The Commodore 64 has a Successor (and it's amazing!) | Nostalgia Nerd

30 nov 2020
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Head to ​ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... So, the Mega 65 is here. If we're counting the days since the Commodore 65 prototypes, it has been a long time coming, but this "Mega 65" is so much more than the Commodore 65 was intended to be. This is a complete machine, a whole machine, and although this is only the Mega 64 Dev Kit, it gives us a very firm taste of what the complete machine will hold. Let's dive in.
00:00 Intro
00:24 Background
02:34 Building
04:53 Connecting up
05:44 Powering on
06:34 Specifications
07:55 Ad
08:41 Functionality
12:23 Games & compatibility
16:06 Manual
16:37 Programming
17:45 Other functions
18:30 Bundled software
19:44 Credits
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  • Only if you like to collect junk.

    itzhexenitzhexenDag sedan
  • At least the core is open source so will be ported to other FPGAs

    Grumpy Old GamerGrumpy Old Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • DUnno why this was recommended to me again. I re-watched it, and felt equally blank as I did three months ago. Maybe I'm not nerdy enough. Wish I had a BBC B, though!

    NdlandingNdlanding4 dagar sedan
  • So is Megamaze using The Last Ninja soundtrack just cuz it's cool or are they related somehow?

    Casa Chez DOOMCasa Chez DOOM5 dagar sedan
  • Great video, loved that they included Kraftwerk's Electric Cafe! I will be checking the final product out for sure!

    CosmicCosmic6 dagar sedan
  • Using ARTIX7 XC7A200T as emulator of C64 is really waste. You can fit into the chip like 200+ complete of the C64 computers. We did implementation of ZX spectrum into Spartan-3 XC3S200 that is 140 times smaller FPGA and it fits well. And of course it has ''accelerated'' mode. That is useful when you are emulating tape load that cuts the time to couple seconds. Doing this on such large FPGA is a rip off. This FPGA starts at $200. You can easily fit it into $15 Spartan-6 FPGA and even save a lot of surrounding chips.

    clovekkkclovekkk7 dagar sedan
  • Wasn't Dave Murray involved in this?

    Retro JackRetro Jack9 dagar sedan
  • Cat weasle

    ChloeXianahChloeXianah9 dagar sedan
  • Follow up?

    RobeightRobeight11 dagar sedan
  • bro at that price I'm not surprised you were 2nd/3rd in line

    Jake B.Jake B.12 dagar sedan
  • Guess I don't get the point. If it's using an FPGA , it's using emulation of some sort. Why not just run an emulator on a desktop? In the end, it's the same thing as it's not running real hardware. Even so, was an interesting watch.

    harshbarjharshbarj13 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't they have started at 201?

    zmbdogzmbdog15 dagar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure the Commodore 128 was the official successor.

    Billy ShermanBilly Sherman16 dagar sedan
    • the 65 was meant to be an enhanced 64, so it's a more direct successor..

      SirGoukiSirGouki13 dagar sedan
  • How well does it run crysis?

    Henry LoaderHenry Loader17 dagar sedan
  • Only Commodore could have imagined a niche between the C64 and the Amiga, at that time four years into production, and then wasted time and money on another middling project. I didn't need another reason to believe that company was run by babbling crackheads in the 90s, but here we are.

    dépaysementdépaysement17 dagar sedan
  • That keyboard looks sweet

    William HartWilliam Hart18 dagar sedan
  • Can you connect a 1571 also, and use the poke cmd to read both sides?

    BlackPhoenix FamilyBlackPhoenix Family19 dagar sedan
  • When do they plan on releasing this to the general public?

    Matt MyersMatt Myers19 dagar sedan
  • Any news on the Amiga Supra 7000 that's coming out. Dedicated whole motherboards for graphics, sound,maths etc....SSD drives in the terrabytes...512 bit wide data bus...Lightning fast decachannel memory....My God this thing will practically raise the Larry King from the dead.....maybe.

    crusty21crusty2119 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on 400K subs. Peace!

    DubDub19 dagar sedan
  • It would sell out overnight if it has the highly desirable Alps SKCM switches.

    Bob WeiramBob Weiram20 dagar sedan
  • I want an emulator that works on the pi 4/400. I expect said emulator could work on the zero, but given the 400 gives that keyboard form as is? Aim for that.

    Andrew SingletonAndrew Singleton22 dagar sedan
  • The expansion port is where you plug in your 300Baud MODEM! (That's where mine went on my C64)

    Wesley WalkerWesley WalkerMånad sedan
  • Can you do an update on this as well of when it will be available to buy.

