New Old Stock Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Time Capsule | Nostalgia Nerd

22 jul 2019
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Brand New Sega Megadrive unboxing. I could call it a Sega Genesis unboxing, but that would be technically false. But anyway, Yes! You heard it, I picked up a brand new old stock Sega Mega Drive at auction, and I'm going to break those 30 year old seals to reveal the treasure within. Hold onto your waste packets for some retro unboxing asmr action, of the best kind. PRISTINE I tell ye. PRISTINE.
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Streets of Rage 2 Music Productions Credits:
Music Composition: Yuzo Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima
Sound Effect: Yuzo Koshiro
Sound Driver: Takeshi Maruyama (MNM)
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  • Two things; 1. If you want to see internals of this machine, let me know and I'll post some up on my Twitter feed. 2. You win 100 points if you correctly state how many times I said *Pristine* in this video". 3. Points are not transferable, or hold any tangible value.

    Nostalgia NerdNostalgia NerdÅr sedan
    • Alien storm , strider , streets of rage 2, mortal kombat

      WillWillÅr sedan
    • The documentaries were really good no one could take you away from even the shitest title, consider this " A point of view" send in :)

      FrankieFrankieÅr sedan
    • You are too afraid to play it, but are willing to open it up for some Twitter pics ?! He is just teasing us now is he ? Next video will be him playing it !

      Martin SkywatcherMartin SkywatcherÅr sedan
    • where is the music from at the end of the video?

      cheater00cheater00År sedan
    • I appreciate how much you look like a mad scientist in a crazy lab. Good work.

      theju5tintheju5tinÅr sedan
  • That Streets Of Rage music with the nice shots on the console, box graphics etc... I went back straight to my childhood, thanks!

    MatMatMånad sedan
  • Oh this was great. It brought me back, was nice to be reminded of what the innards of the megadrive box looked like. I want one in that condition!

    GoonageGoonageMånad sedan
  • Luckily I don't need to open my factory sealed MD1 and Menacer!

    Tom MuldersTom MuldersMånad sedan
  • if u open that u are spoilt

    Terence EdwardsTerence Edwards2 månader sedan
  • can you put a link where you bought the sega

    crazy monkeycrazy monkey2 månader sedan
  • What a NER..., oh..., right on.

    TrixiLovesYouTrixiLovesYou2 månader sedan
  • To go all that way unpacking it and to not start it is just a horrible tease good sir!

    SylacsSylacs3 månader sedan
  • This is good

    SmitefistSmitefist3 månader sedan
  • I got my original hi Def audio Mega Drive Sonic edition for my 10th birthday in '92

    IgorVonEIgorVonE3 månader sedan
  • i worked a paper round at 7 quid a week, to save up for that exact combo, came as a bundle with 2 games IIRC for around 200 pounds

    Phil MarsdenPhil Marsden4 månader sedan
  • Wait....why didn't it come with a game?! They did not sell one like that in the US.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • I wonder where my old Mega Drive is. Hopefully someone still loves it.

    CaffeinatedTechCaffeinatedTech5 månader sedan
  • I wouldn't be surprised if it has dry capacitors because they haven't been powered for 30 years. Electronics must be powered up every now and then, for instance an hour every 5 years. Pristine and/or sitting on the shelf for too long is bad.

    discoHRdiscoHR5 månader sedan
  • Having just setup my Tower of Power in my office 2 weeks ago, this really hits home. Honestly though, I think i would be most excited about the Power supply, controller, and poster. Can you even imagine, a controller all these years later with no ones funk on it!

    ugzzugzz6 månader sedan
  • you cut the tape :l

    Brieanna RobinsonBrieanna Robinson9 månader sedan
  • U should check the internals b4 booting it up, some caps, internal batteries etc may have gone down true should take care of it but it seems a shame not to give a test drive (no pun intended)

    Dan ThompsettDan Thompsett10 månader sedan
  • You 2 need to get a room. Oh Wait! you're in a room. Well then, Get on with it.!

    Scrapman50Scrapman5010 månader sedan
  • I've never heard the word "pristine" pronounced so many times in my life lol

    RazorFangs90RazorFangs9010 månader sedan
  • WOW, all I can say is WOW! That must have been such an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing! Love the channel.

