The Evolution of Tennis Games | Nostalgia Nerd

11 jul 2019
29 995 visningar

Let's take a look at the evolution of tennis video games, starting with the 1958 Tennis for Two and ending with what our current generation of consoles has to offer.
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Featured games;
Tennis - Magnavox Odyssey, 1972, Magnavox - Dave Sweet
Tennis - Channel F, 1976, Fairchild - vghchannel
Tennis - Atari VCS, 1981, Activision - World of Longplays
RealSports Tennis - Atari 8 Bit, 1983, Atari - Highretrogamelord
Tennis - NES, 1984, Nintendo - World of Longplays
Super Tennis - Master System, 1985, Sega - Oberon Gaming
Super Tennis - SNES, 1991, Nintendo - Felipe Nascimento
Andre Agassi Tennis - Master System, 1992, Tec Magik - Sega Master System
International Tennis Open - CDi, 1992, Atari, Philips Interactive - tribalcditube
David Crane's Amazing Tennis - SNES, 1992, Absolute Entertainment - 10min Gameplay
Wimbledon Championship Tennis - Mega Drive, 1993, Sega - Debyaka
Ace wo Nerae - Super Famicom / Aim for the Ace!, 1993, Telenet Japan - SoyBomb
Sampras Tennis '96 - Mega Drive, 1995, Codemasters - Switch Retro Gaming
Break Point Tennis - Saturn, 1996, Smart Dog, Konami - A Game Hunt
Actua Tennis - PS1, 1998, Gremlin Interactive - mfa rec
Virtua Tennis - Dreamcast, 2000, Sega AM-3, Sega - Randomised Gaming
Virtua Tennis 2 - Dreamcast, 2001, Sega Hitmaker, Sega - Free Emulator
Top Spin - Xbox, 2003, 2K Sports - GlitchoGaming
Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 - PS2, 2004, Namco - someother1ne
Virtua Tennis 3 - PS3, 2007, Sega AM3, Sega - Daxter296Plays
Grand Slam Tennis - Wii, 2009, EA Canada, EA - Muffin Man Console Gameplays
Top Spin 4 - Xbox 360, 2011, 2K Czech, 2K Sports - PlayscopeTrailers
Gran Slam Tennis 2 - PS3, 2012, EA Vancouver, EA Sports - Humpelfunftel
AO International Tennis - XBox ONE, 2018, Big Ant Studios - Jay Mingoes
Tennis World Tour, PS4, 2018, Breakpoint, Bigben Interactive - JohnnyDGaming
If you believe I have forgotten to attribute anything in this video, please let me know, so I can add the source in. It takes time to make these videos and therefore it can be easy to forget things or make a mistake.

  • It's interesting to note that Pong is actually based on the Odyssey game "Table Tennis", because you can't move the "bats" over the entire court. It's really a Ping Pong game (hence the name). Both Table Tennis and Tennis (where you can move sideways as well as towards and away from the net), were bundled with the Magnavox Odyssey.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • What's mind blowing is how the Magnavox Odyssey system came with semi-transparent overlays for the TV set to give it color and some background graphics. Can you imagine doing that today?! lol

      Bill ABill AÅr sedan
    • Although with table tennis you can still move the paddle back and forth

      Franz PattisonFranz PattisonÅr sedan
    • What's the name of the music track at the end of this video pls

      PJPJÅr sedan
    • Nostalgia Nerd nice review, that vr tennis is crazy , but still prefer real world tennis

      Kart ipacKart ipacÅr sedan
    • Nolan Bushnell signed the guestbook when the Odyssey was introduced. That served as evidence Bushnell copied the idea for what later became Pong.

      Eighties SeekerEighties SeekerÅr sedan
  • I played mostly "Match point" on C64 and Pro Tennis Tour 2 (Great Courts 2) on the Amiga..