    David T-RexDavid T-RexMånad sedan
  • "The Commodore 64 has a Successor!" Me: ... Amiga? Mega 65! Me: oh!

    Mr. Atari 2600Mr. Atari 2600Månad sedan

    H PH PMånad sedan
  • My god! This looks great! If only Commodore had released the C65...

    Jimbo BimboJimbo Bimbo2 månader sedan
  • 13:01 So the MEGA65 would turn the floppy drive on, even if there's no floppy?

    Mario AlexanderskiMario Alexanderski2 månader sedan
  • I missed out on the whole Commodore 64 computing era, but gosh dang I've always loved that blue screen. I always had an affinity for blue boot colors, I still remember the first time I booted OpenBSD 2.3 and saw the wonderful kernel boot output in blue.

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • My wallet: My bank account: All the systems I already have: Me: *I need this in the worst way*

    stillcoldstillcold2 månader sedan
  • If I were still in my 20s when I had my C=64 demo group TDM (later renamed to TDC when I added some members) I would have gone apeshit to have this machine in my arsenal! 💖 I wrote demo programs for the C=64 using the assembly language monitor and the SPRDEF functions on the C=128 and thanks to the memory block save options, could save my assembly routines and sprite definitions directly to 1541 diskettes. I see how this machine might have made my life a bit easier. 😁

    BigDroneFlyer1964BigDroneFlyer19642 månader sedan
  • How can I buy it? The link in the video description doesn't work.

    f2lo2f2lo22 månader sedan
  • I'm interested. Amiga St & 64 cores. Any chance for a falcon core?

    RetroGamerBB2019RetroGamerBB20192 månader sedan
  • There already was a successor to the 64 -- the Commodore 128. It could even emulate the 64 at the flip of a switch.

    Karsten JohanssonKarsten Johansson2 månader sedan
  • Access hole on the bottom. Fnarr fnarr.

    jaxtrawjaxtraw3 månader sedan
  • Preorder is closed.. No need to watch this video....

    TuffyDKTuffyDK3 månader sedan
  • Will the mega 65 run octamed?? Does it has scsi? Midi din?

    Devon DetroitDevon Detroit3 månader sedan
  • Do they do an Commodore Amiga case like this ????

    imran chaudhryimran chaudhry3 månader sedan
  • I'd like to see this in daily interaction other than games. Word Processing, spreadsheets, and surfing the web for instance.

    Julie AnkromJulie Ankrom3 månader sedan
  • Wasn't the Commodore Amiga the next successor of the Commodor 64?

    The Time ProphetThe Time Prophet3 månader sedan
  • You should really try Desert Strike on this. That was an amazing game back in the day.

    David UlmerDavid Ulmer3 månader sedan
  • but can it run doom

    Jesse MarkhamJesse Markham3 månader sedan
  • If this company comes back now with modern OS, I'm sure Microsoft would disappear.

    Abdi PianoAbdi Piano3 månader sedan
  • Can it run Temple OS ?

    2.88 Mile Mushroom2.88 Mile Mushroom3 månader sedan
  • they should give it UTF-8 and Ethernet support.

    Daniel D.Daniel D.3 månader sedan
  • I tried, and I'm both old and smart, but I just can't see the value in this. Liked the vid tho!

    NdlandingNdlanding3 månader sedan
  • When an Amiga-emulating Vampire v4, running a virtual "68080 CPU", is $718 (590 euros, at and the "all-purpose" Mister emulation project, with all the bells and whistles included, is under $400... this 999 Euro Mega65 project is ridiculously expensive.

    Cuvtixo DCuvtixo D3 månader sedan
  • My first computer was a C64. ❤️

    Shaun HallShaun Hall3 månader sedan
  • So, is this C65 recreation 40x faster than C64 faster, or was the C65 already 40x faster?

    BoomBoom3 månader sedan
    • Keeping in mind the "C65" was never released, it was supposed to have a "CSG 4510" running at 3.54 MHz. It was based on the CSG 65CE02 which "improved performance as much as 25% at the same clock speed (2 to 10MHz)" as the original 6502. Therefore, the C65 was less that 2x faster, probably not even 1.5x faster. It's kind of a meaningless metric anyways. I guess the graphics rendering is that much faster, but you can't really make any other comparison with processing speed. Obviously, you can't play 40 times faster, so, what else can you compare?

      Cuvtixo DCuvtixo D3 månader sedan
  • I'll stick with my original C64, 1541 and C2N and my 370 Commodore 64 disk and tape games!