    Dick DawsonDick Dawson11 månader sedan
  • Interesting that the menacer has a hard case, mine was a cardboard box case. Great times playing SEGA as a kid.

    Marco MizzoniMarco Mizzoni11 månader sedan
  • Are you kidding me?? Play the damn thing man! What is wrong with you?? Lol I would think you'd be DYING to fire the thing up to see it actually work!

    skins4thewinskins4thewin11 månader sedan
  • They really did just get it right with this system didn't they? I swear, if you don't actually hook this system up and play it by the end of the episode, you deserve to die. Yes, I am kidding of course. But seriously.....

    skins4thewinskins4thewin11 månader sedan
  • Now I'm not sure how rare it is exactly, but I happen to have a literal like new original Nintendo Entertainment System box with all the internal packaging. A buddy of mine actually found it while doing construction on a local building and gave it to me. Pretty darn cool I must say! Specially considering inside the box were four absolutely Mint, Like New NES game boxes as well, for the original Castlevania, Metroid, Bionic Commando, & cant recall what the last one was.

    skins4thewinskins4thewin11 månader sedan
  • grazie per questo bellissimo video. mi ricordo della mia infanzia. saluti dall'italia

    VincenzoVincenzoÅr sedan
  • There's something reverential about this video.

    Nelson CabreraNelson CabreraÅr sedan
  • Have a shave ya hippie!

    Delboy TrotterDelboy TrotterÅr sedan
  • Evening Nostaglia Nerd, will you review the Megadrive mini? Assuming you will get one. Thanks

    MoochMoochÅr sedan
  • "This is going back" edit "ON A SHELF"

    Caolan RobinsonCaolan RobinsonÅr sedan
  • When your MOTHER enters and you quickly switch to porn

    rgerberrgerberÅr sedan
  • You took me back to Christmas Day 1992. I won’t ever forget the smell of the console whilst I unwrapped it. 😊 For this I shall always hold you in the highest esteem. Subscribed. 👍🏼

  • Sega genesis love it

    Jay 14Jay 14År sedan
  • Good to see that you're featured in the latest copy of Retro Gamer with the Mega Drive on the cover, very apt.

    Maniacs at WorkManiacs at WorkÅr sedan
  • Thanks for sharing this nostalgic moment! I'm having deja vu! I had that Sonic poster on my wall too! 🙂

    Robert LawrenceRobert LawrenceÅr sedan
  • Nice!! I have a lot of boxed mega drives at the moment. I used to have a lot more but I dont see them come back in as often but each one is a different level of mintness so its so nice to see one in PRISTINE condish! My favourites are the one which i had as a kid with was the pack with sonic and 2 pads with a carry case (the carry case was outside of the box). next is the japanese console which has the white box (like a master system) but is really nice to un box, the box is slimmer too) and then theres the first run altered beast pack (these ones had an extra port on the back). These one i have i like the best. if you like the mega drive its nice to get those 3 models out side by side. anyways One thing you will like to see are the differences of the d pad of the controllers that sega put out. Ive opened up many over the years to fix em up but there are d pads on megadrive pads that have the buttons for it on the back of the pcb (abc and start still on the front) when you press down on the d pad its connected to this plastic disc inside which then presses the button on the back of the pcb!

    RetrobutionRetrobutionÅr sedan
  • TERMINATOR 2! This video really brought me back! I also actually played the shit out of the Menacer 6 game cart. This was the ultimate console acssessory for a trigger happy lad! So what if T2 was the only decent game? Thanks for the excellent review, cheers!!!

    Milk_ape_is_milkyMilk_ape_is_milkyÅr sedan
  • At times you sound like Smeagol in LotR, when you get excited, lol!