    TonyTony10 månader sedan
  • didn't like it back then, Still don't like it. Hate tennis.

    db sixdb six10 månader sedan
  • 4D Sports Tennis for DOS from 1990 was revolutionary for me.

    jfrocojfrocoÅr sedan
  • My favorite tennis game is Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour

    Blue CoyoteBlue CoyoteÅr sedan
  • Still play Activision's Tennis sometimes

    Stephen ArmouraeStephen ArmouraeÅr sedan
  • Wimbledon Tennis on the Genesis is always my go-to choice. I don't know about all the others mentioned but, in that one, you can smash the ball right into your opponent's crotch, something my friend and I had lots of juvenile fun with back then. That it also worked on the female characters added to the humor.

    Alan RizkallahAlan RizkallahÅr sedan
  • Dreamcast graphics were always way underrated. I always prefer them to the PS2 and I was an exclusively PC gamer so had no bias. 18 years can be short or long depending on your reference points. In years and personal memory it seems short but in game and game machine generations/evolution it seems soooooo long. So it's shocking to see Serena Williams featured in a game from 2001.

    News RedialNews RedialÅr sedan
  • Lesbian Tennis NES rom hack and Great Courts 2 on Amiga are great too.

    Schnitz1Schnitz1År sedan
  • _"Anyone for tennis?"_ -- Daffy Duck

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • Aww, no World Court Tennis on the Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine? The only Tennis JRPG - go around, meet random tennis players in the wild, beat them for gold and upgrade your equipment before... going out and finding more tennis randos in forests? Surprisingly fun, if not very weird.

    AB Positive03AB Positive03År sedan
  • Can you do this with football games. And I don't mean American football. I mean real football.

    Russ MawsonRuss MawsonÅr sedan
  • YESSSSS!!!Binatone TV Master!!! Loved that console!! :)

    Stephen ScuttStephen ScuttÅr sedan
  • 13:50 EA sports it's in the game

    James IsaacJames IsaacÅr sedan
  • Mario Tennis TBH

    wristsintactwristsintactÅr sedan
  • Reading Wikipedia about Björn Borg it suggests (doesn't say it clearly) he retired around 1984. Was there no video game around where his name was mentioned? I read he had an unsuccessful comeback in 1991 and there was indeed a video game he participated in called Final Match Tennis. But this was only published for the PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) thus not covered in this episode.

    Eighties SeekerEighties SeekerÅr sedan
  • Virtua Tennis 2K2 is one of my favourite games and a time sucker :)

    Abraham LimpoAbraham LimpoÅr sedan
  • Capcom sports club tennis is a really fun game from the mid 90s. I used to play that lots.

    SNATHSNATHÅr sedan
  • Used to spend ages wtth virtua tennis

    Ed RobinsonEd RobinsonÅr sedan
  • Awesome video, still like the original NES tennis the best. You did miss the Tennis game in GTA V on both modern consoles.

    Chris TeschkeChris TeschkeÅr sedan
  • No mention of Psion's Match Point on Speccy & c64!? Shame on you! Otherwise top notch. In the c64 version of Match Point there was an odd glitch where the ball physics went haywire: a shot would go flying up and come down about 3 seconds later and just do a little bounce as if it had been an ordinary shot. V odd but amusing :-)

    hazy33hazy33År sedan
  • You missed Jimmy Conners fort snes

    zuijderwijkzuijderwijkÅr sedan
  • dooode it is higginbottom not botham he is a critiketplayer

    zuijderwijkzuijderwijkÅr sedan
  • Smash Tennis (Super Family Tennis in Japan) for SNES is also a fun game. Not Super Tennis but definitely lots of fun.

    StroboStroboÅr sedan
  • Wimbledon Championship Tennis' umpire sounds like a Dalek. 8:43 "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

    StroboStroboÅr sedan
  • I swear the umpire in the sms super tennis is Alex Kidd.

    Luke1296Luke1296År sedan
  • 6:44 it's clearly in! You can't be serious!

    CeleTheRefCeleTheRefÅr sedan
  • Don't know if someone has already mentioned this but, Smash court tennis 2 on the ps2 has heihachi and xiaoyu from tekken and Cassandra, Raphael from soul calibur as unlockable players. Anna kournikova smash court tennis (PS1) also had multiple unlockable namco characters such as pacman and Eddy gordo.

