Beenz: One of Greatest dotcom Disasters of all Time... | Nostalgia Nerd

3 sep 2019
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... that's according to CNet at least, who put it in their top 10 greatest defunct Web sites and dotcom disasters all time. That's not how I arrived here though; I actually stumbled across a news article on whilst flicking through a stack of Computer Active! magazines. Several fascinating rabbit holes followed which apparently led to a script, and then this video... So, let's see whether Beenz was really a dot com disaster or just a misunderstood platform, launched at the wrong time. I mean, take Bitcoin, well that turned to out be a hit didn't it? But digital currencies weren't so popular back in the youthful days of the internet. Beenz was one of these so called digital currencies, launching at the height of the .com bubble, and although it's very different to Bitcoin, it still had lofty goals, an excellent management team at the helm and a lot of real world money to try and make it a currency to dominate the internet. Of course, if you look closer, it looks more like a points, or rewards scheme than anything dramatic, but marketing is a wonderful thing, as is the internet.
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  • So they became.... haz-beenz?

    Elizabeta MacoveiElizabeta Macovei17 timmar sedan
  • 14:25 WAP enabled smart phones has a different meaning now.

    LarryInc64LarryInc642 dagar sedan
  • This nigga spending beanz

    childish childchildish child6 dagar sedan
  • No bitcoin allowed here boys, we only accept *b e e n z*

    Ni KaNi Ka11 dagar sedan
  • 1:42 "Cohen" Offff couurrse.

    Flugene GuFlugene Gu12 dagar sedan
  • Nice title. Some people have a way with words. Other people not way have.

    David AnthropeDavid Anthrope21 dag sedan
  • I would use the shit out of Beenz if it was around today

    RawdoughRawdough22 dagar sedan
  • Beenz beenz the magical coin, the more you get the more you fart

    DaveTheBabyDaveTheBabyMånad sedan
  • Not mentioning Payback which launched in 2000?

    Redips KnujRedips KnujMånad sedan
  • their christmas slogan shouldve been "blow your beanz on your mother this christmas"

    Karl WilsonKarl WilsonMånad sedan
  • Rebecca Parham called. She said to watch her video on stealing her mum’s credit card and purchasing a n64 off of the toys’r’us website

    Saab 9-3 AeroSaab 9-3 AeroMånad sedan
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  • "Cast your mind back to 1998" Me: Dies

    JaustasGJaustasGMånad sedan
  • hmmmm its like Cryptocurrency in the 90s

    Snow BlackSnow Black2 månader sedan
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    Kitsune-chanKitsune-chan2 månader sedan
  • i haven't paid taxes since 1998

    Raichu BREAKRaichu BREAK2 månader sedan
  • 14:53 discord says hi

    RefractRefract2 månader sedan
  • THANKS 4 SUBTITLES! I'm Italian

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  • that discord message at 14:53 fucking GOT ME YOU SHIT

    wingedtoast7495wingedtoast74952 månader sedan
  • These videos are so in-depth. Loving this channel (watching the backlog atm, discovered it past week)

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus2 månader sedan
  • beenz beans

    MrRobloxTutorialsGo YouTubeMrRobloxTutorialsGo YouTube2 månader sedan

    RingFire MikoRingFire Miko2 månader sedan
  • *Scammer:* You need to send $100 to this address to redeem your prize. *Me:* Can I pay in Beanz?

    SounakSounak2 månader sedan
  • 14:54 Who checked their Discord

    RandomUser_101RandomUser_1012 månader sedan
  • I seem to remember similar ideas where following links and things got you money or points for things. What a weird time for the internet

    PrettyTonyPrettyTony2 månader sedan
  • 14:55 You know that "phantom vibration" thing where people think their phone went off when it didn't? I thought I was having that.

    ZenoDovahkiinZenoDovahkiin2 månader sedan
  • Had to check my discord, thanks

    Flip danFlip dan2 månader sedan
  • Cough...cryptocurrency.....cough

    CipherBytesCipherBytes2 månader sedan
  • I was born in 2000, and still have SUPER faint memories of faded beenz logos on old posters and the like. Never knew what it was, thanks for the info!

    FrogHunter StudiosFrogHunter Studios2 månader sedan
  • 1:20 Take a spin! Now you're in, with the Technoset! You're goin' surfin' on the Internet!

    Liam SamplesLiam Samples2 månader sedan
  • 2:15 - Surely that's the whole point of a loyalty card? :D

    mapesdhsmapesdhs2 månader sedan
  • Holy shit you just got BEANED!!!!

    GAME PRO24XGAME PRO24X2 månader sedan
  • 14:53 this got me

    Hekkn The SpookyHekkn The Spooky2 månader sedan
  • Imagine the world if this had succeeded. SEworld: "Earn one Beenz per video view!"