    700 Megabytes700 MegabytesÅr sedan
  • I honestly believe this (the 90s) was the golden era of gaming, but then perhaps it's just nostalgia! :)

    PhotoLovePhotoLoveÅr sedan
  • You didn't need to use your webcam to film this. 😂 Seriously though, I hope the video quality returns to something more normal. At the very least, you shouldn't be shooting in interlaced video, silly. Videos on this channel have had evidence of interlacing for way too long now. It's not 2008 anymore. The video quality would have been noticeably better if you had used a maybe do that then? I'm honestly disappointed that there aren't more comments about this, since poor video quality has been a long running atd obvious issue now on this channel. And don't get me wrong, I know it's more about the content and all that, but fixing these issues would be as easy as putting an iPhone on a tripod, so I really don't understand why he's putting so much effort into using such a strange camera setup.

    awesomeferretawesomeferretÅr sedan
  • I'm happy we got the same black and white console design in Australia. It's such a sleek, mean looking thing. Jet black. Reminds me of the Bat Mobile...!

    SanbroSanbroÅr sedan
  • 02:33 -Nostalgia Nerd turns into Golum! Lol!

    jezzermeiijezzermeiiÅr sedan
  • If it just me, or did anyone else have a boner watching this?

    Martyn LambMartyn LambÅr sedan
  • Assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. ##ss#sss s sssssssssss s

    Tarryn LawrenceTarryn LawrenceÅr sedan
  • Love me some Sega Mega Drive. I've never seen such a mint condition Mega Drive box. The last ei opened a new Mega Drive was way back in 1992 being so excited and seeing Sonic The Hedgehog and Mega Games 1 and then playing Super Hang On. In fact the Mega Drive was my second console and yes I had that Sonic The Hedgehog poster on my wall. It's amazing you have all the original documentation and it's all it retail condition.

    Benjamin Owuye JagunBenjamin Owuye JagunÅr sedan
  • I will swap you my house & wife for that machine & throw in £32.78 in hard cash.

  • just because its brand new doesn't mean its perfect, i would check the caps in the power supply and mainboard. those notorious nineties caps can and do go bad(dry up), i bought a new old stock pal tg16 and the caps were dry, other than that great find, now for a mega cd and 32x.

    aly nichollsaly nichollsÅr sedan
  • Free peanuts...

    james jeffersonjames jeffersonÅr sedan
  • Thanks for this incredible unboxing. SEGA Mega Drive was the best present I was given (for Christmas, btw) during my childhood. Greetings from Spain.

    José CabelloJosé CabelloÅr sedan
  • sweet but should have left it unopened

    Fears GamesFears GamesÅr sedan
  • What a gorgeous looking machine. Congrats for this perfect MegaDrive and thanks for sharing this unboxing.

    Juan Carlos DamonteJuan Carlos DamonteÅr sedan
  • I think Peter creamed himself going through the contents, and who wouldn't?

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelÅr sedan
  • 30 years, come on, I am not that old am I ? It brings back memories of so many good games :)

    M.G. RayM.G. RayÅr sedan
  • I was worried he might get jizz on the controller.

    Munitia BlastpawMunitia BlastpawÅr sedan
  • I was waiting for the 1980s porno music to start during the glamour shots

    Commonwealth of carsCommonwealth of carsÅr sedan
  • Why is he touching it! Ahh dun touch it, place it u see glass!

    TikiShootahTikiShootahÅr sedan
  • It is exactly tho one I got back then. And no The Mega Drive II sucks.

    SatanicSexGodSatanicSexGodÅr sedan
  • *fans himself* phew

    matteusbeusmatteusbeusÅr sedan
  • Love it! Now I need to see the "Menacer" kid come forward and tell us what it was like to be selected as the kid with the backward hat on the box and how the heck he actually did hold it using both eye scopes.

    VorengeVorengeÅr sedan
  • ... and there they shall remain, until they are needed again. very lets call it enthused unboxing of new old stock mega drive.

    Name LessName LessÅr sedan
  • I am not sure if i would open those bags although it is really tempting to be brutally honest with you! But i really love how you opened this and show it-share it with us.I remember me with my snes when i was finishing the games i played putting the system back in the box because i wanted nothing to happen to it seeing it like new all the times,but after some years you understand that this needs to be plugged in all times in front of your tv sets!

    T@wesomET@wesomEÅr sedan
  • Should have left it unboxed & sealed , in years to come it would have been worth a bomb sealed & in mint condition never used

    Baron GamingBaron GamingÅr sedan
  • Wish I had a Genesis in that condition. I had a Sega Genesis Core system in 92. It was the blue box one but it also had the High Definition graphics console in it. I cant find that combo these days.

