The 'Alien' Game I've Waited 30 Years For | Nostalgia Nerd

11 sep 2018
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Organism is the name of that game. Organism for the Commodore 64. It's a game soaked in Alien lore (or something akin to it), albeit without an official licence, and I'm here to play the living hell out of it. Along with a review, I'll be exploring the Alien films and how they fascinated me, along with an collector's box unboxing, featuring the Organism disk, along with a load of goodies and the accompanying soundtrack.
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  • Organism looks good. If you like these Alien type games I think Project Firestart is the best (91% from ZZAP64).

    WayneWayne2 månader sedan
  • That jumpscare in Alien still gives me the heevy jeevies

    Scott BreonScott Breon3 månader sedan
  • It's good, but I still prefer Project Firestart

    Scott BreonScott Breon3 månader sedan
  • Damn....I sure wish this had hit years ago. This thing looks mindblowing on the hardware. I mean it may have made me stay with my Commodore 128.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • I bought it! It's quite good! I recommend it!

    Code Optimization WareCode Optimization Ware8 månader sedan
  • Nice, but Organism does not really push the machine. The elevator view seems to be a direct ripoff of Paradroid ... but why not? Something, which has gameplay, looks nice, and actually push the capabilities of the C64, is the Alien 3 game. With all its views and at times scrolling of the color map too ... wow, that is quality.

    Morten Sabroe MortensenMorten Sabroe Mortensen10 månader sedan
  • Check out Project Firestart. It's an Alien rip off - but a pretty darn good one. There is a modern Easyflash version without loading times:

    pferdebertpferdebert10 månader sedan
  • like the c64 pin badge!

    carly franklincarly franklinÅr sedan
  • Left an imprint on YOUR mind? My mother, in her infinite wisdom, decided it was perfectly fine to take an 8 year old (me) to see this in 1979. Dadeland, Kendall, FL. That shit fucked me up for life. Great movie.

    Slow NeutronSlow NeutronÅr sedan
  • I watch Alien Theory too... Grew up using a Commodore 64 and Aliens was in my collection - on Cassette of course. Great video and Good Day to you Sir 😎

    Faster Than YouFaster Than YouÅr sedan
  • That's just a theory.... AN ALIEN THEORY!

    Snark MarksSnark MarksÅr sedan
  • The thought that there are companies still producing software AND hardware for these old systems puts a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Glad to see that there is still enough interest/demand that these companies can even exist. There are even brand new games for the Atari 2600/VCS being released! Awesome news. [edit: "The 8-Bit Guy" has even started a project where he and his team are creating a brand new 8/16 bit computer based on the C64. They have a partially working prototype already!] Part 1: Part 2:

    JustWasted3HoursHereJustWasted3HoursHereÅr sedan
  • nice review, great game.

    Raul GubertRaul GubertÅr sedan
  • Alien Isolation, will blow you away

    Michael LastMichael LastÅr sedan
  • Malvern, England? Who is this Anonymous Game Developer living in the Small town that I live I Demand to know! Lol :-)

    Nathan MilnthorpeNathan MilnthorpeÅr sedan
  • Not sure if I would like the game but if do buy it, it would also be for the complete package. Awesome box!

    John HoogstraJohn HoogstraÅr sedan
  • I thought Alien Theory would be covering mostly lore of the Alien series. Instead I see him talking fervently about the Ancient Aliens series and actually considering their validity. Noooo thanks.

    A Gamer AaronA Gamer AaronÅr sedan
  • Plz, check out Project Firestart. It's a classic c64 game that has Alien written all over it. And believe it or not. It's awesome.

    pferdebertpferdebertÅr sedan
  • I read alien 2 the book to the movie 16 times.... When i was 11

    AndroidFerretAndroidFerretÅr sedan
  • shame they never got the title rights that would be nice to have it be called ALIEN-64

    jmm1233jmm1233År sedan
  • Heracles is the Greek name for Hercules, so his true name not the Roman version.

    SisyphusSisyphusÅr sedan
  • If you want atmosphere, you should try Space Hulk (the 1993 Amiga version).

    BlightBlightÅr sedan
  • This is freakin cool!

    Cold FireCold FireÅr sedan
  • Everyone keeps saying "Nobody in the UK had a floppy drive", but I don't know anyone who didn't, and I had 2 1541's O_o. They were so much better than the datasette it was practically an essential upgrade.

    pigpenpigpenÅr sedan
  • Subtitles: "Once a safe and secure environment. Now a ship of DOOM..." _cue "Knee Deep in the Dead" playing in the background_

    S15FoxS15FoxÅr sedan
  • Nice just like Project Firestart on C64, did you try it?

    Tomasz RóżyckiTomasz RóżyckiÅr sedan
  • Wow! Heh, "PSytronic" the layers of "Tribute"/Nostalgia...!