    Peter SmythePeter Smythe2 månader sedan
  • That 50¢/$ conversion rate though...

    Peter SmythePeter Smythe2 månader sedan
  • I am wondering why nobody is mentioning modern cryptocurrencies in the comments.

    Bruno ZellBruno Zell2 månader sedan
  • 14:53 mans gets a discord notif😂

    Ian PleziaIan Plezia3 månader sedan

    Lindsay RLindsay R3 månader sedan
  • Me and the boys looking for BEENZ

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  • ahh... 1998... *THE AGE OF HALF LIFE.*

    DλN DλLE Dan DaleDλN DλLE Dan Dale3 månader sedan
  • 14:53 pInG

    Neil GuptaNeil Gupta3 månader sedan
  • 14:54 Discord noise

    pbrunet44pbrunet443 månader sedan
  • 11:55 Noticed the ""...who knew it would be relevant again in 2020

    VM 9VM 93 månader sedan
  • the year is 20902 the zune hd 32 year edition releases for 5000 beenz

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  • *Fred and George would like to know your location.*

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  • "Cast your mind back to 1998" Me, born after 2000: Ah yes

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  • hey man, you got some of that sticky icky Sure man, that'll be -500 BEENZ-

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  • song has a sample of the same sound used by discord. I thought I was losing my mind.

    Richard SmithRichard Smith3 månader sedan
  • I used to love Ask Jeeves! :-)

    Elizabeth ShawElizabeth Shaw3 månader sedan
  • From 3:48 to 4:02 there is a dogwhistle sound and it's *really* painful.

    Howling WolvenHowling Wolven3 månader sedan
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  • Rango: So what's your name? Beans: Beenz

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    Leech LittleLeech Little3 månader sedan
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    xDovahxDovah3 månader sedan
  • at 14:50 there is a discord ping

    A random CatA random Cat3 månader sedan
  • Whilst it was inevitable that all of the crap being invested in needed to die, I always wonder how many genuinely good ideas got lost in the .COM crash to never be truly revived or used by larger corporations down the line.

    ad3z10ad3z103 månader sedan
  • 14:52 discord noises

    Denk1_Denk1_3 månader sedan
  • This vid makes me hungry for beenz

    Xinless ViceXinless Vice3 månader sedan
  • Spill the Beenz bro or we’ll whack you. Oh, no-one sucked it up. Hence why it failed. People are starting to see just how vile marketing fuckweasels actually are these days.

    William ToppingWilliam Topping3 månader sedan
  • I thought Beenz was a proto-cryptocurrency

    Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.3 månader sedan
  • The real question here is how has whoopie goldberg not aged since the year 2000

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  • 14:53 I got jebaited

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  • Beenzs predicted the 🅱️ *E A N S*

    Ghosted ToastGhosted Toast3 månader sedan
  • "I'll pay you 20 beenz for that"

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  • Turn off your Discord notifs.

    Out by the Water in Cape MayOut by the Water in Cape May3 månader sedan
  • Bet you checked on your Discord on 14:53

    parampaa2parampaa23 månader sedan
  • nice fucking username rofl

    ِِ3 månader sedan
  • 14:53 i hear the discord boop in the video it made me check mine lol. got played

    Clancy ElkinsClancy Elkins3 månader sedan
  • Greater China?? You mean Japan?

    thebacon wizardthebacon wizard3 månader sedan
  • Thank god beenz went bankrupt before I was born. With a name like that........I don’t want to ever think of it again.

    Unripe TomatoUnripe Tomato3 månader sedan
  • How many Beenz would it taketo buy a can of Beans.

    Craig UsselmanCraig Usselman3 månader sedan
  • One of the best documentaries/essays on the site. I come back to it from time to time.

    Alexander RileyAlexander Riley3 månader sedan
  • You know what they say... The Internet is all about them beans

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  • How did nobody ever talk about this??

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  • So beenz is like crypto currency

    kushkingkushking3 månader sedan
  • August, 2001: Beenz floundered. September, 2001: 9/11 happened. Coincidence? I think not. Osama bin Laden almost got to purchase a model plane using beenz, but it was then invalidated when he tried redeeming it on the 27th of August. As revenge, he then plans to take real planes. Beenz was the cause of American misery.

    hi therehi there3 månader sedan
  • Damn this all happened before I was even born

    SaucyBoi106SaucyBoi1063 månader sedan
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    Imperial SnowfallImperial Snowfall3 månader sedan
  • Beenz: "The web's currency." Bitcoin: My ass!

    You're fake and gayYou're fake and gay3 månader sedan
  • 14:52

    xX XxxX Xx3 månader sedan
  • Surfing the wurld wife wheb SURFING? THAT SOUNDS fun already!!!!!!!!!

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