    DaehawkDaehawkÅr sedan
  • I have one too,but like the Mega Drive Flashback 2018 cause it smaller,its to big now.I made my Mega CD fit it too,I cut it in half so it would fit and lt looks cool.I like emulation now cause you can save your game,unless you get something that cost over £200. Menacer don't work on TVs today so need a CRT TV, a Big heavy mother,it was all right but ended up been a flop like the Mega CD.I like the Mega CD better than the Mega Drive. Why do you sound like a presenter from the BBC and from Tomorrows World.. :) and look like a professor.

    RETROnutsRETROnutsÅr sedan
  • If your not going to use it give it to someone who will, it's basically ewaste if you leave it sat on a shelf.

    desposyydesposyyÅr sedan
  • if only it was the high definition graphics version, far superior

    thesmf1210thesmf1210År sedan
  • Play the damn machine. It was created to play videogames on and you are killing its purpose! Everything has its end eventually and keeping this thing in its point renders it pointless.

    Potty Bib ProductionsPotty Bib ProductionsÅr sedan
  • All I want to know is how much will it cost me to get that Megadrive? 😂

    Sparky KellySparky KellyÅr sedan
  • It is very very SAD that people like you and me,yes you because you're watching it too, can really appreciate that unboxing it brought back vivid memories of when I opened my Master System the same plastic bags and red print ahhhhh, its also bought back great memories of Christmas 1999 and I hunted a whole weekend for a Dreamcast at release in off all the places to look but Rural North Devon I had also bought The Matrix on DVD, I had moved to Clovelly "google it to appreciate the Rural point I made" North Devon, and had those 2 items for excitement for the whole of Xmas 99 I did, however, get that Resident Evil type game I think "Blue Stinger" and had to wait till the new year and then get Power Stone and Soul Calibre which I could use with the cool memory card. all that from an unboxing video?

    Brannen ThompsonBrannen ThompsonÅr sedan
  • We in Europe had RGB but 50Hz which made all games run slower. That didn't bothered me b/c I had a Japanese one running on an 1084 monitor 1.5 years before the EU release :)

    Opa-OpaOpa-OpaÅr sedan
  • I had thw Menacer, it was pretty-good... 🤗

    Miles CampbellMiles CampbellÅr sedan
  • All my chilhood ! I still remember that fucking christmas 93 I was six years old and my brother and I had this megadrive as a gift! We were so happy ! We had three games bundled Golden Axe Streets Of Rage and Super Thunderblade. My brother and I we are still playing megadrive but on emulator (even if I still have the real one) but on my home cinema 5.2.2 and 49 inches screen It s so nice . I know and agree it doesn't worth the original sensations but what a tribute to yuzo koshiro's sor soundtrack

    Thibault MiossecThibault MiossecÅr sedan
  • Kinda sad you opened it, but thank you! I have a NES still sealed, after a very lucky christmas. I went for the Master System. It has a special place in the wardrobe! 1988 if I remember

    Phil BannisterPhil BannisterÅr sedan
  • Unboxing mega drive is the thing i never had done as kid , in the 90s in eastern europe we had only famiclones , 8bit ones , made in china ofc... If you are eastern kid you gonna know them - Terminator2 , the keyboard one and the famicom replica with 2 joy ports ,those "video games" (as we called them) was the (only)shit back then ... :D

    Nikolay HristovNikolay HristovÅr sedan
    • I had Dendy 2 and some yellow carts when I was 2-4 year old.

      MJMJÅr sedan
  • Still have mine but had to do the 60hz mod, it sucks that here in the uk the games were slowed down for 50hz

    The Console FixerThe Console FixerÅr sedan
  • A Good old Mega Drive European version! I hope the Sega Genesis (USA) will turn 30 years old right?

    Andres BravoAndres BravoÅr sedan
  • 4:47 "My controllers must never be touched by human hands!" - What Willy Wonka might say if he owned SEGA.