    Gaming TonightGaming Tonight3 månader sedan
    • I'll stick with them in emulation, or I suppose the Mister FPGA system which can emulate all the classic 8-bit computers for less than $400. I hope at least, you have an emulated disk drive! Floppies and tapes are pointless frustrations.

      Cuvtixo DCuvtixo D3 månader sedan
  • This is porn!

    Phillip CooperPhillip Cooper3 månader sedan
  • duzit av 80 column support?

    Sam CoupéSam Coupé3 månader sedan
  • May I ask what is in front of your Vectrex? A keyboard? A computer?

    El ReReXEl ReReX3 månader sedan
  • Truly superb build, and an immense amount of tools. The see through case and 4 SID chips are pure perfecto. I'd love one of these :)

    Andrew SmailAndrew Smail3 månader sedan
  • Was the plus/4 not the replacement (just they messed up :p ) ?

    Chris CoweyChris Cowey3 månader sedan
  • watch at 1.5x speed.

    Jimmy ZhaoJimmy Zhao4 månader sedan
  • I'm more interested in Nostalgia Nerds ever growing Hobo Beard! Seems to be a thing that happens to Youtubbers I guess

    NeilNeil4 månader sedan
  • You have the most posh Australian accent I've ever heard !!! ;)

    ParishnaParishna4 månader sedan
  • Hang on, they used the in-game and high score music from Commando on Megamaze?

    BrainticketBrainticket4 månader sedan
  • Why showing the games you showed , The c64 was capable of much more.. I remember Mayhem in Monsterland what pushed the c64 to it's limits but it looked amazing! I still owned a C64 in 1993 when this game was released.

    Esther zegiknietEsther zegikniet4 månader sedan
  • Successor is C128?

    James SealeyJames Sealey4 månader sedan
  • I ' M J E A L O U S

    M SM S4 månader sedan
  • I just love those CPU speeds -- 1, 2, 3.5 or FORTY! Yeesh. :-)

    FreihEitnerFreihEitner4 månader sedan
  • What kind of computer should be used? Uhhh, C64... C65... Whatever it takes.

    DrumWildDrumWild4 månader sedan
  • it's beautiful, but strange position for the sd card!

    blhtmlblhtml4 månader sedan
  • Problem with all these C64 solutions is they're too expensive

    Xenolith ClusterXenolith Cluster4 månader sedan
  • Please, please, more of this!

    Fabian LazarteFabian Lazarte4 månader sedan
  • Cereal RAM sounds like the delicious part of a complete breakfast.

    Squoyster CrustologistSquoyster Crustologist4 månader sedan
  • I wish they reproduced cpc 6128 with the same case design as the original, and with FPGA, adding the ability to increase its speed. This machine was in terrible need of a speedier processor( or hardware assistance in graphics).

    Kerveros1904Kerveros19044 månader sedan
    • @Cuvtixo D i know about both Mist and Mister, and they do their part excellently. But what many retro maniacs like me, would like is to reproduce the exterrior case design of the machine as well. I have the original hardware, but the idea of having an improved version, a twin which can be faster tempts me.

      Kerveros1904Kerveros19043 månader sedan
    • The Mister FPGA project based on the Terasic DE10 nano. For less than $400, the ability to emulate nearly every 8-bit computer made, vs $1215 or more, for special C64 "feelies". No contest.

      Cuvtixo DCuvtixo D3 månader sedan
  • Pro tip: if the casing is made of plexiglass you can use chloroform as glue.

    Grzegorz KukiełkaGrzegorz Kukiełka4 månader sedan
  • Wasn't the Amiga the successor of the 64?

    Nifft BatuffNifft Batuff4 månader sedan
  • With such a narrow scope its quite expensive for what it is.

    leo andersleo anders4 månader sedan
  • This is not for me. I’m ok with bmc64 as I’m only interested in games from my youth. But I’m glad that you’re enjoying it.

    daiboneheaddaibonehead4 månader sedan
  • ▒...Read, The Vaccine Papers, by Janine Roberts."%^&*▒.[]-

    The Tin Foil Hat ChannelThe Tin Foil Hat Channel4 månader sedan
  • I dunno, the original front-facing disk drive may have been a bad idea for ergonomic purposes, but it looked a lot cooler that way.

    Kenneth SörlingKenneth Sörling4 månader sedan
  • It's a C64 Pro, or C64 X!

    marcusmalonemarcusmalone4 månader sedan
  • 🤘😁🤘

    IT Guy in actionIT Guy in action4 månader sedan
  • The Commodore 128 was the 64's successor, and indeed it was amazing.

    xlar54xlar544 månader sedan
  • Kraftwerk!! Anyone else notice?