    Hugh ChristianHugh ChristianÅr sedan
  • What about Wii Sports?

    samtheking25samtheking25År sedan
  • I can't be arsed to read all the comments but someone must have said that that blokes name is said higin-bot-ham. Don't copy the cricket tosser, he's wrong.

    AlabamaShrimpAlabamaShrimpÅr sedan
  • Any ever played anna kournikova tennis ? It was amazing . That and virtual tennis 2

    SkyBlue 1988SkyBlue 1988År sedan
  • Oh come on, SNES could not scale sprites... Keep up the good work :)

    Opa-OpaOpa-OpaÅr sedan
    • Edit: infact Mode 7 was very limited. Actually it calculates the rotation and scaling from a top dow perspective what you see in the ending of F-Zero. When the road tilts backwards at the beginning, that is calculated by the CPU. note the tilt is always fixed. Now we have pilotwings whis has variable tilt, that's why they had to put a DSP into the cartridge. Even Miyamoto complained tha SNES could not rotate or scale sprites so they had to all that phantastic rotating aircrafts with lots on animation. And don't get me started why first gen games where so underperforming. Yes the CPU was lame but on top all were 4Mbits Slow-Rom so the CPU ran only on 'mid-speed' mode. With the rising of 8MBit carts you will see a bumm in performance. Cheap N, so cheap that they decided to put on every Pilotwings a DSP insted into the console. but on the other side with their licencing tactics they sold probaly a ton of those DSP. In short the HW design is a mess. Oh and technically SNES is an 8-Bit console, the CPU data bus is 8-Bit. Otherwise we must call MD a 32-Bit machine :)

      Opa-OpaOpa-OpaÅr sedan
  • How can you neglect Mario Tennis?

    Franz PattisonFranz PattisonÅr sedan
    • @wspencerwatkins lol what about that tennis game on the game boy VR or whatever that was called

      Franz PattisonFranz PattisonÅr sedan
    • Franz Pattison I think what he said about excluding the wii sports game applies, but I’m with ya anyway, Mario tennis was so much fun

      wspencerwatkinswspencerwatkinsÅr sedan
  • I worked in an arcade where our Virtua Tennis machine was actually a Sega Dreamcast that our technician had integrated into a Naomi Universal Cabinet. Nice and cheap way of making a very popular earner :)

    stefanavicstefanavicÅr sedan
  • I still don't know why the points are counted that way. Let's ask google and youtube :D

    The NiwoThe NiwoÅr sedan
  • I remember playing and failing to remotely master tennis in an early 16 bit DOS game that was first person 3D with very rudimentary graphics. Doing a little googling, it seems that the game I'm thinking of is 4D Sports Tennis.

    jmalmstenjmalmstenÅr sedan
  • Good work man. Keep it up!

    Kris BackenstoseKris BackenstoseÅr sedan
  • imagine back then all the engineers working on stuff like going to space, preventing war and then these guys were like, we turned an oscilloscope into a game.

    James BurkeJames BurkeÅr sedan
  • Realistic sports games really are the worst. I wish we would get more dumb extreme sports stuff like from the early 00's.

    Global warming is hotGlobal warming is hotÅr sedan
  • The only one I played when it was current was Activision Tennis. It was fun, but after a while I learned how to easily beat the computer. Two player was fun, but the person playing the far side of the court was at a disadvantage. I've played Virtua Tennis 3 and Virtua Tennis World Tour on the PSP via emulation and they were pretty good. Back in the 80s, Tournament Tennis on the C64 was my game of choice. To be clear, I'm not a huge tennis fan. I don't watch it on TV, nor do I play it in real life. That said, I do like tennis video games, if they're well done. Of course with pretty much all the later games, I never had the manuals for them, so I never knew how to control the shots. I just ran after the ball and mashed the button when I got close.

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrulÅr sedan
  • My favourite ever tennis game was definitely Namco's Smash Tennis on the SNES. Yes, it wasn't realistic or serious, but the mechanics were spot-on.

    Peter YatesPeter YatesÅr sedan
  • Thought passing shot would have had a mention as it was an arcade conversion.