    Drake TungstenDrake TungstenÅr sedan
  • It would be funny if the guy that had this got hold of you after watching the video and said, yeah I already plugged it in a couple times so don't worry

    Arcade PerfectArcade PerfectÅr sedan
  • You lucky bastard!:) I felt every moment with unboxing. I want the same experience with Amiga and DeLorean:)

    Tomáš KonvičkaTomáš KonvičkaÅr sedan
  • Such a SEworld superstar 👍👍👍

    SegaSaturnLadSegaSaturnLadÅr sedan
  • Like a beautiful virgin. You want to but cannot get yourself to do it. She wouldn't be pristine (I also counted eleven btw.) after that. At least you got her naked... ;-)

    Eighties SeekerEighties SeekerÅr sedan
  • Holy shit!!!!

    005 AGIMA005 AGIMAÅr sedan
  • only ever owned one console... and it was this. Got it at 4 years old with Sonic 1, while all my friends got Master Systems. Was bouncing off the walls! I remember putting the box in my window so my school friends could see it from the bus haha!! Never bought another console since....

    Liam GaughanLiam GaughanÅr sedan
  • Time for a retro Beard trimmer review :-)

    DarrenDarrenÅr sedan
  • I jizzed my pants

    randomglenrandomglenÅr sedan
  • The last brand new Genesis i saw was a Genesis model 2 shortly after its release a former babysitters son /friend had one. Wow its been a lomg time since ive seen a pristine condition Sega Genesis. If the price of one wasnt high i wpuld buy one. Im the same way about new old stock i dont wamt to open some of my collectables ik that condition in fear that it will get used and damaged.

    Josh MartimezJosh MartimezÅr sedan
  • Oh man, and here I am with my scratched up Mega Drive with missing expansion port cover :-P

    RWL2012RWL2012År sedan
  • That Menacer looks awefully... menacing! o.O Anyway, I don't blame you for not plugging it in. I don't know that I would have had the heart to do so either.

    Nat GrantNat GrantÅr sedan
  • I faintly remember our original box which was like that, was 2nd hand with the 32x and a bunch of games was a model one version like that :) Should add it's sitting out with the 32x on top of it with Doom32x sitting in the top of it don't know where star wars is though but I have virtua racer sitting in the box next to it :P Oh one difference on mine is the HD sound

    〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈År sedan
  • Wow, I remember that box like I had it yesterday! Also saying that was the "ultimate" console... not really true.

    OldUKAdsOldUKAdsÅr sedan
  • That is so beautiful 😍😍😍

    CorbininJapanCorbininJapanÅr sedan
    • I love how you ran out of synonyms when saying “It’s a thing... a thing... a thing of.........” hahahaha

      CorbininJapanCorbininJapanÅr sedan
  • You lucky bastard!!! That megadrive is too beautiful!

    SkemeKOSSkemeKOSÅr sedan
  • I remember that poster next to Pamela Andersen and Jet from the gladiators....

    FrankieFrankieÅr sedan
  • Bloody hell Peter..... 16-Bit Tease! That video has gone & given me blue controllers! Nice video you lucky devil. :p Perhaps I'll open, that unopened Atari Trak-Ball for the 2600. It still has the Montgomery Ward's price tag, on the side panel!

    arbutuswatcherarbutuswatcherÅr sedan
  • You killed me watching you open that!!!!! I enjoyed it, but damn. So rare now days. Best damn unboxing ever mate, also most painful. Keep it up man I love the channel.

    Carl AustinCarl AustinÅr sedan
  • such a cool 80s design

    underwatermanunderwatermanÅr sedan
  • Try getting an NES to run on a monochrome monitor.

    Ham KhanHam KhanÅr sedan
  • Absolutely jaw dropping stuff man, i dont blame you for not setting it up! i couldn't make myself put a cart in the first time lol.

    SubsonixSubsonixÅr sedan
  • you removed it from its original packaging. its no longer a collectible!

    Alex SAlex SÅr sedan
  • Wow, tons of flashbacks! Was skipping school to play on sega mega drive 2! So much fun!!! Nostalgia ftw!

    Boggle MindedBoggle MindedÅr sedan
  • Wow, that poster triggered memories of it that I had long forgotten.

    Bio-plasmic ToadBio-plasmic ToadÅr sedan