    Jim CheseboroughJim Cheseborough4 månader sedan
  • Oh, is that what this is!? I'd been hearing about this thing forever, but kept forgetting to look it up! :P Personally, I've never been a fan of clear plastic on electronics, it always feels so tacky. It probably doesn't help that crappy 3rd party console controllers were always transparent, huh? :P

    Icelink256Icelink2564 månader sedan
  • this guy is such a nerd am i right (: hehe get it

    Human KerbalHuman Kerbal4 månader sedan
  • Maybe the additional FPGA slots could be filled with an Amiga emulator, and a Vic 20..or Pet.

    Kw1161Kw11614 månader sedan
  • yer know.........

    Terence EdwardsTerence Edwards4 månader sedan
  • "Trenz Electronic"... this name is not unheard of. I guess the name it's just a homage, or is Trenz himself is involved in this project?

    Kaiser SoymilkKaiser Soymilk4 månader sedan
  • Thank you for sharing this video. What a fantastic project.

    Rhys Clement-EvansRhys Clement-Evans4 månader sedan
  • Since this is FPGA, is there a reason to get this over the Ultimate 64, which has all the ports of a "real" C64, plus 48 mhZ REU?

    April TimeLadyApril TimeLady4 månader sedan
  • Looks like rubbish. I prefer original C64 machines or CCS64 emulator

    Radoslaw JoczRadoslaw Jocz4 månader sedan
  • The thumbnail says save $90k is that what a real C65 sells for these days?

    Chris WestChris West5 månader sedan
  • Usb port/sd card reader that emulate floppy on this would be a god send! I hated floppies in the 80 and 90 im 40 now and i still angry 😡 at them arrr the frustration of floppy number 9 out of 12 that just won't work and you have to wait the whole weekend until you can go back and re-write it ahhhhh, thank god they are now gone.

    Nimrod levyNimrod levy5 månader sedan
  • Forget all the weird Amiga models Commodore pushed out in the early 90's (I'm looking you, CDTV/CD32/A600), this is the one they should have followed through with. I want one of these badly!

    Rooflesoft GamesRooflesoft Games5 månader sedan
  • Serial #202... wait so basically u were the 3rd sucker to fall for it and buy thins thing, my lord! XD Thank God, Raspberry Pie exists =D

    Marco PanzanniMarco Panzanni5 månader sedan
  • Seems like they added a lot of useless things someone might like and see it once and than never touch it again. Like the Matrix thing... your honestly not gonna use that shit so don't lie. You can make your normal PC do that and do you have set up that way? NO. I like this idea of a new computer running older hardware and games. Price needs to come down a lot tho. No reason why hold ass hardware cost more to make now than it did back than when you are using all new parts. Price goes down and shit not up.

    Jessie JamesJessie James5 månader sedan
  • IBM VGA flat screen monitor which model is it?

    Giuseppe OliveriGiuseppe Oliveri5 månader sedan
  • Run doom for C64

    Vic GreenVic Green5 månader sedan
  • The Commodore 65 had VGA quality graphics and as many sound channels as a PC-Engine (or 50% more than the Amiga 3000) but importantly included a blitter chip so it was superior to the Amiga in 1990 and was going to be sold for half the price due to 90% less memory vs A500plus minimum spec of 1991. That was the point, was also the penultimate nail in the coffin for Commodore. The Amiga 1200 as sold in ALL shops was crippled to 50% performance without a mail order purchase and installation of additional RAM. If you need help with technical stuff just ask the community next time.

    madcommodoremadcommodore5 månader sedan
  • Those intro sounds...

    M!ke_y MM!ke_y M5 månader sedan
  • 40MHz 8-bit CPU damn!

    18000rpm18000rpm5 månader sedan
  • The 8-Bit Guy must see this

    Minecrafter PicturesMinecrafter Pictures5 månader sedan
  • It is interesting that there seems to be a large interest in 8-bit computing in a younger generation. I was 12 years old when the C=64 was first released. Having cut my teeth on that technology and constantly looking forward to advancements in technology, I can't think of one reason why I would ever want to go back. It would be a painful reminder for me, personally, of a technology that I was elated to see go the way of the Dodo.

    Mike SimsMike Sims5 månader sedan
  • Maybe the case didn't fit right because of the replacemet spacers / washers that you supplied.

    Mike SimsMike Sims5 månader sedan