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29 sep 2019
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The Early Web was a much more twee place than it is today:
So Get Surfshark VPN at Surfshark.deals/NERD, Enter promo code NERD for 83% off and one extra month free! You remember the 1990s? Surely? The early world wide web. The time when the internet was young, fresh and unfettered. When someone with enough hacking acumen could log onto the largest search engine of the time and plaster it with their thoughts and feelings. What a time to be alive. I miss those times, so I thought we could spend a little bit of time exploring some forgotten website h@cks of those early, tentative and security lacking days. Join me, as we explore what happened to sites such as Yahoo.com, JurassicPark, the Spice Girls and many, many more. GOOD TIMES.
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    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • amen!

      J TJ T2 månader sedan
    • stfu dont tell me what to do with my time

      Noobian GoddessNoobian Goddess3 månader sedan
    • Phreaking ! Now that's an episode you should do ! BBS Boards, War Dialers, Building Boxes, Talking about the Greats ! Capt'N Crunch, Jolly Roger, The Traveler, Happy Hippie, King Blotto, P.L.A., Packet Storm, Anti Code, Reading ZiNes ! Ma Bell Monopoly ! Half Area Codes ! Black Listed Numbers ! Stealing Trunks ! WaReZ ! That would be an Episode !

      CHEF KEWLCHEF KEWL3 månader sedan
    • unhelpful comments huh? wuba luba ding dong. hows that?

      Wandy Wexler WeslonWandy Wexler Weslon3 månader sedan
    • Thanks for reminding me to stretch my neck at the beginning there, I didn't realize how stiff I was!

      Bucky BroBucky Bro4 månader sedan
  • “Hey mister security expert... if you’re so elite, how come you’re always getting owned by US anklebiters?”

    Vianny RVianny R12 dagar sedan
  • Damn, this stuff takes me back.

    Flugene GuFlugene Gu20 dagar sedan
  • Commenting before the EU is exposed as a giant POS and this guy who constantly is for it is butthurt

    Based Chad Barrska A.GBased Chad Barrska A.G23 dagar sedan
  • They do it for the lulz.

    Bad DayBad Day23 dagar sedan
  • A F T M A S E R A S M A E A U M C K Y C A M E O N Y C I A S F S M U Y A E N M K I N A S E H N A S E N A S E E S M A A T A S U C S U C C E S S M A I A S S D E F J A S M E T 5 U C K A S X M E N A S S E S L M

    UbuntuTheDistroUbuntuTheDistro24 dagar sedan
  • lisa lisa hm jojo reference?

    Janek KrawieckiJanek Krawiecki25 dagar sedan
  • el8 means elite.

    Porter BieszkPorter Bieszk27 dagar sedan
  • hack the planet!

    Michał WojteczekMichał Wojteczek27 dagar sedan
  • The Y2k bug was "harmless" because major systems were fixed, not because it wasn't an issue.

    Drawing Ain't EasyDrawing Ain't EasyMånad sedan
  • Interesting facts thanks

    The Glitchy Gamecube KidThe Glitchy Gamecube KidMånad sedan
  • Wow,am so happy thanks to *spy_crack* on Instagram he's the best

    Gabriel WestGabriel WestMånad sedan
  • Wow,am so happy thanks to *spy_crack* on Instagram he's the best

    Gabriel WestGabriel WestMånad sedan
  • Coming back to this video, my only remark would be that the Y2ak bug did very little because we spent millions on hiring developers to correct the issues in the software that would have sparked issues. The potential damages were always blown into apocalyptic proportions, but the damage the bug could have caused without the concerted efforts of thousands of developers pulled out of retirement to help combat the bug was still something that was worth combatting.

    NoFoxTuGivNoFoxTuGivMånad sedan
  • Those were the days when cpu glitches would allow you hack government server webpages. I miss those days LOL. My friend had believed the Microsoft email because bill gates was so rich when he gave his credit card number to him he didnt understand why money went missing. So he blamed me for the missing money on the card cause I hacked him and knew about the email.

    shawnmccorishawnmccoriMånad sedan
  • I think el8 means elite.

    Robert PerkowskiRobert PerkowskiMånad sedan
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    james collinsjames collinsMånad sedan
  • VPNs are for gay pirate assassins

    Thibaut Snoeijs (3WEA)Thibaut Snoeijs (3WEA)2 månader sedan
  • "A way of life that's been replaced by social media and shouting into the void." That's so accurate for today in 2020!