    Barry BarcrestBarry BarcrestÅr sedan
  • Yay, Christmas already!

    Samuel Feynman Tribute pageSamuel Feynman Tribute pageÅr sedan
  • So the guy who made the first real-time video game also made Nukes?

    Mr. Atari 2600Mr. Atari 2600År sedan
    • No.

      Matteo CristiniMatteo CristiniÅr sedan
  • I have vr tennis game its graphics are great but its impossible to win far realistic

    Yussaf MalikYussaf MalikÅr sedan
  • As a serious tennis player in the 1990s, my favorite was Jimmy Connor's Pro Tennis Tour on SNES. It was more realistic than Super Tennis, with a variety of shots and reasonable physics. I also enjoyed the Virtua Tennis games but wished for better physics, especially at net. The charge your shot feature would be better as a precise timing one. I felt penalized for hitting the ball at the right time, and holding the button means you are temporarily stopped from moving and reacting.

    rsmith02rsmith02År sedan
  • Everyone knows that the best Tennis game is "Mario's Tennis", the pack-in game for the Virtual Boy.

    Andy LundellAndy LundellÅr sedan
  • Love'd your video.

    Bandana zXBandana zXÅr sedan
  • Virtua Tennis. A true step up from anything else !!

    James NewmanJames NewmanÅr sedan
  • Top spin was totally my game. LOL

    bBrainbBrainÅr sedan
  • Tennis- it'll piss ya off.

    Chad SingerChad SingerÅr sedan
  • Great video. Your content is absolutely top notch, like a silky smooth v12 in a classic Ferrari blasting down a lovely B road. Love it. Never change and please keep it coming.

    Canadian ThomasCanadian ThomasÅr sedan
  • Ah the poor ColecoVision gets forgotten again despite being much better than the Atari 5200 and the inspiration for the NES. You completely missed Tournament Tennis by Imagic.

    IkranankaIkranankaÅr sedan
  • There is a joy from playing tennis in GTA 5. After losing or winning going full nut bar and killing the other player. That Japanese one made me feel travel sick just from watching it. However I do recall a SNES tennis game where you could accidentally hit your doubles partner. It was accidentally as well. To go to other variations did they ever make a Real Tennis game.

    Andrew McDonaghAndrew McDonaghÅr sedan
  • Problem with VR tennis....just go outside!

    Richard ServelloRichard ServelloÅr sedan
  • Error at 9:22 the Super Nintendo couldn't rotate or scale sprites, it could only rotate and scale a single background layer (which could create perspective effects when combined with HBlank). Other tricks had to be used for faking sprite scaling.

    XilefianXilefianÅr sedan
  • Well that was fun

    James FondrenJames FondrenÅr sedan
  • TopSpin was the benchmark for me.

    GonzoGonzoÅr sedan
  • OMG nice one , little eeva just made her first cover song , thank you so much

    eeva coverseeva coversÅr sedan
  • No mention of "4D Sports Tennis" (Compaq Grand Slam Cup) on the PC :(

    OxygenicOxygenicÅr sedan
  • Agree virtual tennis 2 there’s never been a better rendition of the sport in gaming

    Simply SpudleySimply SpudleyÅr sedan
  • No "On Court Tennis" on the Commodore 64? You skipped an essential step of tennis game evolution!

    Wacholder BärWacholder BärÅr sedan
    • @Prof. Fake The video description least when I read it.

      xnonsuchxxnonsuchxÅr sedan
    • @xnonsuchx why is he only covering consoles? He didn't say so, and the very first game is in fact a PC game. On court Tennis is a great game!