    Ben BBen B2 år sedan
  • Heracles is the Greek name for Hercules.

    HasiumcreeperHasiumcreeper2 år sedan
  • Magnificent

    Mike HillMike Hill2 år sedan
  • Nobody had disk drives? I did, I worked my arse off in 1984 washing dishes in a local pub to raise £145 during the summer holidays as Rumbelows were selling their stock off cheap. All distant memories now, especially Rumbelows, but I'll never forget the joy of seeing a floppy drive take as long as a turbo-loader cassette to load a game. The exception to this was Lucas Arts' Koronis Rift (sequel to Rescue on Fractalus), which employed some kind of techno-voodoo to make disk loading *faster* than tape. When I say faster, it really was impressively fast, and while it made the drive sound like it was infested by woodpeckers the game genuinely loaded in seconds. Now that's one for the collection...

    Scunner DarklyScunner Darkly2 år sedan
  • I miss game manuals and maps

    john ojohn o2 år sedan
  • I miss my old C64. Pacman. GI Joe. Aliens.😊

    Don TDon T2 år sedan
  • I actually did own a disk drive. I'm from North America. They were very popular here. I never did own a tape game for the C64. Owned lots of them on the VIC-20 though.

    Skeletor The SupremeSkeletor The Supreme2 år sedan
  • The game kind of reminds me a bit of Project Firestart as well

    Skeletor The SupremeSkeletor The Supreme2 år sedan
  • Trevor "Smila" Storey makes some awesome games, no matter what platform it's one

    Skeletor The SupremeSkeletor The Supreme2 år sedan
  • Ah alien a movie I love but always skip the first hour lol

    Gore ObsessedGore Obsessed2 år sedan
  • The deck layout screen is very Paradroid.

    Mat DeeringMat Deering2 år sedan
  • Now we just need the Spectrum and Amstrad versions ......

    John DillonJohn Dillon2 år sedan
  • Cracking vid, was a tuff game to fit into memory but we managed it.. cheers ;)

    trevor storeytrevor storey2 år sedan
  • An interesting promotional video. Hopefully "Psytronik" paid enough because it looks like a lot of work. ;-)

    Manic SorceressManic Sorceress2 år sedan
  • You keep saying that the game nails the atmosphere but really that’s all just the packaging and presentation outside of the game. If the game throws you in with “immediate goals” and “immediate threats” then it is a fundamentally different atmosphere to Alien. It’s also strange to hear the ship repeatedly being called “silent” when it’s literally crawling with face huggers and xenomorph doppelgängers. It’s one of those things that feels good and sounds good to say in a review like this even though it’s fundamentally contradictory to reality. Not saying it’s a bad game or anything. Looks pretty sweet, actually!

    Emmett TurnerEmmett Turner2 år sedan
  • BTW, alien is not all that alien - I recommend to read up on wasps and how they for example lay their eggs.

    imachynnimachynn2 år sedan
  • (((((O_O))))) Holy Mother….. need that... PD: Why dont do it into a MSX2... grafics will be amazing...

    juan manuel marchiolijuan manuel marchioli2 år sedan
  • i had the disk drive lul

    Marcello BrancaMarcello Branca2 år sedan
  • The logo like psygnosys , falling in love again

    arikewazaarikewaza2 år sedan
  • That is amazing

    According To HondaAccording To Honda2 år sedan
  • There was story in Doom? Are we talking about the original one?

    notthere83notthere832 år sedan
  • Awesome, but please make yourself a favour and play Alien Isolation with the DLC crew expendable in VR.

    AM RAM R2 år sedan
  • Wait... Doom has a story?!

    ThomasThomas2 år sedan
  • it hurts to see you had no idea that Heracles is original (greek) name for who is known as Hercules

    juryberyjurybery2 år sedan
  • Hair-Uh-Cleese damn it, doesn't anyone speak Latin anymore? ^_^ Interesting effect, what do you call that, Dutch Angle Scanlines? Looks challenging and you don't see too many hi-res C64 games that look this nice. I have a similar feeling for Robocop on the NES, nothing quite scratching that itch yet either.

    Logan JorgensenLogan Jorgensen2 år sedan
  • I Love (not really) how not only are you having to play this on a very outdated, low powered computer, but you also have to find an equally bad old SD TV to attach it to. I forgot that you can't even run a C64 on a modern monitor, or even a TV made with the past 15 years or maybe older.

    XWolvenXWolven2 år sedan
  • Getting the C64 emulators keyboard controls set up is like trying to defuse a bomb I just don't know where to start. It sucks I wish it was clearer.

    AbsolynthAbsolynth2 år sedan
  • I want a game like Friday the 13th where theres 7 crew members on the NOSTROMO trying to escape and the invincible Xenomorph is the 8th player hunting down and killing the other 7.