    Jenny WakemanJenny Wakeman2 månader sedan
  • I think this is hilarious, they filter out the swear words, but scroll down at 6:15. The censored word is visable and then the nerd says "nice work lads" about 5 seconds later.

    Mike GaddassMike Gaddass2 månader sedan
  • "A way of life that's been replaced by social media and shouting into the void" You tell it like it is

    Alex KuhnAlex Kuhn2 månader sedan
  • what about hacked, free, AOL accounts? And "line hijaker" tools? :-D ..... ... Ever watched your m8 take over the school network because your other friend's dad was head of I.T. ? And we're playing DOOM next? .... :-D

    Shane CorningShane Corning2 månader sedan
  • Gosh I miss simple webpages, frames on the left to each page, guestbooks, terribly clashing font colors with background images (tiled, possibly .gifs) And especially, a username. A name you picked out and everybody called you, none of this real name bullshit. If I want to be called SON then fucking why do I need to use my real name

    Michael MathersMichael Mathers2 månader sedan
  • NASAs hack of 1996 is there a replica of this website that you used to show?

    Daharrycrafter 18Daharrycrafter 182 månader sedan
  • SEworld would not let YOU monetize it. But they still put more ads on this video than any other I watched today. Funny how that works.

    JonJon2 månader sedan
  • 10:35 haha spicegirls go boom

    SweetTurtleSweetTurtle2 månader sedan
  • speaking of Kevin Mitnik, I have recently been listening to one of his Audio books "Ghost n the wires", which is excellent. I highly recommend it for anyone who was into hacking and phreaking in the 80's and 90's amzn.to/2XiNn7N

    Russ MichaelsRuss Michaels2 månader sedan
  • ".. just be sure to flex your neck muscles so you can look away when appropriate." No sooner than his pronouncing the "t" of appropriate did a ad for RAID curse my screen.

    DralisethDraliseth2 månader sedan
  • Nice Channel, but take it easy on the advertising

    Celso BarrosoCelso Barroso2 månader sedan
  • Does anyone remember an Internet hoax from the 80s about some kind of system "clean-up"? It advised ppl not to be alarmed if a fluid started backing out of their modems, it was the Internet being defragged or something?

    Tolen TarpayTolen Tarpay3 månader sedan
  • I'm highly certain that's the only ones trying to hack NASA are delusional flat-earthers who live in their parents' basement and people who blur fantasy with reality by saying that Elvis was abducted by aliens.

    xXBlackRavenXxxXBlackRavenXx3 månader sedan
  • They sent him to *PRISON* for long distance calls??? You gotta be kidding me, lol

    Christopher BrasherChristopher Brasher3 månader sedan
  • WARNING: Some sexual references and strong language. Not for people above 18.

    Roblox and Minecraft Fan 2019Roblox and Minecraft Fan 20193 månader sedan
    • Wait... Jenny, is that really you?

      Roblox and Minecraft Fan 2019Roblox and Minecraft Fan 20192 månader sedan
    • That left the building when kids were invented.

      Jenny WakemanJenny Wakeman2 månader sedan
  • I heard the windows nt4.0 chimes and i thought it was a notification on my phone. Yes, i have that as my notification tone.

    thenewbgamer64 pro. idiot65thenewbgamer64 pro. idiot653 månader sedan
  • 9:12 el8 means elite.

    PencientPencient3 månader sedan
  • 9:12 Elite. I find it funny, that Mr. Ahmed had to "decipher" this message, in order to read it :D

    CsBence98CsBence983 månader sedan
  • I’m hacking the comments section 🟧🟪🟥🟦🟫⬛️▫️⬜️🟫🟥

    I Created An Account For ThisI Created An Account For This3 månader sedan
  • Holy shit, that is what social media has become lol. Instead of people actually doing things, they get all the same validation from just saying things with no affect on anyone else. Keeps some people safe, keeps others in danger of themsevles.

    DeepFried OreoDeepFried Oreo3 månader sedan
  • You could sign up to any website in just seconds back then, no Email/Phone Verification, No Captcha , or secret question(s). You didn't even need any email account at all.