      Prof. FakeProf. FakeÅr sedan
    • He was only covering consoles. There was that C-64 based console, though...but the game woulda had be available on cartridge.

      xnonsuchxxnonsuchxÅr sedan
  • You left out all the virtua tennis sequels! To me that series is perfection. I didn't think anything could top jedi power battles for me on dreamcast, but in college my friend and I became obsessed with virtua tennis 2 and it became my favorite game on the console. I think we managed to get the king and queen to level 29 eventually, and even nights when we were too drunk to walk, we could still beat anybody. It even got me interested in actual tennis which I started watching since I was usually up super late and 3/4 of the grand slams are on tv in the middle of the night. The sequels were all great, quality games by every measure, however, none of them really clicked the same way for me. Cool vid, didn't know about Brookhaven being the origin

    The Lone JediThe Lone JediÅr sedan
  • You Forgot the Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 on the Game Gear Only in Europe. Edit: 3 of the game aren't a Tennis Game, but 1 is And Sonic in it!

    Somari The Adventurer Jam 6Somari The Adventurer Jam 6År sedan
  • hell of a vid, very enjoyable, thanks for making

    stingyringpiecestingyringpieceÅr sedan
  • VR tennis in the living room? Sounds dangerous.... RIP the walls and everything else. Would be a fun drinking game though. Take turns playing the match or dodging the player. This could make tennis actually fun.

    Locks Rocks And What NotsLocks Rocks And What NotsÅr sedan
  • Rockstar tabletop tennis is probably worth mentioning.

    DylValentineDylValentineÅr sedan
  • How about Anna Kornakova on PS1

    DylValentineDylValentineÅr sedan
  • Hmmm the only tennis game I have played was.... GTA 5 ... Sorry.

    cpt nordbartcpt nordbartÅr sedan
  • Real Sport Tennis on 2600 is better than 5200

    tomtom vickytomtom vickyÅr sedan
  • hey, i'm pretty sure "youtube" is not a license. If you mean CCBY license that you can apply to youtube videos, that's totally different and you should be using "CCBY" not youtube. I don't want you to get sued or anything.

    rtsgodrtsgodÅr sedan
  • Please check out Final Match Tennis on the PC Engine. Still my favourite tennis game.

    Tom StevensonTom StevensonÅr sedan
    • Thanks very much. I will definitely check out the ladies version. I love the tactical element in Final Match. The physics and AI are uncanny at times. That game got me through a divorce 16 years ago 😅 I still play it to this day on Retropie.

      Tom StevensonTom Stevenson17 dagar sedan
    • Came here to say the same. Incredible game. Shame that the PC Engine/Turbografx16 was not a more popular console. I recently extracted the rare ROM of "Final Match Tennis Ladies" from the “Human Sports Festival” CD, and this is an even more balanced game because on this version the players have less power and gameplay becomes even more about tactics and precision. Just a gem. I owned and loved Super Tennis and Smash Tennis back in the 90s and today both feel clumsy in comparison with Final Match Tennis on the PCE. Grab the "Final Match Tennis Ladies" ROM here if you would like to try it

      pfmpfm17 dagar sedan
  • I don't know what "virtua tennis" on dreamcast has, but it "feels" perfect. maybe it's the framerate?. it looks and feels awesome, it's still impressive like "holy shit!! look at that!! and it plays so smooth!!".

    PelgerPelgerÅr sedan
    • Because in the arcade it ran on Naomi which was essentially a slightly beefed up dreamcast.

      Barry BarcrestBarry BarcrestÅr sedan
  • My favorite tennis game was Mario Tennis on Game Boy Advance. Tennis + a fun Adventure RPG put together.

    Philo Judaeus of AlexandriaPhilo Judaeus of AlexandriaÅr sedan
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has an awesome tennis minigame in it.... NN I know KimJustice has covered soccer games pretty well but how about you do a video covering GOLF games sometime?

    David AlanDavid AlanÅr sedan
  • My favorite tennis game is World Court Tennis on the Turbografx 16. It's an RPG tennis game with mediocre everything and horribly long passwords. I don't even like tennis games and I don't care much for RPGs. WCT is like me.

    Bill SchlaflyBill SchlaflyÅr sedan
  • Check how buff Tim Henman is on Virtua Tennis... MACHO MACHO MANNN!

    BirdFluJapanBirdFluJapanÅr sedan
  • I don’t know if evolution is the right word. I love tennis and still prefer some of the older games like Super Tennis. I can’t remember the last really good 3D tennis game. It’s like the graphics got better but the gameplay devolved.