    Fox MulderFox Mulder2 år sedan
  • Alien: Isolation is my favorite survival horror game of all time to this day, and will likely hold that reputation for a long time to come. Everytime I put it on the atmosphere and tension coupled with the unpredictable AI simply melts away the borders of the screen and I'm completely immersed.

    AbsolynthAbsolynth2 år sedan
  • That is so awesome wish I had that game back in the day !!!

    Steven CarlsonSteven Carlson2 år sedan
  • I had no idea games were still being published like this for the C64. The effort they've gone to with posters, badges etc... is pretty astonishing given it's a redundant format that's decades old!

    nbbristolnbbristol2 år sedan
  • I'm probably not getting something here, but has this guy never heard of "Alien Isolation"? I know he's Nostalgia Nerd and there's old games I love (anyone remember "Warlords"?), but "Organism" frankly sucks.

    morningstarmorningstar2 år sedan
  • Whoa WTH??, that's a Psygnosis logo.. I'd know it anywhere. I did my own version of it in Deluxe Paint 2 on an Amiga. Maybe this was their name on C64 before Amiga?

    XWolvenXWolven2 år sedan
  • Just the Nostalgia of Alien pulls me in everytime. If I catch part of it, I have to watch it all. The Retro Future Aesthetic just hypnotizes me and puts me in another universe. If you feel the same, Nostalgia Nerd. Check out this trailer. It's too bad the project has been in limbo for years, but this game totally has that Aesthetic Atmosphere I could wonder through for hours just taking it in. Not since System Shock 2 have I felt like that, although Alien Isolation was very close, and maybe Dead Space somewhat.

    XWolvenXWolven2 år sedan
  • Mate, this is so up my alley and thanks hey.....peace!

  • That map is from Paradroid 90. It's not inspired by it, it straight up is the Paradroid 90 map. I like it..

    Viking TeddyViking Teddy2 år sedan
  • Looks fun but Dead Space is one of the best games to make you feel like you said

    TommyTommy2 år sedan
  • Is this New GAME? 2018?

    Norman MNorman M2 år sedan
  • I miss my Commadore 64, my mom threw mine out

    Eric ThomEric Thom2 år sedan
  • I feel less nerdy for have written an LCARS interface in qbasic back in the 90s. It was pretty much just a calendar and To Do List. Screw the monitor re-creation. I just need a wall full of not-so-random flashing lights.

    Robert CaliforniaRobert California2 år sedan
  • Alien isolation is epic as well

    Scott RogersScott Rogers2 år sedan
  • the map reminds me greatly of the ship map(s) from Paradroid.

    trexpaddocktrexpaddock2 år sedan
  • Are there any other companies making new games for old systems?

    [GR]DoveEnigma13[GR]DoveEnigma132 år sedan
    • Protovision, pond software, rgcd to name a few

      trevor storeytrevor storey2 år sedan
  • Cool man I gotta check out this new game for an old system retro games rock

    Lui ZenidogLui Zenidog2 år sedan
  • A new game for Commodore 64? Wow. That is amazing

    [GR]DoveEnigma13[GR]DoveEnigma132 år sedan
  • Aliens on the C64 was one of my favorite games. I was in the middle of making my own Alien game in Basic but my beloved Commodore died before I could finish.

    Bulljive BotsBulljive Bots2 år sedan
    • RIP

      AbsolynthAbsolynth2 år sedan
  • For some reason or another i don't give a shit

    Joseph AlexanderJoseph Alexander2 år sedan
  • The good place commercial isn't even like the show it fucking sucks.....

    Joseph AlexanderJoseph Alexander2 år sedan
  • Lucky I pre-ordered my 2080.

    Sky WalkiesSky Walkies2 år sedan
  • This might have worked well for an Atari 800. That's what I used to have. I had a Commodore 64 as well.

    Guy ConradGuy Conrad2 år sedan
  • Alien: Isolation, Alien 3 and Alien Trilogy are still my favorite Alien games. This movie series is my all-time favourite. I even love A|lien 3 as much as first 2 films. Resurrection was still fun. Prometheus and Covenant were watchable

    irina1296irina12962 år sedan
    • Same, i am obsessed with the franchise and is my fav too. My fav games are Alien 3 (SNES) & Alien Resurrection (PS1) I have a huge collection of Alien stuff & as an artist I paint tons of Alien themes.

      CaligulaCaligula2 år sedan
    • shoot i watch covenant saw the trailer in cinema and looked way too much cgi

      Jurre de VriesJurre de Vries2 år sedan
  • I want to buy a physical copy of this but the store is closed? Seems to have been closed for some time... How did you get a copy? Thanks in advance.