    SpideyspidSpideyspid3 månader sedan
  • Thought I smelled Skillshare

    Ido KorenIdo Koren3 månader sedan
  • You Tube are pathetic.

    aaronsdavisaaronsdavis3 månader sedan
  • Re. the Y2K bug: I'd like to echo what other commenters have been saying, in that it wasn't a big deal precisely because people who understood the scale of the problem worked hard to solve it in time. Given we're in the midst of a deadly pandemic, forecast by many column writers early on as "not a big deal because look how hyped up swine flu and ebola were", it seems a good lesson to learn that if you correctly cater for and deal with a potentially catastrophic scenario, people will never believe it had that potential in the first place. If you don't deal with it adequately...well, I think us in the UK and US are learning how that's panning out. Y2K aside, it's interesting to look back in time and see the similarities and differences between hackers of the 90s and the internet users of today.

    X6HerbiusX6Herbius3 månader sedan
  • Pinterest is a garbage site for garbage people

    hypurbanhypurban3 månader sedan
  • Phreaking ! Now that's an episode you should do ! BBS Boards, War Dialers, Building Boxes, Talking about the Greats ! Capt'N Crunch, Jolly Roger, The Traveler, Happy Hippie, King Blotto, P.L.A., Packet Storm, Anti Code, Reading ZiNes ! Ma Bell Monopoly ! Half Area Codes ! Black Listed Numbers ! Stealing Trunks ! WaReZ ! That would be an Episode !

    CHEF KEWLCHEF KEWL3 månader sedan
  • The millennium bug did very little because companys spent hundreds of millions of dollars to up date time keeping chips and software before it happened. I spent the first 9mos of my career replacing time keeper chips updating software and checking date rollover in medical equipment.

    stdornstdorn3 månader sedan
  • "Apollo 69" "Naked girls" The more things change the more they stay the same :DDD

    matt mattmatt matt3 månader sedan
  • Excellent video. Sorry about SEworld. They’re in the process of changing their business model away from DIY-style content. They’re in a bit of a pickle over looming regulations... I’d consume your content off of other monetizable platforms; I’m sure others would as well.

    X of CenterX of Center3 månader sedan
  • "Gifs, gifs, and more gifs! And perhaps some jifs, too"

    Jared ConnellJared Connell3 månader sedan
    • And MIDIs! We need more MIDIs, clashing fonts and colors and so much more!

      Jenny WakemanJenny Wakeman2 månader sedan
  • 6:12 it seemed really immature to say that only to censor yourself. like a kid that just learned to say "fuck" maybe its a northern irish thing, which is a whole other topic

    LopiklopLopiklop3 månader sedan
    • I mean, why censor it? We all know what you're saying, so why bother to censor it just for the sake of "advertising"? I don't get it.

      Jenny WakemanJenny Wakeman2 månader sedan
  • Y2k bug was actually a big problem but had been worked on for qwiet awhile before it was even brought to the public's attention it took alot of work. If the work hadn't been done there would have been alot of problems.

    dax rogerdax roger3 månader sedan
  • One of the easiest ways to get into someones account is when they use passwords such as the top 100 passwords, the word password and they use their username as a password. Back when I was a sysop I would tell people to change their password, and also let other sysops know when the real user was not logged in. Also in the bbs days I was often on 2 or more bbs systems at the same time.

    PaulPaul3 månader sedan
  • a friend of had a military force in his house a few years ago. this was because he had accidentally hacked a secret governmental forensic database. after around 10 minutes the first of the force had already arrived at his house however they could do nothing towards him so they resetted his PC. however this shows how badly protected these databases with that kind of sensitive information are since this was the second time we have managed something like that, the first time we where actually still in private school but we managed to get access to a similar database which held much of the personal information known by the state at that time, this included information of lawyers etc. right now there are already sources on the deepweb suggesting that many of the very recent databases of the anti privacy laws which have been introduced in many countries the last few years(all under different names) and which track almost all information with some including secretly collected DNA are already hacked this was demonstrated by a ai which they put online for a while which automatically would make the accounts of people who responded to certain comments or contents on sites of after searching using specific terms. while to most of the internet these ai's seem to magically hack everyone's accounts they where announced to be using those databases before they where put online. Just use Linux XXXDDD and deepweb as deep as possible for you or custom protection methods

    Cyber HackerCyber Hacker3 månader sedan
  • el8 = elite?

    3nigmatico3nigmatico3 månader sedan
  • Funny enough the 1995 Hackers movie got it's website hacked and the people running the website decided not to fix it.

    Matt WolfMatt Wolf3 månader sedan
  • 4:16 Why is Pintrest showing up on an old archive?