    Keith2800Keith2800År sedan
  • My friend was addicted to whipping ass on Top Spin 3. I was not so enthused about playing and losing most of the time.

    Kurt StedmanKurt StedmanÅr sedan
  • Virtua tennis 2 is the best game i ever played nerd. Check my channe for VERY HIGH playthorugh :D

    LatisARGLatisARGÅr sedan
  • Virtua Tennis 2 on Dreamcast still one of my favorite sports game

    Psycho SurferPsycho SurferÅr sedan
    • It was class man

      SkyBlue 1988SkyBlue 1988År sedan
  • Surprised you missed out sensible softwares international 3D tennis on the c64

    Fandango BrandangoFandango BrandangoÅr sedan
  • Thank goodness, I thought it was just me who liked Agasi.

    Chris MonkChris MonkÅr sedan
  • Virtual Tennis on the Dreamcast is a stunning game. Fluid, attractive, full of character, and near-perfect Arcade action. One of the top 5 games on the DC without a doubt.

    geezerdiamondgeezerdiamondÅr sedan
  • Intellevision had a better Tennis game 1 year before atari did.

    clumasterclumasterÅr sedan
  • Oh dear no Match Point?

    ZX RenewZX RenewÅr sedan
  • I've spent hundreds of hours playing "sony ericsson tennis" on my phone both alone and with friends via bluetooth multiplayer.

    ボロ from EUボロ from EUÅr sedan
  • mention of Hansa's "The Brat - Chalkdust - The Umpire Strikes Back"...eeh...I'm old. The first tv game we ever had when I were growing up was...I think it was that Grandstand tv game thing. It did not take me long to figure out that there was not great diversity with the things that were on there. Still... Interestingly enough, as I got older, I remember a shop where they did sell Atari 2600 cartridges, and was much taken by the amazing artwork with which these things were wrapped. The first time I ever got hold of an Atari VCS system was in 1989, and this was a sort of a reboot thing, it wasn't like how the originals looked, but hey. Still thought it was cool to get hold of one, and to play stuff like Galaxians, Crossbow, Asteroids, Hero and such on it. A few years ago I also got hold of that book about Atari Art, which...yeah, maybe deviating away from the tennis video game thing, but I thought it worth mentioning. Yeah, I may have been drinking...going on holiday tomorrow, not abroad as I hate airports, but it will be nice to just chill out for a week. Thank you for your awesome productions NN.

    Stuart BrownleeStuart BrownleeÅr sedan
  • I absolutely loved Super Tennis on SNES. In hindsight it may even be what originally sparked my love of tennis.

    Ville MetsolaVille MetsolaÅr sedan
  • Thumbs down for creating a "relevant, topical video". You have betrayed the code.

    Andrew GibsonAndrew GibsonÅr sedan
  • 16:50 “Rotational and Sprite Scaling Effects”.... the SNES did not have these. It only had Mode 7, which allows it to scale and rotate the background layer.

    Happy SpaceInvaderHappy SpaceInvaderÅr sedan
  • Good video since I want to play tennis now. I don't like tennis.

    CockadoodleCockadoodleÅr sedan
  • What about matchpoint on the spectrum, only game i could ever complete!

    Mark ChennellsMark ChennellsÅr sedan
  • Virtua tennis is the greatest tennis videogame ever made.

    Tiago FCPortoTiago FCPortoÅr sedan
  • What no "FILA World Tour Tennis"? lol

    Thrift BytesThrift BytesÅr sedan
  • Hold on, your last vid was topical.. as in riding on the popularity of the Chernobyl series!

    Superade 79Superade 79År sedan
  • What about Commodore 64!

    puncolpuncolÅr sedan
  • Virtua tennis just like you said absolutely had me in awe in how 'realistic' it was....

    Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalOrder Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & PersonalÅr sedan
  • No Anna Kournikova no list jk, good list

    brokenstyxbrokenstyxÅr sedan
  • Tennis and Golf, probably my least favourite sports and video games. Isn't Higganbotham pronounced 'Higganbottom'?

    LiofaLiofaÅr sedan