    Peter DimitriovskiPeter Dimitriovski2 år sedan
    • Store will be back online early in October

      Jason MackenzieJason Mackenzie2 år sedan
  • the alien game that ive been waiting FOREVER for is a game that lets u control the alien life cycle like in AvP Extinction or even just an AvP Extinction 2 with a map editor would be awesome! can some1 please make this game?

    EvilNecroidEvilNecroid2 år sedan
  • Pronounced: her -ack - you - leaze

    Necron99. AKA- Sammy boyNecron99. AKA- Sammy boy2 år sedan
  • Alien, is for the dark n intelligent fan; it got popular with the mainstream cuz of the horror n subsequent action in “Aliens”, but is now again in our realm...albeit almost dead, cuz producers want money, not happy sects of fans :-(

    Necron99. AKA- Sammy boyNecron99. AKA- Sammy boy2 år sedan
  • 9:17 - Paradroid! - Phew! the gun isn't that powerful, but at least you don't have limited ammo (as usual in such games)...

    Thomas SoffiantiniThomas Soffiantini2 år sedan
    • Oh that's nice!

      Thomas SoffiantiniThomas Soffiantini2 år sedan
    • you can upgrade the gun a few times.

      trevor storeytrevor storey2 år sedan
  • So it is as if "Alien" and John Carpenter's "The Thing" had a baby?

    Darien BartholomewDarien Bartholomew2 år sedan
  • I had a C-128 and owned ALIEN, which in my opinion, is one of the greatest masterpieces in the 80s. That game scared the shit out of me with the grating noises, heart beats and so on. It's much more nerve wracking with the lights out and far more intense than Resident Evil. Seriously. I miss that game and wish they would do a remake of it.

    Sanctum1972Sanctum19722 år sedan
  • U waited 30yrs for this lol u must have low expectations

    Truth hurts J.J. AbramsTruth hurts J.J. Abrams2 år sedan
  • Seems like I can forget about Dead Space 4 , this looks like a lot of fun

    luis parabellumluis parabellum2 år sedan
  • Please tell me it says "stay frosty" somewhere in the game

    ShelbyShelby2 år sedan
    • Nope, but on the soundtrack CD the game over tune is called "Game Over, Man!" as a nod to Aliens :D

      Jason MackenzieJason Mackenzie2 år sedan
  • To see a users manual. How I miss reading those on the car ride home as a kid for a new game

    Daedalus 88Daedalus 882 år sedan
    • It was definitely a unique and exciting experience back then... I can vividly remember unboxing games, smelling the fresh ink on its contents, and totally immersed myself in the experience. Ahh the good 'ol days... Also, you guys may recall, that back in the 80s and early 90s, there were a lot of games released based on the movies.... that was just so cool. :)

      Bill ABill AÅr sedan
    • Unless you're talking about budget games. Most of those didn't have user manuals...except for a brief message telling you that you need to type in Load "*",8,1. LOL

      Skeletor The SupremeSkeletor The Supreme2 år sedan
  • I subscribed soon as you said you are down with alien theory 👌 one of my favorite channels. Aliens and alien are two of my all time favorite films

    Dan HalenDan Halen2 år sedan
    • Thankfully it's all just sci-fi

      1960ARC1960ARC6 månader sedan
  • here's me misreading the title as orgasm. Come to think of that is definitely a game I'd like to play.

    SuperSonicmaniaSuperSonicmania2 år sedan
  • The artwork looks like an ouroboros.

    Tim_NJ_DevilTim_NJ_Devil2 år sedan
  • It's interesting how there are a number of 'unlicensed' Alien-style games in the past. Alien Breed being another.

    Heironymus BlitzenHeironymus Blitzen2 år sedan
  • Im suprised to see a Compact Disc being distributed during the Comadore64 era. CDs have been around the late 70s but hey wern't really common till the early 90s.

    Carlos GarzaCarlos Garza2 år sedan
  • What Joystick are you using? Looks like a long travel time.

    LeaddevoLeaddevo2 år sedan
  • 13 minutes of my life wasted

    Owen GrantOwen Grant2 år sedan
  • the surface of the earth is a flat plane, covered by an impenetrable dome. the sun, moon, and stars are very small and actually inside the dome. below its surface the earth extends to untold depths. outside of the dome is not 'space' but water. 'space' travel is a lie

    Hans ZarkovHans Zarkov2 år sedan
  • Organjism

    Hood BabyHood Baby2 år sedan
  • I wonder how many kids saw the story in the booklet and thought why well that's all we had back then. You bought the game and read the booklet on the way home and that set up the entire game for us.

    Richard Perryman-SmalleyRichard Perryman-Smalley2 år sedan
  • Nice looking game. Wish i still had the old C64.

    AESCULAPTORmark3AESCULAPTORmark32 år sedan
  • That ship map looks exactly like the Paradroid one...

    Conker KingConker King2 år sedan