    Matt WolfMatt Wolf3 månader sedan
  • i love how magicFX is talking about how friendly clinton is with russia, and in 2020 trump is as well. And China is doing well for what they have planned...for the USA.

    Silvers24Silvers243 månader sedan
  • What on earth was the sentiment behind The Duck Pond Jurassic Duck? I do not get it - Am I missing something here...?

    Adrian lambertAdrian lambert3 månader sedan
  • Maybe I'm smarter than the average bear, but at 9:12 in the video, "if you're so ?, how come" the item with a ? was el8, which if you just pronounce it as it appears, the missing word is "elite." As in, "If you're so elite, why are ankle biters pranking you," would be a way of putting it.

    Paul RobinsonPaul Robinson3 månader sedan
  • the picture on the NASA website www.flashback.se/hack/nasa2/sntahlpr.jpg you're welcome. Don't go looking for the webpage you might not like what u find. he didn't include it for a reason

    Microwaved BunnyMicrowaved Bunny3 månader sedan
  • where did you find these snapshots??

    dimitriussdimitriuss3 månader sedan
  • 9:08 el8 might be "elite"?

    KIPPIE408KIPPIE4083 månader sedan
  • what do you think of andrew yangs data rights idea and his data dividend project?

    XciziorXcizior3 månader sedan
  • Seeing all the leet here is incredibly cringey in 2020. Why did people ever think that was cool?

    JTLSoundJTLSound3 månader sedan
  • How to hack: press f12 inspect element say: "I'm in." fingerless gloves and sunglasses for advanced users only.

    BobTheBuilder294BobTheBuilder2943 månader sedan
    • ...or use Netscape navigator source code editor

      Pen FoldPen Fold3 månader sedan
    • Press Alt + F4 Me: Woah i delete the browser itself... now i am a true hacker :0

      Faris MuhammadFaris Muhammad3 månader sedan
  • Those wondering what he is using to see these pages its the way back machine website tool

    VolcanVolcan3 månader sedan
  • hacking was part of the fun with computers back in the 90s lots of tools to help you hack got around very fast, microsoft servers got hacked often along with 1000s of other servers, but not all hackers hacked to change something or to do damage some hacked just to see if they could get in without been detected witch was easy back then.

    Deon HamiltonDeon Hamilton3 månader sedan
  • Nineties porn. Nice.

    CirnoneesanCirnoneesan4 månader sedan
  • I think el8 means elite? That's my best guess anyway.

    Bucky BroBucky Bro4 månader sedan
  • I don't like your tone about miss Lewinski. She has been pulled through the dirt enough. I'm happy she's gotten over it now though.

    rhbvkleefrhbvkleef4 månader sedan
  • I think this needs to be said, Capt‘n Crunch (Draper) used the 2600 tone cause it would drop an active line into a free conversation state after which you could call whomever you like for free. He wasn’t imprisoned for a few free calls though, he and some friends were the first to develop and sell blue boxes. Boxes to enable you to dial in line and send operational signals like hang up and the famous 2600Hz sound. Later more signals were discovered and more funny brown, beige and rainbow boxes were built but the blue box was all you really needed to drop into other people’s conversations and get free calls anywhere in the world. So for his famous face he was arrested as a scare tactic to those who continued what he did. While nowadays we use complex digital signals with direct authentication, phreaking (as it was called) is still illegal in most countries with the death penalty being the punishment in some arabic countries.

    Susan WojcickiSusan Wojcicki4 månader sedan
  • 0:00 thats my internet speed lol

    mr2meowsmr2meows4 månader sedan
  • Did you really not know that el8 meant "elite"? Perhaps if they had gone with l33t instead, eh?

    Damián "el Salsuero"Damián "el Salsuero"4 månader sedan
  • 9:11 "If you're so elite" - fixed. Almost hilarious that the guy could decipher everything but an alternate spelling of 1337.

    Peter SagePeter Sage4 månader sedan
  • Why did so many hacks happen on my birthday?

    Latshaw, AustinLatshaw, Austin4 månader sedan
  • i never understood why everyone panicked over the Y2K thing, why didnt someone just move their tech forward to it and see what would have happened?

    Cathal HughesCathal Hughes4 månader sedan
    • The millennium bug did very little because companys spent hundreds of millions of dollars to up date time keeping chips and software before it happened. I spent the first 9mos of my career replacing time keeper chips updating software and checking date rollover in medical equipment.

      stdornstdorn3 månader sedan
  • Interesting that you censor the F word but doesn't censor the other cuss words.

