan I didn't believe that most Japanese people don't believe hedgehog's don't actually exist, they aren't native to Japan and it being blue wearing running shoes didn't help that either, or though they are now becoming popular pet's now in some parts of Japan. I guess the needle mouse has finally gotten full respect for being a real animal. Sounds weird but people thought the first taxidermed platypus was fake, a mix between a duck and an otter.

    Bjørn again ChristianBjørn again ChristianÅr sedan
    • It would certainly explain the huge numbers of Japanese tourists that flock to the Beatrix Potter attractions in the Lake Districk - they're all mad for Tiggywinkle!

      gwishartgwishartÅr sedan

    sonninnossonninnosÅr sedan
  • water drips damage is reason enough these cunts deserve to be rorted by Sega XD

    Ana SeviAna SeviÅr sedan
  • Harold is a large character for his environment, but I would like to see more of the game.

    Owen FitzgeraldOwen FitzgeraldÅr sedan
  • I remember this game well on my old commodore 16, been looking for a replacement for the last few months 😔

    Paul ChambersPaul ChambersÅr sedan
    • @Paul Chambers I think it's possible to record a copy of the game on a blank cassette & i think it would work

      referral madnessreferral madness22 dagar sedan
  • I love Sonic, but the series is overrated.

    Stromberg ThorntonStromberg ThorntonÅr sedan