    Gilbert TheRegularGilbert TheRegular4 månader sedan
  • that guy with his 'high' standards for clinton, probably hasn't stopped screaming since 2016

    stoikiometrystoikiometry4 månader sedan
  • I love how the censorship on words simply went away during transitions

    BobTheBlobBobTheBlob4 månader sedan
  • Me: this is what a ytp is: 2:20

    RealTeam GamingRealTeam Gaming4 månader sedan
  • LOL at the person in the 90's on the Monica Lewinsky site hack writing "What has happened to this country? The president is supposed to be a role model for the youth of america and what does he do?" If they thought the 90's were bad, I can't imagine what they think of today. Comparatively we've descended into a dystopian hell-scape.

    Frank BenhamFrank Benham4 månader sedan
  • you appear far too stylish to be a nerd

    underwatermanunderwaterman4 månader sedan
  • the anarchists cookbook bombs and bullets

    underwatermanunderwaterman4 månader sedan
    • steal 'salt peter' from your school science lab

      underwatermanunderwaterman4 månader sedan
  • 1,000th comment

    TvSnakeTvSnake4 månader sedan
  • Anyone know the source of 6:35? Asking for a friend

    DxTDxT4 månader sedan
  • Duck that whistle hurt my ears

    Gray ValentineGray Valentine4 månader sedan
  • el8 means elite

    Ted DotyTed Doty4 månader sedan
  • Its pronounced gif not gif

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones4 månader sedan
  • I learned yesterday what Haggis is. (look @ 7:00] FYI Haggis is Sheep lungs/liver/all that stuff shoved into a sheep stomach. It´s pretty disgusting.

    LuigiGamingLPLuigiGamingLP4 månader sedan
  • 9:16 if you're so elite

    PKNyanPKNyan4 månader sedan
  • "something" el8 = elite

    Robert DRobert D4 månader sedan
  • Team code zero thanks for hacking the spice girls website because I also don’t like them ; )

    Pat III SarilePat III Sarile4 månader sedan
  • wouldn’t it be great if the hackers still believed the media was bad?

    OrdozOrdoz4 månader sedan
  • This video is a good example of people being so smart they are stupid.

    OrdozOrdoz4 månader sedan
  • IT Guy: Nooo you can't just hack our site to fill it with it with your rants! Hacker: BWAHAHAHAHAHAJEOAHAHAHA sp1cew0rld g0 BOOM

    AdrotAdrot4 månader sedan
  • "legion of doom" is the most stereotypical hacker group name ever

    wheatleywheatley4 månader sedan
    • @Wild Blunt Hickok it just screams "crusty limp bizkit midi that you got off of limewire"

      wheatleywheatley4 månader sedan
    • "What can we do to sound tough as hell?" "Why don't we pick a name from the 70s Superfriends cartoon?"

      Wild Blunt HickokWild Blunt Hickok4 månader sedan
  • Wasn't a hack but I did accidentally crash yahoo for most of a day back when yahoo chat was still a big thing. Anyone remember when "chat bots" first came out? Downloaded one I didn't want to try on another person because it was very adult oriented. So I decided to PM myself with it to see what it said. Yahoo didn't know how to process it and locked up. Thought it was just my computer freezing till I rebooted and tried to log back on. Yahoo wouldn't even load for a couple hours and chat was totally shut down for most of the day. Website had a banner about "technical difficulties."

    Michael RMichael R4 månader sedan
  • Y2K was very legitimate issue but it was stopped by it people going back into the computers and fixed it before it became a danger

    Jake RyanJake Ryan4 månader sedan
  • Grandfather worked White House it the router table the website WhiteHouse.gov got hacked so it went to a port site

    Jacob HotalingJacob Hotaling4 månader sedan
  • I'm generally interested in how these groups got into the servers some of these pages we're hosted on. I know it wasn't as secure back then from my own experience bypassing different systems. I'd love to see a tutorial mock or literal remake showing how it was done. It would be no security risk to any of the mentioned sites today, would just be interesting to watch.

    Michael CriderMichael Crider4 månader sedan
  • Well done -- well chosen advertisement. Did not scroll past.

    Jeffrey ThompsonJeffrey Thompson4 månader sedan